Review of Game Week 10

Review of Game Week 10

GW Points: 50
Overall Points: 625
Overall Rank: 8,775
Transfers: None used (Leno out, Schmeichel in after the game week ended)

I’d describe game week 10 as a fairly stable game week. A solid 50 points was a good result and this contributed to breaking into the top 10,000 teams on the leaderboard. This is a fairly decent position to be in, however I’d prefer to push this on further as the season progresses. I was also in a great position in terms of transfers with one unused transfer remaining for the month. I opted to use this to take out Leno, as I don’t see Arsenal doing overly well against Liverpool. I decided to drop in Schmeichel for the short term as Leicester have a decent run of fixtures. I have no plans for my November transfers as of yet as I’m fairly happy with how the team is set up. I was toying with the idea of taking B. Silva and Leno out for Ederson and Richarlison. However with De Bruyne out for a month, I may well now stick with B. Silva. The price changes this morning have also priced me out of these transfers.


Doherty got himself 8 points with a star man award despite losing 1 – 0.

Laporte got another clean sheet and 7 more points.

Both Mane and Salah did well with a combined total of 30 points.

Potential Issues:

Although I’ve only just put him in. I’m not overly convinced by Schmeichel in goal. Should Leicester fail to keep a clean sheet against Cardiff, I may look at this position again very quickly.

Hazard missed last weekend’s game through injury so this is another one to monitor.

Doherty hasn’t kept a clean sheet since I put him in. Although he’s still good value it’s worth keeping an eye on Wolves in case their form is looking like dropping.

Tips for Game Week 11

Man City look like they have a favourable week approaching with Southampton and Shakhtar approaching. I’d probably avoid Arsenal players as they face Liverpool at the weekend. Man Utd have a decent fixture against Bournemouth at the weekend but I wouldn’t fancy them when they travel to Juventus in the Champions League. Spurs could have a decent week with a trip to Wolves before they host PSV in a must win game in the Champions League. Leicester could be a team to look out for as they face Cardiff at the weekend and then play Burnley, Brighton, Watford and Fulham during the rest of the month.

As always, feel free to share your own progress, suggest any players to look out for or provide any other useful comments below.

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195 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 10

  1. At the moment I’m second in my ml so keeping the pace. I’m sort of at a stalemate with what to do though? The guy who’s first has mahrez and auba plus doubled up on Walker and Ederson. My team is

    I’m glad salah and mane picked up however with having the big guns up front my midfield is weakened. With no funds in the bank it would mean sacrificing a big money player to improve the team? Any thoughts for November? Is it potentially worth staying with them three strikers still?

    1. Kepa
      Rudiger laporte Robertson
      Hazard mane richarlison moura
      Lacazette aguero Kane

      How can I get Salah and auba into this side lol

    2. I reckon leave that team for certainly this week, it’s a good team. Take stock after thursday night games cant see any obvious ways without losing a big gun

    3. Salah obviously stays. Whilst it’s frustrating seeing Aguero hooked after an hour lately, he’s still scoring pretty consistently. Kane however is having a bit of a funny old season so far. I’m just hoping it’s due to Alli and Eriksen having spells on the sidelines and he’ll pick up soon. Just play further forward Harry!

      Good team though mate, maybe look at Bennet though. I have Doherty but I think his attacking threat balances out the risk of a lack of clean sheets, maybe not so with Bennet though. Apart from that, very good team.

    4. I have a similar team. Might be best to hold the transfers for now. If not then perhaps Kane out for a cheaper striker, upgrading Maddison/ or Richarlison and Bennet for another Liverpool or Man City striker.

  2. What do we think on Maddison -for November . I am thinking of losing ban Wissaka for Maddison straight swap and going 3-4-3 due to leicester fixtures and perhaps the tragic events being a springboard for the club to bounce back and them being right up for it?

    ban Wissake

    B Silva


    Any thoughts, I know very little about maddison – will he outscore ban wissak this month? I have 0 in bank

    1. Maddison is a player I like but he’s not been scoring as heavily as I anticipated in all honesty. Glad I went from Maddison to Doherty when I did. That being said, Leicester have good fixtures so I’d expect to see an upturn in his points scoring over the coming weeks.

