October Transfers Confirmed

October Transfers Confirmed

Very quick post. But I’ve decided to risk it with three transfers. Aguero making the bench suggests it’s not worth taking him out. I’ve lost patience with Kompany and Ogbonna. As a result I’ve swapped:

Kompany for Cahill
Ogbonna for Baines

Unfortunately this was only possible by downgrading a midfielder. As a result I’ve taken Eriksen out (difficult fixtures for October anyway) and replaced him with Hazard.

Using all the transfers up front wasn’t a move I really wanted to make but I think it needs to be done. I think Hazard is a slight improvement on Eriksen and both defensive changes are clearly big improvements.

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131 thoughts on “October Transfers Confirmed

  1. Aaarh, I’m 0.1 short for your transfers?

    Any advice please.

    Maybe Sergio Aguero for Hazard until Nov with your two defs?

    Then come November look at Eriken for Aguero?


    1. I’ve decided to stick with Aguero for hopefully a man city attacking option.
      1. Erikson for Hazard
      2. Kompany for Cahill

      With Evertons run of fixtures, Baines might drop and I have a spare transfer if any injuries.

  2. Well.. . This hasn’t gone well again!! Lol!!

    All logical decisions, 7 or 8 people backing you up… Can’t bloody win this season… Jesus scores, Eriksen scores, Cahill no clean sheet (expected)….

    1. Exactly – what can you do. It’s just not going our way.

      I still think Cahill, Baines and Hazard will score more than Kompany, Ogbonna and Eriksen over the course of the month.

          1. Same here Tech although watching Match of the Day feel De Bruyne should have got Star Man.

            Be interesting now as Pep said best City performance ever so would be hard for Aguero to get back into the team. Very impressed with Jesus as well, good job I put him in my team. Shame he never plays 90 minutes.

      1. The gap widens, but the season is 10 months long, keep thinking logically and maybe luck will turn, no injuries that i know of, cld make up ground in europe next week.

          1. Keep at it man, your choices have been decent and it’s all bound to go your way sooner rather than later.

            I expect hazard to come good before the month ends and Cahill will get a few clean sheets. It’s still too early to worry about those two

            1. I’ll definitely stick with it but I’ve almost given up hope. When Palace couldn’t even score a goal let alone win and they go and beat the champions when you bring in two of their players, you know it’s not going to be your day.

              1. I don’t think it’s the same anymore having three transfers a month. Constantly looking what’s going on!

                1. Just keep going DTT, plenty of time left to change fortunes.

                  Just out of interest, what is the target for the team, what would you consider a successful season?

                  1. I’ll keep going but I don’t like losing at anything. Before the season started I’d have said I wanted to match or improve on last year so top 500 finish, at the very worst a successful season would have been top 1,000. I think that’s already out of reach so for me anything else isn’t successful. I won’t give up though because this team is entered into cash leagues.

  3. It was written in the stars that Eriksen was going to score & get starman. Really disappointed with how today has gone. My highest scoring team today got 42 pts, unfortunately it’s my worst team.
    My best team scored just 4pts.

    1. It just had to happen after taking him out (which I didn’t overly want to do, but it was my only real choice if I wanted to shift Ogbonna). I just hope it evens out over the month. Surely Cahill/Baines/Hazard score more points than Kompany/Ogbonna/Eriksen but stranger things have happened.

      1. I expected him to do well this game, he’s on great form and it was an easy fixture. From here on it starts getting hairy and it wasn’t worth keeping him for one game and risking price changes on people we wanted to bring in. It was still the right decision with the info we had at the time.

        1. That was the logic I was following but lets hope that’s how it pans out. I’ll be happy if we just manage to avoid any injuries or suspensions before the end of the month.

    2. My best team got 44 points, got Sane and Sterling double up. Three transfers left.

      My main team got 35 points – did two transfers. Mkhitaryan (had enough of his inconsistency) to Hazard (no brainier) and then spent ages before deciding to do Morata (doubtful when he is back) to Jesus (offers a good goal threat and confidence high after international performance vs Chile). Was thinking Kolasnic to Stones but I thought I might keep the transfer tucked away for a rainy day.

      Just looking at my transfer history of my main team – every player sold I have made has been for a profit (except first three transfers when price changes were not established). Main team now on 580 points, best team on 617.

  4. it’s ok with Chelsea with the way Conte is I think there might be a few dead bodies outside Stamford bridge on Monday lol

    remember what happened last season with Chelsea vs Arsenal everyone wrote Chelsea off Conte literally ripped the team apart and they came back like a Phoenix from the ashes.

