Review of Game Week 31

Review of Game Week 31

GW Points: 95
Overall Points: 1,819
Overall Rank: 976
Transfers: None used

Game week 31 was another fairly average week for the team. Picking up 95 points over two sets of Premier League fixtures wasn’t a bad result however it could have been much better. The biggest mistake I’ve made this season was transferring in Costa for Kane, had I gone for Hazard instead I would be much further along in terms of points. Foster scoring -1 point and De Bruyne picking up 0 points over the week was also quite disappointing. Luckily I’ve just managed to hold onto my top 1,000 ranking with an overall rank of 976.


Ibrahimovic returning from suspension was a huge positive this week. He grabbed two goals and a star man award across the game week. Scoring 20 points overall. With the Europa League coming up this week it was a good decision to stick with him.

Two goals for Aguero over the game week was also a good result. He picked up a total of 16 points and he is a player I will be keeping in the team until the end of the season. Unless he gets injured or suspended.

19 points between Bailly and Rojo for the game week was another good result. I’m hoping the transfer of Rojo will pay off again during game week 32 due to the extra Europa League fixture.

Eriksen continues to score well. He has consistently done well for me this season and once again picked up a goal and star man award this week. He’s a player I’m likely to keep for the remainder of the season.

Potential Issues:

Costa once again only picked up a couple of points over two games. His lack of goals since I transferred him in is becoming a real problem. Hazard on the other hand has scored a huge number of points and should have been my transfer target when Kane got injured. With two transfers left for the month this could be a transfer I look to make this week.

De Bruyne picked up zero points across the game week. He’s another player who hasn’t been scoring well for the past couple of months. He may become my final transfer of April which will result in carrying a team through to May that I’m completely happy with.

Tips for Game Week 32

With the first leg of their Europa League tie this Thursday, I’m once again tipping Man Utd players to do well. They will have two extra fixtures over most teams for April and will be pushing for Champions League qualification by either winning the Europa League or finishing in the top four. I’ve currently got Rojo, Bailly, Pogba and Ibrahimovic who I will be sticking with for as long as Man Utd stay in the competition. Another team to look out for during the rest of April is Arsenal. They didn’t play over the weekend, as a result they have an additional fixture this evening against Palace. They then have a couple of easier games at Middlesbrough and Leicester during April and have two Premier League games still to be arranged before the end of the season. This may present an opportunity to pick up a few extra points, I’m currently considering replacing Costa with Sanchez for these fixtures alone.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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