Review of Game Week 1

Review of Game Week 1

GW Points: 75
Overall Points: 75
Overall Rank: 33,609
Transfers: Bertrand out, Tanganga in (after the game week had finished)

Overall I’d say the team has made a solid start. I’m ranked better than I was after game week 1 last season and the majority of the early selection have paid off. Some things didn’t go to plan and I feel like I’m 16 points down already. 8 from Bertrand, who was surely going to start if he hadn’t picked up Covid. This was just unfortunate and could have happened to any player. He was still a good choice so no regrets over that one. I originally had Greenwood as well, he picked up 8 points whereas Kane picked up nothing. I did appreciate the fact that Kane was unlikely to feature at the weekend but I did think he might take part midweek as a bit of a preseason friendly type game. On that basis, I don’t regret picking him but will probably move him on this weekend. A quick note on both, I didn’t panic on either player when it became fairly obvious that they weren’t going to feature. I considered Cash for Bertrand straight away but resisted. Cash then blanked. I resisted Man City midfielders because I thought it would be difficult to pick the point scorer against Spurs and the ones I considered picked up nothing. I also resisted any players from tonight’s Europa Conference League – again most blanked. At this stage in the season, nothing is going to be won or lost over a few points so I wanted to take stock before making any changes.


8 points each for Alisson and Alexander-Arnold. Can’t ask for much more than that

28 points from Fernandes, hard to imagine why anyone wouldn’t pick him

7 points for Moura, great start considering this was in the more difficult game. 8 points for Son as well with a goal. A quick note on these two – yes I picked them to target the Europa Conference League game and that didn’t play out well, but their returns against City more than made up for this.

17 points for Salah was a great start to his season.

Potential Issues:

Wan-Bissaka and Shaw are likely to drop in value, not ideal but they do have good fixtures so I’ll hold onto them.

Bertrand was an issue but I’ve swapped him for Tanganga this evening. Mainly to take advantage of a hopeful price rise and because he’s good value with the big guns in mind.

Mahrez blanking was less than ideal but I’m hoping he can achieve something against Norwich at the weekend so I’ll probably stick with him.

Kane didn’t feature and may not feature this weekend either. I’ll probably swap him for De Bruyne as I like City’s fixture against Norwich and fancy the double up with Mahrez.

Tips for Game Week 2

My best advice for the game week is don’t rush into too many transfers. We’ve only had one game week and things could look very different by the end of game week 2. I’m personally only taking players out who aren’t likely to play and I’m trying to let good upcoming fixtures dictate who I bring in. The fixture that appeals to me most is City playing Norwich so I’ll target that game with De Bruyne if he starts. It’s also worth noting that it’s the Carabao Cup this week so if you’re brave enough to target some curve ball players who might pick up some additional points now is the time to do it. I’m personally not going to do much in this area, predicting who will play and score well is a lottery. One player who did jump out from game week 1 though is Adama Traore. He had a big season a couple of years ago and picked up a load of star man awards. I noticed he got one despite losing against Leicester and could be good value at 2.5m if he gets regular game time.

If you wanted to check out the fixtures for the big clubs, they can be found at:

23 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 1

  1. A good honest assessment and plenty food for thought I’m particularly interested in the tarore to pool rumour

  2. Apologies DTT – i noticed you explained the spreadsheet showed fixtures for the big clubs

    Assuming you included Arsenal in error??


    1. Admittedly I am an arsenal fan myself and looking at the fixtures things could look real dicey for Arteta by the end of September.

    2. 😂 bang on. I should swap them for West Ham really given West Ham are in the Europa League. I was mainly interested in their fixtures while I was looking at Pepe. After last week it’s safe to say I won’t be considering there players any time soon. I almost feel sorry for them – I can still remember the times when I really disliked them but those days are long gone.

  3. Good, solid start that Paul. Similar kind of start for my main team as well, bringing in 71 points. If United had kept that CS it would have looked much rosier. Here’s how my lot performed:

    Sanchez 3pts
    Happy to get the 3 pts and small price rise. Gaining value was the main aim with this luck with the gold early fixtures.