  5. Crystal Palace had to score at some point, but i NEVER expected them to beat Chelsea. I can’t see them winning the league….i think City will walk it !

    1. I expected a clean sheet for Chelsea. I know Palace had to score at some point but I didn’t expect them to do much against Chelsea.

        1. With Kante missing, Chelsea looking shaky at the back. Courtois good but not great, Luiz form this season poor so with Zaha back so it was not a big shock to see Palace score. Chelsea have found it difficult against Palace so it wasn’t the easy game but expect Chelsea to be better against Roma. Got Cahill on my radar hoping I can get him cheap as his price might go down.

  6. I can’t believe Hazard how do you go from playing really well against Athletico Madrid and scoring 2 goals for Belgium to going missing against crystal palace I guess that is just Hazard for you great player but very inconsistent.

    1. It’s typical really, I thought he might do well against Palace. Maybe at least get a goal or star man. He should be fairly consistent though, he’s always up there with the highest scoring midfielders pretty much every season.

  7. Well that was a load of garbage….cudda shudda wudda and and all that after me talking of dropping either Kane orLukaku!! Didn’t in the end…arghh! I went with

    Valencia out Holding in
    Eriksen out KDB in.

    Far from ideal but i think i dodged a bullet with me deciding to bide my time on Hazard and any other Chelsea for that matter! However, i was out and about and got caught with Davies not starting and woulda chose him instead of Valencia if i’d known!! In hindsight (great think that) the ideal play would have been to throw Sterling in which a lot of you talked about…fair play if you did but he’s too inconsistent for me….but when he’s good he really is!! How KDB never got MOM is beyond me mind you!

    My current front six are-

    KDB Mikhi Salah
    Kane Jesus Lukaku

    Too late for this midweek but Aguero going in ASAP when he gets a sniff again, maybe next weekend! Managed to create 2.8 in bank with 1 transfer left and my thinking at the moment is Aguero for either Kane (he’s the fav) or Lukaku for rest of month! I agreed with everyone about dropping Eriiksen because of foxtures but surely logic dictates it will be the same for Kane!!…it’s only short term and for me it’s no biggie!!

    1. I think Eriksen getting a goal and star man was just unfortunate this week. It was always on the cards but fixtures go downhill from here. At least you avoided Hazard as you say and also had Jesus for his two goals. I keep saying it but I’m hoping to turn a corner at some point. When I look at my team I’m more than happy with it, it’s just not producing at the moment but barring injuries I think it’s been strengthened massively with the three transfers. Having said that I’m expecting Brighton to score any second.

  8. long season ahead. lots can change before then

    any idea if pope (1.5m) and tarkowski (2.5m) will rise in value on friday? ordinarily they would because of their previous scores but they have only just been added to the game

  9. Well, you can’t say that I didn’t warn you about the whole Eriksen/Hazard scenario (twice)!!

    Nobody likes ‘I told you so’, but as previously mentioned, I honestly don’t see the logic in bringing in Hazard until he shows signs of consistent form.

    To drop ‘in form’ players (for ‘in form’ teams) such as KDB or Eriksen for someone fresh back from injury is just asking for trouble.

    There are times to gamble and times to play the percentages and whilst nobody expected Palace to turn Chelsea over, this was always a bridge too far for me.

    I don’t care how cheap Hazard currently is or what points tally he achieved in 2015!! You’re playing in the now!

    Same goes for Baines! Yes, he was always fairly reliable in previous seasons and is dirt cheap in comparison to those seasons, but we aren’t playing in a previous season and Everton aren’t the same team this year!

    Hopefully you’ll get better fortune with your November subs. Good luck DTT.

    1. I have to agree, i just didn’t see the sense of taking Eriksen out, a few others conveyed the same. Eriksen, is someone that is always going to do well.
      I must admit i fell into the Baines trap, but that was more to do with budget & fitting in other players i wanted. Everton are lacking in confidence. I wish i could re-do my transfers, even though only one group of matches have been played.
      I’m not surprised that Chelsea & City conceded & Liverpool & Man U was set up for a goaless score draw, although i had hoped that United would concede….like Crystal Palace scoring, they have to concede at some point.
      I think City players are going to dominate the leaderboards….

