Return of Premier League football

As we head into June, I thought it was worth publishing a quick post around the return of Premier League football in June and the possible implications for Dream Team.

Firstly, I hope everyone is keeping well and it would be great to hear from some of the regular followers of the blog in the comments to know everyone is good during these strange times.

I must admit I’d switched off from the idea of Dream Team completely since football was cancelled. I’d assumed it was the same for everyone with bigger issues to worry about as there have been very few comments on the blog. However, with the return of football in June, I wanted to publish a short post to see if Dream Team is now back on people’s radar and might prove a good distraction from everything else.

With regards to what we do with our teams – I’ve not made any changes to my team during the lockdown period. It could have been a good time to shuffle teams around with plenty of transfers available to use – but I wasn’t convinced that anyone who still follows my team would have picked up my changes so I decided I’d stick with what I’ve got.

I don’t know what I’ll do with my June transfers. It will probably be a case of waiting to see a list of fixtures and then making some decision. At this stage though, it would just be great to hear from people in the comments.

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  1. Yep, just to echo everything that DTT said there and hope that you and your loved ones are all doing ok during these unprecedented times.

    Feels great to be posting on here again and I’m definitely looking forward to having the distraction of footy and Dream Team back in my life. I’ve found it difficult to motivate myself into making transfers during the lockdown but I’ve made myself do it to provide a temporary distraction if nothing else. Part of me feels guilty for getting excited again for the restart but I suppose there’s no harm in finding joy again from sport, Dream Team etc and it will hopefully be a boost to the mental health of all of us.

    Stay safe everyone and I look forward to our discussions as we get ready for the reboot! 👊 ⚽️

  2. Good to be back! Although I must admit, I had completely forgotten about all types of fantasy football – once it became to late April/May I assumed the season would just be void, but will be interesting to see what happens. I personally don’t agree with behind closed doors / neutral venues as it takes away any advantage smaller teams for example may have… but we shall see how it goes!

  3. Hi everyone hope you and your fams have all been ok. Yes agree with everything posted earlier, I did think the season would be voided. Back to the drawing board again even though the footie will be in a different format. Suppose we will find out more in the next week odd regarding the format scheduling etc etc. Welcome back everyone

  4. Welcome back everyone, as per Paul’s intro I echo the sentiments of hoping that everyone is safe and well.
    Personally I can’t wait for football to restart, yes it’ll be very different but for now it’s better than nothing. With games being played almost every day for 6 weeks it’s gonna be a bit like a tournament and we’ll def have to keep on top of the transfer situation. Don’t forget that you can use May’s transfers up till Thursday….
    Stay safe all and welcome back 👍⚽️💙❤️

  5. glad to be back cant wait for the return of footy
    on TV be interested how one feels about cardboard cut outs
    used in the seats.
    me personally hope they do just to give the background
    something to look at instead of empty seats.
    also I wonder weather kane and son will be fit to play.

  6. Owdo all. Great to hear from DTT and see everyone’s comments. I’d welcome this forum restarting, I missed you guys!

    I’ve been making transfers. I’ve now completely de-liverpooled, and am fairly heavy on man u and wolves, taking a punt that they’ll still somehow play the euro/cup games. I’m about 90 pts behind the leader so chose to make my team largely different from his.

    Kane is about the only player in my reckoning for furturtransfers but depends on fixture news.

    Personally I’d bin the season, and I say that as a forest fan!

    Much luv to you all

  7. Hey folks

    Hope you are all keeping well during these strange times.

    So thankful that we look to be slowly but surely getting back to a bit of normality & of course to finally have the return of the footy on the horizon. To say I’ve missed it is a bit of an understatement.

    Also great to see some new activity on the forum guys. As usual ill be looking forward to hearing all your transfer thoughts for the upcoming weeks. Gonna be interesting!

    Great to have you back DTT.

    1. Good to be back. Looking forward to having some football to look forward to as well. Hopefully have a decent run on Dream Team until the end of the season as well.