    2. Strong team. I think the Maddison transfer makes sense but equally you could stay as you are.

  3. *repost from earlier but…

    Whats your thoughts on;
    Kane to Lacazette
    Maddison to Willian
    Schmeichel to Ederson

    with the european matches this week Willian and Laca are likely to play with easier opposition, and city have just as easy run as Leicester, with a current 6 clean sheet streak.
    Finally Arsenals only hard game this month is the Liverpool game, but need the funds from Kane to make the other subs in time. Thanks

    1. Once Kane has gone though Zach, it becomes very difficult to get him back in if he starts hitting form. That being said, I can completely understand why you would consider getting rid to free up funds, especially with his form so far this season.

  4. Any useful suggestions or thoughts with my team gents as trying to chase down a leader…


    Thinking of using one transfer straight away to get Hart out for either Foster or Ryan. Also feeling like Salah needs to come back in soon but how!?

    1. That’s the difficulty with the likes of Salah and Kane. As soon as you get rid it can be very difficult to get them back in with serious surgery to your team. That’s one of the reasons I’m holding onto Kane for now.

      I agree about Hart.

      I’d imagine that Lamela’s minutes will now get reduced now that Alli and Eriksen are back in the fold. Good luck with your decisions.

  5. Debating whether to change formation, can’t decide who will score more pts through out November, Laporte or Mahrez

      1. Decisions made, make 2 transfers tomorrow, out B. silva & Alonso, in Laporte & Mane.
        Obvious weak link in Hart, better fixtures to come, hopefully his & Burnley’s form can improve.

  6. Reviewed the top 50 overall leaderboard once again and the template (according to their ownership in this group) has changed since the last international break in mid October: out go Alonso, Luiz, Maddison, Sterling and Kane for Van Dijk, Mendy, Willian, Mane and Salah.

    1. Yeah, the Alonso bandwagon seems to be slowing down now after his blazing start to the season. I think Sarri has reigned him in a bit with his forward ventures. Besides, who needs Alonso when we have Doherty! 😉

      I commented earlier that I was surprised to see only 8.5% ownership of Mendy. Even more surprised to see he’s in the template given that figure.

      You making any early transfers RR?

      1. City defenders doing well (think it is five clean sheets in a row now) plus Chelsea duo Alonso and Luiz don’t play in Europa. Mendy although his overall ownership is 8.5%, in the top 100 it is 33%. Third most owned after Robertson and Laporte.

        If you have many template players in your team, then you should be doing well. I find it interesting to see which players are in the top 100. I also having a poor season so to make me enjoy the game I decided to go more maverick with my transfers and to bring in non template players in order to break the template or will join the template next time around. Playing safe will ensure a good overall rank but most people play that way now. To win mini leagues nowadays you need to involve an element of risk. I am the only one in my mates mini league with Mahrez and has shown good form recently. Most of my time on fantasy football is spent on differentials and looking at cheaper alternatives to big name players (mainly because my team is poor in value) so where I can’t afford a Hazard I go for the cheaper Willian or go for Gomez where I can’t bring Van Dijk.

        I don’t have many early transfers planned for the majority of my teams. I need some time to go through my current players and evaluate their pros and cons (a traffic light system – a method I used in the Sept international break with some degree of success). In one of my teams, I took out Kane out on Thursday night, so will the funds to do 2 transfer upgrades of Hart to Ederson and Pedro to Pogba.

        In other teams, I give Kane three more games although if he is not getting those hat tricks of last season, I don’t not really see the point of having him. Maybe the template tells us that (the trinity of Kane, Salah and Aguero is not working nor is cost effective) – but we choose to ignore it – we are fearful of not having Kane in our teams.

        1. You make an excellent point RR about the need to keep DT fun. Whilst I enjoy looking through the stats, listening to podcasts etc it’s important to get bogged down by them. I find myself getting much more pleasure from my less popular players scoring well than I do from the likes of Hazard etc. They are the little things that make it enjoyable for me. Of course, ultimately, doing well gives me the most enjoyment. It’s all kind of a balancing act I guess.

          1. You need to enjoy this game as fantasy football nowadays is a full time hobby. I only relax when the international break occurs.

        2. I must admit I’m really bad for playing it safe. I never go for relatively unknown players who might hit a patch of form. For me it’s a huge risk considering traditionally we know the top scorers are generally the usual suspects from the big teams. I even log percentage selected players in a big mini league I’m in. This sometimes effects how I make transfers – if you can get the most selected players in each position across the mini league then on probability if they perform well you should rise above people who haven’t got all the bases covered. I’ve never had much success picking players that no one else has gone for. I only really enjoy the game when I’m doing well but I think I set my expectations too high.

          1. Schmeichel is quite a maverick move.
            Goalkeeper is one position I usually play safe having gone heavy with Ederson in most of my teams.