      1. I didn’t take Hazard but i have to disagree with the above 2 posts. I can fully understand the logic of dumping Eriksen for him. Any fool knew that Eriksen’s easiest game ‘on paper’ was at the weekend and could possibly score well. Fwiw i went for KDB instead of Hazard so i lost 6 points by dropping Eriksen however i know who i would rather have now. Hazard did well at Atletico, scored 2 for Belgium so the signs were/are there. I think the point you guys are missing is he was thrown in because of current price and value. You mention consistency but when he hits form he might be out of reach of a lot of people. That was the whole point of throwing him in NOW!!

        Let’ s just wait till the end of the month till we start looking for plaudits,ehhh!!

        However, i would agree about City players and intend to go for Aguero possibly this weekend if he’s picked. Gonna go for a block with Jesus.
        I also fancied a share of the spoils at Anfield and 1-1 would have been far better for me than 0-0.

        1. Agree with your comments Rob, he was also transferred out because it was the only way to free up funds for replacing Ogbonna.

        2. Personally, I wouldn’t rely on performances from International games to give a true reflection of club form!! Especially given that it was only against Cyprus and that one of his goals was a penalty, but if you want to include that in your logic and reasoning, go ahead.

          I agree, let’s wait until the end of the month or even November before judging his comeback.

          BTW, I wouldn’t have disagreed with Eriksen for KDB given the upcoming fixtures and KDB’s recent form.

      2. Taking Eriksen out was the only way I could see to upgrade Ogbonna. However it’s probably worth reading my reply to Lee, rather than me typing it out twice.

    2. I don’t think you can say “I told you so” until the end of the month anyway. If Kompany/Ogbonna/Eriksen outscore Cahill/Baines/Hazard then that’s the time to say it. I can’t see that happening unless the later three pick up injuries.

      The logic was fairly simply, I wanted to take out Kompany and Ogbonna. Swapped Kompany for Cahill within budget. But had no budget to swap Ogbonna, the closest I could see for an “upgrade” was Baines. To afford him I had to downgrade a midfielder. If I was going to change a midfielder then I wanted to bring in Hazard as I’ve got no Chelsea representation going forward. That meant Eriksen was the only player who could go if I wanted to replace Ogbonna. I knew full well that Eriksen could do well against Bournemouth, so again there’s no “I told you so” there either. I don’t regret the decision, here’s why:

      Kompany (injured) – Cahill in. That’s an upgrade
      Ogbonna (rarely plays) – Baines in. That’s an upgrade
      Eriksen out – Hazard in. More of a step to the side than an upgrade. But gives the front six a good balance.

      Overall these transfers are an upgrade. It’s difficult to defend them after how the weekend panned out but I don’t think anyone expected Palace to beat Chelsea. I swapped two defenders who don’t play for two who do and had to sacrifice a midfielder with difficult fixtures for another who is equally as good but with better fixtures. If this doesn’t result in more points overall for the month, then I don’t know what more I can do. Also Hazard was the highest scoring midfielder last season, not in 2015, although he probably was then as well.

      1. Not sure that I would agree with Baines being an “upgrade” given that he has earned -7 points in his last 6 games!? ….Think I’d rather Ogbonna!

        1. That’s why his price his cheap now. Do you think he will earn -7 in his next 6? You just need to look at who they’ve played in those games to understand why.

          1. Maybe.

            They haven’t all been hard fixtures!

            Their last two for example was against Burnley and Brighton. If he cannot pick up points against those sides, I’m not holding out much hope in their next 3 against Lyon, Arsenal then Chelsea away, do you?

            1. He probably won’t play in the league cup. If I had to pick between Baines or Ogbonna between now and the end of the season I know who I would pick. It’s as simple as that really. It was a change for the long term.

  10. I think that Everton’s fixtures look more favourable from 5 November onwards, which is when he may start rising in price.

    1. Agreed, but I don’t plan to take him out between now and then so it’s almost irrelevant if his price drops further. I’ll probably keep him for the season unless he gets injured.

  11. DTT… There will always be people that question your decisions in hindsight. That is the nature of it.

    Hazard is arguably the best player in the league. He is still finding fitness and form, but long term he has to feature. You made it very clear that you didnt want to bring him in this week, and were hoping to hold out…. But how long could you keep Ogbonna and Kompany….