    TAA 8pts
    Nice start and price rise.

    Shaw -1
    Booked and dropped -0.2m. Good fixtures ahead still though and I like that he’s on corners and indirect free kicks.

    Maguire 0
    Frustrating to see to United defenders blank. Good fixtures looking ahead though. With United’s riches now, I do wonder if he’ll pick up quite so many Star Man awards now though.

    Cash -2
    Late replacement for Bertrand and frustrating to see Villa defend terribly for large parts. Targett was ripped to shreds by Sarr. Hopefully they will have addressed the defensive issues in training this week. Good three fixtures coming up…🤞

    Bruno 28pts

    Mahrez 0pts
    Blank but worth holding for this GW at least at home to Norwich.

    Moura 7pts
    The most pleasing of all the players scoring points as daft as it sounds. Looked really sharp and full of running. Hopefully will get game time next midweek with Spurs trailing.

    Son 8 pts
    Lovely goal and looks as sharp as ever. Will hopefully get game time midweek too.

    Salah 17pts
    Doing what he does best.

    Mane 3 pts
    A bit disappointed with his return but he looked sharp enough and worth holding with decent fixtures.

    Happy to sit on my hands with this team thugs GW with regards to transfers having just used the one this far on Bertrand. The players I’m fearing the most this week will be KDB and Greenwood.

    Good luck with your teams over the weekend guys and gals! 💪

    1. Good solid start Chris, not tempted to make any changes this week? Hearing De Bruyne might not start so I’ll be giving him a miss if he doesn’t. The only other one I’m considering is Lukaku if Kane isn’t in the squad again and De Bruyne doesn’t start.

      1. Not this week Paul. Lukaku is one to fear as well but I think I’m gonna wait till after the international break before I move on him. Hopefully Mane & Son can match or better his points in the meantime. Lots of decent options up front this season.

        Antonio and Benrahma are two players that interest me this season too. West Ham are a good team when everyone is fit and they will want to do well in Europe I’d imagine as well.

        1. Yeah I think West Ham will be a team to watch, especially considering they are in the Europa League and may play a strong team

  4. Sky sports reporting pep saying de bruyne may miss the Norwich game. Have to keep an eye on this one.

    1. I hope he misses it to be honest. Don’t really want to go 442 and would be nice if he drops in value again. I’d prefer to go into Sunday’s fixtures having made no transfers. If Kane is benched, I might then look at Lukaku

  5. Undecided with Kane. Even if he doesn’t start against Wolves Nuno might start him for the playoff 2nd leg. I am tempted by Lukaku if he starts but can’t see him doing much in the fixture against Liverpool next weekend.

    1. I think a lot of people are assuming Kane won’t play until his future is decided. On that basis, I’ll probably take him out this weekend – firstly for De Bruyne if he starts, if he doesn’t I’ll probably go for Lukaku

    1. Not really. Already got Mahrez and i was to add another city player it would be Ferran Torres if he starts as he’s playing as a no9 atm.

      1. I think I’d go Torres as well if I was going to go with anyone. I’m going to take a close look at their starting line up though

    1. Tempted with the opposition being Norwich. Grealish, Torres, Gundo?

      Tempted by Grealish personally.

    2. I am – Im thinking F Torres – I appreciate its a squad game these days but at Mahrez’s price (5m ish) I feel its alot to leave on the table for a non-guarenteed starter. F Torres can also serve as an enabler for some heavy hitters upfront.

      With that being said Mahrez can quite easily come off the bench when city are already a couple of goals up (and Norwich have opened up) and score a brace! Its a tricky one!

      Still have just over 30mins to decide :/

      1. Torres is a great price and a great option, especially if City fail to land Kane/another striker.

        1. Definitely! I have Grealish in my team already so not sure if I want to double up by gettting Torres in. Also noticed Jesus is playing so would have been more tempted if Torres was playing upfront.

          Decisions decisions…

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