Possible August Transfer 2

Possible August Transfer 2

Very quick post to outline a possible second transfer. I’ll be checking the line up for Man City tomorrow afternoon. If B. Silva is dropped down to the bench again, I’ll be bringing in De Bruyne to replace him – on the assumption that De Bruyne is also starting. The reason being De Bruyne has made a fantastic start to the season and should continue to rise in price for the short term. I also don’t want 4.5m tied up in a player who’s at risk of being left on the bench so Silva would have to go given that he would have only started 1 out of 3 games. So here’s the transfer:

If B. Silva is on the bench but De Bruyne starts:
Silva out, De Bruyne in

If B. Silva starts:
Make no transfer

If both start on the bench:
Make no transfer

If I’m being honest, the situation I’d like to pan out is that B. Silva starts as I don’t see it as much of an upgrade if both players are getting regular game time. For those wondering why I’m going for De Bruyne over Mane – at this stage City have better fixtures. I also don’t have a City striker in my team so to offset this I wanted to double up on their midfielders. I do have a plan for getting Mane in – which would be swapping Aubameyang/Moura for Martial/Mane but this will have to wait for the time being as both Aubayemang and Moura have performed well so far anyway.

I won’t be making any other transfers this weekend – unless a player has picked up a shock injury before any of the games kick off over the weekend.

Finally a quick note on the Gomez to Mina transfer – incredibly frustrating that Everton conceded twice against Villa. That would highlight why I didn’t opt for an Everton defender at the start of the season – I thought they’d proved me wrong with two clean sheets in two games however this typically came to an end when bringing in one of their defenders. Regardless it’s a hard transfer to regret – Mina is incredibly cheap at 2.1m and I’d expect him to continue to rise in value. For this outlay I’d imagine he will easily return enough points over the season to justify a place in the team. If their form does drop off completely there’s a few good options in Walker-Peters, Mount, James, Emerson, etc so no need to panic at this stage.

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87 thoughts on “Possible August Transfer 2

  1. Makes sense that transfer mate.

    Really annoyed Liverpool lost the CS (again) today. Luckily TAA got his assist and 7+ and Robbo got his 7+ too so cushioned the blow a little. Still annoying though as they were showing signs (especially VVD) of looking more solid again, especially second half. It’ll come… 🤞😬

    1. Cheers Chris, I’m generally annoyed how things have panned out so far as well to be honest. I thought Matip was going to start the season for Liverpool – I’d have stuck with him if he did so missed out on a goal today. Dan James has scored twice as well – he was another I’d considered including. Missed out on a Robertson clean sheet today as well. If Kane or/and Moura don’t deliver tomorrow I’ll be extremely disappointed. I’m fairly sure there are more lows than highs in this game at times but I may set unrealistic expectations.

  2. I’m slightly happy, I held fire on Mane for now.

    I did my transfer of Auba to Martial, he got an assist at most.

    As Pedro was injured I stuck with Barkely. I have one transfer remaining and will be waiting on the Man City team sheet. I’m hoping B. Silva does get a start!

    1. I’m hoping he does as well – I’d much rather keep him. He’s a problem I’d rather not have to be honest. It’s safe to say if I could start again I probably would now we’ve seen who is starting for which teams and have a bit of early data.

  3. Watched the Liverpool game, Aubamayang nice touches, one half chance, Pepe looks quality, just needs more minutes, Maitland niles, what do you expect away to Liverpool, cld still be a good source of 7 ratings, need some decent hauls 2moro from Moura/B. silva, to turn a below par weekend, into something more acceptable.

    1. Couldn’t agree more but not sure what more we could have done. Had a decent plan from the start of the season – all logical choices but the results just go against us.

  4. From the start of the season, I guess the only doubts that we knew about were the possible rotation of Gomez & Matip, which has come to fruition, should on reflection have gone for a player who was 1st choice & played every week, had my doubts about selecting any Arsenal defender, but I have seen enough of Maitland niles today to suggest for his price if kept in the team could reach the 75pts needed, if using the mantra of 50pts per million, over the season logic has to win over luck, it can become disheartening even so early in the season, but its a 10 month commitment, we are only in week 3.