    No doubt the naysayers would be slamming you this week if you DIDNT transfer them and be doubting you for keeping dead wood and not addressing the issues at the back! (Something that has been thrown at you since Kompany got injured)

    The decisions were the right ones to make at the time. Arguably, you could have not made any transfers and waited a week – but who one earth pictured Palace scoring against, let alone beating Chelsea? Both Chelsea and Spurs had favourable fixtures this week. You would have thought a clean sheet for Cahill and a +7 performance for Hazard would have been the minimum return!

    Like you said, lets wait until the end of the month and tally up then!

    1. I don’t think anyone has made any comments after the event. A number said to take out Eriksen & yes i totally understand that DTT had to take out a Eriksen, or Aguero, to get Hazard in.
      I don’t get this notion about Palace, like it was cast in stone, that they wouldn’t score. DTT’s changes are very likely similar to quite a few. We are all dictated to by prices & budget in the bank. Did i really want to put Baines in any teams, not really ?….but i couldn’t afford anyone else & players in the same price range were just picks you wouldn’t consider. ( a ) because they’re not regular players, or ( b ) not very good !

    2. Thanks Dean, completely agree. Let’s just hope things pick up for the rest of the month.

      1. Yeah, i echo that luck has to change soon, even at this early stage it will be difficult to finish as high as last season, hoping to finish as high as possible in my own mini league, if i was to look in2 a crystal ball for November, where can we find a quality midfielder around 4 million, 2-3 price changes to come yet i know Mkytharian will b high on the list 4 the chop, Sane, & Stirling going to b out of reach, other than a change of fortunes 4 Sigurdson, maybe Mahrez or Zaha, i’m struggling 2c anyone else.

        1. Difficult one, I think there’s a lot of the month to play out yet. Things can change very quickly. But some of the City midfielders could be worth looking at if they don’t rise in value too much.

  12. I got Foster in my team and I fear that his injury might be long term. I am looking at another keeper to bring in at the 2m mark. Any suggestions?

    1. Pope. 1.5m. He is rating very well. His price will go up. After Man City at the weekend he has good fixtures. Heaton will replace him in January probably. I asked a question above but didnt get a response – will Pope’s scores prior to him being added to the game count towards his price rise? if so then he will definitely go up by .3 on Friday

  13. Dean,

    Not sure if your comment was directed towards me, but just to be clear, I wasn’t ‘naysaying’ and I certainly wasn’t ‘slamming’ DTT’s selection.

    Like the rest of us, he is free to make his own decisions based on his own logic. Just because some of us don’t agree with the said logic, it does not mean that we are ‘naysayers’.

    The whole point in a blog like this (which I love by the way… good work DTT) is to discuss points, views and opinions, which will invariably differ from time to time. Personally, I like to hear the opinions of those that differ to mine in case I’ve overlooked something in my logic.

    As none of us can predict the future, it is subjective in nature. Sometimes we are right, sometimes we are wrong. Either way, I’m sure that DTT doesn’t take offence to any comments or suggestions that disagree with his decisions, so I’m not quite sure jumping to the defence of a matter that doesn’t need defending.

    Last week I was a proponent of keeping Erikson and heeding warnings about taking him out – It was sound advice for last week. Doesn’t mean that it will be sound advice every week, as Hazard may hit form against Watford…who knows?

    Likewise, I don’t see the logic in bringing in Baines ahead of games against Arsenal and Chelsea on a record of -7 from his last 6 games, but that’s just my opinion.

    1. Yeah, fair enough. I just get fed up with people jumping in every Sunday evening/Monday with shoulda, woulda, coulda! I actually really value your comments and opinions, and your points (as the one above), are always very well explained.

      DTT repeatedly said that he didnt want to make the Eriksen > Hazard transfer at the point, but was the only way of fixing the Ogbonna/Kompany problem. I didnt check at the time, as his decision was made at the very last minute, but the only other option could have been Jesus for Aguero (I am not sure if funds were available for this though).

      My comments may have been a little reactive, but once the decisions have been made, I think we should move on and look at the next set of fixtures. There is no point going over old ground and starting the “I told you so”. For every suggestion I read here, there are another 2 or 3 that never resurface, because they are wouldn’t have worked out. DTT made the decision he thought was best at the time, weighing up all the scenarios, knowledge and contributions from others here. That is why we come here…. for discussion, but also DTT’s interesting analysis and expertise, given his superb performance last year.

