October Transfer 5

October Transfer 5

With Castagne injured, I’m forced into using this last transfer. I didn’t really want to take Castagne out as I was happy with his points return. Either way for me there was only a few options – Chilwell, Zouma, Justin or Walker. I’ve opted for Zouma because I like Chelsea’s fixtures and he’s cheaper than Chilwell. This is obviously based on Zouma starting for Chelsea this afternoon, if he doesn’t I’ll go for Chilwell instead.

Castagne out
Zouma in

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  1. Still too risky for me Paul, Man city have a good home champions league fixture aswell in midweek, their back 5, looks strong now, but hey who knows.

  2. Good move if you ask me. I don’t mind the Chelsea double up with their current form. Still need a bit of luck but Walker’s points total is pretty disappointing so far considering he plays every game.

    Looking in good shape…

    1. And wouldn’t you know it….Walker goes and rains all over that comment with a lovely goal! I’ll shut up now 🤐

  3. Worth adding that this was another transfer that was a differential. I get comments about following the pack and comments about why I look at ownership in mini leagues. I gather as much useful information as possible but still ultimately pick the players that I judge the most beneficial. Zouma has low ownership – the safe bet was Chilwell

    1. Good stuff. That’s why you do so well. You add all the info possible to ultimately your gut decision. And your gut is pretty good.

      I must admit I’m a bit disappointed to have noticed the Mendy injury before the international break. I too was putting him in but then decided against it noticing the injury on that Thursday night that you pended him in. I reversed it and then went for Adrian with the news that Allison was out for a bit. That’s turned out pretty disastrous for me as Mendy is now well out of my price range and Adrian is a dud. Think it’s back to Pickford! 🙈 If only I hadn’t looked at the news!

  4. I am seriously considering for the 1st time in many seasons going without a Liverpool defensive asset, presently Werner is ticking along nicely, so don’t need to look for funds to upgrade him, Firmino’s long stint in the team has run it’s course, Jota should be given a good run in the team now, TAA, currently priced at 4.7 million, his pts return does not warrant that outlay, I plan to revisit Castagne when he’s available, I’m not sure what the template is atm for the best defensive unit, but does it include a Liverpool defender, who if any is brave enough to ditch their Liverpool defensive assets.

    1. I kind of agree there David. Especially for me as I have Salah/Kane/Sterling and balancing the defence with that us tough. If I cash in in Robertson then I’d probably be more than happy with my all round team.

      You talk of a defensive template, which must currently consist of at least a Chelsea and Leicester defensive asset. Albeit that Leicester are currently depleted. Maybe even a double up on both. Outside of the European teams, I know I’m slightly biased being a wolves fan but 4 clean sheets out of 7 so far. We do have tougher fixtures in the horizon though.

      Walker is £3.1, which maybe represents good value (due to go up though). Is a city defender in the template?

      With Van Dijk out long term, I think it’s not a bad shout to ditch and break free if the crowd.

      1. Template:

        With 5 transfers a month, it’s hard to pinpoint what the template is? Do you go with the overall ownership figures: Alisson (19.7%), TAA (55.5), Robertson (32.9), Chilwell (29.8), Fernandes (60.4), KDB (53.4), Havertz (40.1), Rodriguez (32.1), Kane (41.8), Salah (40.8) and Aubamenyang (32.4).