  5. 2 transfers left DTT, potential players losing their place in team are.
    Moura 3.2
    B. Silva 4.5
    Niles. 1.7
    ITB. 1.8
    Potential recruitment’s
    Mane. 6.0
    De bruyne 6.1
    Pepe. 3.3
    Mount. 1.6
    Last set of fixtures before international break, that are of interest.
    Chelsea vs Sheffield utd
    Man City vs Brighton
    Arsenal vs Spurs
    Burnley vs Liverpool

    1. Moura has to go and either De Bruyne or Mane should come in. I’m starting to swing back towards Mane now after their more difficult fixture against Arsenal is out the way. I’d rather not move on B. Silva or Maitland-Niles at the moment but Silva would probably have to go to accommodate Mane.

  6. DTT I know it’s easy to say now but should we be getting aguero in now fast instead of martial?

    1. It’s a difficult one – I’ve not seen many people with him in their teams. Mainly because he’s at a risk of playing less minutes than the other big names. He would be easy enough to accommodate budget wise but I’m still not sure it’s the right move. We are going to have these bandwagon type players every weekend – it was Mane last week but we can’t have them all this season.

    1. It’s a difficult one – I’ve not seen many people with Aguero in their teams. Mainly because he’s at a risk of playing less minutes than the other big names. He would be easy enough to accommodate budget wise but I’m still not sure it’s the right move. We are going to have these bandwagon type players every weekend – it was Mane last week but we can’t have them all this season.

      1. Just a quick question, can I transfer a player out that I already transferred in, within the same month?
        If Martial is injured etc and I need to move him on but have already put him in this month?

  7. I would say out.
    Aubamayang 6.1
    Moura. 3.2
    ITB. 1.8
    Transfer in
    Aguerro. 7.4
    Mount. 1.6
    September transfers 14th onwards, initial transfer Miles out, Pepe In, reasons Aguerro & Mount fixtures fairly easy, Aubamayang & Pepe tough fixture London derby
    vs Spurs, add to that Moura more than likely at best on bench after today, leaving, B. silva whilst he starts to improve, & still having 2 fixtures in September to move him on if he doesn’t.

    1. Moura definitely needs to go but I think bringing in Aguero is a bit of a knee jerk reaction. I’ve not seen him in many people’s team and he’s still likely to face a lot of rotation but he’s certainly a concern.

  8. Anybody thinking about ditching Kane? I have got a strong suspicion that Spurs are going to tank this season. Arsenal look good, Man Utd and Chelsea have looked very good in spells, if they can get some consistency then they could push Spurs out. They just haven’t looked convincing at all. I think out of the big 4 strikers (Kane, Aguero, Auba, Salah) Kane could be the one that scores less this season.

    1. Yeah definitely a worry – couldn’t have asked for a better start and we can let him off not scoring against City but yesterday was a disaster from my point of view. How Moura or Kane didn’t get a least one goal between them baffles me. Hopefully it was just one of those off days but they haven’t looked overly creative across their three opening fixtures. I’m not sure about moving him on just yet though.

  9. First 3 games have shown us that it seems as if very few clean sheets around, man city and liverpool struggling to get them, chelsea leaking goals. A lot of talk before season about VAR meaning less clean sheets, is this an early sign? If so is there merit in cheap defences and loading up midfield and attack?

    1. It is a concern but I think I’ll personally be sticking to a balanced team for now. My defence isn’t overly strong anyway so I wouldn’t want to weaken it further.

  10. I brought mount in last week to free up funds for Aguero. He’ll now increase price due to points yesterday and expect him to continue in September due to fixtures. I’m getting on Aguero before price changes this week.

    Leaves a little itb to consider where to upgrade elsewhere.

    Keeping Kane for the season really unless injuries, he’s still a machine in fantasy football and expect him to return well over the season.

  11. I can’t do a review of the game week yet because we’ve still got the EFL fixtures and Wolves play in the Europa League qualifier. However has anyone actually got off to a good start on the overall leaderboard? As in within the top 10,000?

    I don’t think I could be more dissatisfied with my start to be honest. It’s not that I regret any of the players I’ve picked, it’s more that nothing has gone my way other than the odd exception.

    – Liverpool failing to keep a clean sheet, Gomez starting the first game and then not featuring again which forced a transfer.
    – Silva only returning 6 points from 3 game weeks.
    – Moura and Kane blanking in what could have been the fixture of the weekend for Dream Team points.
    – Aubameyang only picking up 12 points across two easier fixtures to start with.