      Didnt mean to cause any offence, and certainly wasn’t singling out anyone… Look forward to more debate and deliberation! 🙂

    2. I don’t think Dean was necessarily jumping to defend the matter. I think he was just pointing out that the logic had been explained. You may not have agreed with it, but the logic was fairly easy to relate to. I could see both sides of it. I think it’s almost impossible to call anything in advance as football is too hard to predict. I think there’s a subtle difference between saying “I wouldn’t do that” and “I don’t see the logic”. I’d argue that every decision has been logical with very fine margins between things going one way or another. I completely see that people might have different opinions – which is valuable as the comments are the most interesting part of the blog for me. I’d certainly agree that I never take any offence to anything said. It is a bit difficult to understand that you can’t see the logic of replacing Ogbonna with Baines, when Ogbonna is getting no game time. Baines may have difficult fixtures but at least he’s on the pitch and he was the best option available at that price bracket. I’d hoped they would keep a clean sheet against Brighton.

      1. OK, point taken. Maybe I didn’t explain that part entirely correctly.

        It’s not that I didn’t see the logic in removing Ogbonna. It’s pretty obvious that he had to go, along with Kompany.

        My point was more that I didn’t see the logic in bringing in Baines. You kept emphasising how he earned over 100 points last season and I was trying to illustrate that Everton are not the same team and Baines isn’t the same player at the moment.

        In fact they have been noticeably poorer since Coleman has been sidelined.

        I assume funds played its part in your decision making, but if it were me (I realise of course it is not and that this will be viewed as hindsight) and I were to remove Eriksen, Kompany and Obgonna, I wouldn’t have taken Baines just so I could fit it in Hazard.

        Sterling or Sane have momentum with their current form and City are just blistering at the moment. This option would have also left you with more money to upgrade from Baines.

        But that’s just me I guess. I like to play the percentages where necessary. It’s never full-proof as you know. Hazard might get a hatrick on Saturday proving my percentage theory wrong.

        Good luck DTT 🙂

        1. I agree with you Lee. As i posted above i also fell into the Baines trap in order to get Hazard in, in some of my teams.
          I completely messed up my best team ( at the time ) by not putting Sane in, when i should have. ( I can’t speak for others…..but i really do have “mad moments” with my transfer decisions this season !

          1. In truth Anthony, we all do, so don’t be hard on yourself!!

            Last season, I completely messed up by swapping Kane for Aguero based on the ease of City’s fixtures.

            Nobody in the world could have predicted what happened next!!…. Kane hit 4 hatricks and a brace in the space of 6 weeks putting him out of my price range, whilst Aguero ran out of favour due to Jesus!

            That cost me about 100 odd points. I was livid!… ha ha!! Total defiance of probability right there … to the MAX!!!

            1. I think you’ve both picked up on points that I keep coming back to. No one is right or wrong because we can’t predict what’s going to happen. We can just do a best guess. Sometimes it plays out perfectly and other times it doesn’t. I did call for actionable suggestions though before making the transfers for October. Lee, I completely picked up your warning about Eriksen but I did ask for suggestions on the three transfers to make. I didn’t see anyone make the suggestion of going for Cahill/Sane or Sterling and a more expensive defender. I agree Everton aren’t the team they were last season but I think to make a big improvement I’d have needed to free up 1m-2m more funds. Also I was hoping to make a move for a long term, Sterling and Sane are both rotation risks so wanted to avoid them. It’s just personally how I go about things – my aim is to have players in Europe who are almost certain to start for their club. As a long term plan I’m fairly happy with Hazard over Sterling or Sane.

              Having said all that it’s worth keeping in mind that Kompany/Ogbonna/Eriksen have finished their game week on 13 points. Cahill/Baines/Hazard still have a game to play each. If between them they can gather more than 13 points we can’t really say taking Eriksen out was the wrong move. If I’m being honest I’m not confident that they will achieve this, however over the course of the month surely they have to outscore them.

              1. I’ve not had much to shout about this season, so I’m going to have to say it. The “I told you so” over Eriksen now looking a little premature with Hazard outscoring Eriksen for the game week?

                1. I never said that Hazard wouldn’t come good at some point.

                  Quite the opposite actually! If you read back through the comments, you’ll see that I was very aware that he could hit form at any time.

                  I’m glad that you have finally had a bit of luck. Maybe it’s the wind of change and the start of life’s balance… 😉

                  1. Although, we aren’t quite at the end of the month yet… so hopefully you aren’t the one getting ‘premature’ with your comment… 😉

                    1. Haha my comment wasn’t suggesting that Hazard will outscore Eriksen for the month though (although I believe he will). I was merely pointing out that the “you can’t say that I didn’t warn you about the whole Eriksen/Hazard scenario (twice)!!” may have been a little premature, especially considering we hadn’t even finished the game week. It’s all good though, it was just good that something panned out how I’d hoped for a change, well at least for this week anyway. Not that I’ve had a successful game week in the slightest.

