Review of Game Week 10

Review of Game Week 10

GW Points: 92
Overall Points: 572
Overall Rank: 141,348
Transfers: None used

Game week 10 proved to be a massive improvement on previous weeks. The team made a huge jump on the overall leaderboard and hopefully this is a sign of things to come for the weeks ahead. There are still areas to be improved and I feel a little bit like Man Utd at the moment – if Ronaldo performs then my team tends to do well. Despite a positive week and a fresh set of transfers, I don’t think I’ll be rushing into making too many changes for game week 11. There are some tough fixtures on the horizon for the bigger clubs, it’s a single game week and there’s an International break after. As a result, I may sit tight and utilise my transfers when we return from the break. Having said that, if someone like Traore isn’t starting, I may well just replace him as I plan to at some point anyway.


Benrahma was close to making the list of players to take out. His 20 points this week has saved him from the chop for now.

I was also beginning to doubt Ronaldo, only on the basis of my team not being very well balanced. However, his 33 points means I’ll be holding onto him now.

18 points between Rudiger and Azpilicueta was a good result but I’d prefer the later to be starting more games given his value.

4 points from De Gea was better than nothing.

Happy with 10 points from Fernandes.

Potential issues

Two players absolutely must go from my team and that’s Bertrand and Traore. Traore isn’t starting enough games and Leicester can’t keep a clean sheet with Bertrand also facing time on the bench. The biggest problem is finding players to replace them with. Traore is a swap for someone like B. Silva or Moura but I need to find funds to replace Bertrand. I’ll probably take out De Bruyne or Azpilicueta to make this happen but ideally not before the International break. Other than that I’m not too unhappy with my team now. 

There’s a question mark next to De Gea but not many other keepers are returning huge points and Ederson still isn’t much further ahead of him in terms of overall points. Man Utd have good fixtures come December as well so I may just ride out the storm – not that I’ve got much faith in them coming good defensively but they can hardly get much worse.

Tips for Game Week 11

As I’ve mentioned above. I’m personally looking to hold onto as many transfers as possible before the International break. However, if you’ve got injured players it’s probably worth taking them out. I’ve updated my fixtures spreadsheet for the top clubs below to include December’s game. It’s worth checking out before making any moves. An area I’m really interested in, is who is everyone looking at around the 3.5m or less mark? I personally can’t see any who stand out as obviously big point scorers but I’m considering the likes of: 

B. Silva 
Smith Rowe 

Must admit some of these are very much scraping the barrel but need to replace Bertrand and Traore.

25 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 10

  1. some big decision this game week.
    have taken Benrahma out looking at the west ham fixtures.
    I expect most of us have to make big decisions
    this week needs must.

    1. I’m going to hold off with it being a single game week and then an International break

  2. Interesting chaps
    What do you reckon
    T Silva

    Got .6 left

      1. I’m not sure I’d fancy those two either. Sterling very out of favour at City as well. Not sure Alonso would start this week either but might be worth just holding on until after the International break

  3. That’s a good shout don, but I need to shift traore and Bertrand 😬 I’m definitely thinking moura for traore

    1. Moura is an option I’m considering as well. Might be worth waiting until after the break. Only a single game week this week and then International break though.

  4. I was going to go gung-ho with transfers this weekend, but have decided to be more conservative, if Mount starts then he comes in for Benrahma, if Azpilcueta is benched again he may come out for Silva, a saving of 0.8 million, and the last transfer will definitely be De gea out, with no Varane and Maguire’s form dodgy, they are going to struggle for clean sheets, not sure of his replacement, Ramsdale is an interesting choice, Lloris is only 2.8, decent fixtures for November, can Conte sort that defence out, wondering what other people are doing if they are looking to get rid of De gea.

  5. Brighton’s Sanchez could be a good shout? Very favourable fixtures this month. If you were feeling brave you could also swap Bertrand for Lamptey, Walker (looks like he’s injured) for Toney (again Brentford have good fixtures) and Traore for one of Gallagher, Smith Rowe, or Trossard? I know they’re not all long term fixes but they could tide you over for a month and maybe generate some money.

