Review of Game Week 32

Review of Game Week 32

GW Points: 47
Overall Points: 1,866
Overall Rank: 895
Transfers: Costa Out, Sanchez In

Yet again game week 32 was an average week in terms of points for the team. As a result I’ve remained in the top 1,000 teams in the game, however my position has not changed much over the past 3-4 weeks. For fortunes seemed to change when Kane picked up an injury. Transferring in Costa proved unsuccessful, as a result I transferred in Sanchez this week in an attempt to gain some additional points with Arsenal’s extra game against Palace. This was also a disastrous move.


After having a poor run of point scoring form De Bruyne picked up a star man award at the weekend. I may still look to replace him with Hazard for May but this was a good result for game week 32.

Rojo and Bailly once again picked up a clean sheet in the Premier League with a fantastic result against Chelsea. They were unfortunate not to also pick up a clean sheet in their additional fixture in the Europa League. Both players are consistently being picked for every game due to defensive injuries at Old Trafford. Hopefully they progress in the Europa League and I can keep them both in until the end of the season.

Potential Issues:

Arsenal’s poor form and awful result against Crystal Palace made the move for Sanchez look like a terrible decision. As one of the highest point scorers in the game I thought this was a shrewd move. Fortunately I couldn’t write this blog yesterday, and as a result we’ve already seen the score from the first fixture of game week 33 with Sanchez getting on the score sheet against Middlesbrough.

Kane grabbed a goal and the star man award on his first start since his injury. If he picks up where he left off it could be a huge mistake not to put him back in. As I’ve got one transfer left for the month, I plan to wait and see who reaches the FA Cup final at the weekend before using this transfer.

Tips for Game Week 33

Man Utd face Anderlecht in the return leg of their finely balanced Europa League tie on Thursday. They then travel to Burnley at the weekend, when Man City, Arsenal, Spurs and Chelsea all face each other in the FA Cup semi finals. Personally based on these fixtures I’m heavily favouring Man Utd players – keeping my representation with Rojo, Bailly, Pogba and Ibrahimovic. Both fixtures are important to Man Utd as they seek Champions League football next season via the Europa League or finishing in the top four. I’m not looking to make any other changes until game week 33 is over. After this week we will know if Man Utd have reached the Europa League semi final and who has reached the FA Cup final. These fixtures could be vital in terms of picking up additional points during May.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 32

  1. ur points total is massive, team is foster, bailly, alderweirald, stones, walker, erickson, ali, de-bruyne, aguerro, ibra, vardy. looking 4ward to may out goes foster, and stones, replaced with azpilcueta and coutois, 3rd transfer vardy out, possible replacements, pogba, marks of 7 aplenty lack of goals and starman but extra games, sane guardiola regular probable cup final, ozil frustrating but averaging 5pts per game, costa poor form but great fixtures in may and possible cup final, alot of football until may comes along, just hoping for a bit of advice, thanx.

    1. Hi Dave, looks like a strong team. Had you considered Hazard as a possible replacement for Vardy? He seems in better form than Costa. It may also be worth holding on to any transfers you have left until this weeks fixtures are over. We will then know if Man Utd have progressed in the Europa League and who has made the FA cup final. I’d personally be tempted to leave Foster in to save a transfer. I’d also considering Rojo in defence if Man Utd progress.

      1. thanx for reply, only have 1.8 mill, in bank, obviously from now till end of month their will be price hikes and falls, but at present, taking out stones and vardy, and leaving foster, would only give me 11 million, putting in hazard wld leave me about 3million for a defender, thought it essential to try and get chelsea cover in defence, must get back to clean sheets in may looking at fixtures, and hoping costa could return to form, or perhaps opt for ozil, Rojo in defence 5.1 i think, compared to 3.8 in azpilcueta, man-utd more fixtures but not completely airtight in defence.

        1. Have the injuries picked up last night forced you to rethink the transfers? Obviously I wouldn’t be looking at Rojo now but it also looks like Ibrahimovic will need to be replaced. I’ll probably swap him for Kane despite Man Utd’s additional fixtures.

          1. how things can change, at present 3 changes in may will b, ibra,foster, and vardy, cortois or lloris, need to cover ibra’s goals, can rashford do that, r mkhtarian and pogba going to be productive enough in remaining games, throw in sanchez, hazard and posssibly ozil or costa, so out of those seven midfielders/ strikers who is the best 2, kane not possible, have ali, and erickson already. c what happens in fa cup semis, then the threat of jesus return cld put aguerro’s position in jeapody.

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