Review of Game Week 35

GW Points: 31
Overall Points: 2,019
Overall Rank: 922
Transfers: None used

Before checking the team’s overall rank, I’d assumed this week had been a disaster. To my surprise the team had actually climbed slightly in the overall rankings. Luckily for me, De Bruyne picked up 17 points against Palace as I only had 3 players across the team contribute any points to this week’s total. This was almost expected as I’d decided not to make any transfers this week despite having some injuries. I was still hopeful that Eriksen, Kane or Sanchez may have picked up some points. Fortunately I appear to have got away with it for this week and will be looking to make a transfer today to avoid another low scoring week.


De Bruyne picked up star man, with a goal and two assists against Palace. This was a great result considering his relatively poor point scoring form earlier in the season.

A clean sheet for Bailly against Celta Vigo contributed 8 points. He didn’t feature against Arsenal.

Pogba picked up star man against Celta Vigo. However he was also rested at the weekend against Arsenal. Hopefully with the away goal, Man Utd may reach the Europa League final, giving them an additional game at the end of the season.

Potential Issues:

With only three players scoring points during the game week, this presents a problem. Had I not got lucky with De Bruyne it could have been an awful week. Injuries to Rojo, Stones and Aguero are what caused this issue. Although Rojo is a long term injury I may still keep him in the team and save the transfers for a more proactive move towards the end of the month.

Tips for Game Week 36

On paper the teams to look out for are Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal. All three of these teams should have 5 fixtures left until the end of the season, with Man City and Spurs only having 3 each. Having said that we saw Man Utd resting players at the weekend against Arsenal and Chelsea may do the same should they wrap up the league title. Due to the unpredictable nature of line ups at this stage in the season I’m trying to hold onto my transfers until the end of the month. This is mainly because I am top of the mini leagues I am entered into and simply wish to hold onto these positions. I increased my lead at the top over the weekend without using any transfers and this now leaves me with three to strengthen my position as the season comes to an end. I have however decided to use a transfer this evening. Should Hazard be starting for Chelsea, I will be transferring him in for the injured Aguero.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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