Review of Game Week 1

Review of Game Week 1

GW Points: 54
Overall Points: 54
Overall Rank: 53,933
Transfers: Alli out, Fernandes in (end of game week 1)

Last season I started game week 1 with 93 points and was over the moon with my start to the game. That was until I checked the overall leaderboard and saw that I was sitting around the 62,000 mark. This time around it’s the opposite. Starting with only 54 points felt so disappointing, and Spurs players let me down massively. I honestly thought the review of the game week was going to be all doom and gloom. Ironically, when looking at the overall leaderboard, I’ve actually started the season better than I did last year and made the second best start to a season that I’ve ever made. As a result I can’t be too disheartened. There were some real positives to take from the game week but also some real issues that will need addressing. The big question is when to bring in the likes of Fernandes and De Bruyne. I’d already decided to bring in Fernandes immediately – as a result I’ve taken out Alli already (more on him below). It’s a big concern not to have De Bruyne going into the game week but I’ve decided to take a calculated risk and leave him out for game week 2. Man City are playing Wolves and this is by no means an easy fixture. It will also give us one more week to evaluate where to take the team longer term as I’ve still got some question marks next to many of my players. 


Salah hat trick. Always nice to start the new season with some big points for a key player. I didn’t get an awful lot bang on during the first game week but picking Salah was something I certainly got right.

Two assists and a star man award gave Willian 12 points on his debut. More than happy with that – he was a player I’d identified very early on as being good value.

7 points for Aubameyang for a well taken goal. He’s likely to come out when Arsenal’s fixtures become more difficult but more than happy with his start.

I’d only planned to own Traore for game week 1 and didn’t have high expectations after seeing him start at wing back. However, he continued where he left off last season – he seems to get a 7+ rating every time he plays and picking up the star man award in the EFL Cup was a surprise bonus. On that basis, I’ll hold onto him for now. Although it was a little frustrating to see Wolves crash out of the cup given that Traore made the starting team.

Potential Issues:

I’m still massively surprised by how high the team is on the overall leaderboard considering how many players contributed zero or minus points, but anywhere here’s the negatives:

Spurs didn’t perform well against Everton. This resulted in their clean sheet being taken out and Alli and Kane scoring zero points. Four Spurs players returned zero across the game week. This was far from ideal. On the bright side, Doherty was only going to be a short term option anyway and I always knew Alli was a bit of a punt. Despite this, the Everton fixture was their most difficult one of the month, as a result I plan to give them another game week to see how they perform against Southampton – other than Alli, who I’ve replaced with Fernandes. One of my midfielders was always going to have to make way for Fernandes and Alli seems the obvious choice. He was taken off at half time and didn’t travel for the Europa League qualifier. I’m also keeping a close eye on Ben Davies, who’s position could be in jeopardy with Spurs potentially signing a new left back. I don’t really see this as a problem as there are plenty of options available for replacements. It’s also worth noting that although Alli and Doherty didn’t find the back of the net – they both came very close and it would be a very different write up had they both scored. It’s this very fine lines which make the difference between success and failure. 

Alisson and Alexander-Arnold picked up -2 points each. It could have been worse if I’d gone for more than 2 Liverpool assets but either way it wasn’t a great start. I think damage was fairly limited though due to their ownership being so high. They’ve not got easy fixtures on the horizon but I think it’s a case of riding the storm for now. In theory, if I plan to keep them for the season it doesn’t matter if their values fall because I’ve currently got no plans to take them out anyway. But it will be worth keeping an eye on.

Finally zero points for Havertz wasn’t bitterly disappointing. If I could swap him for De Bruyne without interfering with the rest of my team then I’d do this now. Unfortunately this isn’t on the cards. I’ve decided to give him another week, even if he’s dropped in the league, he should get a run out in the EFL Cup. 

Tips for Game Week 2

I personally think it’s too early to be making any rash changes and I don’t think there’s any obvious advice for game week 2. I can see value in people bringing in Fernandes and De Bruyne, I’ve just personally decided to hold fire on De Bruyne. This decision could be decided on the toss of a coin though, no one really knows how City will get on against Wolves so we are pretty much guessing at this stage and it could easily go either way. I’ve decided I want to see how it pans out and I’d like to have a bit more information before making too many changes to my team. Ideally, I want to know if Spurs are capable of a clean sheet against Southampton. Can Kane find the back of the net? And did Havertz just have a bad opening game and will he come back with a bang during game week 2? If Spurs let me down again and Havertz does very little then I’ll know it’s time to move them on. At the moment, I can’t say for certain with only 1 game week being completed. If I were to bring in De Bruyne, I’d need to downgrade Aubameyang or Kane this week to accommodate the move. At the moment I wouldn’t know which one to take out. Aubameyang has a good fixture on paper but then they get tough and Kane has some decent fixtures across the month. I also thought Werner started well but I understand he took a knock. I’d also like to see how he gets on against Liverpool if he does play. What I’m trying to say is I think there’s too many questions unanswered to be making 4-5 transfers already.

As I love a good graph, I’ve also plotted last season’s performance and compared it to game week 1 below. It shows progress on the overall leaderboard over each game week. Might make for interesting viewing over the season.

I’d also be interested in hearing everyone else’s thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I also was surprised to see traore pick up 11 points this week.. to lose 1-0 and pick up 8 points is massive.. makes me think if he played in an attacking position last game he could have picked up more points this week. Didn’t realise spurs fixture today didn’t count.. thought it was the reason there were 4 spurs players in your team. Kane goal could have been massive. Thanks for the review.

    1. Yeah it would have been good if it counted but it was always the play off round that counts. Which should be early October.

  2. can someone please tell me how to get the projected price rises on the dream team coach
    on my laptop.
    and where do you press to get in-depth player analysis. transfer recommendations.
    also detailed player comparisons.
    I am tearing my hair out trying to work this out😠

    1. It’s not great… I can see projected price changes on my iphone but not on my PC. Likewise I can view other peoples teams on my PC but not on my iphone! “In-depth player analysis, transfer recommendations & detailed player comparisons” I’m guessing could just be the standard Coach weekly email. Need to see some improvements to not class it as a complete shambles.

      1. thank god I not going completely mad.
        maybe just a bit.
        thanks for answering think I will get in touch with dream team
        through virtual system and ask for a refund on the
        fact its not fit for purpose.

        1. Think we’re all on a 30 day free trial so just cancel the subscription, doubt you’ll have paid your £9.99 yet. I’m going to hold fire for now in the hope it becomes clearer/as advertised as it could be a useful tool if done properly.

