Review of Game Week 3

GW Points: 66
Overall Points: 192
Overall Rank: 11,921
Transfers: Eriksen Out, Mane In
Carroll Out, Batshuayi In

Another positive week with a rise in overall ranking. Some proactive transfers for EFL cup games certainly helped.


Batshuayi scoring twice and getting star man earnt him 18 points against Bristol Rovers. This was a successful transfer, however Iā€™m likely to replace him next week.

Mane replacing Eriksen also proved a good choice. Again profiting from a mid week EFL cup game, Mane picked up star man and 12 points. He also looks like he could be a big point scorer over the course of the season.

Potential Issues

It looks as though Aguero will face a 3 match ban for the elbow against West Ham. This could make for a difficult decision with European games coming up in September.

West Ham crashed out of the Europa League and have made an awful start to the season. Masuaku now looks like a bad decision in defence.

Tips for Game Week 4

With the international break approaching we have a couple of weeks to make plans for game week 4. The big issue could be if Aguero gets banned. However with 1 August transfer left and 3 fresh transfers for September this could easily be resolved. Further blog to follow.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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