Review of Game Week 9

Review of Game Week 9

GW Points: 52
Overall Points: 548
Overall Rank: 292,601
Transfers: None used

Really quick write up for this game week, as I’m late posting it. This was a slightly more positive game week with 52 points gained and a slight climb in the overall leaderboard. This still isn’t enough for me to see this as a successful game week. As the team has fallen so far behind, we need a huge game week to get back on track. Hazard has proved a good transfer and seems to be gaining momentum however Cahill continues to be a disappointment. As does Baines.


Hazard picking up star man against Watford was a bit of a surprise but a positive result for the team.

Aguero returning against Burnley and getting a goal was a good result. I’m tempted to stick with him, as Jesus is not looking as prolific.

Kane getting a couple of goals against Liverpool was another highlight. He’s a player I plan to stick with for the duration of the season other than an injuries getting in the way.

Potential Issues:

Everton continue to ship goals and Baines value looks set to drop further. I’m just hoping they can turn a corner at some point as I don’t plan on removing him.

Stoke had another poor result at home to Bournemouth. Pieters continues to look a major weak link.

Mkhitaryan is looking more and more like a weak link. He failed to pick up any points across the game week and I’m concerned his value is going to continue to drop and be difficult to replace.

As always, feel free to share your own progress, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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70 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 9

  1. DTT, it’s obvious Mktharian has to go, subbed again half hr to go, diffetential possibilities, Ozil back on form no europa games till latter stages, Sigurdson, fixtures on the turn after Lyon game, but cld be almost out of europe, defensive questions, is aurier disposing Trippier, great price, Sanchez on bench, whether a back three or back four is Smalling now a permanent fixture in utd’s defence, Luiz seems to be in favour, but what about Cahill, Rudiger, Zappercosta, & to a lesser extent Christensen, all defenders mentioned above who is going to get more gametime for their respective teams.

    1. 4got to mention Rose, at 4.1, probably concede against Madrid in midweek, coupled with conceding to man utd aswell, most spurs defenders cld come down a further 0.3.

      1. I’d ideally like to get in a Man City midfielder for Mkhitaryan, however I’m not sure this is going to be possible within budget. With regards to defenders, I’d certainly be looking at Spurs defenders in November. Sanchez was a player on my list to look at, however again I’m not sure I will have the budget for it. I had planned to look at swapping Aguero for Jesus to free up funds. Jesus isn’t really in the best of form though.

        1. I think the only way round it is to make 2 transfers initially, taking out Valencia, & Mktharian, replaced by Sane, & either Sanchez/Rose, this is an upgrade, i am going to be forced in2 something similar in my 2nd team, i know u don’t like doubling up on defenders but another Chelsea defender wld also be possible.

          1. Man Utd have got good fixtures in November.

            Valencia is a good source of clean sheet points so I would be reluctant to take him out.

            1. I agree RR, Mktharian will be 4.4 on Friday, with only 0.4 in bank, other than as you say fernandhino who may go to 2.9, who else is their, i wanted Sane, but not affordable without downgrading, the plan is Valencia & Mktharian out, in Sane probably Rose, or doubling up on Chelsea, but other than Luiz, seems rotational in defence, leaves me possible upgrade from Jesus to Morrarta, their is a break from the 5th to 18th in month, still risky 3 transfers altogether, Fernandhino is a good shout on 45pts aswell, but he cannot score heavily like Sane.

            2. I’d be tempted to swap Valencia for Bailly. Hopefully free up some funds for swapping Mkhi for someone like Sane.

              1. DTT, i had looked at that, Smalling & Jones may become rotational, Valencia & Bailly r regular starters, i really wld like Sane who will go to 5.9, wld only leave me 4.2 for a defender, when Spurs have their strongest defence out, i think they can keep as many shutouts as Utd.

                1. I’d like Sane as well. I’m assuming Bailly has been injured, noticed he’s missed quite a few game recently?

  2. What the hell was i thinking when i decided to put Baines in ! ? DTT, you must have physco convinced me to do it !

    1. Haha at the time I thought he looked a good pick based on his cost. I keep thinking Everton will surely turn a corner but it’s not looking likely at the moment.