  3. Absolute 💩 show from the sun as per usual. Tierney 8 points up 0.2, Digne 15 points up 0.2, Boly 11 points… no change 😂

    You have to laugh cos it’s just pathetic

    1. Must be based on the fact that Digne and Boly both played 2 games and therefore 7.5 and 5.5 average whereas Tierney played one game and has an 8 average

  4. Will you have enough money to swap Alli for Fernandes? I’m thinking keep Alli and swap Traore for Fernades as Traore may not get many points against Man City. Alli may bring some points in with Southampton

    1. I’d already posted that I’ve done this move. It needed to be done Thursday evening before the prices changed

        1. I did know that Don. I did it last night so that anyone who follows my team exactly would have chance to make the same transfer. I didn’t think posting an update this morning would have given people much time.

    1. I made the transfer last night, when it was possible. Had to be done before prices changed this morning and I wanted to see how Traore got on before deciding what to do.

  5. Crikey! With this being my first season playing with the bigger swings in value this season, it seems to me that a couple of bad gameweeks can seriously damage our teams! Brutal…😬😳

    1. I don’t think this season is going to be like any other where the 0.3 price changes applied. Salah has scored a trick and still not got the full rise.

      I genuinely think it’s going to be impossible for the top priced players (5m+) to hold their price. Trent has taken the full hit of 0.3, even Jimenez, who scored 8 points, has dropped 0.2, the same as Son who scored 0.

      I’m a bit baffled by it all, it doesn’t seem consistent

      1. It’s going to be virtually impossible, I think it’s a massive lottery with such big price swings. I remember last time, I had a poor season and I put it down to bad luck than judgement. As soon as the smaller price changes came back, I then had two good seasons on the trot. Maybe it’s just me that finds it more of a lottery when the changes are so significant but it really doesn’t suit how I play the game.

    2. Chris. that’s one of the reasons I made 5 changes in team 1.
      4 changes in team to have gained 6ml by outing
      price droppers why I could, bringing in the big guns at the same time.
      my last transfer in team 2 is after this week aubam out for sterling.👍

      1. It’s going to be a difficult one to manage. Because what if the people who come in are due to drop next week? I think chasing value makes sense but it’s not sustainable for a long period of time.

      2. Certainly brave Don. It’ll be interesting to see if fortune favours the patient players or the Mavericks this season.

        1. all the players I have brought in are hopefully for the long term.
          the reason I was brutal this time is that I like to get in the players that
          I want while I have the funds to do so. this year is brutal with
          downgrading up to 03ml. I now hopefully have the players that
          I want,so will be a lot less brutal from now on. 🤔

  6. Just had a quick look at the top 100 teams. The team in third has Sebastian Haller in their team, I kid you not! 😳😱 Think I’ll leave it a few weeks before I check in again…😂

    1. All the top teams just gambled on all the teams playing twice and it seems to have paid off. I made 4 transfers last night, just too much value swing to be patient.

      1. I’d make a prediction that most of the teams who are at the top now won’t be there by the end of the season. It’s great to get off to a good start but I’ve been looking up a lot of people who are “elite” players – if there’s such a thing and they’ve not had the best start either in some cases. It’s a long season.

        1. The “elite” and “professional” players tend to give themselves those particular accolades. 😂😳

          I agree with the standings though. It’ll probably be a good few weeks before the standings truly start to take shape.

          1. 😂 – I’m happy with the elite highlighting themselves. It means I can have a good poke around at their teams. The ffstuff website appears to be showing transfers people made yesterday so I can see how they are approaching the game.

              1. I’m not going to name names but feel free to drop me a message on Facebook. The same names come up time and time again in terms of people who have historically always done well. Some shout about it more than others but when you’ve been in groups on Facebook, Twitter and browsed sites like Fiso, certain names do appear more often than others.

                1. What is the criteria to be an elite player? Hard to judge as no ranking system unlike FPL. Are you elite?

                  1. I think you’ve missed the point – elite was in ” as it was slightly tongue in cheek. As I say drop me a message

      1. Hi Fat Frank, ( Unfairly christened , by Lawlor, but he is an obnoxious bloke ! ) is there any reason player changes are not showing on your brilliant website ?? ( Would be nice to see that mass of white on my teams ! lol
        Appreciate your website & all your efforts with it.

    1. I’ve got no real plans yet, it depends what happens between now and Thursday. The players I’ll be watching closely are Doherty, Davies, Havertz, Kane and Aubameyang. I’ll be making a lot of changes at the end of the game week I’d imagine.

  7. What do people plan on doing with Davies now Reguilon has signed for Spurs? Not sure who will play their matches at LB now for them this week and slightly worried only having Fernandes of the Mancs…

      1. For who? Utd and Everton defenders will have already played and they would be my preference if I had to move now.

        1. I assumed he would be playing this weekend? I meant at the end of the game week if it looks likely that he’s going to be out of the team. The new Wolves defender could be a good option given their fixtures.

  8. With Jota seemingly signing for liverpool and the wolves upcoming fixtures. Podence as a 1.5m mid is ridiculous value. A team with him and Marcal could unlock some serious value

    1. Genuinely didn’t see this signing coming for Liverpool. Surely a peripheral player for Liverpool you’d imagine. It certainly opens up Podence as a genuinely good option now. 👌🏼


    2. Posted this in the other thread. Getting really attached to Podence now for that price and the potential Jota to Liverpool transfer.

      1.5m and a great run of fixtures, surely it’s worth a shot? Could rise in price massively id he does well.

      1. Worth seeing how he gets on against Man City but could be a good one for next week given Wolves fixtures.

  9. I agree. Podence is a good player in a good team at a price that will free up funds for the rest of the team and also won’t need much to rise in value

  10. I like the idea of bringing in bruno for dele, but i missed the timing and now dele is down 100k who do you recommend replacing doherty for? to make money for bruno. thanks

        1. Fixture wise I would be looking at leicester, Everton or man u.
          So I would say Castagne, Digne, Keane, Shaw or Lindelof.
          Castagne is the pick for increasing team value.
          Alternatively you could pick a man City player as an outside gamble. Walker is prob the safe choice for starts.

          1. I’d agree with that. I’ll probably replace Doherty with Shaw, Marcal or Castagne but will depend on what happens over the next game week.

            1. Looks like man u are buying Alex Telles who is a left back and I would expect to be first choice so Shaw may be a transfer in waiting.

