Review of Game Week 23

Review of Game Week 23

GW Points: 53
Overall Points: 1,280
Overall Rank: 2,247
Transfers: None used

With the a double header of Premier League fixtures during game week 23, I was hoping this was going to be a huge point scorer and an opportunity to climb further in the overall rankings. However the week was a disappointment for my team – only picking up 53 points. Luckily I’ve only dropped down to 2,247 in the overall rankings. Below I’ll discuss the reasons why.


There weren’t any real positive highlights for the game week. It was good to see John Stones picking up a clean sheet however many other managers will have him in their team. Ibrahimovic and Kane also grabbed a goal each, but I was hoping for a better return for both strikers against easier opposition across two games.

Potential Issues:

Big points for Lukaku and Jesus. Both strikers picked up over 30 points during the game week. Lukaku is the type of striker who can go weeks without a goal and then suddenly grab a hat trick or 4 goals in this case. I won’t be looking to transfer him in with only 2 games remaining for Everton during February. Jesus on the other hand could be a big problem. I was hoping to transfer in Aguero for February, however Jesus appears to be starting ahead of him for the time being at least. With City’s favourable run of fixtures whichever player is going to get the most game time is a must have. Fortunately Man City don’t play again until Monday 13th Feb, as a result I’d hold fire on making this transfer until game week 25. It would be a waste of a transfer to make a move for him too soon with City not playing in game week 24.

No clean sheets for Everton. Everton failed to keep a clean sheet over the two fixtures during the game week. With two Everton defenders this resulted in a poor return on points. I may have to look at spreading my risk by replacing Williams with a cheap defensive option from a team such as Tottenham or Arsenal.

With Shaw playing in the FA cup I was optimistic that he may be able to work his way back into the starting line up. However he was absent from the squad in both games this week. I was hoping to avoid wasting a transfer by taking Shaw out for another Man Utd defender, but this almost looks inevitable now. With Bailly putting in a strong performance yesterday, and being available at a cheaper price he looks like the obvious replacement. Having said that Shaw may be considered for the additional Europa league fixtures later in the month.

Lack of goals for Kane, Ibrahimovic and Sanchez. My front 3 only picked up 2 goals between them over the game week. This was very disappointing as I was hoping this was where I was going to pick up a lot of points.

Coutinho again failed to pick up any points during the week. What I thought was a shrewd transfer has been a complete disaster. I’ll be looking to replace Coutinho as my first transfer for February. Liverpool have less games than others and are on a poor run of form. With a better run of fixtures I may look at Pogba as the replacement.

Tips for Game Week 24

If you’re considering jumping on the Jesus bandwagon – wait until Monday 13th February. Man City don’t play during game week 24, as a result you’re better off sticking with your current strikers regardless of who they are playing this weekend. Make the transfer for Jesus just before kick off on Monday 13th, if he starts against Bournemouth.

If you’re looking to make a defensive transfer, on a budget, consider Ben Davies at Tottenham. He’s likely to be covering for the injured Danny Rose and will be available at a cheaper price, in a Tottenham side who are second to Chelsea in terms of clean sheets kept in the Premier League. Tottenham also have favourable fixtures with extra Europa League games in February.

Many managers will have 3 new transfers available for February as of today. My advice would be not to rush into making any until starting lineups are announced at the weekend. No mid week games will ensure players won’t get locked out as they did during game week 23.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 23

  1. Thanks for the valuable advice, I was following fantasy football geek but you are more informative.
    I’m after a bit of Feb transfer advice please.
    My team.
    Forster 3.2, stones,2.7,Morgan 1.6,terry 2.6 shawcross 2.5
    Hazard 8.0 pogba 6.9 alli 6.3.
    Aguerro 7.5 Sanchez 10.3, Son 5.1.
    I’m on 1128 pts and 4th in my league and have 0.7m spare.
    Who would you recommend getting rid of for this transfer month? I could do with strengthening my front 3 and my defence is shocking.

    1. Hi Steve, No problem at all. From looking at your team you’ve got a solid keeper and a strong midfield. I’d not look to change either of those. Both Pogba and Alli could have the additional Europa League fixtures. I’m assuming you’ve got 3 transfers left for the month. City could force you into a transfer if Jesus continues to start ahead of Aguero. If this is the case I’d do a like for like transfer and bring in Jesus. This could free up some funds for swapping Son for Ibrahimovic. I was also stuck with Terry for a long time – I’d consider swapping him for someone like Davies at Tottenham. He will be available fairly cheaply and will be covering for the injured Danny Rose.

      The best piece of advice I could give would be to hold fire as long as possible – check the Europa League starting line ups next week and try and pick up some extra points during those games. It would almost be pointless to bring in Ibrahimovic if he’s not starting in those games or the FA cup.

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