        Tactical Analysis:

        Problem with this template is that right at this moment for me you wouldn’t want three Liverpool defensive assets so the goalkeeper and possibly either Robertson or TAA can be seen as non-essential and weak point in template (add your own differentials here eg. Mendy/Lloris/Ederson/Schmeichel and Zouma/Walker/Fofana), next Chilwell is a good template player to have as he possesses clean sheet, assist and goal potential but not cheap. Next in midfield KDB and Fernandes are must haves (they are dangerous to leave out due to penalty taking and their role as playmakers in teams that will score goals), Havertz is ticking along nicely for his price so no need to get rid if own but not essential if chasing I feel, next Rodriguez has done well but no Europe may (or not) hinder his point potential so it looks two places of the team are booked in the template and can add one or two other differentials (Mahrez, Foden, Grealish, or cheap alternatives like Zaha, Barnes or Podence). Finally Kane and Salah are near essential (penalty taking again). Aubamenyang is a surprise with his high ownership considering his form (goal drought in league, little involvement in Europa). Is Auba a differential in disguise and that he has ownership is high only in ghost teams. Werner would be the favourite for that third template slot given his price but is he really essential? Difficult for me to answer but differentials like in wait such as Sterling (high cost), Son, Mane, Vardy (I do wish Aguero was fit) and still awaiting Bale to relive his glory days or they long gone?


        There are a few chinks in the armour of this template team. Therefore, the shield might not be that strong, the quest now is to find the right sharp swords to defeat it and move up the rankings. As usual, timing is everything especially in this crazy season. DTT’s tactic of holding transfers is paying off handsomely.

        He might even be knighted at the end.

        1. Good analysis. I do think for now perhaps one Liverpool defensive asset is part of the template. I suppose the main reason I would consider against it is because I have Sterling and balancing the defence has been hard for me.

          Maybe in my position someone like Gomez is worth considering. No attacking threat but still keeps tabs on clean sheets (although how many have Liverpool had?).

  5. Well the curse has continued this week with Pulisic the latest in my team pulling up during the bloody warm-up this weekend! 😂

    That added to my Adrian and VVD picks and I’m glad to be waving goodbye to October. Absolutely a nightmare month.

    Onwards into November and if Lloris starts to play those Europa games moving forwards (as he did the last one) I’m tempted by him as he’s cheap right now. Tough PL fixtures ahead but those easier Europa ties would hopefully balance that out somewhat. I’ll then have to look for a VVD replacement AND potentially another for Pulisic if he’s long-term.

    Thank god for the five transfers this season! 😂

    A good solid GW for your team Paul and that Chelsea double-up paid off beautifully with that Zouma goal as well. Looking in great shape for next month too. 👌🏼👏

    1. Thanks Chris – looks like you’ve certainly been unlucky with injuries. My team is shaping up well for another decent game week but I’m always waiting for the wheels to fall off.

    2. Just a bit of bad luck isn’t it. I’ve had Castagne, Pulisic and Marcal as well as being lumped with Adrian. I had one transfer so got rid of Castagne for Zouma. I don’t really like using transfers up front so hoping Pulisic and Marcal aren’t long term. I’ll have to swap Adrian though. Having looked at your tip of Lloris, he’s a very tempting price! Hopefully Spurs can concede again on Thursday so his price comes down even more (apologies to any who have Spurs defenders!)

  6. For People who have Castagne and no transfers left, are you getting rid or keeping him in until after international break?

    1. I got rid last week for Zouma. However, if I had no transfers left and had to do it this weekend, I’d probably keep him as I’d expect him to be back pretty much straight away after the internationals.

  7. I must say I’m close to taking the plunge and dropping Sterling for Werner. That £4m or so extra could be used to upgrade 3/4 positions and even though I don’t think Werner has looked that good, he’s getting steady points and Sterling is performing like we’re used to seeing. Of course, Sterling will score a hat-trick the week I decide to change it but surely spending the money elsewhere is wiser?

    1. Thinking of doing the same. Like you say, frees up a lot of money to improve other areas of the team. I feel you can still get decent weekly scores without him.

    2. That’s the logic I’ve followed but the problem is already having him. I guess at the back of your mind you’ll be thinking he might score a hat trick at any point.