              Marcal is a good shout, poor fixture this week and loves a yellow card but ignoring this week Wolves have great fixtures and he is clearly first choice

              1. Leicester play Man City next weekend so not a good time to bring in Leicester defender. Marcal I don’t know anything about but at 31 can he play every game at lwb. Doubts about shaw’s fitness and competition for lb place. Might as keep Doherty for another week as Spurs have Newcastle and the extra Europa game where they are likely to field a strong team as want to qualify. (If they make it that far). Not checked but possibly an extra EPL game next week. I think Aurier might be injured. Davies could be the one replacing with those defenders instead.

              2. That’s partly why I’ve held off transfers for another week. Just t gather a bit more info as I didn’t know they were in for a left back

                1. I don’t case my decision of bringing in a player on the fact they have 1 bad fixture upcoming. In the prem Leicester play Burnley west ham and Villa all at home in the next 4, all 3 of those teams are relatively low scoring. There are only 4 teams that don’t face one of the “big 6” in the next 3 prem games so most teams have one less attractive fixture

  11. Aguero possibly iut for two months. City play Wolves and Bournemouth this week whilst Arsenal play West Ham and Leicester.

    Aubameyang to Jesus this GW? 🤔

    1. Would be madness not to consider him now. Can often be a very frustrating player to own though at times, similar to Firmino in that regard. Think I’ll wait one more week to decide though as I reckon Auba could run riot today.

      Watching brief on Podence on Monday too. Being out of Europe & EFL Cup is a shame but a midfielder who’s playing essentially up front for Wolves at £1.5m feels like great value. Can he offer more consistency than Jota did in seasons gone by?

      1. Yeah I agree i woke up a little too excited at the chance of a regular City striker for 4.5m 😄

        I’ll park that idea for now. Going to wait one more week on City.

        Main mini league rival has gone straight in with all 5 transfers, some big calls. Trent out for Ake but Sterling, KDB, Bruno, Martial in. Has me panicking slightly 😳

        1. I am in exactly the same boat mate main rival has slotted in everyone and KDB, Sterling, Martial and he is a few points above me after first GW play the long game I suppose marathon not a sprint but can see KDB and Sterling having a blinder!

  12. looks like my assumption of Bale.
    just heard on TV that don’t worry fans he is not quite ready yet
    maybe 1 week possibly 4 just a small injury WHAT he aint played
    much for god sake. could be the biggest waste of dosh ever.
    think ToT should get there house in order and start buying
    more sensible than chasing shadows.

    only in my opinion folks.

  13. I can’t quite decide between Digne and Keane. Digne gets the assists and possible free kicks whereas Keane does get on the end of a few so has a potential to score especially looking at the fixtures for the next few weeks. Can anybody see any reason to start one over the other? Any advice always welcome thanks.

    1. I got both of them in my team but I favour the creativity and attacking skills of Digne. Everton look very dangerous on the left with Richarlison on that side. So I see Digne having two routes for assist – playing ball down for Richarlison to dribble and score or crossing (he likes to cross) for DCL to score in the middle or the far post for Rodriguez. He remind me of Robertson but at a cheaper price.

      Keane is good to bring in for value reasons as his price is set to increase at faster rate than Digne. Keane has no rotation risk as Everton have two central defenders injured and has played every minute of football since project restart.

  14. I’ve had a look around the comments and decided to go for podence. This gives me funds to swap Havertz with Bruno. Hopefully won’t be too far off DTT main team then after missing the Bruno alli transfer.

    1. Podence seems to be a sensible choice.

      Im in the same boat with chasing the missed Fernandes transfer, ill now need to make 2 to get him in.

      Im thinking of Havertz to Harvey Barnes for the other. Any opinions or any other suggestions guys?

  15. Hi Paul, I’ve got the same team as yourself except I went for Dier instead of Davies. I was planning on bringing bruno in but missed the Thursday transfer So I’m 1k short of being able to transfer him in for Alli ☹. Which way would you go about it now and do you know if spurs 3rd round euro qualifier counts. These price swings are going to make it tough this season.

  16. Price changes are brutal this season.

    Salah scores a hat trick and only rises 0.2 not the full 0.3. Boly and Traore both score 11 points each but only the midfielder rises. Podence scores 5 points but no rise, what has 1.5m player got to do? Podence an easy player to put in but difficult to replace unless your team is filthy rich. Most of my teams are worth less than 50m so looking to shop at Lidl rather than M&S for players this season.

    1. Exactly this. I can’t see any of the top players holding their price for long, especially if it’s only based on 2 weeks of scores.

      The Boly/Traore price change has particularly annoyed me, you would think it would be the cheaper player that rose out of the two, only difference is Traore got a star man so has that affected it?

      1. The star man shouldn’t have a bearing but not got the formula how things are calculated. Maybe an IT wizz can solve it.

        On another subject, District what is a Leicester player doing in your non euro team? I know you like Everton but only three of their players allowed.

        1. Complete oversight on both counts, genuinely had no idea of the 3 player per team rule. Had to rush all my transfers before 7 on friday morning. Only got one transfer left for this month so will remove Castagne before he plays but won’t be able to do anything about the everton players until the end of the month. I will transfer Castagne to a non playing player to try to make up for the oversight. Apologies to all

          1. You can transfer the leicester defender to a playing non euro one.

            I will give penalties – knock off the highest scoring Everton player points and -10 points for going 1 player over.

            I will make a table manually during the international break.

            1. No need to do that mate, you can’t do that all season, i’ll just tank my team so it’s inconsequential

              1. Didn’t realise you were doing that anyway. I’ll accept my punishment and carry on. If you let me know the minus score I will put it in my team name so it’s easy to see 👍

  17. Changed my mind again. Now going alli to Harvey Barnes and havertz to fernandes. Much less risk than podence I think ….

  18. DTT – any chance of adding a scroll to bottom button at the top , or does something exist that I’m missing? Just when I look on my phone it can take an age to scroll to the bottom to look at the later comments


    1. I’ll have a look and see if I can do that – sounds like a good idea. I’m not overly techy as the website is pretty much an out of the box solution but I’ll see what I can do.

      1. I’ll take a look into this but it’s a nice problem to have 😂 not many blogs get the level of comments which this one does

  19. Sorry chaps as I know a lot of you were hoping for an Everton clean sheet but I’m delighted with West Brom scoring

    1. Same but not overly happy by James scoring and Calvert lewins grabbing a hatrick as rival has both of them in my league. Could be 2 decent and pretty cheap options throughout the season.

