October Transfer 4

October Transfer 4

Quick post as we are so close to kick off. Foden and De Bruyne on the bench. De Bruyne is my long term choice so I’m just going to bite the bullet and put him back in.

Had Foden been starting the game I’d have held the transfers but I don’t want to risk De Bruyne having a good game week and falling behind. My instinct says he won’t score well this week and might potentially drop in value but my head is saying don’t take the risk of him having a decent midweek game with his ownership being so high.

Foden out
De Bruyne in

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  1. Sensible move under the circumstances. I think for me probably Barnes in for Mahrez at some point as well. I don’t see Mahrez being good value for money over the season. Barnes represents much better value and money in the bank to look at Davies/Werner if needed. Maybe one for next month now though.

      1. Typical – but the logic was there. I’m gutted though, would almost certainly be in the top 10,000 had I kept Foden.

    1. Really annoying but what can you do, don’t think any of us would have predicted that before kick off. Looked a sensible move but maybe that’s the problem

  2. get in Foden.
    starting to claw my way back at last.🤞

    surprised DDT you never kept them both owing to the fact in
    midfield there are not a lot of choices this season.
    unless you never had the funds.

    1. I would have made the exact same move tbf though Don in the same situation. Up until this point Foden has done very little this season. Having said that no City player is covering themselves in glory right now…

      1. Yeah it was a tough decision – probably the first one that’s gone badly wrong for me this season but I think most would be bringing De Bruyne back in if they were able to after Foden was benched and did very little last week.

  3. Jesus, this GW is going well so far…

    Sterling = blank
    Pulisic = blank
    Bruno = blank

    Alisson back meaning Adrian drops back to the bench. VVD already out injured.

    Hopefully returns from Trent & Robbo can cheer me up! 😂

    1. Feel your pain mate. And that penalty to wipe the Liverpool clean 🙈 Salah close to a goal or 2. Very unlucky day.

      5 points from 7 players 😂 doesnt get much worse than that.

  4. Mo Salah gets man of the match on the radio commentary
    what does he get on the stupid points system Zero. 👿

  5. Thought Mendy should’ve swiped star man against man u, made some fantastic saves especially late on kept the score at 0-0.

    1. I thought so as well but at least he got a 7+ rating. Very happy with him so far though, considering his price and the lack of clean sheets elsewhere.

  6. Chris S, I don’t think this week could have been much worse for you could it? I assume you still have Digne?

    1. No Digne came out before the Liverpool derby for mate. With the luck I’ve had this season I’m sure you can already guess who it was for right?
      Yep, you’ve got it! Virgil! 😂🤦

      1. The thing is, I’ve been very content with the logic I have been applying with my decisions, it’s just that they seem to be turning to dog shit the minute I make them!

        Just a few examples. Start the season with Pickford & Digne for the nice early fixtures (apart from that tough opening game away at Spurs). A lovely surprise to come away with the initial CS so decide to treble up with Keano. Now whilst Pickford is usually good for the occasional brain absence during the season, he decided to take it to new levels during these opening few weeks and therefor took a big steaming dump all over my logic.

        As my patience runs out, I eye up the Liverpool fixtures and see a decent run ahead. Alisson gets injured also with Klopp claiming he’ll be out “4-6 weeks most likely 6”. A lovely cheap Adrian comes in along with VVD to hopefully pick up a few CS’s over the next few weeks……………Pickford decides I’m not having that and decides to destroy VVD’s ACL (at least in my mind he did! 😂)

        To then top it all off Alisson makes a miracle recovery WAY ahead of schedule (praise the Lord!) and displaces Adrian.

        Now whilst I except there was an element of risk to all of these moves, the logic was there for each and every one. Either I’m just completely out of luck right now or I am in fact just a bit shit at this game. 🤦😂

        1. It’s just a bit of bad luck mate. It happens. Castagne got me 8 points today to add to my 3 points from 7 players yesterday! Sometimes all the big players go missing on the same game week.

