October Transfers 4 & 5

October Transfers 4 & 5

I’ll keep it brief as it’s late on in the day to be making transfers. However, I’m basically trying to avoid price drops and taking a punt on a couple of players who are going to rise in value. I think with two transfers in the bag and the World Cup quickly approaching, I need to use them to build value while I’ve got the chance to do so.

Sessegnon out, Trippier in
Sterling out, Almiron in

Almiron isn’t a player I ever thought I’d go for but he’s started the season well and should rise in value tomorrow. Sterling is almost certain to drop. Sessegnon is also almost certain to drop and Trippier has been fantastic this season and is almost certain to rise. If it backfires, we will shortly have 5 new transfers in November.

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