  6. I think Brighton’s Sanchez could be a decent option for Goalkeeper. They have very favourable fixtures this month. The extra money would allow you to swap Bertrand for the fit again Lamptey. If you feel like throwing caution to the wind you could then swap the injured Walker for Ivan Toney (Brentford have good fixtures this month too), and Traore for one of Gallagher, Smith Rowe, or Trossard? All have good upcoming fixtures? I know some are only short term fixes but they could possibly raise some much needed funds for next month

    1. Sanchez could be a great option but Man Utd do have decent fixtures in December – they’ve been poor at the back so that might not make a difference but personally I might just wait and see. Walker starting today so I’m holding fire on that one. I’m tempted to just review after the International break

  7. Alternatively leave Walker in and swap Azpilucueta for a bigger hitter up front but I’d be reluctant to do that as I think he’ll definitely he some good game time. If not maybe look at that transfer next month

    1. I’m considering Traore, Bertrand and Azpiliceuta out for something like Antonio/Jesus, Moura and B. Silva but I’m going to give it a week as the International break is looming.

  8. Yeah cheers Barry, I got Sanchez in another team, he’s done alright for me, apart from Mendy who is out of reach, no other keeper pts wise is really impressing, so why spend too much budget, I don’t like using many transfers on keepers, but they do have decent fixtures, may give him November then have another look at it.

  9. I must admit I thought my season was over when I wrote about my terrible week on the 1st of October. My main team was ranked 110k and was going nowhere, lost motivation, interest and confidence.

    Fast forward a month, my team has risen like a Phoenix and now ranked 7.5k. No doubt I had one of my best months ever.

  10. have taken out Mendy for Ederson I no its a chance
    but it gives me funds for j cancelo my thinking is man city
    could go on A run of clean sheets anytime.

    1. One of the trends this season is the attacking full backs are doing really well in dream team. Namely TAA, Cancelo, Chilwell and James (can also include Cresswell) so I feel to do well this season and finish high in the ranks, you might have to look at bringing one of these but they are very expensive. I currently have two in Cancelo and Chilwell. I probably put Cancelo as first choice, followed by TAA and then the Chelsea fullbacks. These attacking fullbacks seem to be playing further forward than usual coming inside (lurking outside the D area to take a long shot at goal) or acting as wingers but with a playmaker role . “He is playing incredibly well all season,” Pep Guardiola said. “He is in a special place, having a special ability to do something good.” Cancelo has that special ability to turn from full back into playmaker and produced three assists in the champions league.

      I listened to Ben Chilwell give an interview this week before the Malmö game and I liked what he had to say, ”The manager tells us a lot as a team we attack together, we defend together. He wants defenders to score goals. I think I’ve learned a lot under this manager on terms of positioning when the ball is on the other side, getting in the position to score a lot of goals. It’s funny because after the game against Newcastle, I didn’t score and we had a great win but there was a little bit of me that was disappointed I didn’t get a goal!”

      1. I’m tempted to switch Azpiliceuta or De Bruyne for one of these two. Going to review after this game week I think though – unless Azpilicueta isn’t starting against Burnley.

      2. Correct, these wing back ate crucial for your team now….I’ve managed to have TAA and James in my team and may swap Rudiger for Chilwell going forward…..a defence full of quality wing backs is very appealing and more important than the likes of Bruno and KDB right now.
        In fact, an expensive midfield isn’t required this year.

        1. I’ll be taking KDB out, wing backs certainly seem to be the way forward. I’m looking at Cancelo, James of Chilwell myself.

  11. No transfers for me before the Manchester derby. All my players are involved, and it’s a single game week (with tough fixtures for most of the big clubs) just before an International break.

    Doing my best to hold onto the transfers that I’ve got for the time being. The only player I did ponder was B. Silva for Traore but given the fixture today, I decided to give it a miss.

      1. No I know – I’m just going to ride it out. I’ve taken Traore out for Muembo as a massive punt. This should unlock some big changes when we get back from the International break though.

    1. problem now is Silva 12 points will go up now another 0.3mil.
      took the chance taking out Mendy for Ederson got 5points
      and it gave me cash to rid wan b out for j cancelo 11points
      already have silver 12points 27points not a bad start.

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