      1. Fernandinho is very cheap at 2.6 or B.Silva at 3.0 (but more rotation risk) will leave funds to strengthen elsewhere.

  3. Pickford has been such a liability… No fault of his own of course. I just prefer, like last year to have a keeper who would now and again get points. It’s defiently defenders that I will need to look at next month.

    Valencia (only one I’m happy with)

    Who knew Otamendi would’ve of been a points machine… Not to state the obvious but it looks like the Manchester clubs will need to be favoured I reckon. Thoughts?

    1. Almost everyone knew, the algorithm loves Otamendi, he gets way more points than he really should

    2. Would depend completely on your budget but I’d look at swapping any of them for a Chelsea defender if you can afford one. They are fairly reasonably priced at the moment. I’d probably stick with Pickford as it would be difficult to replace him with a like for like option.

  4. Nice to see me top of DTT’s league. Happy with the team, 66.3m team value and two transfers left. Although my move on Thursday night of Jesus to Coutinho didn’t plan out well.

  5. DTT i think the only way to make any dent into the leaders is bite the bullet and sell valencia in order to buy a goalscoring midfielder for mikth
    Front 3 lukaku kane sergio fine
    Eden and salah
    Need to get sane sterling or alli in
    In order to do so valencia for either
    Bailly toby sanchez davidson of the like …..valencia fantastic but need to get mikth out for a goalscoring midfielder
    Short month again
    Pickford for foster would also get you additional funds everton have to turn the corner soon
    Dont they ?

    1. I’d agree with swapping Valencia for someone like Bailly. I’d probably favour Sane over Sterling or Alli. I’ll be looking into it in more detail once the game week is over though.

  6. I would has its another short month due to internationals
    Go with 3 straight off transfers

    Wba have both spurs and chelsea in short month november pickford .4m cheaper than foster and over a season will outscore him…also everton should have a new gaffer in soon and there fixtures are not too aggresive to what they have had of late i’m sure the first thing the likes of dyche or big sam will do is work from the back and focus on clean sheets first
    All views required on this would be greatly accepted

    1. November is a fairly short month. I’d tempted to try and make two transfers straight away. Then hold the other transfer until after the international break. I haven’t done the calculations but downgrading Valencia to another Man Utd defender and bringing in Sane for Mhki would be ideal.

        1. lindloff, proves himself he cld get cup games & weaker opposition fixtures in premiership, he’s done well, but always a worry with injuries, add Smalling to the equation, only definate starters Bailly & Valencia.

          1. That’s fair enough, I’m a bit skeptical of all of them at the moment but considering dropping Valencia for the cash.

            Mane also looks ready for a return after international break, I think he could hit the ground running as he did before and Liverpool are on good form. Debating grabbing him instead of same for a similar price after international break.

            What’s your thoughts on manes prospects

            1. Tech, mane due back on 18th November, according to physioroom, for me Mktharian & Valencia out, Sane & Rose in if he starts at home to palace on Sunday, not happy with Jesus current form, was looking at Morrata for 3rd transfer, but he’s also off form, mite hold off till 18th for mane, & also keep a watchful eye on Ali & Erickson, & the returning Pogba.

              1. I’ve been seriously thinking of going only two strikers if morata and jesus don’t find form. The kids are scoring well

                1. Yeah, that’s a possibility, Liverpool’s fixtures 18th onwards for November tough to say the least.

                2. Tech, if u intend to switch to 442, do u think it’s possible to put Sane & Stirling in, they r both getting plenty of gametime, & scoring heavily, only other player of quality & worthy of consideration wld b Erickson , unless u can c another option.

        2. I’d consider any Man Utd defender who is likely to get regular game time. It’s just difficult at this stage to pick who are the regular starters.

  7. I think I can cross off Cahill from my November Defender shortlist. His falling price makes him still tempting and one to watch but I think he’s out of favour with the manager (is he causing unrest?). It is a shame because he was my first choice but his current form is so poor it can’t be ignored.

    1. It’s been another disaster for me. I’ve not actually worked it out but I’m fairly sure I’d have been better off with Ogbonna and Kompany over Cahill and Baines. Fortunately Hazard for Eriksen has been reasonably successful. Is it worth revisiting the Morata debate? My logic for taking him out is looking fairly sound given that he’s only scored 10 points in his last 7 games. I believe only picking up one goal in that time. I was heavily criticised for taking him out when I did – granted he scored a hat trick that week, but he’s not done a lot since.