    It’s also not been helped by players who I’d considered at the start of the season getting off to a good start – Everton defenders, Rashford, Aguero, etc

    I think the team is currently placed around the 100,000 mark on the leaderboard. I know it’s early days but it’s incredibly frustrating after all of the planning that went into the start of the season.

    1. I’m 5 points behind you DTT and it seems like few of us on here have set the world alight with our starts so far (please do let us know anyone if you’re already in that top 1k. We need someone to champion! 😂).

      I still think Liverpool will come good defensively personally as they were beginning to show signs of their dominant best again in that second half against Arsenal, against a very dangerous attack.

      I do worry for Spurs though moving forwards, especially if Eriksen does leave as is being rumoured. They appear devoid of ideas without him. Moura leaving my team this week, I’m pretty sure.

      Aguero owners could have a nice little run now with Jesus being out till after the international break (according to Dinnery). It tempted me to move Vardy out for him but I do fancy Vardy against Bournemouth nearly as much as Aguero against Brighton so I think I’ll probably move Vardy on next month now.

      Not he best of starts but early days and I’m confident we’ll all begin to climb those rankings soon enough. 👍🏻

      1. I’m on 185 points and sitting 6801 overall. I moved B. Silva and Gomez on for Mane and Montoya (I wanted Dunk but got done over by the price rises that “didn’t affect anyone” according to The Sun, I’m not bitter tho lol) before the second week so got the 15 points from Mane the second week. I’m pretty happy with my team so far, currently sitting 8th in the DTT league

        1. That’s certainly a good start – I must admit it gives me a bit of hope that you’re not completely out of reach already as I’m considerably further behind in terms of position on the leaderboard but not too far behind in terms of actual points. Who’s your front three?

          1. My full team is:


            Montoya (in for Gomez)

            Mane (in for B Silva)
            de Bruyne


            1. Looks good District – hugely benefited from Everton’s good start. Wish I’d have opted for one of their defenders to start. Good choice with Martial from the start as well.

              1. I tried to avoid the everton double up all pre season so got a bit lucky there. When martial started playing up top pre season I thought if ya worth the gamble. I’ve stuck with Anderson despite him missing a game and almost swapped to Shaw so again i’ve got lucky there with him getting 5 at the weekend and coming on tonight after 8 mins and (currently cos if may lose it!!!) Star man and another 10 tonight. Provided he doesn’t lose star man that puts my overall rank at 2274. Annoyingly the team in first has anderson too, always something to moan about lol

                1. Anderson a very good differential so well done District for that pick and for thinking outside the box. Also, a great start to the season for you. So all the best.

                  1. Thanks mate, I usually get off to a decent start and then have a bad weekend before the international break so I’m hoping to buck that trend this year and not spend the whole break annoyed!!!

                2. Yeah I noticed Anderson picked up the star man – must be happy with that considering it’s an EFL cup game as well.

            1. yes have them both.
              am thinking of outing them , not sure who for though
              son maybe for Kane D silva for Moura.

        2. Solid start that District. 👍🏻👌🏼🙌

          As DTT says, it at least shows us that a couple of good GW’s can potentially propel you right back amongst the high flyers at this stage. No need to panic guys if you’ve gotten off to a low start.

      2. Be good to hear from anyone who’s actually doing well – it’s been such an annoying start so far. I’d back Robertson to come good as well but I’m not sure about doubling up on defenders this season from the same team. I worry about Spurs as well. Moura is going to have to go for me and I’m even finding myself questioning Kane after the weekend. You thinking about making a move for Aguero? I still find it hard to justify but I can’t help but think he’s going to keep scoring even with reduced game time.

        1. With Jesus out until after the break, I’d say now would be the time to get Aguero if you had enough transfers. As you say though I think maybe Moura has to leave your team (and mine) with that last transfer. I’ll probably go KDB or Mane.

          I’m really impressed with Pepe though so I’m pretty sure I’ll be moving for him at some stage too. I might even go 4-4-2 and switch Vardy to Pepe next month.

          I’m also thinking maybe Kepa was a bad choice as Chelsea look like one of those teams who could win games 3-2, 3-1 quite often this season. Got a lot of money itb so might just go Ederson next month, with Chelsea facing Wolves (A), Liverpool (H).

          For those wanting a cheap striker Tammy may be worth considering. The only worry is though will he be rotated with Giroud a lot?

