Password Protection

I’ve decided to password protect my team selection blog post and will do the same for any subsequent changes to the team. If you want to gain access to this information (the only way to follow my team), all you have to do is:

1. Make a contribution using the button below
2. Wait to be redirected back to the blog via PaytPal where you will see the password.
3. If you don’t get redirected email and I’ll send over the password.

Anyone who has already contributed doesn’t need to contribute again.


Why have I done this?

The site has running costs and also takes up a lot of my time. If both were factored into how much it costs to keep the site running it would be £1,000’s over the course of a season. The blog has been completely free for the past couple of years and I’ve always given the option for users to make “donations” to help with these costs. I’ve had very little response to this. Since the start of last season the blog has had around 80,000 hits but less than 10 people had made a donation.

I recently put up a post hoping that regular followers of the blog would contribute (and they did). They were also all in favour of password protecting posts. If they had donated it seems fair that others should donate to see the same content.

The option to contribute isn’t linked with the performance of my team selection. I’m not saying “contribute to the blog so you can see how great my team is”, I’m simply saying contribute to the blog as a platform for discussion around the game, where you can find plenty of information to help you make your own decisions around your team. The contribution is related to anyone who enjoys the blog rather than having to pay to see my team. I’m only password protecting my team selection as I know it’s the most popular piece of content at this time of year. Any kind of contribution doesn’t guarantee success. The site is ran by a single individual, it’s worth keeping in mind that my situation could change and there would be very little I could do if I was unable to keep the site up to date. The contribution is therefore not a subscription with a guarantee of seeing the season through to the end (although that is definitely what I plan to do), it should be seen more as a gesture of appreciate for running the blog.

20 thoughts on “Password Protection

  1. If ur planning on using a united player in one of front 3 lukaku and rashford are both likely to play a part as they’ve returned earlier

  2. Hope you get plenty of donations , couple of quid very little and the blog info and chats are very helpful , cheers..

  3. Has there been any pin protection areas to view yet, & do you just click into it & put pin number in.

  4. Hi DTT,

    Just made a donation. Can you check its there? Also can you send across the PIN/Password?



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