Review of Game Week 38

GW Points: 28
Overall Points: 2,275
Overall Rank: 467
Transfers: Stones Out, Cahill In, Kane Out, Costa In

With only two cup finals in game week 38, there were not many points up for grabs. I avoided making any transfers for Man Utd players as I wasn’t sure if they would keep a clean sheet or who would pick up any goals. I favoured Chelsea in the FA Cup final and decided to transfer in Cahill and Costa to account for this. A points total of 28 points allowed the team to climb slightly higher in the overall league. This resulted in a final position of 467 for the season – a result I’m delighted with based on how many teams are entered into the competition. The final points total also allowed me to claim top spot in both mini leagues I’m entered in.


Pogba grabbing a goal in the Europa League final was a great result, he also got a 7+ rating for the game.

Despite Chelsea losing in the FA Cup final, both Costa and Cahill managed to pick up points. Costa obviously grabbed the goal and Cahill picked up a 7+ rating.

Sanchez once again proved why he was the highest point scorer for the season with an early goal in the cup final. The decision to transfer him back in when he was out of form seemed questionable at the time, however he’s picked up a lot of points for me since.

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3 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 38

  1. you’d have thought looking at your final team that you’d had it all covered, but obviously didn’t bank on Arsenal beating Chelsea.
    You still did amazingly well though.

    1. Hi Steve, exactly – thought I’d covered every angle and assumed Chelsea would beat Arsenal. Luckily both Sanchez and Costa scored. Overall I’ve been delighted with how the season panned out.

  2. A very well-written blog which I have thoroughly enjoyed reading today. Wish I’d discovered it last year!

    Congratulations on the result and all the best for 2017-18.

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