Review of Game Week 29

Review of Game Week 29

GW Points: 58
Overall Points: 1,683
Overall Rank: 865
Transfers: Kane Out, Costa In

In terms of the team’s overall rank this game week was a success, with the team climbing over 100 positions. Based on points scored and opportunities missed this was not a result I’d expected. The injury to Pogba, Man City crashing out of the Champions League and Costa scoring -2 points overshadowed any points gained.


Bailly starting against Rostov and Middlesbrough was a relief after he missed a few games recently. This paid off with 11 points over the week. Hopefully he will continue to be a regular for the rest of the season with Man Utd now potentially having significantly more games than other clubs.

Ibrahimovic picked up 10 points over the week despite missing two games. With Kane suffering an injury last weekend I had to use my final transfer of the month to replace him. Luckily he got star man against Rostov. He’s still banned for the first game in April however I think keeping him in my team for now has been justified and a future transfer has been prevented.

After a number of low scoring weeks De Bruyne picked up star man against Liverpool. This secured him 9 points for the week.

Eriksen grabbed another goal for Spurs and picked up 8 points. He was unfortunate not to pick up star man with Alli just getting it ahead of him. He is now the second highest point scoring midfielder for the season.

Potential Issues:

Costa transfer. This transfer seemed like an easy opportunity to pick up some additional points over managers who had no transfers remaining to replace the injured Kane. Ironically, had I not made the transfer I’d be 2 points better off with Costa picking up -2 points across the game week. Fortunately the other two players I considered didn’t do much better either. Hazard picked up 3 points against Man Utd but didn’t feature against Stoke due to injury. Sanchez did well and picked up 8 points however also seems to have picked up an injury.

Pogba injury. Hopefully the international break has come at a good time and Pogba can recover from injury in time for a busy run of fixtures in April. Man Utd have 8 fixtures across the month, if he is not fit I will need to replace him with another Man Utd midfielder.

Tips for Game Week 30

Game week 30 does not kick off until Saturday 1st April due to the international break. As mentioned above with Man Utd having 8 games across the month I’d be looking to line up as many of their players as possible. They are obviously taking the Europa League seriously and should be able to progress against Anderlecht. Ibrahimovic will be missing for game week 30 however I think he is a must have player for the rest of the season.

Spurs start the month away at Burnley. Then have a fairly easy run of fixtures against Swansea, Watford and Bournemouth. I’d be looking at representation in the form of Eriksen or Alli.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 29

  1. I went with Sanchez for Kane, but now worried about his injury!
    I look forward to seeing you report on Apr transfer targets. It looks like Leic have 8 games in Apr – worth a punt?

    1. I’m still putting together the blog for April, however I’ve had a look at fixtures until the end of the season at

      Personally I’m not considering any Leicester players. I can’t see them getting a result in the Champions League. I’m going to remain focused on the top seven teams. Man Utd have 9 games for the month and face easier opposition in the Europa League.

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