    2. 😂 My heart did sink when I saw that come up on my phone. Thankfully Keano stepped up to the plate and cushioned the blow… 😅

          1. 😂 as much as I’d like to see everyone do well on here, I’d still rather come out on top

  20. Hey any chance you could make a subscriber button where an email or something is sent automatically to everyone when you make a new post.. know a lot of people missed the transfer but if an email is sent out when you update will keep everyone on board! 🙂

    1. I’d love to and appreciate how useful it would be but I’ve considered it before. It’s just no feasible to implement – if I charged more to subscribe for the season I could make it slicker but based on the cost its not really possible. It can be difficult enough to post about a transfer when I’m out, getting it emailed out as well would be too time consuming. I do see the advantages of it though – and I do have sympathy for those who missed the transfer but at the same time it should have been fairly obvious I’d make one on Thursday evening and it was posted in good time. Although I post transfers in advance I also wouldn’t recommend following my team exactly – my posts are meant as a talking point. I’ve never claimed to be an expert in the game, I’m better at proving the platform to discuss it than I am at playing it.

      1. If people join the DTT Facebook group they would get a notification if you post a link to any new blog pages on there, like you did on Thursday.

  21. Right guys, thoughts please… with Aguero out for possibly another 6-8 weeks its likely Jesus will start most games for City… I was originally planning on keeping Kane and moving AUB to Werner next week but am now wondering whether to go Kane to Jesus for this DGW to try and capitalise early… Jesus only 2.3% owned and £4.5m!

  22. Shocking start to the season for me, weirdly it’s probably the happiest i’ve ever been with my team at this point.

    My Best team so far is my no europe players team 😂

    1. I was just about to say the same thing 😂 my non euro team is well ahead of my main team.

    1. 😂 Same here mate! Not many would have predicted that result tbf though with Palace’s patched up defence. I did keep him in one team though as insurance. Still gutted I took him out my main team though…

      Ironically it looks like the “extra break” has backfired for United. Could Wolves also catch City cold tomorrow?

      1. It’s annoying but Bruno is a player you can’t afford to not have really isn’t he. He’ll come good.

        Hopefully Wolves can catch City cold yes. I’m sticking with leaving the City players out until next week at least. Maybe that’s more with my heart being a Wolves fan but it isn’t the easiest start for City.

        Like someone said on another thread, I can leave them out and if they do well get them in before they rise.

        My only saving grace was that Schlupp got the Star man award. Zaha seems to struggle with the ratings, obviously isn’t favoured by the WhoScored algorithm.

    1. Can’t be too many points on the board for most people today you’d assume? Not a clean sheet in sight and the bigger names not performing.

  23. I was considering holding Aubameyang until after that Sheff Utd game but after watching tonight I’m gonna have to ditch before that Liverpool game I think . He played soooo wide it was ridiculous, seldom having any opportunity to get into the box to have any chances of his own.

    1. I think I’ll probably move him on as well now. Should hold his value at the end of the week hopefully though?

      1. Will he hold his value? He has potentially the Leicester fixture but if he does nothing there then there’s a chance he goes down in value for me. 7 points gave him a no change. 5 points in 2 games could be a drop. Even if he doesn’t play in the week or plays and gets 3 points, I think he’ll go down still. Maybe not worth the risk and change him Thursday?

  24. DTT Do you have any plans to get Sterling in or are you going to just chance not having him for the time being? KDB alone enough City coverage?

    1. I could get him in but there’s not much point planning too far ahead as with each game that goes by everything changes. I was looking at Shaw for example but after yesterday I’m not as convinced. But I could find a way to getting Sterling – Traore to Barnes would free up plenty of funds.

  25. Not that I’ve still got him but Alli left out of the squad completely again today. Strange one to say the least

  26. anyone onboard that the penalty given to C P against M.U it
    was outrageous to say the least.
    then you watch arsenal one not given against them when it was a dam
    sight worse than the m.u one.

    why not have anything to do with hand ball being left
    to the Ref and linesman.
    only use VAR on pushing and tripping players and offsides.

  27. Owners of Spurs defenders – is it time to stick or twist? Newcastle up next but almost certain to drop in value again.

      1. Yeah I think Doherty will be the one that comes out. He was only a short term punt for me anyway

  28. Twist! Who do you bring in though?

    Havertz 3.3M= Rodriguez 3.5M

    Doherty 3.8M=Ake 2.5M

    Davies 1.9= Marcal 1.7M

    That gives 1.3 million in the bank.

    Drop Auba gives you 7.8Million. Bring in Sterling at 7.5 and leaves you with 0.3 M in the bank.

    1. I’ll be looking to see who’s bought who in, in the big mini league I’m in but I’m likely to make all four changes at the end of the week now. I like Marcal at 1.7m and can see you’ve mentioned Barnes in a separate comment – I’m loving him as an option and was so close to putting him in from the start. I might go De Bruyne over Sterling or even try and get both in. Not sure about Ake but we will see if he starts tomorrow. I like Rodriguez but we can’t have them all.

      1. Barnes looking such great value. Thought Castagne impressed again today for Leicester too. Gets forward so well.

  29. Barnes looking very bright tonight, lots of play going through him. Could be a interesting player at that price. I know dtt has highlighted him previously.

  30. Quite a productive weekend Paul, my gung-ho approach not working just yet, must say Mick comes up with some really good options for the team, that penalty save by Allison was massive, on another day Chelsea score big pts swing.

    1. Yeah big slice of luck with the penalty save – just what I needed. Very glad I stayed patient (until De Bruyne scores big tomorrow). Mick has thrown in some great options, I do like the sound of Marcal at 1.7m in particular.

  31. Bringing Barnes in gives us more dosh in the bank. Barnes is 2.0M So he should go up in value. If Barnes was to come in instead of Rodriguez. We’d have 1.8M in the bank to go towards KDB in Oct transfer window.

    1. I’ll almost certainly being Barnes in for Havertz. Can only hope Havertz gets some time in the EFL Cup now. He was taken off because of the red card wasn’t he? Bit unfortunate but I’d rather take the clean sheet.

  32. I dunno about you guys but I haven’t seen much from Werner so far I know the red card killed the game today and he is a great enabler at 4m for Auba to free up some cash but Auba will outscore him surely over the season. My other two strikers are Salah and Kane same as DTT. There are a few other options I suppose the likes of Martial, Greenwood, Jesus, Vardy just need to make the right call.

  33. My team. 1.2m in bank. 3 transfers left
    Trent Davies Doherty
    Willian Barnes traore bruno
    Mo Kane auba

    Any recommendations on transfers. I’ll have to leave one spurs defender in which could be a problem.

    1. Davies, Willian, Auba out?

      KDB, Marçal & DCL in?

      Should get nice value rises from DCL for a while and good fixtures ahead.

      1. Tbh I hadn’t thought about taking Willian out at all. Defo going to get kdb in, not sure what striker I will downgrade auba to yet tho ….

