October Transfers

October Transfers

Based on upcoming fixtures and with only two game weeks left for the month, I think it’s time to use some transfers. There appears to be a lot of uncertainty around Salah and Mane’s availability due to injuries over the international break. This is unfortunate due to them playing on Saturday evening and also having some appealing fixtures. If I were to take either of them out, I’d want them back in for the Cardiff game anyway. As a result I’ve decided to risk it slightly and ignore these injury doubts for two reasons. If either of them are missing on Saturday, it will be too late to transfer them out for this game week unless it’s for an Arsenal player. Secondly they may well be back for the mid week game against Belgrade and hopefully back for the Cardiff game.

As a result this leaves me with two players I’d be keen to move on for the rest of October. This would be Hart and Shaw as neither clubs are in great form and both have difficult fixtures in the short term. Due to Hart being so low in value, replacing them is a difficult challenge. The best I’ve come up with is:

Hart out, Leno in – Cech looks like he could return soon. However in the short term Arsenal have a decent run of fixtures compared to Burnley. I’m far from convinced with Arsenal defensively but unless I use all three transfers this is the best I can do for this position.

Shaw out, Doherty in – Man Utd have struggled to keep clean sheets and this week could be an even bigger test against Chelsea and Juventus. Wolves have started the season well and face Watford and Brighton before the end of the month. Man Utd also play Juventus, Man City and Arsenal in November so I think it’s a good time to move Shaw on.

I plan to save my final transfer to review if Salah or Mane are going to be missing for a while. In which case I’d replace them with someone like Firmino or Lacazette.

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  1. Do you not think Patricio is better value than Leno? At least until the November transfers? I just can’t see Arsenal clean sheets.

    1. I would go for Patricio as well. I don’t know where DTT is in his mini league but bringing in Doherty seems a defensive move. If top, then worthwhile as everyone would bring him in – people love a bandwagon. But if not top then doubling on Wolves assets seems to be an attacking move as not many will have more than one wolves defensive player. In my best team – mind you not great at 10k, I got Boly and Doherty and now thinking of adding another wolves defender for three reasons. A, Wolves could get clean sheets in next two games. B, could be wrong here but don’t think many teams would have three wolves defenders in top 10k. C, if goes wrong have plenty of money in bank to replace in November – might go for Spurs block – as Liverpool, Man City and Chelsea’s currently rule at the top end.

      1. For me it’s about spreading the risk. Should Wolves not keep a clean sheet you’re out of points – and they only have two games. If Wolves fail to keep a clean sheet then there’s a chance of picking up points with Leno. Who should have at least one extra game.

    2. I wasn’t keen on doubling up defensively with Wolves players despite their good start.

  2. It’ll be interesting to see who gets the nod once Cech is fully fit? I guess if you’re only looking short-term though Leno could potentially bag a few points. Maybe he’ll keep his place anyway?

    Can’t argue with the Doherty transfer. Whilst I like Shaw as a player, with good attacking potential, United are just not where they need to be to consider any of their players rights now. Things may change though and we could all be looking at them again in s few weeks.

    Just seen on Twitter that Mane is a doubt for tomorrow again now! 🤯 I honestly have no clue anymore which way this one is going to go. Could you be tempted by Mane to Sterling DTT?

    1. I would go for KDB than Sterling but difficult to ignore Liverpool’s fixtures so would keep Mane. I even thinking of tripling up on Liverpool assets: Mane, Salah and Firmino. Risky but sometimes you got go all in. Risk big, win big.

      1. I’d agree with that. Looks like they’ve got a really favourable run so having as much representation as possible seems a good idea.

    2. For me it’s a short term move. I’d have been tempted to do something else if Mane and Salah were certain to play but Leno should be an upgrade on Hart. Cech is a concern but I’m hoping this just gets me through until November.

      I would be tempted by Sterling if Mane is definitely out. However I definitely want Mane for the Cardiff game so I’m holding onto him. By the time we find out if he’s starting it will be too late to bring in Sterling.

  3. The only plus point for Leno I am seeing is in the next two weeks he has the potential to play 4 games to Patricios 2.

    That’s the only thing holding me back but it’s decision time 🤔

    I really hope Mane and Salah are playing today. I’m needing points from these two.