  8. Hi all hope all is well with you guys and looking forward to finishing this season off with a win in my mini league

  9. Great to hear everyone is okay. Not been on here for an age myself due to work, health issues and then the freezing of football due to Covid.

    Looking forward to a couple of months jam packed with football now but mainly focusing on next season as this one is shot for me haha

  10. Hi all, glad to hear everyone seems to be doing well and equally glad football will be back. I know it won’t be the same but a welcome distraction nonetheless! 2nd in my cash ML by 7 pt’s so all to play for and I have made one or two transfers during lockdown whereas the leader hasn’t. I may even look at using one or two of May’s this week as well!

    1. I’m think of using my May transfers also but hard to know what players to drop or bring in. I can’t find a confirmed fixture list to see who has the most games in the first two or three rounds of fixtures and out of those who has the potentially easier fixtures.

      1. I’m fairly sure City play Arsenal as one of the first fixtures. Which could be a good opportunity – as June transfers could then be used at the weekend to take some of these players out if you were to go really heavy on City players. I’ve already got quite a few so I won’t be making the most of this but it could be an option for some.

  11. Hi everyone, hope you & all your families are in good health, been making the odd transfer as I had injuries, at present I think only Man city vs Arsenal & Villa vs Sheffield utd on the 17th have been mentioned, I have heard the Champions league & Europa league games will be completed but not until the league is completed, so initial transfers should be aimed at league & Fa cup fixtures, so
    if everyone is free from injury now, players like Sane, Rashford, which I have added to my team already, & Kane should garner alot of interest, just pleased to be talking football again tbh, looking forward to future posts.

  12. What do people think about Sane? Will he get regular games now he’s fit or, as he’s probably off after the season, will he not really feature?
    Also interested to hear peoples opinions on the city defence, with Laporte fit again are they the best bet for clean sheets as they have pretty decent fixtures ( and at least 2 more possibly 6 or 7 more than Lfc if they stay in the cups!?!) 🤔

    1. Do we know if they are going ahead with all of the cup fixtures? I’m keen on City players but not sure about Sane. I’d rather wait and see if he gets some early game time.

    1. I’m not personally going to. I’d just want City players at the moment but feel like I’ve got enough.

  13. Afternoon All

    I hope your all safe and well.

    I see the fixtures have just been released.

    Anyone got any thoughts on team selection before next months transfers?

    1. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to stock up on Man City or Arsenal players with them playing first. Transfers could then be made at the weekend with June being a short month. As I’ve got quite a few City players I’m not going down this route personally but I could see a case for doing it.

  14. So here’s my current team as it stands, very different to before the lockdown:


    I just have a feeling City are going to come flying out of the traps and really have the bit between their teeth. With five subs now, it’s safe to say Aguero and Jesus will be sharing the time up front.

    With the other selections I’ve targeted the United players I see as getting the most SM awards and the same goes for the Wolves boys. Apart from the Wolves boys, they all have a chance of game time in the FA Cup too.

    I’m open to tweaking this set-up though with June being a short month. Risky having so few Liverpool players I guess but I’m looking to make inroads into those ML leaders. Thoughts appreciated as ever. Feels good to be back! 👊

    1. Looks good based on the fixtures ahead. Have you utilised some of the May transfers to shape the team how you wanted it? I was tempted to use some myself but have decided not to.

      1. Yeah, I chipped away at my team during the lockdown without much thought truth be told, just as a distraction for five minutes each month. Turns out now I’m looking at it in a little more detail, I’m pretty happy with the result. I might be tempted to take out the Wolves boys in June. Need to sit down and study those fixtures though…

    2. Decent team Chris.
      I forgot all about Laporte. He make City’s so much tighter at the back.
      I took Traore out thou. Lack of game time.
      Good Luck

      1. Yeah, he was struggling with his shoulder before lockdown wasn’t he. I guess a lot depends if it’s still an issue for him or not.