                2. Hazard is hardly a punt though is he ! ? I would say the majority would have tried to get him in.

                  1. Last weekend I put him into my Telegraph team, however the rules and stipulations for their format are a lot more forgiving.

                    You get 40 subs for the season and use them when you like with no ‘player locking’ or ‘price fluctuation’, so in this instance there is not so much risk or necessity to spot his purple patch!

                    If he doesn’t look on form one week, take him out the next, no biggie!

                    The Sun one is a whole different animal which requires a much different approach to your strategy. If he has a good performance this weekend, I too will contemplate putting him in, though not in place of Eriksen or Salah

                    1. Quick question for Lee , if you had Eriksen , Salah, KDB in your team and you wanted Hazard who would you swap now in October with the upcoming fixtures .Do not take November into consideration , we will have another three transfers then.

                    1. Rob,

                      To be honest, I wouldn’t feel comfortable taking any of those three out at the moment!! It would be a gamble either way, but if you’re going by October fixtures, you’d have to say Eriksen given that Spurs fixtures are quite tough.

                      I’ve always advocated that I would only ever swap Eriksen for Hazard as and when Hazard hit the form we know he is capable of! Like Kane and Aguero, he is a ‘must have’ when he’s firing, but until last night, I hadn’t seen much of that.

                      There is the other option of a 4-4-2 where you lose a striker for Hazard, but again that depends on who you have.

                      I have Lukaku, Jesus and Kane. Would you dare to use the same logic regarding Spurs fixtures and lose Kane for Hazard… It would be a brave man!!…

                  2. It’s nothing to do with if it was a punt or not. It was more about Hazard scoring more points than Eriksen. I also don’t do punts – I always aim for players getting regular football, who play in Europe and have decent upcoming fixtures. You’ll rarely see me take a punt on any player. You just have to look at the top point scorers from last season to see why.

                    1. 496 – it’s still an utter embarrassment to be honest. I’ll see the season out but I can’t say I’m enjoying it. Last season everything just fell into place and it was a high almost every weekend. This season it’s the complete opposite, pretty much every game ends up annoying me. Unless I’m winning (or at least competing) I don’t often enjoy taking part in anything competitive.

                    2. I think you miss the “punt” yet again, DTT. Eriksen > Hazard, was hardly a move of expertise, with all due respect.
                      You’re blowing your trumpet for something that was very, very likely to happen, given the calibre of player Hazard is.

                    3. I think you’re missing the point. I’m not blowing my own trumpet or even pretending to be an expert. I’m having a laugh with Lee about his comment from earlier in the week – it was just a joke. I’m hardly in a position to make out like I’m some kind of guru given the start I’ve had. It was a bit of fun – simple as that. I enjoy debating a difference of opinions and poking a bit of fun at each other when it goes one way or the other.

  14. Does anyone reckon Davidson Sanches will be a regular at spurs… This is looking at the month ahead?

  15. Hi marc, avid spurs fan myself i can guarentee sanchez will be in the heart of our defence for all the top games blokes a beast !!
    May rest him for league cup and smaller team league games just to keep squad members happy…but on the whole he’s a nailed on starter.

  16. I knew that Spurs weren’t going to be a push over. Still plenty time to go, but they are a very organised team.

    1. I’m kind of glad they’ve scored. Hopefully Madrid will now score as well and take out their clean sheet. I’m more worried about City, I’d hoped Napoli would be able to frustrate them but being 2-0 up so quickly (without Aguero) is a huge concern.

    1. So do I. I kind of wish we hadn’t been teased with an Aguero come back. If he hadn’t made the bench, I’d have simply gone for Jesus at the start of the game week. It’s already cost 20 odd points.

      1. Don’t worry DTT, Aguero will be scoring points again soon !

        I toyed with keeping Firmino, Salah & Coutinho trio, but decided to dump Firmino…..it’s how the cookie crumbles….you have to have patience with this game.

        1. It’s a tricky one, I just feel like I’m falling too far behind. Luckily I’ll have to be patient this month with no transfers left. Coutinho is a real pain, Salah looked a dead cert to get star man.