  8. Orite chaps.
    I’ve got yerry mina and need to offload with the new transfers, who would you recommend? Also what’s happening with traore at wolves he seems to always be on the bench now

    1. I’d be looking at any of these Chilwell, Zouma, Dias, Gomez, Justin, Semedo, Cancelo, Walker

    2. With regards to Traore, Nuno is just preferring Neto and Podence as the wingers at the moment. Traore is coming on most games but not really doing anything. I’m sure he will get back up to speed, but probably one to avoid for now.

  9. When Castagne returns, who misses out, will Fofana & Justin still be regulars in team, don’t want to make unnecessary transfers at weekend, thanx in advance for any replies.

    1. Fofana is playing in the middle isn’t he. Evans and Soyuncu have been out. I think Evans is close to a return. He’s been playing 3 centre backs of late so should be plenty of room for Fofana I think. Justin has been used as centre back and as right back. His position will be under threat when Perreira gets back, but he’s a while away yet. I think Justin should be used right back when centre back are back.

  10. I’ve updated my usual league analysis spreadsheet for the week. As transfers were probably used by most people earlier in the month, it’s not overly interesting this time around but for those who want a look the link is below. My main observation is that there is high ownership for players in midfield and up front with a template forming. The difference is being made in defence and in goal where there’s a more even split across a number of players – excluding TAA and Robertson.

  11. After international week.. what are you thinking of transfers ? Who we looking to take out ?

  12. Havertz has got COVID. Probably only going to miss tonight and the weekend though so maybe worth keeping him for the weekend if you have him.

  13. Paul, have you given any thoughts to Davies being transferred out, pretty sure he’ll get gametime tomorrow night, but not the weekend, he’s done well for his value, but with transfers due & a shorter month with internationals, maybe time to look at alternatives, getting a bit sick of Foden playing one game then 20 mins the following game, might target Chelsea home to Sheffield utd, & transfer in Ziyech, currently watching the Chelsea game.

    1. Torres gametime could be restricted with Jesus coming on off the bench in champions league game, Ziyech did OK last night against 10 men, one sublime bit of skill, then drifted out the game for me, if he starts against Sheffield utd, might still have a punt on him, above Foden.

  14. Now seeing that Werner is on penalties as well, it seems a no brainier to give up on Sterling for me and get him in. I’ve been waiting for 7 game weeks now for the extra money Sterling was using up to pay off, but City just aren’t scoring as many goals as we’re used to seeing them do.

    With City having Liverpool and Tottenham either side of the internationals as well, and Chelsea have Sheffield United and Newcastle; I think this weekend is the time to take the plunge.

    Sterling will get good points and possibly hat-tricks at some point, but Werner is going to keep close enough to him points wise to make his place untenable.

    What are you other Sterling owners planning to do?

    1. I kept faith with Werner when he played down the middle vrs Southampton and he’s done great since even though last couple of games he’s been back out on the left.

      I have feared not owning Sterling especially when lining up again Olympiakos on Tuesday but he’s defintely not worth the extra cash imo, he will score hattricks at some point but with all the options available in that position, there is value to be had.

      Few issues for me this week owning Havertz & Pulisic, both likely to miss this weekends game but be ready to go after the break. Is it worth 2 transfers shifting them on? 🤔 I do need to bring in KDB but ideally that would be for Mahrez who has been terribly underperformed.

      1. That’s a tough one. As you say, really you want to swap Mahrez out for KDB, but is that crazy when you have 2 players not likely to play this weekend? I think Pulisic has a chance mind, but we know Havertz can’t. I suppose it depends; is having Mahrez for this weekend against Liverpool worth wasting one transfer? (KDB in for Havertz and then Havertz in for Mahrez after internationals against the straight KDB in for Mahrez). Your call….

  15. Mahrez for kdb for sure

    Pulicic or havertz .. one of them need to come out .. but for who ?

    Davies needs to come out also

    Stick with werner for now .. i would take salah out for sterling
    Salah and Liverpool aint the same

    Who can we bring in ?