    3. We have a very similar team Chris. I’ve been making the odd transfer over the last few months. My team is now this….


      Very nearly chopped Salah for Jesus too

  15. Great to see some comments coming through, hopefully the return of football will be a good distraction. I’ve decided not to use the May transfers tonight as there’s too much uncertainty around upcoming fixtures. I’ve also got good coverage of Man City players so don’t feel the need to target the Arsenal fixture in particular. I think I’ll just see how it goes and utilise the June transfers when we get back into the swing of things.

  16. Didn’t look like May transfers have gone through ! Did them last night not have new transfers ?

  17. Same here Mike, made transfers last night to both my teams, the transfers have gone through, but has not reset itself, this is the first Friday of the month, so should of had 3 new transfers for June for each team, hope that corrects itself sometime today.

  18. Dream team just posted on twitter that transfers should reset at some point today (so expect it to be sometime next week would be my guess 😂). Good to be back and hope all is well with everyone

  19. Seems like The Sun are having issues with DT, again. Taking a looong time to sort out June’s transfers, game weeks etc. Frustrating.
    Guess they have a week to get it all sorted.
    In the meantime anyone got any under the radar players there thinking of putting in? Sane? Pulisic, John mcginn? Grealish? Etc etc……

    1. Yep still no transfers sorted and live chat doesn’t work on the app. I emailed them yesterday but not heard anything and no update on their twitter feed either.

      Sane is the only one of interest for me but with his injury recovery and transfer rumours hanging over him I’m leaving him alone for now.

      1. Patricio

        De Bruyne

        Firmino 2.8 in the bank

        1. Not bad shape Dave… Gomez to McGuire possibly? Good run in and first choice defender at Utd. Also are you confident on Bernardo’s minutes? If not perhaps Mane if funds permit. Another option is Firmino to Jiminez maybe…

  20. my thinking at the moment is having lots of city players
    is OK for a time once liv are champions then i think city will
    be using lots of different players.

  21. Have other people’s mini leagues been altered/changed?!?!? Since the App update they’ve gone wrong 🤔😡

  22. Are any of you guys considering a punt on Pogba? He’s only selected by 5.7% DT managers so he could be decent differential if you’re chasing in your ML’s and he plays in an advanced role.

    For me though, it now looks like Bruno gets the nod on pens at United so I’ll be passing on Pogba for now. If he’s hungry though he has e ability to score heavily points wise in the run in.

    1. Morning.

      I’m very tempted by Pogba. Dream team seem to love him and I reckon people forget how good he is. With Bruno in the team as well there could be a lot more football played.

      My team and thoughts.





      I have played with the team since March.

      I’m thinking out goes
      TAA for Laporte
      Mane for Pogba
      Salah for Aubameyang or Rashford. I’m thinking Auba atm

      The only worry I have is I’ll have no Liverpool players at all but with only 3 games this month it seems silly to keep them when Aubameyang 6 & Rashford has 5

      I know I’d be able to put them back in next month but what if I need to change another position due to injury.
      I am 4th in my league. 80 from 1st. 60 from 2nd. 16 from 3rd and 30 in front of 5th.

      Any thoughts would be appreciated


      1. My mistake 5 games for Aubameyang and 4 for Rashford.
        United’s games do look a lot easier on paper after the Spurs game.
        I do see City have Arsenal/Chelsea/Liverpool in their first 5 games.
        Possibly 2nd thoughts on Laporte.

        All the Fun of the Dream Team


        Thank God Football is Returning

        1. Yes welcome back DT stresses lol! I’ve got the same team as you but Patricio instead of DDG and Doherty instead of AWB. £0.4m saving in total and both with more points but think Utd could concede less than Wolves on the run in. We do know what Doherty (6.4% differential v AWB 18%) can do going forwards though… Interesting suggestion re shipping Salah for Aub or Rashford – I hadn’t considered that!!

    1. No transfers for me – I’ve had a good look through the fixtures and didn’t think it would be worthwhile making any changes with just two fixtures for this game week. I’m likely to keep hold of my transfer until the weekend of the FA Cup fixtures. I’ll be posting an end of game week review after the fixtures tonight though.

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