        2. As long as he’s not starting for another week I’ll be happy, Jesus should gain value and be an easy move for moratta when he hits form, I may consider grabbing aguerro for lukaku depending on how their form looks.

  17. Although I have Salah… It’s difficult to say I would rather have Coutinho.

    I have one transfer remaining with 2.0 mil in the bank I have jesus for aguero. Not sure whether it’s worth putting him in now or trying to get in De Bruyne or Coutinho for Erikson this month? I got Hazard in let’s see how he does against Roma

  18. Both City and Chelsea have ‘kind’ fixtures… It’s hard to pick but hazard and sterling should both gain value.

  19. So what’s peoples views going into the next fixtures? Any picks for players to get in? Just got the lead back in my league…. I’m thinking what to do next?

    1. Got to be looking at Man City and Chelsea players with their upcoming fixtures. I’d probably favour Man City as they look in better form but it’s knowing who will get a lot of game time from Aguero, Jesus, Sane and Sterling. I’d imagine De Bruyne, Silva and possibly Jesus are the only real certain starters.

  20. That’s exactly my issue DTT. I have KDB, Miki, Salah.
    Kane, Lukaku, Jesus

    Kane is big fav over Lukaku to get dropped for short term but my problem now is whose coming in-

    Coutinho- on form and prob my 1st choice.
    Sterling- on form but rotation?
    Hazard- hitting form but early days.
    Aguero- game time??

    Have 2.8 in bank do most should be doable. Any thoughts??

      1. 100% understand what you saying however time to start rolling dice. Mihki 1st for chop in November. He’s too inconsistent for me recently however I think he may at least match Kane for rest of month. It’s a gamble but I wish I had done it a week ago but the Bournemouth game swayed me.

        1. I’d probably only get rid of Mhki. What’s your back line like? The front 6 looks strong already.

  21. DTT, fancy a bit of a side game ? Your blog team is presently on 496 pts. My lowest team below, is presently on 497 pts. Lets see how they compare for the rest of the season, if you’re up for it ? In your own words you like to be competitive….


    497 pts. ( No transfers left. )

    1. Happy to compare, if you set up a mini league starting now and send the PIN then I’ll join.

          1. I would love to join but my lowest team is on 570 points with three transfers left so would be unfair.

            My main team which I write a diary on is on 640 points with one transfer left.

            1. How about we create a league that starts from this game week? And you can enter one team, which can be any team of your choice. I assume this means we would all start on 0 points for our chosen team. As we are short on time, I’ve assumed this is the best option and set the league up. Here’s the PIN SGSZAX6X

              I think you will need to enter before kick off tonight though.

              1. Only just seen your post , DTT. Thanks for setting up. I’ll enter my lowest scoring team, just for fun & see how far i can come from behind…Cheers !

                1. No worries, will be a bit of fun. Should have put your best team in though – we all start on 0 points.

                  1. No, i wanted my worst team, to see how many points i can gain & to see if it can beat any of my 9 other teams…it’s just a bit of fun.
                    Hope you get a good few entering, although not eveyone may see your posts before kick off tonight ?

                    1. It may be fine to enter tomorrow at some point as it’s only West Ham and Brighton playing tonight but I don’t really know how it works. It would be good to get some of the regular contributors involved. But as you say I can’t imagine everyone will see the post.

          2. How about we create a league that starts from this game week? And you can enter one team, which can be any team of your choice. I’ll obviously enter the team I discuss on here. As we are short on time, I’ve assumed this is the best option and set the league up. Here’s the PIN SGSZAX6X

            I think you will need to enter before kick off tonight though.

        1. I’ve set up a league for us starting this game week. That means you can enter any team you want and we all start from zero points. Seems the best way to do it so we can all enter. Here’s the PIN SGSZAX6X

          I think you will need to enter before kick off tonight though.

          1. I’ve put my main team in the league. It’ll be an interesting test of what I’ve learnt over the last season.

            1. Sounds good – that makes two of us so far then. Hopefully a couple of others join

  22. Hi DTT,

    Just wanted to pick your brains regarding my team.
    I have 0.9m in the bank with 1 transfer left.

    My 2 transfers were:

    Kolasinac -> Luiz
    Morata -> Hazard

    Thanks on the advice btw as you suggested going 442

    Seems to have not been bad transfers although luiz goal saved negative points from him and him being subbed in the CL game and throwing a tantrum is not a good sign. As mentioned with 1 transfer left im wondering if i should roll the dice tonight before the price changes or hold on.

