Review of Game Week 33

GW Points: 50
Overall Points: 1,916
Overall Rank: 828
Transfers: None used

Game week 33 turned out to be an awful week in terms of injuries. With both Ibrahimovic and Rojo picking up serious looking injuries in the Europa League, this not only ruled them both out for the weekend but will probably end both of their seasons. Stones also missed the FA cup semi final with an injury. However a weekly points total of 50 turned out to be a positive result as the team managed to retain top 1,000 ranking in the country.


After making a move for Sanchez, they got thumped by Palace the very same day. At this point it looked like a potentially foolish transfer to make. Based on Arsenal’s upcoming fixtures I still had confidence in the move and it paid off this week. Sanchez picked up goals against Middlesbrough and Man City resulting in 15 points for the week. Due to Premier League fixtures being rearranged and the FA cup final, Arsenal now have 8 games remaining for the season. That’s two more than both Spurs and Man City. Sanchez is sure to play a part in most games.

Aguero once again grabbed a goal and another 8 points. Despite Man City losing in the FA cup I’ll probably stick with Aguero until the end of the season unless his starting place comes under threat again.

Despite being on the losing team Eriksen picked up the star man award in the FA cup semi final. He grabbed two assists and a total of 12 points from the game. He’s a player who I will probably keep in the team until the end of the season.

Potential Issues:

Injuries to Rojo, Ibrahimovic and Stones are a huge issue. With only one transfer left for April I will be stuck with two injured players for two Premier League games. As strikers tend to score the most points, Ibrahimovic will be my first transfer. I’ll be looking to replace him with either Kane or Hazard.

Tips for Game Week 34

There is a double header of fixtures for most teams during game week 34. Out of the top few teams in the league there are no players who particularly have favourable fixtures. It is however worth avoiding Liverpool who now don’t have a fixture until May. Dependant on the amount of transfers you have remaining, many managers will be looking to replace Ibrahimovic this week. As I already have Sanchez and Aguero, I’ll be looking at replacing him with either Kane or Hazard. Kane is instantly back amongst the goals since returning from injury and Hazard is consistently playing well as he has been all season.
As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 33

  1. i have no transfers left this month, so looking to may, the 2 options i have r, foster, rashford, sanchez, totalling 14/15 games, option 2 courtois, rashford/pogba, debruyne, totalling 15/16 games, both teams will have hazard, current team foster, alderweirald, walker, stones, bailly, ali, de-bruyne, erickson, aguerro, vardy, ibra, 1.8 mill in bank, ur input wld b appreciated.

    1. Personally I’d be tempted to keep Foster to save the transfer. I think Sanchez could be a good move based on Arsenal’s upcoming fixtures. I’ll personally be aiming for a front 6 of Hazard, Eriksen, Pogba, Aguero, Sanchez and Kane. With so many injuries at the moment I’ll also be looking to hold onto as many transfers as possible for May.

  2. Looking ahead to May transfers, I’m thinking about bringing in another Man Utd defender, I already have Bailly (apart from Blind – maybe to expensive unless I go cheap elsewhere) who would you recommend?

    1. I was going to do exactly the same, however as you say Blind is too expensive. Valencia is classed as a Midfielder so doesn’t get the clean sheet bonus. The left back slot appears to be rotated a lot. I’m personally going to avoid adding another Man Utd defender at this stage despite the extra fixtures.

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