Ones to Watch: Game Week 25

Game week 25 is a bit of an odd week. It kicks off tonight with a Premier League game between Man City and Bournemouth and is followed by European fixtures midweek and FA cup fixtures at the weekend. This makes it almost impossible to pick any players to watch this week due to the lottery of player selection in competitions that are seen as less important. It is probably easier to look at teams and fixtures rather than individual players.

Man City – Bournemouth (Premier League), Huddersfield (FA Cup)

With Man City not featuring in game week 24 this fixture has caused a number of issues in team selection. The obvious choice would be Jesus after his fine start. However it’s difficult to predict if he will also play in the FA cup. If he starts tonight, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Aguero come back in against Huddersfield. After conceding 6 against Everton, it could be too much of a temptation to move for Jesus if he’s starting tonight. Despite his two goals at the weekend Sanchez could well make way as they face Bayern later in the week.

Man Utd – Etienne (Europa League), Blackburn (FA Cup)

Man Utd’s fixtures for this game week purely come down to team selection. There could be an opportunity to pick up a good amount of points if the right players start. I opted to transfer in Pogba at the weekend hoping that he will feature in the Europa League. I’ve also stuck with Ibrahimovic again hoping that he will start midweek. I’ll be checking the starting line up against Etienne to see if there are any potential transfers. Mata or Mkhitaryan could also be players to consider this week.

Tottenham – Genk (Europa League), Fulham (FA Cup)

Tottenham have two favourable fixtures this week, however this also comes down to team selection. As with many Premier League teams Tottenham selected a second string side in the last round of the FA cup. I’d expect much the same at the weekend. Where there could be an opportunity to score points is the Europa League. I’ve stuck with Eriksen and Kane, hoping they will start against Genk, however I’m not sure this will be the case. Another player to consider would be Alli. He’s a regular starter in the Premier League, and if he’s in the starting line up against Genk I’d consider him as a possible transfer target.

Arsenal – Bayern Munich (Champions League)

Arsenal have a tricky tie away at Bayern Munich. They will certainly select their strongest side however I can’t imagine they will get much out of the game. They also don’t play their FA cup tie until Monday (a new game week) and have no Premier League game until March. The game against Bayern could effectively be the last game of the month for many of their key players. As a result I’m considering removing Sanchez for the time being and I certainly won’t be looking to transfer any Arsenal players in.

Chelsea – Wolves (FA Cup)

Chelsea are likely to rest players in the FA cup and have no European football. As a result I won’t be making a move for any Chelsea players. If I was struggling to use my transfers I would wait until line ups are announced for the FA cup game and transfer in a player if any of their regulars are getting a run out.

Liverpool and Everton – no games this game week.

For me this game week is all about Man City, Man Utd and Tottenham. Obviously avoid Liverpool and Everton players as they have no fixtures this week. I’d also consider avoiding Chelsea players as they are likely to be rested in the FA cup. My approach to the week will be to check line ups for tonight’s game and the European fixtures, as these could present opportunities to gain an advantage over other managers who don’t. Make a move for players who are regulars in the Premier League but are also getting a run out midweek. In an ideal world for my team Shaw, Pogba and Ibrahimovic start for Man Utd and Eriksen and Kane start for Tottenham. This is going to depend completely on how seriously managers take this competition. If you are considering transfers I’d also look out for players getting locked out. If you keep Arsenal players in and they flop against Bayern, you will be stuck with them until next Monday.

Please share your thoughts below. Who do you think will start for Man Utd or Spurs in the Europa League? Do you have any thoughts on players who could score well during this game week?

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