  4. Arsenal have conceded 10 goals in 8 games, with only 2 clean sheets. On others hand wolves have had 4 clean sheets in 8 and only conceded 6 goals. I’m going patricio and doherty doubler

    1. I’m swaying that way Luke have been for a while. Just looking at Lenos extra games but as you say, they are shite at back, i cant see a clean sheet against leicester or sporting.

    2. For me it’s too much of a risk. If one team fails to keep a clean sheet then I’m hoping the other one will. Arsenal have the Europa League fixture as well.

        1. I think they’ve got as much chance as getting one clean sheet out of those two games as Wolves do against Watford. Basically simply because football is a complete lottery at times. It’s not easy to predict.

        2. Wolves didn’t even manage 30 minutes without conceding 2 goals. Annoying having put Doherty in but even worse if Patricio went in as well.

    1. I’ve done them. Can’t see any reason to move away from them. Do you not think they are the right moves?

      1. Makes sense. Hart is no good and Man U cant keep clean sheets and have horrible fixtures.

        My team is as follows with two transfers left:

        Laporte, ALonso, Gomez, Robertson
        Hazard, Pedro Lucas
        Kane Aguero Lukaku

        I see lukaku, pedro and lucas as the problem however I dont have enough in the bank to upgrade them all and also have no liverpool rep attacking wise for the next three easy fixtures. I also want to get KDB in for November so planning that move from now.

        KANE out — Firmino IN
        Lukaku out — Lacazette IN

        Let me know your thoughts – cheers

        1. Not sure about taking Kane out. I’d probably downgrade someone like Alonso for a Wolves defender to free up some funds and then upgrade Pedro and Lucas.

      2. Wasn’t questioning it. Just making sure I am keeping up 🙂

        You usually put the transfers in bold at the top of the post then go on to explain the reasoning…

        Last GW was tough, but still think the team looks in good shape for the long term to be honest. I would have been happy to leave the team as it was. Mentioned it before, but I think the only thing lacking is some Chelsea defensive cover. Their defenders always score high, even in the seasons where they are not near the top of the league.

        1. Yeah I’d ideally want Kepa but I thought may as well not get caught up in this for this game week due to them having Man Utd today. Fortunately they’ve both managed to take out each others clean sheets so it’s going to plan at the moment. Hopefully the second Martial goal will knock Rudiger off star man as well.

          1. Did you decide against Leno in the end then DTT? I see you kept Hart there in the end. Can I still not tempt you with Ryan? Good fixture from now till just before Christmas. 😉🤔

            1. I put Leno in – not sure why it isn’t showing for you but I’ve definitely done it (thankfully after Hart shipped 5). A clean sheet was good for Brighton but I’m totally convinced yet.

  5. Look good to me, I’ve got leno in. Hes a stepping stone to get Kepa in for november , im putting Doherty and laporte in for Shaw and Moura today

  6. I hope other people suffer from DT headaches as much as I do!

    So Hart needs to come out. Unless I compromise my team elsewhere, I’ll struggle to make an improvement. Was going to settle for Patricio but I just can’t see the opportunity gain from dropping other players, therefore I’ve followed the footsteps of Chris and gone for Ryan of Brighton. Not convinced at all, but it is a much better value move than sticking with Hart.

    Ryan (in for Hart)
    Doherty (in for Wan Bissaka)
    B Silva

    £0.7m itb

    Only doubt now is B Silva due to rotation risk. Potential future move would be swapping him out and bringing in Luiz for Chelsea representation at the back.

    1. Looks a solid team to me – I’d agree about having question marks next to Ryan but I can’t say I’ve even looked at Brighton’s fixtures so who knows they could easily go on a good run.

    2. Great start for our boy Ryan today. He made a few important stops too by all accounts.

      Shame about Wolves today and I’d agree that doubling up on Wolves ie having Doherty AND Patricio can be risky. Much better to spread that risk. If Doherty and Ryan score clean sheets on alternate weeks I’d be more than happy.

    1. LOL! yup! Just looks like you cant double up with cheapies from the same team. I am sure alot of peoples accumulators went bust over this game too!!!