          I’d recommend people bring in Mount ASAP too. Nice attacking team, plays advanced takes up great positions. A snip at the price he’s at. 👍🏻

          1. Yeah I’ve got two transfers in the bank – I was thinking Moura and B. Silva out for Mount/James (both seem good value for me – be interested in your thoughts on James though?) and Mane. I’m favouring Mane now the Arsenal fixture is out the way as he’s more certain of game time and goals. This would leave me with a really tidy sum in the bank for September – I could easily upgrade Aubameyang to Aguero or a cheap defender to a more premium option. Like you say though – now might be the time for Aguero while Jesus is injured but there is only one fixture to ride before the international break, when I’d expect Jesus to be back.

            1. Yep, both should easily achieve their PPM targets I reckon. I’ve championed Mount and I can see why folks might go for James too. Two goals, plays for a good team in Europe fast as anything (could win pens). Only down sides could be his yellow cards for diving (although hopefully he’ll stop that soon, and he was a bit unlucky with that last one to be fair) and potential rotation with Lingard?
              Between the two I’d go for Mount but there could be good value in going for both. Their values will rise for a long while yet no matter what happens for the next few weeks.

              1. I think I’m favouring Mount as well at the moment but both are very tempting. As you say both should continue to rise as they are performing way over expectations. I’d love to be able to hit the reset button or know what we did now at the start of the season. I’d have a team something along the lines of:

                Robertson, Zinchenko, Maitland-Niles
                Mane, Sterling, James, Mount
                Salah, Aguero, Kane

                Not a bad side with 1.5m in the bank I believe from the start of the season. Always easy in hindsight.

        2. Hey DTT,

          So I wouldn’t say I’m doing really well, but my team Smithy’s Squad is currently Rank 3015 in the Leaderboard with only 193 points, so the gap between top 50 is about 30 points!

          I’ve been following avidly since last season, and so far following your and others advice is paying off (with a little luck)

          Current Team with 2.8M ITB & 2 Transfers remaining
          Pickford, Digne, Maitland-Niles, Zinchenko, Robertson
          Sterling, Mane, Moura
          Salah, Kane, Pukki

          Thinking on it more I think what you and Chris said about Robertson is true, and I’ve given him another few weeks to come good. I totally agree with you on Spurs, I’ve not been impressed and want to get Kane & Moura out as I am sick of the Points to Value ratio. It’s a massive risk as he will no doubt go and score a brace if I do this. Also, I’m not sure what/who I want in, I’ve got the following thoughts:

          Kane > Aguero
          Moura > Mount (Or James for a differential?)
          Kane > Barnes (Or Haller) Both seem promising, but are they Kane worthy replacements?
          Moura > De Bruyne (Or McGinn again for differential, and prob only if I go for Barnes above)
          OR – Change it Up
          Digne > Mount (Or McGinn)
          Moura > De Bruyne – This would leave Kane alone but strengthen my Midfield until after the reset.

          I’ve played with a few options all night and can’t decide – I’d love to hear people’s opinion I will most likely make a decision during the day tomorrow and commit to the transfer by the tomorrow night.

          1. I’d say that’s an excellent start to the season. Out of your options I’d probably favour Kane/Moura out for Aguero and Mount. Would you not be concerned about losing Kane though? Or would it be something where you consider putting him back in?

            1. I would plan on rotating him and Aguero out based on games I suspect. Of course, it depends on injuries etc but I highly doubt I will be able to leave him out all season, he is just having a slump and Spurs have not really got off the bench properly yet.

  12. have to say I am thinking of outing Kane for son.
    reason being thought he looks more of an attacking option than Kane.
    also Rashford for Tammy Abraham no I am not loosing it
    just a gut feeling .

  13. DTT, I feel your pain!! As with last year, I’ve not had the best of starts – mediocre at best (151 points).

    If it makes you feel any better, I also did a knee jerk sub on Friday night taking out TAA for Digne. Sounds a bit rash, but my logic was that Everton were seemingly favourites to keep a sheet against Villa, especially after the start they’ve had whilst Liverpool faced a harder fixture against Arsenal, so naturally Digne gets his first minus points of the season, whilst TAA registered an early assist!!!

    Unlike some of the others in here, I was actually relieved that Liverpool conceded. Even though I have Robertson, it softened the TAA blow somewhat!!

    I then used my last sub taking out Barkley when he was initially benched for Mount….however when they kicked off, Barkley was in the side due a late Pedro injury!! Glad that one didn’t bite me!!