          I too put Adrian in so I feel your pain there. I do have a transfer still but thought I’d keep Adrian with the small hope that he would play against the inferior opposition (I’m not even going to attempt spelling their name 🤣) in the week. Fingers crossed!

          As for VVD as well, all o can think is at least you have some good money in the bank changing him out.

          Let’s hope the midweek games bring better luck! I have Harry Kane left to save the weekend……

          1. Chris S, your team has been extremely unlucky. For myself, you are one of the best managers and person around. If I ever need advice (I rarely do on fantasy football matters) I know I can come to you as we share a similar approach to the game. I don’t look at other people’s teams right now (leave that till March) but I take a special interest in yours (one of the reasons I like TFF so much is because you can’t look at other teams so got to concentrate fully on yours only) and always want good results for you. I am happy when your player scores (remember cheering on Vardy and Greenwood, players I didn’t own but in your team last season). I fully expect your team will turn over the tide and do very well and I even believe will finish higher than me. (A poor season is not a bad thing as it provides much needed motivation to do better, so I see positives out of the negative).

            1. I agree with RR and Chris E – I’ve had spells of really bad luck in the past. I remember taking Morata out for Aguero – based on thinking Morata was not performing well in the Premier League (longer term I was right) but he scored a hat trick that weekend and Aguero got injured in a minor car crash before playing a game for me. It’s just the way it goes sometimes, I managed to recover that season.

              1. Cheers boys. Didn’t mean to come across as a “woe is me” post (although reading back it does come across like that! 😳), thanks for your words of encouragement though gents. 👌🏼

                I just need to make sure I don’t go chasing it too much now and start making rash decisions in an effort to make up ground. Think I’ll just focus on the ML’s now and try and win a prize or two from those. I genuinely had a target of a top 100 finish with a team this season but I’m thinking that will probably be one hell of a stretch to achieve now.

                Still loving playing the game though. Keep on keeping on. 💪

                1. I think top 100 will be very difficult as the current teams are quite ahead of my highest placed team (on 372 points, so 70 points to make up) plus I bet they are significantly richer (around 53-54m team value, mine stuck on 51m). I wanted to repeat my top 100 finish from last season but may set the target to a more realistic top 1,000 which might be good enough in a mini league.

                  1. Yeah, many of the more casual players sometimes lose interest come Christmas do ground can usually be made up then. I’d definitely be happy with a top 1000 now.

                    1. Even the more experienced pros give up then as they have no/little chance of winning the whole thing.

                    2. You need a lot of luck to add to the skill to get top 100. It doesn’t matter how good you are. Maybe top 1000 is more skill based.

                    3. I’d agree Chris E – a lot of luck required in this game. That’s why so many play the odds with multiple teams

  7. Hi guys , I didn’t take foden out but do want K.D back in so when would be the best time to make that switch , I’m unsure when the price changes happen or if fodens price will even go up?

    1. If you’re replacing Forensic for KDB, then just sit tight for now. You can’t change him before their Champions League game as they’re locked in. Foden should go up in value on Friday as well and as it stands KDB will go down. It could change with the Champions League game though so decide after that.

    1. Chris E has got it spot on – you’re in a great position if you missed that transfer. Foden will almost certainly go up now. I’d wait until after Friday.

  8. all my team have just started to do OK.
    except one Tielesman, need to replace him.
    looking at Zaha only problem is palace are not in Europe.
    but he is scoring so well at the moment priced midfield plays up front.
    having to wait till next transfers though. 🙏🙏

      1. I am on 346 only just started to pick up points was 100 points
        behind the leader now only 30 and into 8th place.

    1. I personally have Barnes instead of Tielemans. Surely offers a much better goal threat in the same team. I’d stick to the European teams if possible and it looks like Barnes is playing in those as well as the league.

      I like Grealish as an option as he can get star man in any given game. Only problem is I don’t think Villa will keep up their good start. If Villa win, there’s always a strong chance that Grealish will get star man. I just don’t see them winning consistently personally.

