Review of Game Week 13

GW Points: 62
Overall Points: 728
Overall Rank: 3,345
Transfers: Lukaku Out, Kane In


Aguero and Sanchez continue to look like solid choices with both scoring well.

Potential Issues

The decision to transfer in Kane did not pay off this week. However with Tottenham’s upcoming fixtures I’m sticking with Kane in the hope that he will accumulate some points in the coming weeks.

Sterling has had a dip in form and has failed to pick up more than 3 points for any given week in the past 4-5 weeks. I’m looking at transferring him out as I already have a lot of Man City representation.

Terry looks like he could be a long term absence. A transfer could be required.

Tips for Game Week 14

I’d be looking at Tottenham at home to Swansea in the Premier League in game week 14. Eriksen looks like a bargain price and at this stage I’m looking to transfer him in to replace Sterling.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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