Review of Game Week 36

GW Points: 67
Overall Points: 2,086
Overall Rank: 976
Transfers: Aguero Out, Hazard In

Another fairly average week drew in 67 points. This once again kept the team within the top 1,000 teams in the game. The week was pretty much saved by Sanchez and Azpilicueta who both scored over 20 points each. Stones and Rojo were once again missing through injury and Bailly picked up -5 points with a sending off in the Europa League. As a result I may look at transferring in a defender this week with only a couple of weeks remaining until the end of the season.


Sanchez picked up two star man awards within the game week. After a poor start when I transferred him in, the transfer has paid off ever since. With the FA Cup final at the end of the month I will certainly keep him in the team, as long as his injury isn’t serious.

Azpilicueta picked up a star man award and 10 points earlier in the week. He’s been a great addition to my team since I transferred him in. I also tipped him a couple of weeks ago as a bargain transfer for the end of the season.

Potential Issues:

Bailly getting sent off and Man Utd conceding a late goal took him from 8 points to -3 within the space of minutes. He will now miss the Europa League final however this will hopefully mean he gets more game time in the Premier League.

Stones and Rojo both being long term injuries is an issue but at this stage in the season I’m not going to worry about it too much. Having said that I may take out Rojo as I have two transfers remaining with only two weeks left of the season.

Tips for Game Week 37

With Arsenal, Man Utd and Chelsea all having three games remaining in the season, it makes sense to favour these teams. Man Utd are likely to rest players with their focus being on the Europa League final, as a result I’ll probably avoid transferring in any more of their players. Chelsea may also rest players with the Premier League wrapped up, however they do have more favourable fixtures. I have decided I will probably use one of my remaining transfers to bring in Cahill and take out Rojo. This is more of a personal move, as I’m looking to block my closest rival who has two Chelsea defenders. I’m still around 50 points clear at the top of the mini league and want to keep this lead.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 36

  1. I’m going to copy you next season as I never win my work mini league arghhhh

  2. Thanks for the article. I have 2 transfers left and a 30 point lead in my mini league. My rival has 2 ARS defenders and 1 CHE, I have none, which worries me for FA Cup. Would you use the 2 transfers to get 2 ARS Def to block (as they have something to play for in the league)? Was thinking of doing this before ARS kick off on Tues eve. Thanks

    1. It would really depend on who starts for Arsenal tonight, I’d be tempted to block him with at least one Arsenal defender. I’d choose the one who seems most likely to feature in all of their remaining games. A clean sheet for Arsenal tonight could close the gap quite closely should you not have any coverage. I’d check line ups before the game.

      1. Thanks for advice. Will check the teams later – Monreal looking favorite at the minute. I can see Arsenal battering a youth Sunderland team tonight. I have Sanchez and he doesn’t, so I’m hoping so! Thanks again.

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