Potential June Transfer 1

Potential June Transfer 1

Looking ahead to tonight’s fixtures – I’m starting to get concerned that Lindelof won’t make the starting 11. As a back up plan – if he doesn’t start I plan to swap him for Harry Maguire. Who I believe will be pivotal at the back for Man Utd for the rest of the season. He’s also scored well over the course of the season so far.

Just to reiterate, this transfer is only going ahead if Lindelof doesn’t start the game. If he is benched, he comes out for Maguire.

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  1. Pogba really caught the eye when he came on tonight. Changed the game and most importantly he looked hungry with his body language. He could be some player for United for the run in…HAS to start the next game.

    1. I was going to ask if he was that good when he came on? I thought it might have been the usual where he only had to step onto the pitch to get the 7+ rating, but it sounds like he played well?

  2. I know it pays being patient and saving a transfer more often than not but Lindelof to Maguire could still be a good move irrespective. Maguire attracts 7+ ratings and always has a chance to score from set pieces. Lindelof also seemed to take a bit of a knock tonight as well.

    1. I was surprised by his rating to be honest – I saw the first goal and to say he was slow on the turn is an understatement. But you’re right he always seems to attract the 7+ rating. I may well end up going with both of them if Lindelof gets over the knock and continues to start. I’m trying to slowly shift my team to players with the most games remaining, which means taking some Liverpool players out.

      1. I have to agree with Brad. I would choose Maguire over Lindelof. I think bit harsh on Maguire for the goal, De Gea should have saved it comfortably. Maguire has always been ball playing defender, he made a high number of passes last night with accuracy and won his aerial duels so will attract 7+ ratings. He starts every game if fit and lindelof is facing competition from fit again Bailly. Lindelof has limited (or zero) goal threat or assist potential or star man awards so basically relying on clean sheet points and some 7+ ratings. I would pair Maguire with Luke Shaw and AWB as they likely to bring more extra points than Lindelof.

        Not sold on the prospect of taking on Liverpool players out myself – yes they have less games but does more games guarantee more points? (offers more opportunity but more games mean more rotation, fatigue leading to injuries as lots of games in a short period of time). Liverpool could be very good differentials as their popularity decreases but TAA poses a good threat from set pieces (not many defenders do that) Mane’s fitness levels have been at a very high standard and Salah loves scoring goals – he wants to win a hat trick of golden boots – behind so far so catching up to do. These players can get more points than others with more games. Even with the league won, I expect these players will be eager to play and may be relaxed with the pressure off. Goes to show that you don’t need to do transfers to get differentials.

        1. For me they were as bad as each other – but agree De Gea was probably more at fault. I’m fully behind Roy Keane’s half time comments – he hit the nail on the head for me with those.

          With regards to Liverpool players, I should clarify, when I say slowly take them out. I’ve got Robertson, TAA, Mane and Salah. I’ll consider taking out Robertson over the next couple of weeks and I’ll probably leave the other three until the end of July – it will be that slow. For me, I’m just chasing the highest position I can get on the overall leader board for the rest of the season. I’ve got no mini leagues I’m on contention for. It would be good to catch you in the Dream Team Tips mini league though – in the nicest possible way.

  3. I almost went Salah to Rashford for this GW but didn’t have the balls fortunately. 4 pts behind leader with Doherty, Maguire & Jesus v’s his Lindelof, Robertson & Aubamayang. Oh so tight!

    1. So looks like Salah is not guaranteed to start this weekends clash v Everton as had a knock, missed their friendly v Blackburn last weekend and wasn’t seen in training until Friday this week. If he doesn’t play that’s only 2 games until July transfers whereas Vardy has 4, with some tasty fixtures! Anyone else tempted by this, I know Chris has mentioned it?

      1. Vardy is a difficult one – he can go on these runs where he scores in every game and never looks like he will stop. Then he can have weeks of being really quiet. Based on those fixtures it’s tempting but I’m trying to shape my team so that I’ll have a full 11 of players who are going to feature in the European games in August. The most transfers we are going to have between now and then are 9 – and I’d rather use the three in August to take players out from teams who get knocked out earlier than others. So effectively, we’ve got 6 transfers to shape up a team of full European players by end of July. You’d need to use two to put Vardy in and then take him out. Which only leaves 4 – that’s a bit close for comfort for me.

        1. Yeah, the reason I’ve plumped for Vardy myself is that I’m pretty well set for players who are (hopefully) going to be involved with the European ties. If I was having to swap out a fair few players to get those “European” players then I probably wouldn’t bother. Didn’t see the game yesterday but I heard he looked a bit off the boil. It’s seems quite a few of the top strikers are struggling to hit the ground running so far…

          1. I think it could pay off – he was a bit quiet yesterday but all it will take is a run of a couple of good games and he will pick up points for you where other people haven’t got him. Aubameyang was a concern for me but thankfully he’s been quiet as well but I feel like it’s a matter of time before he starts scoring. Then there’s Kane as well. I’ve just tried to hold onto Jesus for as long as possible with the FA Cup round before long – but he’s going to have to go at some point.

        2. You’re right about Vardy and form as well. He tends to have those purple patches when it’s points galore and then can go half a dozen games without doing anything.

          Someone like Jimenez however probably won’t score huge hauls but ticks over throughout a season pretty consistently. I’m a big fan of his and I really enjoy watching him play.

          1. Yeah Jimenez has always been a player that’s interested me to have but I don’t think I’ve ever owned him. He’s another who could be a good option before the end of the season – with Europa League fixtures in August.

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  5. I must say for most of the season I was miles clear of our club mini league
    using all my transfers straight away then the unthinkable happened
    I lost three players all at once now I am seventh to out of the money.
    next season I shall be like DREAM TEAM TIPSTER think before you act.

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