Potential January Transfer 5

Potential January Transfer 5

I’m going to be out this afternoon so I’m posting a potential transfer now. I think Jota is a better option than Antonio who only returned 5 points across two fixtures last week. Jota also has two fixtures compared to Antonio’s one this week. As a result, if Jota starts this afternoon then I’m going to bring him in for Antonio.

Antonio out
Jota in (if he starts this afternoon)

If Jota doesn’t start, I’m saving the transfer.

13 thoughts on “Potential January Transfer 5

  1. I’m torn between taking Ronaldo or Antonio out for Jota. Is Ronaldo injured??? Or has he upset the manager?? At least we will definitely get a game out of Antonio this week. Tough call

    1. What did you end up doing? I just felt that if Ronaldo does play he’s got more points potential than Antonio who did very little against Leeds again.

  2. Bit of a patchy weekend, strikers either injured or poor pts return, watched West ham today, Bowen should of scored a brace with the last touch of the game, Antonio doesn’t take the game by the scruff of the neck, out of transfers this month, but in February will have to take out Rudiger or Alonso, Chelsea don’t have enough games to warrant keeping both of them, will either double up on Liverpool defence adding Robbo with Trent, or change formation putting Son in if he’s back from injury & proves his fitness, Jota for Salah, will also be an obvious transfer depending on how far Egypt go in African Nations, hopefully Ronaldo plays midweek & gets some pts on the board.

    1. Same for me at the moment. Annoying as I’d hoped to kick on after a good week last week. I’ll be taking Lukaku and one of Rudiger/Alonso at due to the lack of fixtures. Salah will need to come back in and I’ll be keeping an eye on Ronaldo as well.

  3. I might be wrong it looks like the Chelsea players
    want Lukaku out, hardly a cross into the box
    or a pass to him.I have wasted to much time on him he must go.

  4. Think we may need to have another look at Bruno 19pts last 2 games, if he plays against Boro in the cup he could have 6 games for the month, was going to take Mount out for Bowen, but if Bowen doesn’t play away to Kidderminster in the FA cup which is a distinct possibility he may only play 4 games in the month, Man utd is the first FA cup game next Friday so will be checking lineups, with Man utd playing against West ham this weekend can keep a watchful eye on Bowen & Bruno, will need to see a rapid improvement from Ronaldo this weekend, or could be transferred out for Kane, who has one fewer fixture in February.

    1. I must admit, I think I’m going to give Bruno another shot David now he’s £5m. Hoping for a bit of a purple patch from him now. Feel like I’ve probably missed the boat on Bowen for my main team now.


      Leaves one more transfer

    2. It’s a difficult one, I’m reluctant to go back to Fernandes as Man Utd can be so inconsistent. They do have decent fixtures in February though

  5. taking Ronaldo out for my last transfer.
    Kane will go up .3 this Friday think Ronaldo will stay the same.
    cant see loosing anything points wise, Kane’s on fire Renaldo
    looks out off sorts.
    as soon as I get next months transfers, will be looking at reducing
    Chelsea players drasticly through February.
    can always put them back at a latter date.

    1. Worth noting that Spurs have less fixtures in February as they aren’t involved in Europe anymore. But can’t argue with Kane being more in form at the moment.

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