Review of Game Week 20

Review of Game Week 20

GW Points: 71
Overall Points: 1,148
Overall Rank: 2,846
Transfers: Mane Out, Lallana In


Kane’s Hat Trick – contributing 28 overall points

Everton’s Clean Sheet – Everton keeping an unexpected clean sheet against Man City allowed Williams and Coleman to pick up 18 points. The transfer of Williams in for Terry, who was not playing for Chelsea, seems to be paying off.

Sanchez and Ibrahimovic scoring – both strikers getting on the score sheet and Sanchez achieving star man helped to rack up a few more points.

Eriksen gaining 2 assists and 7+ rating allowed him to achieve 7 points. Not a huge total for a game week however he has proven a valuable transfer.

Potential Issues:

Lallana Transfer – It was a difficult choice over Lallana or Coutinho earlier in the week. Mane simply had to be transferred out with the Africa Cup of Nations coming into play. However Lallana not picking up any points over 2 games has been a disappointment.

De Bruyne – Man City’s poor performance against Everton resulted in zero points for KDB. However Everton’s clean sheet is more valuable to me at this stage.

Shaw Injury/Disappearance – Shaw still being sidelined or excluded from the squad is still an on going issue. I may need to transfer him out for a better replacement at the next given opportunity. However with only 3 transfers per month it is difficult to justify using too many on defenders.

Tips for Game Week 21

As highlighted last week Man Utd and Liverpool both have the extra EFL semi final return legs at the end of January. With Liverpool at home to Swansea and Man Utd away at Stoke, I’d be looking to transfer in potential high scorers for either side. My issue for the forthcoming week is the return of Coutinho. As Lallana failed to picked up any points during last week, I’m tempted to transfer him out already for Coutinho – if he’s in line to start against Swansea.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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