Quick thoughts on May transfers

Quick thoughts on May transfers

Just some quick thoughts on May transfers with Spurs kicking off at 12:30pm. I’ve got four identical teams that match the team I document on the blog. This season, two of them are in mini leagues, where I’m currently around 20-30 places off the top – as they are big competitive leagues. I’ve then got the team in the Dream Team Tips mini league, which I’ll continue to document here.

My goal for the team I document on here, is generally to finish as high as possible without taking too many risks. I do this because I don’t want to cost myself position on the leaderboard by going over board with rash transfers or risky moves. However, now is the time to take some risks with my other teams. As a result, I’m going to take Kane out and put Cavani in just for this week. As Kane has 1 fixture and Man Utd have three – although I don’t expect Cavani to start all of these games. The reason for the gamble is because I’ve got nothing to lose with these teams. Just to reinforce – THIS ISN’T A TRANSFER FOR MY MAIN TEAM (that I document on here).

Coming back to the team I document on here, I’m going to leave Kane in, as who knows when he might hit a hat trick. The player I’m going to look at this afternoon is Foden. We know he gets benched from time to time and if he’s on the bench today, I might take him out for a midfielder who has more fixtures this week. I’ll probably then put him back in next week. This is purely because Man City have less fixtures.

Longer term, my team on paper is in pretty good shape. So any transfers at the moment just feel like change for change sake. As a result, I may just stick with what I’ve got for another game week and take it from there.

5 thoughts on “Quick thoughts on May transfers

  1. Top in my mini league by 50 points and I’m sticking and holding my transfers then blocking from next week I’d advise anyone to hold nerve if top and go for Cavani or Greenwood and Havertz if gambling

  2. Hi Paul

    Would you consider Pogba for Foden? If Foden doesn’t start of course.

    1. I don’t think I will personally but I can see why some people would. I’d probably go Wan-Bissaka

        1. I’ve gone for Wan-Bissaka but not sure I’d recommend it over Cancelo

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