      With Zaha, he goes missing for too many games in a row. If you look back over his time at palace (or anywhere for that matter) you wouldn’t find many purple patches of any great length I doubt. Has started ok but again palace are going to lose more games than they win probably.

  9. Not that my team will be of interest to many but as a quick update I’m on 55 points for the GW so far and 403 in total… Just had a quick peak on the overall leaderboard and am pretty much bang on 2k with my only team! Never expected to be so high so early, and don’t think I have done very much special to get there but things seem to be going my way with some moves inc the double up on Kane & Son, Mendy in for Allison for two clean sheets, Semado & Castagne picking up steady points, Fernandes & Havertz ticking over and importantly for this GW I subbed Traore out, instead of Foden(!), to bring KDB back. No transfers left now this month but currently have no injuries and am happy with my team so long may that continue! I don’t have any set aspirations for final leaderboard standings, just to win my main big cash league but will keep pecking away at it!

    1. Good stuff, sounds like you have a pretty solid team there.

      I would love to have Son but I’m loathed to deviate from Salah/Sterling/Kane. Son is consistently outperforming Salah and Sterling at the moment (barring Salah’s hat-trick in the first week) but I just don’t think I’d be comfortable having 2 of my 3 attackers from the same team with so much choice in those positions this year.

      As it stands though, it’s definitely paying off to have the pair and you are benefitting from it massively. I applaud you!

      The key is to not panic with transfers next month now and almost switch off from it (barring injuries of course). I’d say you’d most likely regret changing anything other than injuries early on in the month. You can afford to sit back for a couple of weeks and strengthen your position further with transfers in the bank. Keep it up!

      1. Indeed I am – was 20 odd behind two weeks ago and now pulled 24 clear with my team in much better shape than 2nd place as well. Also up to 3rd in the DTT league as at today, 1229 overall! Taking a mental snapshot as could be my highest positioning for the rest of the season lol.

        1. Haha it tends to be easier to hold onto a lead than chase the pack so it’s a great position to be in

  10. Hi guys ,
    This is my team now and I have 2 subs left,
    I’m thinking Fernandez Werner out Db and Sterling in, any advice appreciated

    1. I’d definitely look to bring KDB back in but I don’t think I’d want to lose Bruno. Your team looks in good shape and doesn’t need messing with too much at the moment imo. Even though United have been struggling, Bruno has been ticking along pretty nicely points wise. When United do pick up form you’d expect Bruno to be at the centre of it all.

    2. It’s suicidal to consider removing Bruno. You should just forget you’ve got him unless he gets injured or has a massive fall out with Ole and is benched consistently. It doesn’t matter how bad Man U are, Bruno stands out consistently. He’s a ratings favourite and you can guarantee all of your opposition will have him if you are competing at the top of the table. Not to mention he takes penalties.

      KDB in is sensible, but obviously requires money. I’m guessing you have money left over from taking him out? I should imagine the Bruno out is to facilitate the money to upgrade Werner to Sterling? It’s a hard one as the price difference is quite a lot as it stands. I’d probably stick with Werner for now in your position and swap KDB in for one of your other midfielders (personally I would pick Havertz but you could argue for Foden or Barnes also).

  11. I would then have to look at Barnes and Davies in November as I think these 2 will have to make way if poss.

    1. Why not keep Werner, change Barnes for KDB and Davies for whoever you want with what money you have left over? I know you want Sterling, but it could end up ruining the rest of your team.

      1. I’d agree with both Chris’s – I wouldn’t want to take out Bruno but getting KDB in would be beneficial.

  12. what a good night at last. 82 points so far now only 9points behind the leader.
    my 2nd team 62points moved from 32 to 15th.👍👍

  13. Hi

    I hold with transfer foden out kdb in.

    I have mahrez and foden in mid thinking to change mahrez to kdb leaving foden in team for now as he looks better than mahrez. Any thoughts about?