  7. Hart out, Ryan in definitely paid off today. As did keeping B Silva in the squad.

    Shame about Mane missing out later, and Kane not even registering a point. Still one transfer left for the month, will reassess next weekend

  8. Kane is a big worry for me, I feel like I can’t be without him, but he’s not scoring anywhere near enough gold for my likening.
    I can massively improve my team if I drop him and an seriously considering it.
    What you think DTT about Kane?

    1. He’s been one of my main concerns too SteveB. Want to watch MOTD later and see if he’s still dropping deep. I reckon we Kane owners need Eriksen and Alli back in that Spurs midfield badly.

    2. It’s a tough one. I’d say he’s a bit inconsistent but he’s still got a decent number of points on the board compared to others. Will just continue to monitor.

      1. Yeah, with Kane it feels like he’s either going to get a double digit score or completely blank. There’s no in between at the moment, I’ll be sticking with him for now though like you DTT.

  9. Going to stick with Kane for next 2 games, he’s definitely missing Erickson’s & Ali’s creativity, only scored 6.2 rating today, priorities next month Kepa, & De bruyne, not sure how I’m going to get De bruyne in yet, reduced the gap in my mini league to 56pts, he has Chelsea back 5, I only have Alonso so feel like Kepa will stem the haemorrhageing every time Chelsea keep clean sheet, he doesn’t have Kane, so feel like I have to stick with him for now, a hatrick away to PSV, wld help.

  10. The manager who’s topping the overall leaderboard has a Liverpool block back 5 of Alison, Gomez, Van Dijk, Lovren and Robertson…….food for thought 🤔

    1. Cheers Steve, my defence is Robertson, Gomez, Mendy, Alonso, I would only downgrade Alonso to save funds, but do not want to use transfer to do that, so it comes down to selecting keeper, Hart must go,
      Kepa 3.6
      Allison 4.2
      Eddison 4.0
      Man-utd exposed Chelsea defence, but taking into account pricing & gametime, & upcoming fixtures leaning towards Kepa

      1. Kepa is my choice to replace Hart, wanted him out before the Man City game but have used my transfers. 😕.
        He’ll be going in when I get my next set of transfers.
        Pretty sure I’ll be dropping Kane come November.

  11. This site offers a lot of collective nous, & informative thoughts, what does everyone think is the best option moving forward in November, will involve 2 transfers, keeping one back for injuries suspensions, lack of form, etc, whilst keeping a watchful eye on Kane.
    Option A
    De bruyne/Stirling
    Option b
    B. Silva
    Option C

    1. As things stand at the moment I like option B. A good balance of strong players. For me Hart has to go so I wouldn’t consider option A. Option C isn’t too bad but I’m not sure about Richarlsion – he’s a decent option but can see him being fairly inconsistent.

  12. Being as you’ve stuck with Hart for the City game, I’d be tempted to keep hold. After Chelsea next they face West Ham, Leicester, Newcastle, Palace. Potential clean sheets there. Felt a bit sorry for Hart yesterday. You could see he was visibly upset with yesterday’s outcome.

    1. Chris, I’m out of transfers for the month, looking ahead to De bruyne dilemma, I am going to make 2 transfers initially in November, some people with funds in the bank + Mane can probably get De bruyne in with one transfer I don’t have that luxury, everybody knows if it wasn’t for Saleh last year then De bruyne was player of the season, but he’s not a prolific goalscorer, & plays in a team where several player’s can get the star-man award, more often than not if Kane plays well he’s star man, I’ve taking him out once already so am loathe to doing it again, for now I’m prepared to be patient I’m drawn to option B, which means retaining B. Silva, ironically he may get less gametime now because of De bruyne, but he picked up another 8pts at the week-end, & Pep is an admirer, for his price he’s doing well enough, & they are still in the league cup.

      1. Sorry for not expanding David, I wasn’t really stating a preferred option between the three options you gave, more just making a point about Hart’s fixtures after Chelsea being fairly kind.

        I want to ensure De Bruyne is fully match sharp before I consider him so I won’t be rushing to get him in just yet.

        B.Silva has chugged along quite nicely as you point out. With DB back though is his place now more likely to be rotated?

        If Sterling was a regular starter he’d be in my team also. Those ‘uninvolved’ weeks would drive me crazy though as a FF manager. When he plays however he nearly always scores big. I’m going to see how Mane does for the next few weeks and potentially re-address the situation in November.

