Potential Price Risers – August 2017

Player prices or values are once again variable this season. The main difference this time around (in my understanding) is that values can only change by £0.3m per week. These price changes also don’t kick in until after game week 3. In my opinion this presents an opportunity to grow the value of your squad at a very early stage. I’ve held onto my transfers for August, I now plan to remove players whose value is likely to drop and bring in some players who I think are almost certain to rise. This would probably happen naturally as managers drop players who aren’t performing well (players likely to drop in value) and bring in players who have started the season strongly (players whose values are likely to rise). However it’s still worth keeping in mind when making transfers. Below I’ve listed some players whose values are either possibly going to rise or likely to rise based on points gained to date and their starting value. I’ve also outlined a few players who may drop in value, which could result in the value of your squad falling.


Oxlade-Chamberlain – 3.5m (likely)


Morata – 5m (possibly)

Willian – 4m (possibly)


Pickford – 3m (likely)

Keane – 4m (possibly)

Baines – 3.5m (possibly)

Williams – 3.5m (possibly)

Rooney – 3m (likely)


Lossl – 1.5m (likely)

Schindler – 2m (likely)

Jorgensen – 1.5m (likely)

Lowe – 1.5m (likely)

Mounie – 2m (likely)


Mane – 6m (likely)

Salah – 4m (likely)

Firmino – 5.5m (possibly)

Man City

Aguero – 7m (possibly)

Man Utd

Lukaku – 6m (likely)

Mkhitaryan – 4.5m (likely)

Pogba – 6m (likely)

Jones – 3.5m (possibly)


Stephens – 2m (likely)


Butland – 3m (possibly)

Pieters – 2m (possibly)


Davies – 3.5m (possibly)

West Brom

Foster – 2.5m (possibly)

Hegazi – 1.5m (likely)

West Ham

Hernandez – 3.5m (likely)

Feel free to add to this list by leaving your thoughts in the comments below.

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10 thoughts on “Potential Price Risers – August 2017

  1. When are you thinking about making them transfers? Before game week 3 to get the benefit of increasing value of squad??

    1. I believe you can make them after game week 3 as well to get the benefit of price changes. However I will probably makes some changes tonight. Once confirmed I’ll be sure to put up a post. At the moment I think I’m going to be forced to remove Matip and Baines.

  2. Interested to see what happens with VVD at Southampton. With the arrival of Wesley Hoedt, Stephens could be pushed out of the starting line up…

    1. I think he probably will be eventually. It’s difficult to spot a 2m defender who is a certain starter. He looks great value if he’s certain to start but not sure he will for long.

    1. Almost certainly I’d say – unless he has a great game this weekend and he may keep his value. But it’s certainly not looking good at the moment. Fortunately I believe his price can only drop by £0.3m.

      1. I haven’t got him yet – might wait a week longer. Maybe I can get lucky and buy him for 7.4m.

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