  16. look at the form of Jota outstanding.
    will he keep playing, also will he keep scoring.
    there is a minefield up front at the moment who
    to take out and who to put in. HEADACHE.🤕 🤕

    1. Can’t really place him over, kane, werner or salah atm all getting on the score sheet. I guess if klopp goes with jota as his new central striker then worth considering then.

  17. I need advice on who to put in or do I stick I got £0.1 in bank
    Any advice would be great full

    1. I think your team is alright to be fair. I don’t see that you need to make changes early on. If I had your team, I would stick this weekend as internationals tend to throw up a heap of injuries and you’d be in a strong position after the internationals of you had any.

      Havertz can’t play this weekend but if you want to keep him long term then I don’t think it’s worth taking him out for one game. The only other one to watch is Grealish. Getting loads of points at the moment and generally when Villa win he gets Star Man. I just don’t personally see them keeping it up.

  18. Hi all,

    Had a good start and taken a lot of the info available on here on board, 593 points but having a dilemma with Fernandes, anyone else considering taking him out?

    1. Tbh I think Ole has to win at Everton to stay in the job. Otherwise poch will come in I reckon and we may see Fernandes return to form? Maybe of course.

    2. On 593 points, I wouldn’t change anything! Fernandes will come good. Yes, United are having a blip but when they get back up and running Fernandes will be the fulcrum of the team and he is a WhoScored favourite. Still ok penno’s as well remember. Let’s not forget how many of them United get when they’re flowing.

  19. Morning chaps

    I’ve made 2 changes, initially I couldn’t afford de bruyne with a swap for foden with 3.1 spare so I swapped Trent for Robertson which freed up to allow me to swap foden for de bruyne.

    1. Not a bad shout. I’ve had Robertson over Arnold since GW2 (I had them both the first week) just to have that extra half a million. Robertson started the better of the 2 and I was hoping his price would catch Arnold’s so I could then swap them (pretty much everyone has him and it’s safer to have him too in my position). I think he got to within about £0.3m at one point but Arnold has done better over these last few weeks and has drifted back out again.

  20. I hate making early transfers, but I think I have to make 3 straight away. (Providing there’s no injuries etc) They are:

    Sterling – Werner
    Adrian – Mendy
    Marcal – Walker

    I had £0.5m in the bank which means those transfers leave me with nothing left, but it’s a crazy upgrade in my defence by swapping Sterling out. It has to be worth it overall.

    Who’s keeping faith in Sterling? Anyone?

    1. Nice transfers Chris.

      Sterling not quite looking himself atm, and with liverpool and spurs next up in the league I dont blame you. Hes got to be due a rest as well. I think the saving made on Werner makes his worthwhile especially with him now being on pens

      I’m probs doing allison to Mendy myself which seems a no brainer. These chelsea blocks are running away with it atm

      Walker would be my pick of the City defence, looks really secure and has been performing well

      1. Cheers Ryan. The Chelsea block will probably come to an end at some point but you’ve got to ride the wave whilst it’s there.

        Sterling could have really paid off if City had been up to their usual antics. I read earlier that they’ve scored 9 goals this season in the league, and had scored 24 at the same point last year. How many out of those 15 extra would Sterling have had last year? But, when it doesn’t work out, you need to be able to cut your losses. City will come good and I dare say there will be an argument to put Sterling back in at some point. Time will tell!

        I’m a little bit torn with Walker. Before this week he had 12 points which was a bad return considering he has played every game going for City. He’s had a great game week and is guaranteed to play every game, but will he keep it up? Also, City have Liverpool and although it’s at City, I expect Liverpool to win personally. Nevertheless, Marcal (the player I’d take out for Walker) is either injured or on the bench usually and Wolves have Leicester which is tough also. I think I’ll just play my cards and let them play out….

  21. Guys .. i made the following changes as i had a gut feeling to do it now…

    Taa out chillwell in
    Pulisic out kdb in
    Havertz out zayech in

    What you think about doing these now

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