Review of Game Week 37

GW Points: 161
Overall Points: 2,247
Overall Rank: 537
Transfers: None used

Game week 37 was by far my best week of the season with 161 points scored. This result bumped the team up significantly in the overall rankings with a top 1,000 finish now looking almost certain. I also managed to avoid using any transfers, this leaves me with two for the month which I can use for the Europa League or FA cup final. A lot of the success from the week can be put down to Kane picking up 63 points, however players such as Sanchez, De Bruyne, Hazard and Bailly also scored well.


As mentioned above Kane picked up 63 points with two star man awards and seven goals over the week. I’d imagine my rise in the overall league can be put down to jumping above managers on a similar level of points who didn’t have Kane.

De Bruyne picked up another star man award and 22 points for the game week. This was another fantastic result considering I wanted to transfer him out towards the middle of the season. He finished very strongly and ended up picked up way more points than I’d imagined he would.

Sanchez once again proved a consistent point scorer with 21 points during the week. He also has the advantage of the FA cup final still to play.

Hazard picked up a goal and the star man award yesterday, resulting in 16 points for the week. This was a good result, again with the FA cup final in mind for some additional points in the last game of the season.

Bailly picked up two clean sheets in Man Utd’s final Premier League games of the season. His sending off in the Europa League was almost a blessing in disguise, as he probably wouldn’t have featured in these games had he been available for the final.

Azpilicueta and Pogba grabbed a good number of points for the game week. The main positive for these players is that they both have one more game before the end of the season.

Potential Issues:

Foster, Stones, Rojo, Bailly, De Bruyne, Eriksen and Kane have no more games this season. This isn’t really an issue as I imagine many other managers are in the same position. Fortunately I’ve saved two transfers to try and squeeze the most out of the final games.

Tips for Game Week 38

If you’re fortunate enough to have saved any transfers until this stage in the month, obviously the only players worth considering are players from Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal, as they are the only teams with fixtures remaining. Personally I’d be looking at who is most likely to pick up the star man award or chip in with any goals. The obvious candidates are Sanchez or Hazard for the FA Cup final and possibly Pogba, Rashford or Mkhitaryan in the Europa League.

My two transfers are likely to be:

Rojo out for Cahill (purely to block my closest opposition in a mini league I’m almost certain to win anyway).

Kane out for Costa.

I’ll be checking the line ups on the day but at the moment I’m slightly favouring making changes to suit the FA Cup final. This is purely down to Man Utd’s inconsistent form during the season and without Ibrahimovic it’s difficult to pick a player who scores consistently enough to know who may grab a goal in the Europa League final.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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12 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 37

  1. Congrats on your big points haul. Do you have any more suggestions for the Europa final or FA Cup final? 1 transfer left and already have Pogba, Sanchez, Hazard, Costa & Monreal. Thanks.

    1. Looks like you’re in a strong position selection wise for the final couple of games. Personally I’d be looking towards Chelsea defenders, someone like Cahill could be a good addition considering you’ve already got good coverage going forward.

  2. Congrats on your points total !! I have gone from 39 points ahead in our ML with 2 weeks left to 52 points behind – all down to not having Kane and Alli 🙁 I am 49 ahead of 3rd so should be safe for second place. Oh well, theres always next season. I now see why you wanted to leave a transfer until the end of the season. I went all in on Rashford, Costa and Sanches in the first couple of weeks to hold onto first place – and then Kane went ballistic.

    I really hope you continue the DT Tips next season as its been a really enjoyable and informative site (I kinda wish I had followed you closer now !!)

    1. I agree with K, your site has been great. I only found you in Jan, and since then I’v gone from 150 points behind in my ML to 100 points ahead. Before Jan, I struggled to focus on Dreamteam as most of my “research” time was spent on FPL. Really hope you continue next season. Thanks.

      1. Hi both, glad you’ve found the website useful. I do hope to continue the blog and I’ve already got some ideas for some additional posts. I’d love to make the site even bigger and better, however I feel like I’ve had a lot of luck this season, so I’m hoping the research and decision making process will continue to be successful and that my luck doesn’t run out. I’ve set up a post to gather some suggestions and ideas for next season, I’d appreciate your comments:

  3. Hi DTT, great if you can continue next season. Playing fantasy games is much more fun when community sites like this exist – FPL has penty – this is the best I have found for DT. I will give it some thought for next season.
    Luck will always play a part, but you can only ever forecast future points by researching form, fixtures etc. – the better the research the more likely you are to score highly.
    Thanks again

  4. I would also like to say thanks for the advise this season, very helpful and informative site, keep up the good work.

    1. I totally agree with that Singh. Very informative and allways kept up to date.

  5. Hi bud.
    I’ve heard about a change next season.All I’ve heard at the moment is that they are changing the game week to Friday to Thursday.
    Have you heard this too bud?

    1. Hi Steve, I’ve not heard anything about any changes but as soon as I do I’ll be sure to put up a blog post about it.

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