    1. DTT actually hasn’t ended up too bad getting KDB in as he got Star Man last night. 12 points to Fodens 16 for the week which isn’t bad considering it was 13-0 to Foden before the game started!

      With heinsight probably DTT would have preferred to get rid of Mahrez for KDB and have both lots of points, but Mahrez was playing so forced his hand a little. My guess is both of them wouldn’t last long anyway in DTT team.

      I’d say Mahrez to KDB is no brainier at the moment. Foden will go up in value, Mahrez probably down in value. KDB will go up in value so pend the transfer to happen before Friday morning (by the end of Thursday but you could just do it now)

      1. Chris E is exactly right. Mahrez won’t be in my team for much longer if he keeps blanking, I only really doubled up on Man City because I lacked De Bruyne. Foden will go up but I was certainly grateful for the star man performance from KDB last night.

        1. Is Mahrez to Foden an option for you Paul with your last transfer if current form continues and no other fires to put out?

          1. I’ll want to use that final transfer but I’m not sure what to do with it. I’m tempted to put Barnes in still but want to see how he gets on tonight

  14. I think that is a good move as long as Foden
    keeps in the team he will do the business.👍
    after all there are not many midfielders of quality
    to pick from this season.

  15. Well, I’m gutted to miss out on KDB and Foden’s points this week after transferring them out. They’ve been in my team all season but i thought I’d be clever and change KDB to Mahrez after his injury and Foden when he was benched for West Ham. I suppose that’s just how it works out sometimes, it seemed the logical moves to make.

    I brought in Pulisic for Foden so i still have a little hope of some points tonight. Mahrez has been really poor though.

    I have one transfer left which I think I will use this weekend, obviously I want to get KDB back in but the only way would be to bring him in for Bruno. I think KDB will outscore him over the next few games, then bring Bruno back in after the break with the new transfers.

    Does this seem a good move or too risky losing Bruno?

    1. That’s not the best position to be in. I’d want to keep Bruno and get KDB in as well. I know you can’t do that with one transfer but you’re burning transfers you haven’t even got yet by having to get Bruno back in after (I’m assuming you’ll want him back?)

      Not ideal, but Bruno and KDB are just as essential as each other. I’d keep Bruno and use your one transfer to swap out another midfielder which creates enough funds to do your first transfer of next month and bring in KDB.

      1. Not great at all mate. Yeah absolutely want to have Bruno back straight away, normally I wouldn’t consider taking him out but I was just thinking KDB should score more points over the next 2 games, he has Sheff Utd away, Olympiakos at home. I’m fearing going without him for those two where he could punish me again.

        1. Yeah I understand. Well with Bruno not currently playing, there’s a good chance he might not play again next midweek (if Utd can hold onto the win tonight). So maybe worth it. I’ll have to leave it up to you as it’s your team that will benefit/suffer either way.

          As I said, I’d risk having Bruno over KDB for one week and then potentially ending up with more transfers left next month, but it’s your call!

          1. Thanks for your opinion Chris. Point taken. I’m mulling over a few scenarios now, there’s a lot of options available. I may just end up switching Patricio to Mendy for the price changes for the extra games.

    2. Could potentially work out OK as Man Utd have a more difficult fixture this week, bit risky though.

  16. Currently watching the Chelsea game, doubts are creeping in again about Werner’s place in the team, I still haven’t seen this searing pace he is supposed to possess, the game can change on a sixpence at any given time, but I think Liverpool got a better deal with Jota, you need alot of funds to acrue Stirling, but other strikers are out scoring him comfortably, without being in Europe, for me personally he’s got the remainder of this game plus the weekend fixture to produce, or alternatives will be looked at.

    1. I can’t believe he’s ended up with a goal (penalty), assist and star man. If you watched the game he’s nothing like star man, but goals/assists tend to decide the star man.

