Review of Game Week 8

GW Points: 29
Overall Points: 436
Overall Rank: 9,963
Transfers: De Bruyne Out, Ozil In

Arsenal have an incredible run of fixtures over the next couple of months. As a result I wanted to double up on attacking representation. The only option at this stage appears to be Ozil who hasn’t scored well but with the run of fixtures I can see him having a run of good performances. This transfer instantly came good as Ozil picked up star man against Swansea. Other than this it was a bit of a flat week, I can’t imagine many people picked up big points with no teams scoring high or performing well. Despite only scoring 29 points I’ve jumped up to within the top 10,000 overall teams.

Tips for Game Week 9

Arsenal at home to Ludogorets in the Champions League looks like a potential game to score big. My main reason for bringing in Ozil was to account for this fixture and the home game against Middlesbrough. My tip for the next game week would be to ensure some Arsenal representation – my choice is Ozil and Sanchez.

As always, share your thoughts/ideas in the comments below.

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