    I now have no subs until September,…. no Mane, no KDB, no Aguero and a shower of misfits who are doing naff all, such as B.Silva (he never does anything when in my team), Aubameyang, Kane, Patricio, and Wan Bissaka!!

    1. It’s incredibly frustrating – I’m starting to wonder if all the planning, looking at fixtures and detailed analysis is even worthwhile. I’m certainly getting very little benefit from it at the moment and could have probably just picked a team in 10 minutes and done equally as well at this stage. I know I always mention it when things are going well but I’m sure the luck factor is huge in platforms like this. I kept away from the scores on Sunday as well thinking I’d watch match of the day and enjoy some goals from Moura and Kane – only to be disappointed further. Who do you think you will move on in September?

  14. I took out Auba for Martial in the hope I could upgrade my midfield, however news coming out Martial could potentially be injured. With jesus being injured I do fancy backing aguero at home to Brighton. I can just swap out Martial to Aguero.

    Next month will have to be sorting out dead wood. Still early days so not being to negative.

    1. Martial photographed turning up fork training today so hopefully a good sign! 🤞

    2. Aguero is now a concern for me after his goals at the weekend and Jesus being injured. It’s a tough season for getting all the big guns in.

  15. What a stinker of a game week. Such a good chance for Kane and Moura to do some damage so it’s a big disappointment to see them both blank. Silva also had another low return, and poor on the clean sheet front to! Same team as you at the moment DTT, few of my thoughts below.

    Maitland Niles
    B Silva

    There are several players I want in the team; KDB, Mane, Aguero. The conundrum is, how do we raise for funds for these players?

    4-3-3 isn’t working for me at the moment given the lack of clean sheets. One potential option would be to be bold and swap Robertson out of the team for Mount at Chelsea, giving us funds to upgrade Mane to either KDB or Mane. This will also leave £1.7m ITB which we can use to upgrade Auba to Aguero if we need to in September.

    Food for thought and something for me to mull over ahead of the weekend’s games.

    1. I hear what you’re saying David but I think you hit the nail on the head when you say 4-3-3 isn’t working for you AT THE MOMENT. I fully expect Liverpool and City to get a few CS’s over the next few weeks looking at their fixtures. Also to go with zero Liverpool defence would be very very brave.

      I do love Mount though but I’d be switching the likes of Moura for him.

      1. Appreciate what you’re saying, would be very damaging to lose City/Liverpool representation at the back for them to start tidying up defensively and pick up clean sheets.

    2. It was hugely disappointing – my thoughts regarding changes so far have been:

      Moura/B. Silva out – James or Mount/Mane in


      Moura/Aubameyang – James or Mount/Aguero in

      Any thoughts? I think both would leave enough funds to get Mane or Aguero in depending on which one missed out.

      1. I think we have a difficult decision to make with the Aguero dilemma. I think he’ll be pivotal over the next few weeks but am struggling to see which of the front three to replace him with. Salah plays the full 90 minutes and scores, Kane has the potential to bag braces, and Auba has a good set of fixtures coming up. Tottenham next which may not be the easiest but the Spurs aren’t in great form.

        Mount/James seem pivotal to making the other transfers happen so I think he definitely needs to come in.

          1. Aguero now looks like a serious source of points after the Bournemouth match and with Jesus sidelined through injury so that double move looks good to me. I note AUB has some nice fixtures coming up so would you considering keeping him and moving Kane on for Aguero? Kane hasn’t been in great form despite his two late goals v Villa and with Erikson possibly leaving or not even getting on the pitch, Spurs are far less creative than you’d expect. I might look at this move when I get fresh Sept transfers if Kane doesn’t improve.

  16. I have James in my team, getting a run of games now, 2 goals in 3 games, picking up yellow cards is a concern, sometimes not warranted but has a bit of a reputation for diving though, what is annoying & this happened to James at weekend when sitting on 7pts in the game against Palace, he went from 7.0, to 6.9 when Palace scored, penalise the defence yes, but not the offensive players, probably lost 6pts already this season due to that ruling.

    1. Yeah I think he might have been a great pick to have in from the start. I just didn’t trust that he would get game time but seems like he will.

  17. For anyone concerned about Kane’s returns I would remain patient. In the last 4 seasons he has been one of the highest scoring players in the game. Each season he has always had quiet spells or injury. My advice would be to keep him in your team until injured. He will return, even with the likes of Eriksen possibly moving on.