  34. Gameweek saved from disaster today by Allison (even though I don’t own him in my main team) and a certain Mr Barnes. 😅

    Just watching MOTD2. Very impressed with Brighton and I can see United having their work cut out there next GW. Lamptey is an absolute baller.

  35. What are you Werner owners doing? I’m going to stay patient with him for now. I always wanted to play the long game with him and the fixtures get better now for Chelsea so I’m not changing my strategy. He’s just about showing enough promise for me and I think against the lesser teams he’ll begin to find the back of the net.

  36. both Barnes and Castagne in my 2 teams.
    Barns not getting star man is mind boggling.
    Castagne only getting 6.9 is a mystery.

  37. Gundogan latest City player to test positive for Covid-19. Does this increase the chances of KDB playing a deeper role?😳

    1. I hope so – what’s your thoughts on Foden in for Traore? If Foden starts and Traore is right wing back

      1. I think Foden could represent great value over the course of this season with his current price, whether it be in Dilva’s vacated no.8 role OR to the right of the central striker.

        To put him up against Traore though is a VERY tough call, whether Traore is RWB or not. Given that City have a tough run of fixtures and Wolves’s look great after tonight over the next few GW’s, this one could be a coin toss. Wolves are out of the EFL cup though (and not in Europe) so that might JUST swing the pendulum Foden’s way.

        Like I say though it could be a very close run thing.

          1. Completely 50/50 at the moment but as you say it’s not clear cut. Might just be change for change sake. Tempted to save the transfer now given its pretty much impossible to judge and could go either way

      2. Could Zaha be an option to replace Havertz? Everyone seems to be Jumping on the bring in KDB bandwagon. Could Sterling be the man. Likes a hatrick every now and then. What do you reckon Paul?

        1. I was leaning towards Sterling more than KDB at the start of the season but the point was made to me that there are plenty of options for strikers who will hit good points. The problem with midfielders are there aren’t many who will match KDB. I hadn’t considered this but I tend to agree now. I may try to accommodate both to be honest.

  38. It could go either way and I’d say isnt worth wasting a transfer. Expecting a tight game, with foden more likely to be part of the midfield 3.

    Traore more explosive and historically has done damage. See he often starts in a wing back role before moving to more advanced areas later in the game.

    I went the zaha route, but a tricky one for those that didnt. More interested in watching Marcal and Podence

    1. I’m coming around to that way of thinking as well now. It literally could go either way so is probably a waste.

      1. If your planning on bringing foden for traore you should have a look at ferran torres. City’s new signing only 2m, watched him vs athletico and he ripped them apart. If he starts tonight could be a very good bargain.

  39. Reading an article in The Athletic (great six months trial offer on at the moment for £1 per month for the first six months).

    Talking about United’s defence, their apparent weakness and lack of quality/strength in depth at centre-back. Because they have quite a number of central defenders on the books they are very reluctant to look to strengthen that area apparently. Could be a massive mistake in my eyes.

  40. Thiago looked so good yesterday, unreal bit of business by liv. Just don’t think he will score a lot on dream team but he may well be the difference to another title for us.

  41. Apparently Spurs’s clash with Orient may be cancelled after a number of O’s players tested positive for Covid-19.

    This could all get ugly very soon with PL fixtures being cancelled & individuals testing positive if this current upsurge continues. Might be worth holding onto a few transfers next month…😬

    Of course it’s all inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.

  42. I am so tempted to hold onto Kane Salah Auba up top regardless of the Arsenal fixtures and go with a cheap midfielder to accommodate De Bruyne… Got a few decisions to make.

    1. Really liked the look of Podence after watching the game last night. Hes going to be some player this season. Was getting into really good areas and had at least 3 big chances. He was drifting in to very central areas as a shadow striker

      The fact he actually nutmegged star of the show Kdb and then crossed in the assist about summed it up!

      I thought Troare had a decent game, but I think hes playing way too deep in his current role in terms of points scoring potential.

      It goes without saying KDB is world class and levels above anyone else in that city team. Never spending more than this week out of my team

      Foden has a great game as well, will tick over nicely this season but no doubt suffer a degree of rotation. Nice to see him back playing so well after the england antics. Fitted by into a similar role that saw him score 6 goals since the restart

      Shame about the Marcal injury. Looked fairly innocuous. Suspect its muscular with him pulling up and signalling to cone off immediately after only 8 mins

      1. Agree with all of that Ryan. It’s the first time I’ve watched a whole game involving Wolves this season. Whilst Traore still offers some threat, it’s more difficult for him to influence things playing that little bit deeper (based on last night). Think I’ll pass on him as an option now until they manage to bring in another RWB to free him up once more.

        KDB is just a joy to watch.

        Podence could be a great alternative to Barnes for those looking for cheap midfielder. Played sooo advanced too. Might stick him in one of my alternative teams as I have Barnes now in my main team.

  43. Shite decision to leave out KDB for an extra week to have a look at city assets. Lost some ground in the mini leagues due to this one. Jesus scoring as well. One more game on Thursday against Bournemouth which could add more serious damage.

    Fingers crossed he leaves KDB, Sterling out. Wish I would have done the Auba to Jesus transfer but still early days. Just wondering where I’ll be able to gain points this season as everyone seems to be going with the same midfield.

    Current transfer thoughts,

    Eric Dier to KDB
    Havertz to Foden/Mahrez
    Aubameyang to Jesus

    Possibly all before the prices changes.

    1. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. If we had left out Bruno we’d all now being saying what a brilliant decision it was. I’ll just KDB in for Willian this week and move on.

      Wolves were so poor in that first half. If they had played more like they did in second half it could have been a different game. KDB ran the show and needs to be the first name on team sheet for next week. I wouldn’t really say any of the other City assets particularly shone out last night individually, it was more of a team performance. As we all know though any one of them can haul at any given moment.

      Podence is fun to watch!

  44. It sure is. KDB is the one who is probably essential so just a little disappointed not to get him straight in. Like you say hindsight is a wonderdul thing, could have turned out worse to bar a much improved second half Wolves performance.

    Are you still planning on moving Aubameyang Chris?

    Podence doesn’t look a snip at that price and transferring him in for Havertz instead of Foden/Mahrez/Rodriguez could allow Aubameyang to Sterling instead of Jesus.

    Still think Jesus could be good for a month whilst hoping that Sterlings price drops slightly.

    1. Yeah, think I’m going to go Auba to Kane. Ironically that game against Soton made Kane appeal to me more than Son. Looking at the fixtures, Spurs face teams not really known for their high press and after witnessing what Son did to Soton, I’m pretty sure they will be dropping back a little more. This should benefit Kane, giving him the time to take up those positions in the box where we all know he can be so deadly. Just hope he can get the service he needs though. I also predict that when Bale bursts onto the scene, this can only be of benefit to Kane. Spurs also have that “extra” Europa play-off fixture that they can hopefully progress through.