        I reckon Salah will start firing now. Lovely instinctive finish as he did so often last season. Salah’s time is coming again…

        1. Chris, I’ve noticed recently you have a high regard for Richarlison, & have been championing him, did you put him in your team, watched Everton today, thought he was out of sorts, & got moved out wide, think he was fortunate to get a mark of seven.

          1. Not seen the game today but after the potential he showed at the start of the season (until he got his red card), thought he was well worth the punt at his price. Still reckon he’s got good potential but after listening to the radio commentary I’m wondering if playing as a central striker maybe isn’t his best role. On the left, drifting inside and running at defenders maybe is his best position.

            That being said, it did seem to work in the previous game. Sounded like Bernard and Walcott had off days today and that was the main reason for Everton looking toothless for long periods. Great subs by Silva though so fair play to him. As I’ve said below, I’m happy to stick with him at the moment but if he starts blanking with more regularity, I won’t be afraid to pull the trigger.

            1. On thoughts on Richarlison from my fantasy football diary entry dated 28th September 2018: ‘Richarlison is a player that really impressed when I watched Wolves-Everton on the opening weekend of the season. He looks like Everton’s biggest threat and I noticed that Everton seem to favour attacking on the left hand side where Richarlison is positioned so he should do well for goal involvement. Richarlison can also play as a striker if goal-shy Tosun and co are dropped with Bernard possibly taking his position on the left. One thing I hasn’t failed to notice is that Richarlison has got good heading ability (bad if he headbutts opponents) and that there might be ample opportunities to score headers as Everton play a lot of crosses from the likes of Coleman, Digne and Sigurdsson. Like Mitrovic, Richarlison is Everton’s talisman and good source of goals. ‘ My thoughts on him haven’t changed in that time but agree with Chris his best position is on the left but this doesn’t concern me as Everton play 4-3-3 and he has pace to get behind defenders. Got potential so happy to keep in my team for now.

              1. Yeah, noticed on MOTD last night he got in a good header on goal and he looks 6ft plus too. Looks a proper athlete and as you say RR, more than happy to keep him for now. Everton appear to have different plans of attack which they can switch between so I can see them causing a lot of teams problems this season. Silva teams aren’t renowned for being tight at the back though so I won’t be going near their defenders/keeper.

                1. I’d tend to agree with you both. I’ve not had Richarlison in yet myself but I’ve been tempted a couple of times. If he was in my team, I wouldn’t be looking to take him out and he’s a player I’m keeping an eye on should I ever want to free up some funds in the midfield.

  13. For the first time this season, I feel like I’m in the nice position of not feeling the need to rush into transfers come the new month. Here’s my team:

    Doherty Gomez Mendy Robertson
    Mane Hazard Richarlison
    Kane Salah Aguero

    £0.8m itb

    59 gw points
    537 total points

    Mane should be back in the running midweek. Hopefully a clean bill of health going into November.

    Ryan is realistically going to be a short-term option whilst they have good fixtures (up to mid December).

    Mendy, Gomez and Robertson will probably stay all season if fit. Love Doherty but wouldn’t rule out switching if Wolves’s form drops off a cliff.

    Hazard I can also see staying in all season. Would consider outing Mane and Richarlison later down the line but more than happy to stick with them for now.

    With the big guns up front, Kane is my biggest concern. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt for now though as he’s proved himself season in season out.

    Really enjoying the input from you all. Great little FF community going on here.


    1. Good looking team that, & a good pts total, I’m on 496, I agree that come November you don’t need to rush into any transfers, let’s hope the mid-week games bring a good pts haul.

    2. Looks a strong team and a decent points total for the season to date. Hoping to see Mane back as soon as possible as I’d rather not take him out and I’m also monitoring Kane as well. Hoping to keep them both in for now though.

  14. I took the plunge and lost Mane so was quite happy when the Liverpool team sheet was issued and he wasn’t playing.

    I know he will come back and get points, but I needed to take some action and Hart needed to go!!!…

  15. This season seems to continue to be a stalemate in my ml. Last season Salah was such a revelation he was the difference as only two teams had him. Everyone grabbed Hazard early so it hasn’t been that much different in terms of league position. The big jumpers seem to be people who have a full block of defence from the same team.

