Review of Game Week 34

GW Points: 72
Overall Points: 1,988
Overall Rank: 999
Transfers: Ibrahimovic Out, Kane In

With a number of injuries picked up in previous weeks and only one transfer left for the month, game week 34 was always going to be a struggle. I transferred in Kane for Ibrahimovic and was left with the injured Rojo, Stones and Pogba. Despite two fixtures for both Man Utd and Man City during the game week none of these three players featured. Fortunately some good performances from Eriksen, De Bruyne, Kane and Aguero saved my week from being a complete disaster. However the team is only just holding on to its top 1,000 ranking – now being placed 999th.


De Bruyne picked up two star man awards over two games. This was a great result for a player I’ve been hoping to transfer out for some time. I may still transfer him out for Hazard at some point during May based on upcoming fixtures and the FA Cup final.

The transfer of Kane paid off with 11 points for the week. A goal against Arsenal helped to achieve this total. My only concern is that Spurs only have four games remaining this season.

A late goal from Eriksen earned him a star man award midweek. He also picked up three points against Arsenal at the weekend. He’s been one of my most consistent point scorers this season and a valuable asset. It’s not surprising to see him now top of the point charts for midfielders.

Potential Issues:

On going injuries to Stones, Rojo and Pogba could be a huge issue. Bailly can also be added to this list after limping off at the weekend. I’m hoping Rojo is the only long term issue, otherwise my May transfers will be dictated by transferring out injured players.

I’m hoping the return of Jesus for Man City won’t push Aguero out of the team. Aguero has scored consistently since coming back into the side and I really don’t want to waste another transfer by having to remove him before the end of the season.

Tips for Game Week 35

If you’re looking to make some early transfers in May, I’d personally avoid Chelsea for the first game week. They aren’t in action again until game week 36 so it makes sense to save this transfer until next Monday. Man City and Spurs both have easier opposition over the weekend but are both limited to four fixtures for the rest of the campaign. Man Utd have two fixtures during the game week, so could be a team to look out for when making transfers. They also have six fixtures until the end of the season, potentially seven if they reach the Europa League final. Arsenal have a tricky game against Man Utd at the weekend, but then have five further fixtures until the end of the season. I’m currently debating bringing in one of their first choice defenders as a cheap option at the back as they are all under 3m. This would free up funds for someone like Hazard towards the end of May.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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10 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 34

  1. Your thoughts on what to with aguero and stones now theyve been ruled out of the next game, and maybe longer? In the same situation, don’t know what to transfer to do hmmmm

    1. I’m going to leave both in over the weekend I think. I’m 50 points clear at the top of a mini league so I think I will replace Aguero with Hazard on Monday as Chelsea don’t play until then. Stones is looking the more likely to return sooner at this stage from what I’ve read.

      1. hi their, my team is foster, stones, bailly, walker, alderweirald, erickson, ali, de-bruyne, jesus, sanchez, vardy, had to use 2 transfers already due to ibra and aguerro injuries, was going to find a way into chelsea back five, best option i can c is vardy out, costa in, should i wait or not, more of my rivals have hazard, can u c any other player or option.

        1. Personally I’m holding onto as many transfers as possible. Having said that Hazard is probably going to be my next move in place of Aguero, which I will probably do tomorrow. I think Hazard is a bit more consistent than Costa.

          1. Do you know how long aguerro might be out for?
            Just that I’ve already got Hazard and I’m thinking of swapping either aguerro or Delli Ali for Costa tomorrow.
            Obviously looking at the fixtures I think it’s wise to take a risk this time on Costa.
            What do you reckon bud?

            1. I think they were hoping Aguero will be back for the Leicester game at the weekend. Costa could be a good option if you’ve already got Hazard. My only observation would be that Chelsea may rest some players once they’ve wrapped up the title. They may want to save them for the FA Cup final. Having said that, on paper they look like they’ve got the best fixtures out of everyone until the rest of the season.

  2. There is a problem with the DT website and also the DT iOS app in that everyones teams are visible INCLUDING any transfers already made for tonights game even though Chelsea haven’t played yet !!

  3. I have really enjoyed your insight and advice since I started following you a few months ago.
    I have a couple of questions.
    1. Will you be doing this again next season?
    2.I know it’s probably a bit early, but do you know if the The Sun Dream Team will be making any rule changes next season?
    3.What rules would you change next season?
    I’ve been playing Dream Team for years,but it’s nice to get your thoughts so thankyou very much.

  4. Hi Steve, thanks the comment:

    1. I am fairly confident I will be doing the blog next season. This will mainly depend on if I can build a big enough audience of people who find it interesting. It seems to be building momentum at the moment so I’m sure I’ll keep it going for another season. I’d be interested in hearing any thoughts of other blogs/posts you or anyone else would find useful?

    2. I’ve got no idea if any changes will be made for next season.

    3. I’m not sure I’d change many rules, this season has panned out quite well for me. I like having more transfers – I’d maybe add another one per month and make it 4. This has been a big improvement for more hands on managers compared to the previous season. I like the variable pricing as I’ve been fortunate enough to plan ahead and get in players who have gained value. Again I think this benefits the hands on managers who are looking at their teams every week and making more of an effort to do well. I could see it being a slight problem if you did get a run of bad luck though, if you fell behind in terms of points I think the overall budget would also suffer making it difficult to catch up.

    1. I didn’t like the variable price changes to start with but got used to it, I agree that you have to be a hands on manager every week especially with 3 transfers a month and the weekly price changes.
      I would maybe possibly introduce a monthly captain where he scores double.
      And maybe have 4 subs under maybe 3 million to use anytime.
      And I like your idea of 4 transfers a month.

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