Review of Game Week 10

Review of Game Week 10

GW Points: 53
Overall Points: 741
Overall Rank: 2,454
Transfers: Mane out, Salah in
Havertz out, Barnes in

Game week 10 was a bit of a flat week for the team. I picked up enough points to rise slightly on the leaderboard and I’m still in a great position for where we are in the season but it was still a little disappointing to not rise further. The transfers I made were a bit dull but needs must. I wanted Salah back in due to his ownership and the fact that he takes penalties. With Havertz benched again, I bought Barnes in due to a good fixture against Fulham. Unfortunately, he then started on the bench. Luckily he came on and got a goal but then blanked in the Europa League. It was also bitterly disappointing to see Mahrez score a hat trick. I took him out a couple of weeks ago after some really poor point scoring performances. I’d have been absolutely flying had I kept him in but what can you do. All in all I’m still very happy with how the team is progressing and with plenty in the bank I’m going to make some positive changes for December.


Another 13 points for Mendy, he’s probably been my pick of the season so far. Loads of people have him now but I bought him in way before the most and it’s paid off.

10 points for Walker, it was good to see a return from Walker this week after only recently putting him in.

I was delighted with 5 points for Davies after being subbed on late at the weekend. Not so pleased that he picked up -2 points in the Europa League though.

Positive points for De Bruyne, Fernandes and Barnes. 

Potential Issues:

I don’t really see any issues in the team at the moment and could easily make a case for keeping it as it is. However, with so much in the bank I’m going to improve Davies. He’s the weak link and playing in the Europa League didn’t benefit him this week, as it did previously. Knowing I can get Robertson in is just too tempting so I’m likely to make that transfers at the weekend.

I’m also going to monitor Ziyech, he’s been disappointing since I’ve put him in but finding a consistent midfielder this season beyond Fernandes is proving a challenge. 

Tips for Game Week 11

My main advice would be that December is a long month, so don’t rush into any changes. I’d personally only be taking players out who are injured at this stage. Appreciate that I’m going against my own advice by taking Davies out but I tend to always have transfers left over. If you are looking to make some early changes Man City and Chelsea have decent fixtures this weekend. 

It’s worth studying the fixtures for December when making any changes. I think this is still up to date but please let me know if any fixtures have changed:

43 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 10

  1. I’ve watched ziyech last few games and haven’t really been impressed tbh. Defo got quality but seems to be crossing ball too much. One to keep an eye on

  2. Great GW review as always Paul! Strangely enough I missed the Mahrez transfer. So that has paid off in an odd way. I did have 1 transfer left. And I took Davies out for Robertson. So all 👍

    1. Based on his points on the board he’s a stick for me, for the time being. Compare him to Sterling who is much more expensive and on less points, can’t argue with Werner’s points on the board to date.

  3. Is H Barnes one, that you think you’ll keep for some time to come? I have Ziyech and Havertz at the mo but looking at Chelsea have Leeds and they are no push over and the europa league game is a dead rubber. Is it time to shift one of them?

    1. Will have to see how he gets on. Can’t say I was inspired for the first week in my team with him being benched against Fulham but if the points keep coming then I’ll stick with him. Will depend how he gets on over the next few weeks. I didn’t want to double up on Ziyech and Havertz

  4. Afternoon all great review as always DTT, you’ve had a fantastic start to the season!

    As we all know December is one of the most difficult times of the season with all the fixtures and potential for injuries so i’ll be holding back on 2/3 transfers. I managed to jump on the Lloris and Reguillon defensive assets some weeks ago but i think with their upcoming fixtures i’ll be getting rid now. Lloris out for Ederson and Reguillon for Robertson (was going to be Walker but too much of a rotation risk).

    I took Salah out for Rashford and he has done well but with his shoulder injury I’m tempted to get Salah back in.

    In two game weeks Ziyech has scored a whopping -2 points so i’ll be monitoring him as well as Barnes over the month. I hoping with Chelsea’s attacking threat and Leicester’s decent fixtures they’ll both come good.

    1. Thanks Joe, sounds like you’ve had a good start as well. The transfers make sense to me, I think Robertson and Ederson are certainly an upgrade. I’d like to own Salah as well if I didn’t have him but can’t argue with Rashford’s recent form either.

  5. Nice one Paul, still heading in the right direction! Think holding onto Decembers transfers as much as possible is again the sensible play. I’m not making any moves apart from if Castagne isn’t starting then I’m (finally!) switching him out for Robertson. I see on FB many people using 4/5 transfer straight out the block! 😮

    1. I hope loads of people do rush their transfers, it’s got to be one of the biggest mistakes in the game this season. Most people are constantly having to catch up

  6. Hi Dtt and eveyone
    I’d be grateful for any advice 🙏

    Robbo, Zouma, Castagne
    Havertz, Bruno, Kdb, Torres
    Kane, Mane, Werner

    No money in the bank. Castagne must go. Was thinking, Mane out for Salah, Havertz to Barnes and Castagne for Walker or Chilwell. The chelsea defensive blocks are killing it in my mini league. Ideally I don’t want to use 3 transfers at once but I feel I don’t have much choice.

    Any other recommendations? Perhaps Havertz to Walker, Castagne for Barnes? Hold onto Mane for now?

    Appreciate all the help and advice so far from everyone on this blog.

    1. I’d just replace Castagne out of that side… holding onto your transfers for later in the month will be vital.

    2. Looks a decent team but I’d agree with taking Castagne out. Wouldn’t be using too man transfers other than that though. I only took Mane out because I had a transfer to burn. Not sure I’d do it with a fresh transfer during a busy month.

  7. So far it’s going ok for me in DT. Best team in work league is in 388 pos overall (was 9223 at end of Oct), diary team is in 1075 and first in fiso elite league. Finally DTT mini league team showing signs of recovery after a dreadful start going from 50k to 19.5k. Teams nicely set up for Dec with no transfers yet planned. I am hoping for another top 100 finish but just need to keep plugging away as long way to go and it’s a long month where transfers are gold dust.

  8. I have Walker who isn’t playing or on the bench – shall I bring in Cancelo or Robertson?

    1. I’m personally not – it’s a pain but just going to see it through. Annoyingly he had the most minutes of any City defender when I put him in

    1. Just ride it out – far from ideal but what can we do. Bring in a different City defender and they will just get rotated next

  9. Clearly walker and cancelo will share gametime on the right now. Cancelo has been exceptional of late so the spot is completely up in the air. Dias appears most nailed. Im switching to Robbo. . .no other issues with my squad .

  10. Ziyech’s injury looks like it could be his hamstring so will be out for a while!

    Thoughts on his replacement? Pulisic looked sharp when he came on last night and got himself a goal. Or do we go Grealish

    1. Mount looking star man favourite, on set pieces, lots of rotation at Chelsea but he plays most games.

      1. Must admit it is tempting. I could potentially do Davies to Robertson, Ziyech to Mount and Werner to Sterling. If I ever decide that I can’t keep Werner any longer. I don’t mind him picking up 5 points yesterday but it should have been more, I’m starting to wonder if it’s ever going to come though.

  11. Hi everyone and great review Paul. This is my team and wondered what I should do with it for transfers? Any advice would greatly appreciated please?

    Chilwell Zouma Cancelo
    Torres Grealish Bruno Barnes
    Son Werner Kane

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