    Regarding Aguero, it looks like he will rise this week, as will James and mount so be careful not to price yourselves out. When Jesus is fit I still expect Aguero to return high scores so for me he is a must.

    Lastly, I agree with Chris on Pepe, he looks like a good potential fantasy prospect. I will be monitoring until the Man Utd game as his price is likely to continue to fall unless he has some massive return from now until then. You could potentially grab a real bargain in the not to distant future…

    1. I’d be giving Kane more time too if I did own him. I think the biggest concern is not so much Kane individually, but Spurs as a collective. I’ve not been impressed with what I’ve seen so far. Chelsea, United and Arsenal have all shown positive glimpses which tells me Spurs could be facing a tough fight this time around to make top four. Too early to really say at this stage though.

      If Martial is out I must admit I’m tempted to go Martial to Aguero. Would probably then go Vardy to Martial at some point next month again. However, Sanchez has now gone out on loan to Inter so I’m wondering if that indicates Martial will be ok this weekend?

      1. Chris any thoughts on martial for Rashford.
        not quite sure weather to keep him.
        looking at others Puki or Abraham as well.Puki looks looks a bargain
        its a question whether he will out score Rashford.

        1. Two points here.

          He played poor due to the lack of service which forced him to play deeper and far left, you could see the difference bringing Erikson on made to his game.

          What does this mean for us? Well I would imagine this being Erik’s last year with spurs means he will get less game time as the new boy is integrated into the team. There may well be a slow patch for Kane as the transition is made. I am debating dropping him and grabbing aguerro while Jesus is out to profit from his rise while Kane falls in value

          Martial and rashford.
          I have had these guys on my radar and I definitely will not be grabbing either with the way the team performed against palace. Pukki, Barnes and Haller look better options at the moment for a better price. Which one to get is the question

          1. I’m thinking the same with regards to Kane but I’ve also got the option to take Aubameyang out. Thinking long term I’m wondering if Aubameyang will play in the early stages of the Europa League?

            1. That was my concern with Aubameyang too. I’d expect a fair bit of rotation in the early rounds.

              1. Yeah I was hoping he would get off to a good start but it hasn’t really happened.

        2. I’d expect Rashford to haul this weekend but after the IB he’ll probably go wide left again. Only had 3 shots so far this season so I’d want a bit more than that moving forwards. Can’t argue with Pukki’s stats but it may be worth bearing in mind that European competitions start up again next month. Abraham could be a good shout if he can hold off Giroud.

    2. I’m starting to move towards Aguero myself but who comes out? For me it’s Aubameyang at the moment but Kane is also worth considering.

      1. Kane stops in my team full stop.
        he’ll rack up the points injury free…..taking him out then when he hits form bringing him back in will be a waste of 2 hits….stick with harry amb of arsenal if anyone as he may not get much game time early stages of europa where our harry will play CL matches

        1. That’s always my concern with Kane but something doesn’t look right with Spurs this season.

    1. For me personally I debated long and hard about having three big hitters up front but didn’t like the rest of my team being so cheap. Would rather grab someone like mane or kdb with the extra cash and run a cheaper third striker, a few of them are scoring very well.

    2. I’d probably prefer to hold onto Maitland-Niles for the time being. I’m tempted by Moura and Aubameyang out for Mount and Aguero. Any thoughts?

        1. Cheers Ajf – my only concern is Mount missing the game through injury. I noticed you’ve got him in your team any news on this?

  18. sensible DTT,doing those 2 transfers then however somewhat derails getting both KDB and mane down the line….i think long term going that route come september you would need to off set a decent defender to accomodate…i went with pukki up top to do this….however its a massive risk taker come european nights when the fin will be sat at home watching eastenders when a big front 3 will rack the points in
    still as you say u cant get everyone in….thats why we love this format

  19. What advice can I get on my last 2 transfers, 400k in bank team is

    Walker Peter’s



    Thinking moura and walker peters( injured ?) need moving on

    Options I am thinking

    Maddison and either mina, maitland niles or emerson

    Pepe and either maitland niles or mina

    Opinions please, thanks

  20. one thing i would do if anybodys looking at getting the likes of sergio mount james in and replacing moura etc… is to do it tonight that way you gain the extra .1 swing both ways it seams a minor thing but as i found out last year leaving these type of transfers till sat soon adds up and come march april the rivals have a squad over a million plus larger than yours …which will make all the difference on choices late on

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