      That’s my logic anyway. It may well be floored but I like to have some kind of logic backing up my decisions.

  45. Just reading about Leyton Orient, apparently 18 players and staff have tested positive for Covid-19! Surely that EFL game against Spurs needs to be called off now?

    My team (Mansfield) are lodging a formal complaint against Orient (we played them at the weekend) as apparently a number of their players were complaining of “feeling unwell” before the game yet this was not flagged up. 🙄

    What chance have we got of getting control of this thing when idiotic acts like this are taking place?! 🤬

    1. The Guardian understands that Mansfield plan to lodge a formal complaint with the EFL, arguing that Orient players should have been tested before Saturday’s match given their manager, Ross Embleton, revealed there were a “number of people suffering with illnesses” pre-match.


      1. Incidentally, if the Spurs game is called off tonight, they would just get a bye into the next round with The O’s being eliminated.

        1. Although the O’s Chairman has come out and said it should be rescheduled so who knows? 🤷‍♂️

  46. That Spurs game will be off now.

    After a very frustrating couple of game weeks, it was ended with some positives form KDB, who I know a lot of people on here are delaying his inclusion. His value should increase now seeing his break even score was 4 (he scored 15), so may become unreachable for some people, I guess that’s the risk these early days. I feel I need to do the same with Sterling although his value will prob stay the same.

    Definitely got my eye on Jesus now Aguero is out for 2 months. City will be the main challengers to Liverpool again this season.

    1. Presuming Sterling doesn’t play the EFL Cup game I’d expect his value to drop tbh as he only mustered two points. A £7.5m valued player needs more than that to hold their value surely?

  47. Seen few people say that traore should come out for playing too deep. Wolves are about to sign Nelson Semedo from Barca who plays rb or rwb. This will push traore forward so maybe hold on the traore transfer out…

    1. Decent point that LC. I wasn’t aware of Wolves bringing in a RWB. The big question will be just how quickly he’ll be introduced though? It’ll all depend on what kind of pre-season he’s had I guess.

    2. Semedo should be signed by Wolves within the next couple of days. I should imagine he will go straight into RWB next week as it was plainly obvious Traore did not want to keep getting back to do the defensive side of things last night. Oscar Burr just isn’t at the same level as our other alternative.

      Seeing as Nelson Semedo was Barcelona’s first choice right back last year, I’d say he goes straight in, but as you say fitness may be a slight issue. The pace down the right side with them two could also be explosive!

      The only other consideration may be that Semedo coming in could actually hinder Traore’s playing time. Podence and Neto have started alright on the wings and there was many a game last year that Traore started on the bench and came on around 60 minutes. He was getting at least a 7 rating just from those 30 minutes most of the time though. One to keep an eye on. I’m going to stick with him for now. Probably not worrh it as much when European games start.

      1. why would traore not start? Everytime I watch wolves his the best player on pitch by a mile. Created bout 3 chances for them score yesterday playing rb, if his further up pitch he should score heavily.

        1. Yes, you would think so. Maybe Nuno will have more faith in him this year, but last year he was on the bench a lot. To be honest, as a fan, last year Traore generally didn’t perform that great when he started games, but was always exceptional when he came on for those last 30 minutes. Maybe it’s so he can go full steam at tired legs.

          Let’s see what happens. I’d guess Neto would miss out if Traore stayed in with a Semedo at RWB.

  48. One player making it onto my watchlist from last nights game is Nathan Ake. A good, steady, assured debut and if there is a place for him in the team alongside Laporte (we’re all aware of the left-footed argument), then at £2.5m he looks like a no brainer. Will hold off for now though and see what happens when Laporte returns, plus the fixtures still remain relatively tough from a defensive point of view.

    Another thing Ake has going for him is that he can also play left-back. Maybe there will be games when he’s shifted from CB to LB so maybe this only further adds to his appeal as an option.

    1. I agree, Ake is probably the only City defender I would consider that’s good value. Laporte would be, but too expansive for what I want to do with my main team.

  49. I’ve just had it confirmed by dream team support that “The projected price is given at the start of a week and will not change until the next game week.”

    Can’t see any point in paying for this if it doesn’t provide a shred of real information and is purely just predictions, unless anyone knows something I don’t?

    1. Thanks for sharing though District. At least we now know for certain that Coach is a complete waste of money. 👍🏻

  50. Lost track of the comments over the past day or so. Just wanted to post a quick update to my spreadsheet that analyses a mini league I’m in. It’s got over 200 teams and some fairly experienced players. I’ve been tracking ownership of certain players to help with my logic in terms of making decisions. I won’t be following it to make transfers – as there is little point in jumping on a bandwagon after the event but it’s useful to have a full picture of the players who are rising and falling in ownership. If anyone is interested, the link is

  51. I was going to bring in the new Wolves left back for their good run of fixtures but noticed he came off injured. Has anyone heard if this is a longer term injury or a knock? I would ideally like him or Vinagre for a short while

  52. I don’t want to say it but someone talk me out of leaving the two Spurs defenders in 😂
    Here’s the logic, yes they are going to drop in value but they do face Newcastle this weekend and should have a Europa League fixture during the game week.
    Arsenal and Liverpool play each other. Man City play Leicester. I’m struggling to see how they can’t be the best choices for this game week or is this complete madness?

      1. I’m considering:

        Auba out, Werner in
        Willian out, Barnes or Podence in
        Havertz out, De Bruyne in

        That would leave me one transfer. I could take Davies out for anyone up to 3m or 2.5m depending on if I go for Podence or Barnes. Leicester play City though, which puts me off Barnes right now but I could put him in at the start of next month.

  53. I see no issue at all with the Spurs defenders DTT. Bookies odds show them at the top of any clean sheet odds and then the additional European fixture which is a must win game. Before United away seems a natural time to get rid

    Just taking a look at some transfers . . .
    Havertz to KBD- No brainer- At least we have clarity he appears the best option and playing in a advanced num 10 role
    Auba to Werner – perfect time to switch with he fixtures. Should be on pens now afrer the liverpool game.