      You’d be pretty happy if you own him, but for me he really doesn’t look any good. Still, if the points come then you can’t complain. I’d be worried though. Maybe he’s still bedding in. Probably one to keep for now if you have him.

      1. I didn’t watch the game so only saw the points coming in – very happy because I own him. It’s been a very good week so far. Currently well within the top 10,000 teams now.

    2. I’m working backwards through the comments so I’m sure other people have commented since but for me Werner is good value but I’m only see the points and not watching the games so maybe he’s been very lucky to get anything. I don’t watch much football. But to put his selection into perspective:
      Werner – 51 points
      Sterling – 57 points
      Sterling is almost double the price so should have almost double the points, but he doesn’t. At the moment I’m happy to take Werner’s points but agree he’s worth monitoring. He’s great value at the moment though if he continues to pick up points.

  17. I think with the chelsea fixtures and the players they have coming back hes will continue to be excellent value in an ever improving side.

    The likes of sterling are twice the price and not ripping up any trees. If you have Kane and Salah . . .who else are you moving to?

    Seems like Lampard seems determined to play him and havertz at every opportunity

    1. I’d agree Ryan. Only 6 points between Werner and Sterling so far and Sterling is almost double the cost. Sterling will outscore him but I don’t think he will double his total.

  18. I was also unimpressed with Werner tonight but if he’s hanging around the box he should get chances. Star man did flatter him, 40 touches in total. The whoscored rating system is very odd, I just can’t work out what they are seeing. He could have registered another assist though had Jorgino put the penalty away.

    Chelsea looked much better with the introduction of Pulisic and Havertz were steady at times. Ziyech has got a lot about him, you can see it, when he’s fully fit I think he could be an option as well.

    1. Pulisic is my enigma. I have him, and he’s got me nothing so far. Then tonight he gets 8 points (I don’t think he gets the assist for the handball does he?)

      He looked good when he came on, and has been starting since he’s been fit. I keep reminding myself of how good he was at the end of last season. Not being one to make rash decisions I’ve held on and probably will continue to for now, but he started as the third most expensive midfielder and is costing me money most weeks. Definitely one to watch for me.

      1. Good run of games coming up for him, I think he will do well. He did go on some hot and cold streaks last season to be fair but so far this season I think he’s just been getting back to full fitness (I hope).

      2. I was happy with the Chelsea game until Pulisic scored as I know he was a popular choice to be bought in. The Man Utd game didn’t do me any favours either but still holding a decent position.

        1. Are you sticking with your forward 3 post transfer deadline?

          I want to get Kane in, but will have to sacrifice someone, but who, Salah, Sterling, KDB??

  19. Agree with the comments above guys, I’ll take the pts of course, this game makes fools of all of us, how he ended up with that many pts is beyond me, he could become the regular penalty taker now aswell.

    1. Good point. You’d say it would definitely ease the worries if he became the number one penalty taker.

    1. I’ve got him in my best team but ironically it’s a team that isn’t entered into one single mini-league! 🤦😂

  20. Always good to read everyone’s comments on the evening’s action when I’ve not been able to see any of it (working nights). Cheers guys.

    The Werner debate is very intriguing. Whilst I still think his value is excellent, he doesn’t seem to get many touches in and around the penalty box to say he’s the central striker. I saw a heat map from the weekend’s game and his was almost identical to that of Pulisic. He obviously likes to drift out to that left side it seems. Did he do that again tonight?

    1. He seemed to be drifting around the whole final third last night looking for the ball and space. Chelsea weren’t great first half and couldn’t see to find him often enough imo, 40 touches overall confirms that.

      He is becoming quite frustrating to own but given his price, I dont think he can be matched as it allows for Bruno and KDB in midfield whilst also having a decent defense.

    2. I’ve been debating it with myself all season 😂 I didn’t watch the game but I’ll take the points. Based on how close I was to taking him out, I’ve been delighted with his points returns in recent weeks.

  21. Morning All

    I’ve just catched up reading all your comments.