    1. It’s the same with most that I’m in to be honest. I seemed to have stayed in the same position in many of them since the first few weeks of the season.

  16. Sadio Mane is back in full training. He may start against Red Star Belgrade. 👍🏻🤞

  17. Another brace for Auba within five minutes of coming on. Really didn’t need that but the one saving grace in my ML is that the people who had him tend to also have Maquire.

    Still top of my ML, no real reason to make drastic changes. European games now so not going to bother overthinking about anything till after then.

    B Silva

    £0.7m ITB and one transfer left for the month. Concerns around Kane (drawing blanks) and Silva (rotation risk but scores well)

    1. I expected a big drop on the leaderboard after seeing he had scored but I didn’t drop much. I’m guessing most people are going down the Lacazette route.

  18. I was fully expecting a Lacazette blank last night because I subbed him into my Telegraph team!

    I was going to go with Auba, but decided against it when I see he was benched….. standard… the dream team struggle is real!!!…

  19. What is peoples opinions on these potential transfer options next month?

    Option 1
    Kane – Lacazette
    Maddison – Sterling
    Patricio – Kepa

    Option 2
    Mane – Willian
    Maddison – Richarlison
    Patricio – Kepa

    Option 3
    Kane – Auba
    Maddison – Willian
    Patricio – Ederson / Allison

    It’s still very early in my thinking and this will probably change numerous times but i’m trying to get the work done early. I don’t want to take Kane out but you can improve the rest of the team massively so i may be inclined to do it.

    1. It’s looking very likely I’ll be taking Kane out for next month for the same reason you stated, I can massively improve my team.
      For me it will be Aubameyang as i always wanted him in my team, but was waiting to see how Emery settled in first.
      So for me it would be option 3.

    2. Willian could be a good shout as he seems to play most games now. With Pedro in the Autumn of his career I think Sarri is managing his minutes. Willian seems to be his go to guy at the moment and seems to score well points wise in those European games.

  20. Wolves next 2 fixtures look dodgy coming of a 2-0 loss to Watford. I’m looking to bring in another defender for Doherty for last 2 games of this month. Looking at Bournemouth who have the extra game against Norwich

    1. I’m happy enough to stick it out with Doherty for a while, Wolves wont keep a clean sheet every week but i’m sure they’ll get a few here and there.

  21. I know a lot of people on here already have Man City midfield coverage with B. Silva but despite the rotation issues, are people not considering Sane/Mahrez?

    1. You can make a case for every attacking City midfielder in all honesty. Such an abundance of talent. It’s a bit of a roulette but when they play they all seem to be giving returns.

  22. What about D. Silva, goals, star m an awards, assists, could he match De bruyne for pts, 5.3 million, one of Peps favourites.

  23. D. Silva is always class. I feel I need a city midfielder in there but it will probably be a cheaper option 🤔

    B. Silva pulling it out of the bag again 👏🏻 wish I had him.

    1. Glad he got a goal but can’t see him being a huge point scorer over the season. I’ve already been tempted to take him out a few times.

  24. You’re never going to be able to swap B.Silva at this rate DTT!? 😉 Great night for you mate with Laporte also getting on the score sheet and getting another CS. 👏👏👏

    I must admit D.Silva is one I’m getting tempted by. Going to see how Mane gets on during the next couple of weeks then may review again after that. Even when De Bruyne gets back playing regularly, I can see D.Silva matching him points wise at a cheaper price.

    1. Yeah I know I’ve been looking for an excuse to get rid of him for a while but he keeps popping up with a goal and to do it from the bench is even better. Good to see Laporte on the scoresheet as well. He’s probably been my best transfer of the season. D. Silva is a tempter but while I’ve got B. Silva I’ll probably just stick with him for now.

  25. Currently 38 points better off for the two subs I made on Saturday….. can’t complain!….

    1. Wish I could say the same. I’m no worse off but not massively better off either. Hopefully it’s made the team stronger in the long run though.

      1. DTT, I’m not holding my breath though… last time I had a result with my subs (Hazard hatrick), B.Silva and Arnie who I took out, erased my point advantage immediately!!