    Willian to Podence- Looked really threatening over the last 2 weeks, getting into some dangerous areas and playing as a shadow striker. Wolves fixtures are ideal

    Like Barnes as well but prefer Podence with the upcoming fixtures. I’d wait for Leicester coverage until after the city game. October fixtures at home to westham/villa before Europa starting at the end of the month looks ideal

    I’ve got Zaha as well who could be Barnes when I decide to make the switch . . .but I cant take him out when hes scoring so well

    Shame about Marcal pulling up, signalled to come off immediately. Appears to be muscular but more precautionary . . . could rule him out for the next week or so which is annoying. Looks to be an oct transfer in the making, wolves still amongst the top performing defences statistically

    One sept remaining transfer is Dier/Doc out after this GW to Robbo/castagne/wolves defender . . .the second spurs defender to be addressed with the Oct transfer allocation.

    Keeping a really close eye on robbo the last few weeks. Hes been outperforming trent on the eye and statistically. . . and now on some set pieces. The Thiago signing likely to make them more defensively solid. So tempted to get him in before he unobtainable

    1. Just to play devils advocate, with Wolves bringing in Semedo is there a chance that Podence will have to share minutes with Traore?

      While Werner has looked relatively sharp, Chelsea on the whole look like they need a few weeks to gel together fully. Surely there has to be an argument for picking Jesus over Werner?

      1. I’m favouring Jesus and even Calvert lewin over Werner atm. Looked like he lacked confidence at weekend when running up against fabinho. Could’ve ran straight at alisson and shot with his left foot but decided to stop and try get past fab many times.
        Jesus looked sharp and let’s face it he plays for a much better side. Aguero our injured, he should be a regular for a while. Calvert lewin also full of confidence, playing in front of James and very cheap.

      2. For me it’s between Werner and Jesus, given that Aguero is out. But Werner edges it at the moment. Jesus can blow very hot and cold. I guess we could say the same for Werner considering he’s not scored yet though.

    2. I think we are almost perfectly aligned with our thoughts Ryan. I’m considering exactly the same transfers with Podence slightly ahead of Barnes. I’m tempted to have both through October but leaving Barnes until after Leicester have played Man City at the weekend.

  54. I certainly think Podence has played his way into being first choice at present for the foreseeable. I dont know how he hasn’t scored in the first 2 games. Hes been the best wolves player on the pitch and unlucky only to have 2 assists to his name

    I think when Semedo signs, he may need a week or two to build match fitness/learning the system before slotting in at RWB.

    I then see podance and Troare both playing with Jimmy leading the line. Neto would then drop to the bench and provide some level of rotation but he is far down the pecking order in reality.

    I think the danger with holding Troare is you dont know when semedo will come in and play week in week out . . .all the time you have him in a defensive role

    Wolves have possibly the easiest 5 league fixtures possible . . . I want in on some of those points. Westham (A) Fulham (H) leeds (A) New (H) palace (H). Podence is playing, scoring well and it’s his place to lose . . . I cant see that happening with those fixtures

    I think Werner is a season long pick. He has looked good, just needs the creativity behind him to click in gear. I think he is the main man and will be on pens following the liverpool miss. More star man potential

    Jesus isnt a bad option by all means. Just dont rate him as highly as Werner and think attacking returns will be shared. Citys fixtures somewhat mixed compared to the next 3 for chelsea. Transfer waiting to happen down the line

    1. I’ll probably end up with Traore and Podence. Despite Traore playing in a more defensive role, he still seems to always get rated. I think he could have a good month with those fixtures where ever he plays.

  55. Hi guys interested in your thoughts especially dtt and Chris Sutton. Missed the alli-Fernandes transfer last week going to take alli out before price change for someone guaranteed to rise in price to make up the money to then put fernandes in. Just wondering who you guys thought should be guaranteed to rise this week? I was thinking zaha? Any thoughts

    1. Not that I’d encourage you to follow my team but it sounds like you were following it originally but missed the transfer – as a heads up I can’t see me going for Zaha although I can see why you would. If you were looking for a cheaper option Podence and Barnes are head of Zaha for me at the moment.

  56. I think the 5 per month transfer rule, has made it more difficult to win our mini leagues, even when you take into account suspensions & injuries, the more astute player’s could comfortably manage with 3, the average/mediocre players are going to be more difficult to pull away from, make bad judgement on a player, never mind, I have plenty transfers to play with, I guess it all comes down to the sundreamteam trying to get more people to participate & not lose interest half way through the season.

  57. Just checked the line-ups for tonight and I’m amazed (and pleased) to see Pickford, Digne and Keane all start! 😍

    Cue the Fleetwood 2nd minute goal! 😂😳

  58. Hi Chris it’s the same team as dtt’s apart from I missed the alli transfer So 0.1 m down. Yes as DTT says I’m trying to bring my team back into line with his. I know I’m like a sheep following him transfer for transfer but found it weirdly interesting last season.

    1. I’d be tempted to look at Foden personally. I think his minutes this season will be greatly increased and his price will surely only travel one way in general. 👆

        1. 😂 I’ll make a third wish, getting greedy now. No minutes for De Bruyne or Sterling tonight

          1. Pep already said he’s playing a lot of academy players tonight so I think you might get your wish. I’d expect Mahrez to start along with some of the more peripheral names, then kids filling in the blanks.

  59. Hatty for Havertz. Well played to all those that held onto him! 👏

    Fleetwood bag another.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I’m just going to throw up in the corner…🤢😂

      1. It’s given me a problem as I’d planned to take him out but it’s a great problem to have

  60. First post. Thanks for all the advice and comments from everyone.

    Kdb price is probably going to go up so thinking if make the sub tonight to beat the rise.

    TAA, Bellerin, Davies
    Havertz, Traore, Bruno, Willian
    Salah, Auba, Kane

    Willian —> Kdb
    Auba —> Werner

    Doing this tonight would leave 0.8m in the bank and 2 subs left.Any advice greatly appreciated. Torn between Werner or Jesus.

    1. That’s exactly what I’d be doing – I can’t afford to do that without taking out another player as well though. I’d also be tempted to look at Bellerin

      1. Thanks DTT. Yep Bellerin will be gone before the Liverpool game . Hopefully his price doesn’t drop on Friday. Havertz gets one more week but likely to ship out for Barnes/Podence.

        Bellerin possibly for Vinegra? Marcal is injured so may mean Vinegra gets some game time. Ake also on the radar. Havertz will probably go end of the month to Barnes/Podence .

  61. must admit I took a battering 👊 last night as not one of
    my players played.
    just goes to show you we will all get ups and downs.
    tomorrow is another day.

