October Transfers 1 & 2

October Transfers 1 & 2

I’m pinning my game week on something good coming from Kane and Salah, as other people move them on I’m hoping they kick into action. If not, I’ll be considering moving on from Salah after this weekend.

In the meantime, I’m taking out the deadwood in Emerson and Mbeumo. As Ake is starting for City and he’s only 3m, I’m bringing him in. I’m bringing in Sessegnon for Emerson as I’m hoping he will get more game time in the absence of Emerson. These are fairly bland changes but with the likes of Gomez and Aubameyang on the bench, I’ve got fairly limited options if I want to give Salah another week. As a result, I’m going to take stock this week and if I don’t get a big haul from the big names, I’ll be making some radical changes at the end of the game week.

Emerson out, Sessegnon in

Mbeumo out, Ake in

17 thoughts on “October Transfers 1 & 2

    1. that’s what i thought Dave
      put in Dias instead.
      think he will play lots of games as usual.

    2. I agree but I fancied a clean sheet today and could say the same for Gomez and I was happy to pay 1m more for him. I’ll take the 8 points and review at the end of the week.

      1. Gomez had a nailed on place and n my team until I seen Ake was starting at full back. I’d still expect him to get plenty of minutes and plenty of points this month

        1. Which one did you go for? I’m glad I went Ake, obviously got lucky with Gomez being sent off and Ake coming on for 5 points last night but I’d have been annoyed having Gomez with him getting sent off already.

  1. bet you are a bit peeved Paul.
    Sessegnon I thought he had a really good game
    gets man of the match award only scores 5 on dream team score.
    still dont get the way scoring works drives me insane.

    1. Yeah far from ideal but to be honest I was just glad he was starting and that they kept a clean sheet. Need something big from Salah or/and Kane tonight

  2. Decent weekend so far, Son, Lloris, Foden, & Garcia to a lesser degree done well, Bowen scored & hopefully can kick on in the 2nd & add to that, went Gung ho with 4 transfers, Cancelo with 20pts hasn’t helped, asking alot to go without injuries for the whole month, but last transfer next week will be odegarde out for Cucarella, or Mahrez who has raised his ugly head again, this month is frantic, so many games, Mahrez looks like he’s back in the reckoning again, even if he starts to play every other game now, he’s capable of 20pt hauls, I’ll monitor champions League games in midweek & make a decision then, Stirling would make way for Mahrez if I go that route, Stirling didn’t play yesterday so hoping he plays midweek & has a big impact.

    1. I was hoping for something from Sterling last night as well but it wasn’t to be. Glad Cucurella came on for 5 points though.

  3. I’m with you Dave. I went big and used 4 transfers too. A couple of risks in there but I felt I had to be proactive. I’m currently 3rd in my mini league and 9th on here. I completely changed all of my transfers and my formation at 2:55 yesterday.! A lot of players in my mini league already have Foden but very few have Canclo. Not a bad differential! Early in the month but I’m regretting swapping Kane for PEA and not scamacca or martinelli. I could have had Foden in my side too if I’d have done that. I fancy scammacca to score well this month and he could free up a lot of funds if swapped with one of the big boys up front

    1. I’m tempted by Marinelli if he plays again in the Euopa League tomorrow and Salah does very little tonight. Need to see what happens.

  4. I’m thinking of taking out;



    What do you think guys?

    1. Before this week I was in favour of taking out Saka ahead of Sterling but Saka has massively outscored Sterling with probably only one fixture this week. It’s a tough call. Not sure I see Kepa playing for the longer term but we can reset during the World Cup anyway so might be a good move.

  5. bet your glad you have kept Salah Paul.
    what a result.
    my luck stinks seeing I swapped Salah for Kane.
    trust him to miss a penalty.

    1. Very happy, I didn’t realise Kane missed a penalty at the end either. That would have surely seen him pick up star man as well.

  6. Wondering what Pep is going to do with Gomez, will he gave him any more game time in the league, I’m presuming his 3 match ban will be in Europe only, if to be transferred out, I’m thinking Chalobah would be a good replacement, currently 3.5, but will surely go up by 0.3, Chelsea play before City at the weekend so will check lineup, Gomez currently 4 million, even with the sending off has scored 17pts in the last 3 games, so no idea what will happen to his score on Friday, trying to look for a good replacement & save funds at the same time.

    1. Got to feel for anyone who recently put Gomez in – was the right call but then typically he gets sent off. Difficult to tell with Pep what he will do next.

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