        In much the same way, I’m totally expecting Mane to negate 18+ of those 38 points tonight in the CL, although I’m hoping it’s Salah instead, as I retained him.

  26. Sarri says Eden Hazard is out of tomorrow’s game for certain with a back problem. “We are trying to resolve the situation before Sunday’s game against Burnley”, he adds.

    1. Yeh, I’m hoping that Pedro can pick up some points before I lose him!

      I have one sub remaining and it’s either him or Shaw for the axe, although both will be gone when I get my November subs.

    2. Not sure I’d expected him to play anyway so thought it might be the case that he would miss out.

  27. Auba is killing me atm, typically me being an arsenal fan to! Arsenal on a lovely run still. Agree with most I’m 30 odd points off the top in my ml. I need Mane and Salah to do some damage tonight so everything crossed. Don’t want to be dropping points while we are still in October…

  28. Kane best pull his socks up for this second half otherwise my Kane – Auba transfer is getting finalised tonight.

    Leaves me £3m in the bank going in to November as well. Watch me make the transfer and Kane immediately hit form!

    1. Yeah that was disappointing but good to see Salah and Kane on the score sheet in the same night.

  29. Kane looked good tonight, getting into dangerous positions, he certainly benefits from Erikssen being back in the side.
    Food for thought because I was very much thinking he was getting dropped.

  30. Shows you just how important Eriksen is to this Spurs team. I’ll tell you something else, fin Spurs were able to keep clean sheets, Trippier would be having some monster points hauls.

    1. Doesn’t help that everyone in my mini league seems to have Trippier 😂. My head drops every time I see Trippier assist / goal

  31. Manes looking like dead weight tbh, looks well off it since his good start. Ironically sticking with the Liverpool attackers has dropped me places.

    1. To be fair to Mane tonight it sounds like he’s playing well from listening to the radio. Sounds a threat and showing nice touches. I feel a Mane goal coming second half to complete the Liverpool front trio’s return to form. Keep the faith. ✊😉

  32. Strange to the fact people with a block of Liverpool defenders are doing much better then there offensive players! That’s the case in my ml.

  33. First Kane now Salah, is this the turning point for them 2????😉

    Tell you what, if they start banging in the points I’ll be climbing my mini league because most have dropped at least one of them.

    1. I think they could be the difference for me as well. A lot of people have taken Salah out.

  34. Salah second from penalty spot. Come on Salah, Mane, Robbo Team eat al. Let’s have a cricket score! 👏👏👍🏻👍🏻

  35. Well pleased with tonight, although Mane could and should have scored more, he sounded such a threat all game though so I’m happy to stick with him.

    113pts for the week (with no Hazard playing tomorrow). My first triple figure score. I’m guessing many of you will have had good nights too? Really like having Robbo and Gomez in defence. Gomez is almost a certain starter now for me as he’s been superb all season. They are really racking some points up this season.

    1. Very pleased as well – overall it’s been a decent game week. I’d ideally want to be well within the top 10,000 teams but still making progress in the right direction.

  36. That’s a cracking night, being greedy, Kane lost star man late on, & a Salah hat-trick, would of been great, gets me up to 4th in my mini league.

    1. Sometimes the best course of action is to do nothing. If they all stay fit through November, we may even have the luxury of being able to take a one week punt on someone before swapping them back? But that would be too good to be true would’t it?…….

      1. Yes that’s very true, although i did start to like the idea of upgrading Patricio and Maddison but Leicester have a favorable run coming up so potential points return for the latter.

        I know we keep questioning Kane but he’s likely to pop up with more now Son and Eriksen are back fit. Some tough games for Spurs in November though, will see how they get on against City come Monday.

        P.S glad I’ve never thought about bringing in the liability Loris, wow.

  37. In spite of Mane scoring, I’m still 31 points better off for losing him, so have no regrets just yet.

    I have managed 113 points this week, which I thought was pretty good until I realised that about 60% of people have broken the 100 mark, ha ha!! …. Some are on 150-160 odd points!!

    Still have Pedro to go, but I’m not holding my breath getting any points from him. Also, he is likely to drop in price tomorrow, so need to think about getting him out after he has played tonight. Maybe for Lamela who will go up in price. Thoughts?

