Potential penalty takers 2018/2019

With VAR being introduced in the Premier League next season, I thought it might be useful to document the likely penalty takers for each club. Not that VAR will necessarily mean more penalties and penalty takers has never really been something that I’ve seen as overly important from a Dream Team perspective. However I thought it might be useful to just take a quick look at this for the upcoming season.

Arsenal: Aubameyang (2nd choice Lacazette)
Aston Villa: Kodjia (2nd choice Grealish)
Bournemouth: King (2nd choice Wilson)
Brighton: Murray (2nd choice Grob)
Burnley: Barnes (2nd choice Wood)
Chelsea: Jorginho (2nd choice Willian)
Crystal Palace: Milivojevic (2nd choice Benteke)
Everton: Sigurdsson (2nd choice Tosun)
Leicester: Vardy (2nd choice Maddison)
Liverpool: Milner (2nd choice Salah)
Man City: Aguero (2nd choice Jesus)
Man Utd: Pogba (2nd choice Rashford)
Norwich: Vrancic (2nd choice Pukki)
Sheff Utd: McGoldrick (2nd choice Sharp)
Newcastle: Ritchie (2nd choice Joselu)
Southampton: Ings (2nd choice Ward-Prowse)
Spurs: Kane (2nd choice Alli)
Watford: Deeney (2nd choice Cleverley)
West Ham: Noble (2nd choice was Arnautovic)
Wolves: Neves/Jimenez (shared responsibility)

None of the above are absolute certainties, of course things are subject to change, especially with players and managers coming and going. I just thought at this stage it might be useful to document who’s most likely to be on penalties for each club.

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17 thoughts on “Potential penalty takers 2018/2019

  1. I’ve actually gone for Jorginho and King in my FPL team in the hope that they get the odd pen (hopefully being won by Pulisic and Fraser respectably to aid my DT too.)

    I have some reservations though if VAR will actually lead to more pens. I’d imagine Salah could well be winning fewer tbh when they have a second look at the incidents (dives) 😉. It’ll be interesting to see how it pans out.

  2. Hi all; recently found this great site and thought I’d make my first comment.

    I personally don’t think VAR will make that much of a difference to the amount of penatlies we see. Reason being, that some penalties which were given last year but wouldn’t have been if VAR was in use, will be equalled out by those that wern’t given but would’ve been if VAR was in use.

    Swings and roundabouts!

    1. Welcome Erased Chicken (love the name). Always great to get new blood in here.

      I think I’m in agreement with you on VAR, Salah is gonna be screwed this season when it comes to winning those dubious pens. Players like Zaha might benefit though as he gets fouled a lot due to his pace. Swings and roundabouts as you say.

      Are you on Twitter EC? While we’re at it are any of you on Twitter (who I don’t already follow?) I’m @Christo83747973 (FPL/DT Chris Martin) for anyone wanting to give me a follow and I’ll return the favour. 👍🏻

      1. I brought in Milivojevic on FPL at times over the last two seasons and he was a great differential due to his clinical penalties although at £3.5M on DT he won’t get near my starting line up. Also same price as Zaha…

        1. If he was cheaper I could be tempted but as you say he’s fairly overpriced this season.

    2. Always good to see someone new commenting so thanks for taking the time to give your thoughts. I think you’re probably right about VAR. I can’t say I’ll be placing too much emphasis on going for penalty takers but it’s useful to be aware of who might take them. Have you tried to pick a team yet?

      1. I have tried and so far I’ve got three good teams, all with a different tactical approach. It’s fairly easy this year with the pricing 🙂

        1. I must admit I’m struggling this year. I’m not happy with not being able to accommodate Van Dijk, Mane or Aguero at the moment. I don’t think there’s a way of getting in all the big guns.

          1. I’ve left Aguero out so far as I think he will be rotated even more this year with Jesus needing to integrate with the team more for his development.

            I’ve got a team that has VVD, Trent, Robertson, Mane, Kane and Aubameyang in it 😉

            1. That’s pretty good going – I think Jesus might be a decent option as well this season if he’s going to play more often.

  3. Erased Citizen, not Erased Chicken lmao!!

    I’m not on any social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc anymore as I came off them all at the start of 2019. A long story but I think overall they’ve become rather poisonous in todays society and in the current politcal climate (fake news, bullying, disrespect towards others, etc, etc). Anyway……lol

    Looking forward to getting inolved on here, when I’m not spending every second of the day changing players in my draft teams 🙂

    1. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
      How the hell did I read that as Erased Chicken?!?! Can you develop dyslexia when you get to 40?! Apologies my friend. Although you will now always be Erased Chicken to me from now on. 😉

      I have been known to put my foot in it on occasion (dodgy ads anyone?) 😉

      Yeah I get where you’re coming from re: social media. I’m only on Twitter and that’s pretty much mainly for FF purposes. I know Facebook would do my head in; “I don’t care what you’re having for your tea!”

      Anyway EC. Welcome. 👍🏻

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