    1. I’m with you on that one brother. As bad of an evening as I can remember! It was that bad I actually found it quite funny in the end. It was as if someone had written a script to completely decimate my GW! 😂

      We lick our wounds, dust ourselves down and live to fight another day. Let’s do this! 💪


  62. Morning all, I’m looking to make some changes tonight so thought it would be useful to share where I’m at with my thinking. I can see three options:

    Option 1:
    Aubameyang out, Werner in
    Willian out, De Bruyne in
    Doherty out, Digne/Castagne/Keane/Chilwell in

    Disadvantages: 3 transfers required
    Losing Doherty when Spurs have good fixtures this week coming. Then difficulty is choosing a defender to replace Doherty as Everton aren’t keeping clean sheets but are fielding a strong team in the EFL Cup, Leicester have a difficult fixture and Chilwell is returning from injury but Chelsea have a good fixture.

    Option 2:
    Aubameyang out, Calvert-Lewin in
    Willian out, De Bruyne in

    Advantages: Only two transfers are required
    Retain Spurs defenders for easier fixtures and remove after GW3
    Disadvantage: Has to be a cheaper striker so DCL is the only real option but he will rise in price. Big risk considering Werner’s ownership and Chelsea play West Brom.
    Further transfers would be required as DCL is no a long term option for me

    Option 3:
    Aubameyang out, Werner in
    Willian out, De Bruyne in
    Traore out, Podence/Barnes in

    Advantage: Retain Spurs defenders for easier fixtures
    Plenty of cash in the bank to swap Doherty and Davies as next transfers
    Disadvantage: Losing Traore is a big blow. BUT Wolves do only have 1 fixture this week, whereas most teams have two. If Podence comes in, he does offer some cover but not a certain starter.

    1. Thats a real tough choice is that dtt. I was ready to say option 1 but they all seem viable really. I’d probably choose a striker who will be playing in Europe soon which would rule out DCL but I do think he is a very good option and will gain good value.

      1. I think I’m going to go for the third option. Not sure why but it just feels like a good approach with some flexibility built in.

    2. I think it’s got to be option 3!

      Defo worth backing Spurs for one last game week. . .given the last few weeks of disappointment! Feel like this week has to make up for it

      Great week to keep/add chelsea assets. WBA worst statistically in terms of expected goals against. Perfect opportunity to keep havertz after he performance in the league cup

      Love Podence as an option . . . As everyone knows!

      Anyone got or got any thoughts on Zaha?
      Hes done a fine job the first couple of weeks . . . But is it time to move away after his price rise with Everton, Chelsea away up next and no game in the league cup? Podence and Barnes look great options for the coming month

      1. I’m considering doubling up with Barnes and Podence in the future so not considering Zaha at the moment. I’m thinking option 3 as well.

    3. What are your thoughts on Jimenez in over Werner considering wolves’ nice upcoming fixtures?

      1. Could certainly do well but with plenty of options in those Striker position he’s fairly far down my list at the moment.

  63. Anyone still thinking of taking havertz out? I know he scored 3 but was only against Barnsley. Saying that Willian probs has to go aswell

    1. I think he needs a bit more time now. A lot of people talk about growing budget – he’s going to increase in price for sure and he’s also scored us points. On paper that makes him hard to take out for the time being as he’s ticked both boxes – even if he only did it with 1 game.

      1. Because I missed the alli to fernandes first transfer I’ve already take havertz out and have Harvey Barnes in with fernandes. Do u think I should bother getting havertz back in?

        1. I personally wouldn’t have him had he not hit that hat trick. I think that was lucky as well. He probably only played mid week because he got taken off early at the weekend.

  64. I missed the Ali to fernandes switch on the Thursday but ended up after taking Ali and Davies out for fernandes and Mina with the latter not working out and also kane for Richarlison which has been ok and I’ll be looking to put kane back in very soon. I have 2 transfers left and I’ve taken willian and aubameyang out for de bruyne and Werner so my team is
    De bruyne
    I have 1.5 million left I’m hoping richarlison can gain extra value soon as and need a cheap replacement for Mina

  65. Hi all, thought I’d share my transfer plans for this week.

    I’m basically torn between a couple of options that I believe will improve my team either way but your opinions would be great.

    Current team:

    I’ll start with the players I’m considering to take out and try and give some reasoning behind my thoughts.

    Pickford – I still think he is a decent budget option but because I have Lucas Digne I don’t think I want the double Everton defense. I’m happy with Digne as my defensive asset from them, plus he regularly gets a 7+ rating and offers some attacking threat. I expect Pickfords price to drop this week following -2 points which could provide an opportunity to get Alisson in for 3.3m, meaning I will essentially get him for 3.1m and he is the set and forget for the season.

    Dier – Again I can see Spurs keeping some clean sheets going forward but I’m already tired of seeing minus points in my defense following teams conceding more than 1 goal. He makes way for me to go back to a 3-4-3 formation.

    Aubameyang – Slightly underperformed if you ask me and his fixtures turn so its a relatively easy decision to move him on, for who is the real question. I am currently torn between Jesus or Kane.

    Willian – Same as Auba really, not too kean on his short term fixtures but he does offer multiple routes to points from being on set pieces. Depends on my other transfers whether he stays or not.

    Havertz – The hatttick changed things massively for me and we should now see his price rise. Chelsea have a good run of fixtures now so it could be his and Werners time to shine. He will be staying for now.

    Here are my options,

    Pickford to Alisson
    Dier to KDB
    Aubameyang to Jesus.
    Dier to KDB
    Willian to Foden/Podence/anyone around 4.5 mill really.
    Auba to Kane.

    Im currently leaning towards option 1 which allows me to get Alisson for cheaper and leave him for the season. It also allows me extra time to find the midfielder to bring in for Willian that I will be happy with.

    Thoughts welcome on this, especially Kane/Jesus choice. Its a tricky one is that, Kane could have that extra game as well 🤔

    1. I like Kane as an option with Newcastle and the Europa League playoff fixture next week but there’s no certainty that he will do well across those games. I do like the idea of bringing Alisson in for the season as well though. It’s a bit of a tough one as it could go either way. I’d personally probably go for option 2.

      1. Thanks for your thoughts dtt. Yeah I totally agree it could go either way really, I do think both options will improve my point scoring. I like Kane as well to be honest but what’s attaching me more to Jesus is the amount of chances City create.

  66. Any thoughts on a defender for me?

    I need to get rid of Tierney I reckon.
    I have. City n Liverpool defender with him.
    One of my sides has a nothing itb
    And the other 1.3m

    Thanks in Advance

    1. The defenders I was looking at were Chilwell (good fixtures), Digne/Keane (both played in the EFL Cup but didn’t manage a clean sheet across the game week) and Castagne (don’t fancy him against Man City though)

        1. Semedo (2.5) Wolves new right back looks a good prospect. They’ve got decent upcoming fixtures but they’re out of the league cup.

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