Review of Game Week 27

Review of Game Week 27

GW Points: 47
Overall Points: 1,580
Overall Rank: 786
Transfers: Jesus Out, Aguero In

Game week 27 got off to have fantastic start with Aguero grabbing two goals against Huddersfield on Monday evening. However a slightly disappointing weekend for Man Utd cost the team a reasonable number of points with Ibrahimovic missing a penalty and Bailly not even playing. Everton also conceded three goals at Spurs, putting both Williams and Coleman on minus points. This resulted in a fairly average point scoring week for the team and a slight drop in the overall rankings. However I’m still in the top 1,000 teams in the country which is a pleasing result at this stage in the season.


Kane (18 points) looked like he might pick up another hat trick but it wasn’t to be. However two goals and a star man award proved valuable. Hopefully he will start against Millwall in the FA cup at the weekend.

The transfer of Aguero proved incredibly successful with the Argentine picking up 28 points across the week. This transfer was the obvious move with Jesus being injured. Aguero had already scored well this season before being dropped from the side and I had no doubt he would pick up where he left off.

Potential Issues:

Ibrahimovic had a bad weekend from a point scoring view. He ended the game on -4 points as a result of missing a penalty. Although a bad result for the week, this wasn’t an area of concern considering his upcoming fixtures. What could be a huge issue is if he gets retrospectively banned for the elbow during the game. This could present a real issue if he does get banned. On one hand Man Utd would still have favourable Europa League fixtures but he would be missing for a number of domestic games. This is one to keep an eye on to see how it develops.

I imagined Everton may not keep a clean sheet on their visit to Spurs. They conceded three goals which left both Williams and Coleman on minus points for the week. This highlights the issue of doubling up on defenders from the same club. This is something I may rectify before the end of the day by swapping Williams for Azpilicueta.

Bailly didn’t make the squad against Bournemouth. This was very disappointing considering Shaw came straight into the starting line up. I swapped Shaw for Bailly recently as it looked like Shaw wouldn’t feature much this season. Bailly is also suspended for the Europa League fixture this week.

De Bruyne didn’t start against Sunderland and only picked up 3 points against Huddersfield. This may be a transfer I’ll need to consider making. He’s simply not scoring as many goals as he did last season and I may need to go for a midfielder playing in a more advanced role such as Sterling or Sane.

Tips for Game Week 28

I’m currently considering my second transfer for the month. It’s looking likely to be Williams out and Azpilicueta in. Chelsea didn’t play last week and face West Ham this evening so it’s an opportunity to pick up some extra points. I’m also not entirely happy with doubling up on Everton defenders.

With Man Utd in action in the Europa League later in the week, there could be an opportunity to score a good amount of points during this additional fixture. My only question mark would be team selection with an FA cup tie against Chelsea next week. They fielded a strong line up in the previous round however players may be rested with the FA cup in mind.

Arsenal have the return leg against Bayern this week, however they are effectively already out of the competition. As a result I’m not considering transferring in an Arsenal players for this fixture.

There is then a mixture of FA cup games and Premier League fixtures at the weekend. If you can hold onto transfers until teams are announced that could be beneficial, particularly with Arsenal facing Lincoln. However look out for Chelsea, West Ham and Man Utd players being locked out due to fixtures during the week.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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3 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 27

  1. Thanks for the write up, you are running a great website. Who are you thinking of replacing Ibra with? Like you, I already have Kane and Aguero, with 1 transfer left for the month. Thanks

    1. It’s a tricky one because he would still be available for the Europa League games. Depending on when the ban comes through I may be tempted to leave him in. If Man Utd progress in the Europa League, I will only have to transfer him back in for April but three games are a lot to miss. If I do make a change it would have to be Sanchez or Costa.

      1. Yes, it’s a tough one. Was thinking of going to Sane for the rest of March to catch his 4 fixtures?

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