    Sometimes DT goes against us with our players but like many have said. No need to panic yet. Your great at this. You’re luck will change shortly hopefully 🤞🏻

    As for Werner. I think his a decent centre forward and while his playing through the middle, he will always get chances for what is really a new Chelsea team with all their signing. His staying in my team with Kane & Salah upfront. (Salah doesn’t seem to be the player he was atm thou)

    I to got caught by putting Adrian in as Alisson was ‘Out’ for a while, only for him make a miracle recovery 🙄
    So I need to replace him. I have 3m for a keeper. Obviously needs to be in Europe with next month’s fixtures. I’m thinking either Mendy or Leno.

    Any thoughts on this men?


    1. I can only base it on my own logic and I went Mendy. It’s worked out very well so far but I never trust Chelsea at the back completely but happy at the moment.

    2. I’d also choose Mendy out of those two. I want him but can’t afford at the moment but will be trying to work him in.

  22. Personally John, I’d go for Mendy, he’s been spot on since he signed for Chelsea. 2.7m at the moment and sure to rise 0.3m Friday.

    1. I went Alison to Mendy @ £2.5m when he got injured and have benefited from the extra funds and 3 straight clean sheets! He also plays all their European fixtures as well…

      1. I like the fact he’ll play every game.
        They won’t put Kepa in if they can help it.
        Thanks men

  23. talking of star man for Chelsea.
    watched the whole game star man for me
    was in no doubt Havertz.
    I am thinking of swapping Salah for Rashford
    I no its a risk but I do think they are on the same par
    with Rashford this year with the edge.

    1. Can’t really argue with that Don. Rashford certainly looks like he’s earned the right to be considered alongside the tradition ‘big guns’ as a genuine DT striking asset. I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on him should I need to jump off one of my current strikers.

      1. If I look to move Werner on and can’t afford another premium striker than Rashford would certainly be on the radar now.

    1. If thats the case, im contemplating putting Kurt Zouma in for castagne. Same price as Castagne too. Chelsea are slowly but surely Getting that DF sorted, Mendy is a massive help and boost!

  24. One transfer left, was going to be used to take out Davies, replacements for Castagne, Justin a decent shout, but Leicester defence down to the bare bones, Evans, Soyuncu, now Castagne, 1st game back after international break is away to Liverpool, loathe to looking at Shaw regardless of price, more often than not, let’s you down, if you fancy doubling up on a weakened Liverpool defence, Gomez could be considered, but at a slightly cheaper price to Dias, if funds allow, Walker would be my 1st choice, currently 3.1, but could change tomorrow.

  25. I think the Castagne injury has forced me to use my last transfer moving him on. Shame because I wanted to use it elsewhere, probably to remove trent/Robertson with their depleted defense.

    Has the injury been confirmed by Rodgers?

    Ill probably move to Chilwell, Zouma or Dias in that case.

      1. Yeah I like that he’s a million cheaper but Chilwell has a lot more routes to points which makes it tricky 🤔

    1. But if he’s back after internationals then it’s only one game week he’ll miss isn’t it? I’ll probably keep him.

      1. Potentially 3 games he will miss if you include Europe next week and another premier league fixture before the international break.

        1. Ah yes I forgot there was an extra game next week as well.

          In that case, I think I will change him.

          Chilwell or Zouma? I’m not sure.

    2. I’m defo getting chilwell in for Castagne with my final trasfer! Looked seriously attacking the last few games

      Taking corners, some free kicks and is top for chances created into he last 3 games.
      Only Robbo slightly edging him for more touches in the final third

  26. If I had Mendy as keeper, not so sure I would double up on Chelsea defence via Chilwell/Zouma.

      1. Will you be contemplating Zouma or Chilwell if both playing or do you not fancy doubling up on Chelsea defensive assets? I don’t have Mendy so will probably choose one of them. Who do you think?

        1. Actually, scrap that. I’ve just noticed Chilwell is £0.8m more! That decides it for me. Zouma it is.

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