    Foster £1.9m (supposedly injured not sure how long for)

    Valencia £5.5m (stay)
    Hegazi £2.1m (not sure, WBA not keeping clean sheets)
    Luiz £4.2m (just transfered in so will keep)
    Davies £4.3m (missed last few games illness)

    Eriksen £6.1m
    Salah £5.5m
    De Bruyne £6.6m
    Hazard 5.8m

    Kane £8.9m
    Lukaku £7.3m

    My initial thought is Eriksen out for Jesus (as jesus price will go up). OR I could wait for the price changes (Eriksen may go up in price – hoping by 0.3m) and do a swap for aguero.

    Or do you think i should sit tight and see what the feedback is regarding foster? Decisions…decisions…



    1. Looks a solid team, given the run of fixtures coming up for Spurs I’d certainly be tempted to swap Eriksen for Jesus. I’m still not sure when Aguero will be back in the starting line up but I think both Jesus and Aguero are good options. Given City’s form as well it’s hard to justify not having one of them. I’m also stuck with Foster but I think he could be swapped in November if it does look like he will be out for a while. It’s a tricky one with only one transfer in the bank. I think either way you’re in a good position.

      1. Cheers DTT,

        With Jesus price of £5.5m and citys form and fixtures, it would be suicide to leave him out with 1 transfer in the bank. I regret not doing the transfer last week but fortunately was covered due to Hazards brace and low ownership

        I think Novembers transfers will be make or break for quite a lot of us. I think even if Foster does become fit i will look to trade him out although it always feels like a waste of a transfer to do that.

        1. Yeah it always does on a keeper, he started well this year as well but has gone down hill a bit since. I’m looking forward to November as I’m hoping I’ll eventually have a team I’m happy with. I’m nearly there but could do with making a couple of small tweaks. I’ll probably stick with Foster unless he’s out for the long term but it will depend how the team is shaping up when November comes.

  23. GW8
    Kompany/Ogbonna/Eriksen = (0+0+13) = 13pts
    Cahill/Baines/Hazard = (-3+0+18) 15pts

    So… Hazard outscored Eriksen (who would have thunk it!)! #Winning #OnwardsAndUpwards

    1. And hopefully that was Eriksen’s easier fixture out the way for the month. Barring any injuries I’m starting to like how the team is shaping up. I can only see a couple of positions that need looking at when we hit November at the moment.

        1. Haha I know, but this time I’m confident we won’t hopefully need the transfers at the turn of the month. We need a huge game week at some point.

  24. Phew!!

    I feel like I’ve dodged a bullet!!

    I was contemplating an audacious move to take advantage of the price fluctuation!!! Glad I didn’t!

    I have two subs remaining and don’t really need to change anything just yet, so was thinking about bringing in someone who has had a good week (and is likely to rise 0.3) for Kane who has had a poor week with two 6 ratings (and likely to lose 0.3).

    Then for my last sub, bring Kane back in today, thus earning an easy 0.6, but somehow, despite hitting two blanks and earning zero points, Kane had gone up in value by 0.3!!????….

    Glad I never trusted the points system! I’ll never understand how they calculate the points fluctuations! 🙄🙄

    1. is it based on the last 5 average? last 3? would love to know. i see david luiz dropped by 0.2 despite scoring. hazard increased by just 0.1. Pope and Tarkowski both rose by the max despite only just being added

      1. Lord knows how it’s calculated Phil??

        I think that Firmino went down too despite getting two goals and an assist!?.. Weird

    2. All this last 5 average nonsense, it’s just made up & they clearly have bias towards certain players, especially Kane !

  25. Who said it was based on a last 5 average or is it in the rules?

    Based on that, I guess it would make sense for Kane to go up given his prior games, but I’m sure there are other instances where it doesn’t add up… who knows.

    Just glad I didn’t waste my subs for nothing! 😉

  26. Look at how many players play one game, don’t score & drop 0.3. or even the other way, where they score points in just one game & go up by 0.3m. As i said, i don’t believe this average based nonsense & SDT don’t even explain anything about how it’s calculated, because it’s not based on anything. They just have their favourites & one’s they don’t like. ( Costa, last season, scored points largely consistently, but his price never went up much. )
    If anyone seriously thinks that someone at SDT HQ is sitting there calculating averages of all the players that play, then they must be deluded !

    1. The official fpl game takes into account ownership percentage and prices rise and fall with ownership also.

      I wonder if sdt take ownership into account also

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