      1. Granted, Eriksen move to Hazard may be viewed as successful for this month as Hazard got more points but the move I did in October was Mkhitaryan to Hazard as I believe that has been a more successful move as sold Mkhitaryan for 5.2m (made 0.7m profit and now Mkhitaryan going to be worth 4.4m). Mkhitaryan only got 3 points in October whereas Eriksen has got 16 pts with tonight’s game to include. I did write a piece on why Mkhitaryan should go in October in your blog, maybe it was ignored but I certainly found it useful hence why I made the right decision in selling him.

        I think Ogbonna and Kompany have gained more points this month than Cahill and Baines and still possible Baines may bring in negative points against Lyon (away). Cahill and Baines will fall in value this weekend so your team has probably lost 1.6m in value on these two players. Not a big problem if you see them as season long picks but it could difficult to replace if they become injured and with little funds in the bank.

        On Morata, fantasy football success depends on timing. Bringing and discarding players at the right time is an important tactic as I could play all the right keys on a piano but not in the right order. We can’t undo the past but it is important to learn for the future.

        Criticism is something I use as a positive, I am constantly criticising my choices, it’s a good way to improve. I am never satisfied with my game, I always want to get better and win at the game.

          1. My best team (top of DTT’s league) is:

            De Gea,
            and Kane.
            Total points: 754. Team Value: 66.3m with 2 transfers left for October

            My main team (I keep a diary on) and originally very similar to DDT’s team is: Foster, Stephens, Matip, Valencia, Kolasinac, KDB, Hazard, Salah, Lukaku, Kane and Jesus.

            Total points: 730. Team value: 61.5m with one transfer left for October

        1. Taking Mkhitaryan out has been much more successful than replacing Eriksen – I simply didn’t have the funds to do this. I was more picking up on the point that various people couldn’t understand the logic when I removed Morata. He’s not done much since the hat trick so I think the logic was fairly sound.

  8. When can we use Novembers transfers? Is it until the very last match this week? Or do we have to wait until Friday when prices change? Thanks

  9. I guess it also has to be noted that Lukaku, like Morata, has just fallen away of late.

    He too has scored just 10 points in his last 6 without any goals!!

    Needless to say he is missing the presence of Pogba, but I think that given the performances of the attacking midfielders currently available, a 4-4-2 option is looking much stronger than a 4-3-3 at present.

    1. I’m confident of sticking with a front 3 of Aguero, Kane and Lukaku I’m fairly certain this is probably the most ideal for points… Even though aguero gets rotated but the city midfield does aswel. Lukaku I’m sure will turn it around and Kane unless injured stays to.

      In my league it seems having a reasonable defense helps, thats where I’m looking this month.

    2. Completely agree – although I feel the majority of people have Lukaku anyway so it almost balances out.

      1. Moving 4ward DTT, what in ur opinion r the best 2 midfielders out of these 4, Erickson, Ali, Sane, Stirling, taking in2 account value for money, fixtures, fear of rotation, pts scoring.

        1. I’d personally favour Sane over Sterling and Eriksen over Alli. Not much between Eriksen and Alli but Alli has started the season slightly slower. I think Sane will get more game time than Sterling.

  10. I want to drop both kdb and Jesus.

    I can get sterling and aguerro with nothing left in bank

    Or sterling and sane (switch to 442) with a couple of million made off it.

    Any insight appreciated

    1. I’d favour Sane and Aguero if you could manage that. I’m aiming for those two in November

  11. KDB will play the most games but obviously plays in a deeper role and doesnt always get the points his performances deserves, however im sure come end of the season will be in top 3-5 midfielders.

    I currently have Augero and Jesus in my team and plan on leaving both of them in, obviously only one will play most games but think both will still get plenty of goals still the way city play. Could make the same argument for Sane and Sterling.

    What about Ali too??

    My big transfer is going to be to replace lukaku with kane, what your thoughts on this??

    Front 3 of Kane, Augero, Jesus

    Be interesting to see what price changes happen tomorrow morning.

    1. Jesus looks suspect to me and I’m worried he will continue to drop in value. I may give him nother week or two as I try not to use all my transfers as the month starts but if he fails me again he’s out

      1. Tech, i’m in agreement with u on Jesus, this city team is so dynamic, of late he’s not doing it, he needs to b in starting lineup at weekend or he’s gone, his price will drop to to 5.5 2moro, & possibly lower next week if he doesn’t score, i’m putting in Sane, & i think theirs a case for stirling aswell.

