October Transfers 1, 2 & 3

October Transfers 1, 2 & 3

I’m making three transfers today given the team news for the 3pm kick offs. I’ve decided to take out both Alexander-Arnold and Robertson as they face a difficult Man City game. Alexander-Arnold may also not even play. I want two Chelsea defenders – unfortunately the ones who are getting the most game time are expensive but I think it’s worth having players who are likely to play. As a result, Grealish is coming out for Benrahma to free up funds to make this possible.

Alexander-Arnold out, Azpilicueta in
Robertson out, Rudiger in
Grealish out, Benrahma in

20 thoughts on “October Transfers 1, 2 & 3

  1. left De gea and alx arn in.
    same old disappointment let down once again.
    they are both going to be redundant now.

  2. is it time for dream team game to stop penalising players
    who get put on with just minutes to go in a match.
    take Traore last week put on with just 15 minutes to go.
    this week put on in the 90th minute.
    lost 01 last week could be as much as 03 this week.
    I have two transfers left so I will have to use them before friday
    otherwise could loose funds.
    maybe there could be a limit of lets say 15 minutes before you
    are penalised. just a thought.

    1. I agree Don, Traore has had a bad patch of being benched but up until that point he was one of the highest scoring midfielders but had hardly risen in value – seems strange to me.

  3. So I used my first two Oct transfers to swap TAA and Matip for Azpilicueta and Chalobah which worked out well for the single game week I attacked with an additional 16 points plus likely price increases despite conceding. They also have great fixtures for the rest of the month and hopefully Chalobah keeps playing in midfield for them as well as already has two goals to his name.

    I’m also thinking of using all 3 of my remaining transfers to set my side as best as possible for the rest of the month and just pray! Obviously it would be sensible to wait for the International fixtures to be played but I am slightly tempted to move this week to avoid paying a few extra £0.1’s… This goes against what I would usually do however I’ve had a terrible season so far so not too worried about taking a punt as also need to make some £ to upgrade Bertrand in due course. Current side and likely moves…

    Alisson > > > > Ederson
    Fernandes > > > > KDB
    Traore > > > > Benrahma

    This would leave me with £0.8m ITB if I moved this week although think I’ll play it sensibly and wait for the break to pass. I do think though over Oct KDB has the potential to massively outscore Bruno who has fewer and tougher fixtures with Utd. Also will he be off pens now after missing and Ronaldo lurking? Ederson is cheaper than Alisson currently and has better fixtures which provides me with some much needed City coverage at the back although I only ever expect 5pts for clean sheets from him. Traore has gone massively off the boil and his early star man potential looks a distant memory now he’s been consigned to the bench at Wolves. I could save further funds instead of bringing in Benrahma (e.g. Silva or Kovacic) but think he’s a good player for West Ham and always seems to be involved. Torres is slightly worrying but at £3.5m for City even if he plays half the games in Oct and gets a 20pt haul I’d take it as things stand!

    Brad on the back foot…
    365 points
    136,535 overall

    1. Looks like a good plan but I’d be cautious about losing Bruno but I can see why you would. Traore is a frustrating one as I’d leave him in for the season if he was starting every game. Do you have any concerns over Alonso and Bertrand?

      1. I know it’s not ideal but a roll of the dice that KDB outscores him for the remainder of the month… Yes Alonso is a rotation risk now with Chilwell back but he’s done so well surely he’ll still get minutes and can hopefully nick a few CS’s even as a sub and especially with James out. Bertrand also a concern but what else can I do for £1.6m? Just gotta hope Leicester turn the corner defensively as he does start most games for them.

        1. I’m in the same position with Bertrand and I think you’re right. What else can we do at that price other than just hope they turn a corner.

  4. Currently sitting on 404pts, pretty poor start, was hoping for better, funny thing is, I’m in 3 mini leagues, 2 leagues with the usual sundreamteam rules with transfers etc, the other league about 50 entrants with the sun again but with no transfers for the whole season tenner a head,that team in terms of pts on the board has 393, try & get your head round that, 3 transfers left definitely De gea out, Ederson in, leave till Friday onwards given up on trying to determine price drops & increases, 2 transfers left, what to do with Bruno, wish Debruyne hadn’t scored yesterday, will Foden get enough game time, Moura has to go, & also concerned about Alonso’s game time now moving forward, what a challenging season already.

    1. It’s definitely been a tough start – interesting that your team with no transfers is doing better though, just goes to show that working the fixtures and making transfers doesn’t always pay off.

  5. Furthermore, what a goal from Salah, I remember maybe a few years back, when he scored a wonder goal against Spurs, same area of the pitch bamboozled the whole defence & slotted in from an acute angle, i’m unfortunately a Newcastle supporter, but have admired Liverpool since 1977, when Dalglish arrived & Keegan went to Hamburg, goals like that are the reason we all love football.

    1. Agreed David. That goal was absolutely world class is certainly in the top ten of all time PL goals for me. Exquisite skill of the highest order. What a player Salah has been for the PL.

  6. Does anyone know the situation with players playing for Argentina, Brazil etc. Brazil have a game on the 15th October and Man City return to action on the 16th so surely if the likes of Ederson, Jesus play they won’t be in the match day squad for city? Also do they still have to quarantine?

    Only asking because I was thinking of transferring Ederson in this week but not too sure now if he’s likely to miss a game.

    1. I’m not 100% sure myself but I think we should get some more info next week. I think if they’ve been double jabbed that they may be able to miss quarantine but I can’t remember where I read that so it could be completely wrong.

    1. I’m tempted by him now – only 0.4m between him and De Gea. I think Ederson will score much more over the course of the season.

  7. Kane got 3 points last game week and some how rises 0.3 lol i don’t get it anymore, mind boggling. Nice rise for Kane holders though.

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