    1. I think that’s a good swap with 1 week left before transfers refresh – lamela likely to play both man city and west ham carabao games , he’s in good form , pedro struggling.

      I have 1 transfer left and 500k in bank

      Keen to get wan bissaka out as palace games look bad – but who far – thoughts? ps I already have docherty

        1. four at the back – Chris. Team is:


          Wan Bissaka

          B Silva


          550 points – 37 points off top place in 3rd .5 in bank 1 transfer left

          1. You’ve probably got the best option in Wan Bissaka – but you could always look at D. Sanchez. Although Spurs don’t look overly solid at the back and I believe they play City at the weekend.

      1. Ricardo Pereira could be a good shout from Leicester? They have good fixtures and he plays as a right winger quite a lot although he’s down as a defender. Multiple points avenues.

        1. Nice one Chris – they do have good fixtures – likely to drop in value tomorrow and hopefully wan bissaka creep up so straight swap with no cash spent – thanks, your opinion on here is always well thought through – I was thinking of ditching leno for kepa and using all the 500k – difficult to see anyone else – was looking at davinson sanchez as likely to play more now but they are poor at the back

          1. Let me know if you do go for him AJF. I’d like to see how he does for you if you choose him. Reckon Leicester will eventually be a better defence with Evans in there now too.

        2. what about Cook at Bournemouth? anyone thinking of him – cheap – seems to score well , decent fixtures and bournemouth doing well? seem to be good at the back – played all 10 games so far?

            1. I was replying to Chris about Ricardo Pereira but the nesting on this theme is pretty awful for comments.

    2. I really like Lamela but his place is going to be tough to keep hold of with the likes of Eriksen, Alli, Moura etc in the squad. Seems to do really well when thrown in though.

      1. Yes, that was my only reservation with Lamela. It seems criminal that he might not keep his place having scored in 5 of his last 7 and there’s every chance that that’s it in terms of his purple patch, but It’s either Pedro or Shaw that I lose with my last sub.

        Both will be gone when I get my November subs.

    3. Could be a good option, although I noticed he was dropped to the bench yesterday. Richarlison is a popular choice as well.

      1. I contemplated Richarlison, but I still have reservations about him.

        He started the season well, but he has since scored just 1 in his last 6, despite starting the last two matches as a striker.

        Also, Everton’s next 3 fixtures don’t look favourable:

        Man Utd – Away
        Brighton – Home
        Chelsea – Away

        1. He doesn’t overly appeal to me either to be honest but he seems a popular choice. When he’s up front I almost expect him to get a goal at the moment but it doesn’t seem to be happening.

  38. Anybody else’s App playing up regarding the ‘fixtures’?

    The ‘opponent’ isn’t displayed??…

  39. Salah has come today and confirmed he’s the number two choice on penalties behind Milner. Great news for when Milner is rotated/injured etc. Salah warming up nicely into the season now, it was only a matter of time imo.

    1. Just a shame that he had been subbed when they got their second pen last night. A hatrick and the 15 additional points would have been most welcomed!!

  40. Folks with no Auba hold your breath! He starts tonight. I hope arsenal win of course but let others score lol

  41. We must all be doing well in our mini leagues after last night, after using a planned 2 transfers at the start of November, my back 5 will be Kepa, Robertson, Gomez, Mendy, & either Luiz, or Laporte, is it worth the extra outlay for Laporte, would leave me less funds for last transfer if select Laporte, would like to upgrade B. Silva or Maddison, either way can’t afford D. silva, so would be looking at perhaps Moura, Lamela, or Richarlison.

    1. It’s been a decent start to the season so far. I’m top of a mini league between mates but sitting quite far down in a very competitive league which is disappointing.

    1. No plans to remove either at the moment. Looking at the team I’ve got, I can’t see what I’d change at the moment. Not 100% happy with Leno, Doherty or Maddison but based on their values they are about the best options for the budget available.

      1. I’m in the same predicament with Patricio, Doherty & Maddison, without downgrading any of the big guns, there is little improvement out there.

        1. I think it might just be a case of sticking with them. None of them are bad options so I think it’s worth seeing what happens for another game week.

  42. I have a similar dilemma with Hart, Pedro and Maddison hence why looking at a big player change could help me a lot. Especially when most of my mini leagues have either Salah or Kane omitted.