    2. Would Kane, Lukaku, Aguero, Sane and two other midfielders fit within your budget? I’m sticking with Lukaku, he started the season well and is having a dip in form but he’s getting a lot of game time. Surely he will be back with plenty of goals before long. I’d rather only have one of either Jesus or Aguero.

      1. DTT, i don’t think their will b enough funds to replace Valencia with Bailly & get Sane, even with Kante back Chelsea not looking solid, on Spurs when is Rose going to b integrated in2 team, Sanchez back last nite, might have to wait on lineup to make a decision, how do u c it.

        1. I’ll be working it out in the morning. It would be difficult to justify replacing Valencia unless it was for another Man Utd regular though. I’ll see how things are looking when prices change in the morning.

  12. I must say, this whole retrospective points reduction system does drive me nuts!!

    Where they take away a player’s 7 rating (3 points), 20-30 minutes after a match has finished!!

    They did it last night with Fernandinho and at the weekend with KDB!

    If a player earns a 7 in 90 mins, why is it then changed when the game ends! Infuriating system!

  13. Think we need to be looking at taking Mkhitaryan out tonight before a further price drop on?

    I have missed some of your Thursday transfers and mine and yours budget may be different. Would be very grateful to you swapped Mkh for someone of equal of less value.

    Is it tonight you’ll be doing the transfers?

    1. I can’t do any transfers tonight as I’ve got no transfers left until tomorrow morning. I’ll be looking at making some changes tomorrow.

  14. Im seriously considering cashing in on DDG and getting in Pickford. This would allow some upgrades in midfield and up front. Everton have some good fixtures coming up and with a new manager in place soon their results must change surely.

    What does everyone think?

    1. I’m not sure about Pickford – his value will drop again but they are now out of Europe and it’s hard to see their form changing.

  15. No you can’t make transfers unless there’s any saved from October? Then use them before Friday I guess as we get another three for November.

    Any ideas for this team dtt




    I literally seemed to be wondering who to drop for Sane and then it’s the defence trouble. Thanks

    1. I’d be tempted to check line ups before kick off, as Ogbonna may start again for West Ham. If I was going to drop anyone I’d probably drop Eriksen – purely because you’ve got Kane. If you lost Salah or Hazard you wouldn’t have any representation from Chelsea or Liverpool.

      1. I agree with DTT, Eriksen is the man to replace. Good thing is his value should go up by the same amount as Sane, so you wont lose out on cash whilst also having change left over from the transfer itself.

        Not sure who to replace defence wise, i think an a few opportunities may open up once the price changes take place. Not sure how much tarkowski is worth, but he may be the one to upgrade. Chelsea, whilst not solid at the moment will have some likely price drops. David luiz is currently 3.9 but will likely drop to 3.6

  16. I think I will do Jesus to Alli tonight. Jesus value will fall and Alli’s will go up. Plus I was very impressed with Alli’s performance last night. Plus prefer Spurs game to Man City’s on Sunday.

  17. Hi guys,

    Got 1.5m in the bank and no transfers – here is my team and I am thinking of doing all 3 transfers as November is another short month due to transfers.

    Foster£1.8m (-)

    Valencia £6.1m
    Hegazi £1.8m
    Luiz £3.9m
    Davies £4.6m

    Salah £6.1m
    De Bruyne £7.1m
    Hazard £6.2m

    Kane £9.5m
    Lukaku £7.4m
    Jesus £5.8m

    I am thinking switch KDB with Sane (wise move?), this will free up the cash I need to switch jesus with aguero. 3rd transfer I am not sure, but i dont like the double axis of Pickford and Hegazi. Will probably have around £2.5 (maybe less) to spend im predicting. So defence im thinking Chilwell (played weekend at left mid – but they have city and spurs in nov) – can anyone think of a budget or keeper?

    1. I’d be tempted to make the two transfers you’ve suggested then hold the other transfer until after the internationals. The only other cheap keeper I can see who may do OK is Pope.

  18. Steve I only have 0.5mil that’s my issue… However if I shift the midfield I could free up funds to improve the defense somehow

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