    1. Yeah it’s a tough one. I’m fairly happy with how my team is going at the moment so plan to stick with them for now. If a lot of people do drop one of them then it could be a good way of climbing the leaderboard should they both start firing in a big way.

  43. Decided to lose Pedro last night before his price drop for Richarlison.

    I’m not convinced about this move, but had very little options. I don’t think he will score well in his next three games at all, so it’s a short term option primarily to gain funds (Pedro went down, Richarlision went up) and to have 11 players playing.

    Last time I brought him in, he got sent off in his first match, so if he can just get a 7 rating, it will be an improvement!!!….. 😉

  44. OK so I have one transfer left for the month. Don’t want to use it for the sake of it but also don’t want to lose it. Team and thoughts below.

    Ryan – happy till mid Dec
    Robertson – keep
    VVD – keep
    Doherty – keep and review through November
    Maddison – keep, I like Leicester fixtures
    B Silva – potentially move out
    Mane – keep given upcoming fixtures
    Hazard – unsure about extent of injury?
    Salah – keep
    Kane – unsure
    Aguero – keep

    I’ll be unable to upgrade Ryan / Doherty / Maddison unless one of the big guns goes so they’re safe for now.

    Potential transfers below – would appreciate thoughts

    B Silva – Gomez
    Silva gives me headaches in the sense he is constantly rotated but he chips in with goals. He should be guaranteed a start against Spurs but you never know! Gomez on the other hand is cheaper so frees up funds, and I fancy a Liverpool clean sheet against Spurs. Also gives me a chance to use VVD money in November for a strong City or Chelsea defender, or Willian in midfield.

    B Silva to Willian
    I favour Chelsea’s fixtures and this swap is affordable given my £0.7m in the bank.

    Other options include removing Kane for Auba/Laca but I can’t see that being beneficial long term.

    Anybody have any thoughts on the use of my final transfer?

    1. I think the B. Silva to Willian could certainly be a good option for you, he’s pretty much a certain starter at Chelsea so could be a good move, he’s chipping in with a lot of assists and the goals should come as well.

      1. Yeah I like that idea, there is 7 games in November, so long month, Willian has played all 3 games in Europa league scoring 28pts, he has ousted Pedro so gametime should be assured, not touching front 3 big hitters for now so can’t afford D. silva or De bruyne, Moura also has 7 games & is cheaper but has tougher fixtures, B. silva came off the bench to score recently, but Willian is the front runner to replace him.

    2. I like the Gomez one personally. Because he started off so cheap his value is only going to rise over the next few weeks whatever happens. Seems to have his place nailed on now at either CB or RB with either Lovren or TAA being the fall guys. Liverpool look as solid at the back as anyone this season.

    3. I’m in pretty much the same situation. I plan to stick with what I’ve got despite having one transfer left. I was also considering B. Silva to Gomez – as I see Gomez as more likely to keep clean sheets compared to B. Silva getting goals. However I’m also wary of taking out a player who is playing well in Silva. Personally don’t fancy Willian at the moment. Not sure he’s a big upgrade on Silva.

  45. I’m considering following my own advice after this game week as Wolves’s fixtures toughen up and Leicester’s look good. Ricardo Pereira in for Doherty.

    Waste of a transfer or good business? Thoughts?

    1. Last week was the first time in 9 games that Wolves had lost in 90 minutes and let in more than 1 goal, and that included both Manchester clubs, I for one will be holding Doherty for a while longer as his price will continue to rise for at least another 3/4 weeks, whereas Leicesters form has been all over the place only keeping 2 premiership clean sheets ironically against Wolves and Newcastle. All that said it looks like you are having a better season than me Chris.

    2. I’ve looked at Pereira as well as he has the potential to score more playing on the wing, although we are yet to see a great points haul from him. That could change soon given Leicesters rub in

    3. Makes sense to do it after this game week. After you had mentioned Pereira he’s certainly now on my radar and Leicester look like they have decent fixtures.

      1. I’ll see how things pan out this weekend and maybe make a decision then. Thanks for the input guys.

        After the billing I was giving Doherty earlier on in the season, it kind feels like I’m cheating on him by contemplating ditching him 😂.

        I really need to get out more…….

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