            1. I didn’t see that one as overly risky. I wanted Ederson though. So frustrating because the transfers I wanted to make were Leno and B. Silva out for Ederson and Richarlison. The only thing that stopped me was the price changes and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to bring in Ederson if Leno didn’t rise in value. Had I just gone for it I’d have bagged Richarlison’s 18 points today. But coming back to Schmeichel – I don’t really see the goalkeeper position as overly risky – the most you’re going to miss out on is usually 8 points. Missing out on Hazard’s hat trick cost me 28 points which was a huge blow.

    2. I think it will all change fairly quickly over the course of the season. The template appears to simply change based on players who have played well recently – when Salah wasn’t there I wasn’t tempted to take him out.

      1. That’s a fair point, I just find it interesting to see what the ideal team would look like. Without major surgery, many teams could have done the move from Kane to Salah last month thus keeping Aguero, Salah and Aubamenyang as the template front three. I am just wondering what many people are asking are these three expensive strikers essential in their teams? I think it was a matter of time with Salah, Liverpool have good fixtures since international break plus Salah had some unbelievable underlying stats averaging around 5 shots a game but with Kane right now we have a different problem: Spurs fixtures for November are not great, Alli and Eriksen have been unavailable, the latter being missing is the biggest negative for Kane as Eriksen is a great supplier of assists. Plus he is averaging well below in the shooting department – around 2.5 shots per game. Not many positives to keep right now so I doubt that Kane will be in next month’s template. That’s why I beginning to take Kane out – it might be a widespread move if he doesn’t perform in the next three games before the international break.

  7. It’s all about determine about whether keeping say Kane to then if we swap him then that opens funds for a potential improvement in a defender and/or midfielder. It certainly is risk vs reward. I just don’t want to get outscored because of other teams cleansheets!

    1. It’s one of those where you can’t win. If Kane keeps misfiring you fall behind. Whereas if he scores a load it could propel you much higher. I’m personally going to stick with him.

  8. This is my team


    I have 0.8 ITB
    Feel I need to get rid of Lamela and maybe Hart, also trying to get Mane in. Any thoughts/advice??

    1. Maybe swap Sterling for Mahrez? Then lamela to Mane depending on what money you have of course.

  9. Anyone else tempted by Martial? Another goal and star man today. He really seems to be making that position his own now and he’s a bargain at £3.3m. Potential for extra European games too. Could be a good option if we run out of patience with Kane?

    1. This could be Kane’s final trial game for me this week. Just looked at United’s next three league fixtures and they look mightily juicy!

    2. Yep definitely an option. The funds saved would really improve the midfield/defence too

    1. I guess Kane earns a reprieve for now with his goal. I’ll be interested to see how he did in the eye test on MOTD later.

      1. PSV in the week as well so hopefully he gets on the score sheet again then. Such an irritating day for me – kicking myself for not doing the B. Silva to Richarlison transfer and then bringing in Ederson for Leno. Can’t help but think it was a massive error.

      1. I’m going to give him the PSV and Palace game I think to convince me to keep him then I’ll review. Martial and Rashford seem to getting something going for United up front and those fixtures after the City game look so sweet.

        1. I’m not overly unhappy with Kane – currently the highest scoring striker in the game.

            1. I’m very much the same but I just can’t take him out. Based on ownership and knowing what he’s capable of it’s just too hard to justify.

              1. My expectations of Kane are very high, despite a reasonable day yesterday having Richalison in my team I was very disappointed that Kane only got 8 points. To be fair though, having watched the whole game on Sky he played well and Patricio is a good keeper. So Kane passed the eye test but will continue to monitor. Very impressed with Doherty and was very unlucky not to get an assist for wrongly ruled Wolves goal.

  10. The Arsenal Liverpool game hurt me today with only Salah coming away with a paltry 3 points from my four players. I guess Gomez and Robbo came close to a CS. Thank goodness for Richarlison today. 🙌👊

    1. Had I gone through with the Richarlison transfer I’d be very happy with today. Seems like I’m always one step behind this season, I’ve missed out on the big points for Hazard, Doherty and now Richarlison because of holding back on making transfers.

      1. I think now he seems to be making that central striker position his own, it’s difficult to overlook him at that price. Midfielders who end up playing as strikers in DT are worth their weight in gold. Arnautovic is another one I like but his ‘ongoing knee issue’ puts me off for now.

  11. Been trying to look at differential players as I’m trailing in my mini league was looking at Iwobi at only 2.4m as Emery seems to like him and Lingard now he’s back from injury at 3.4m. I was also interested in R.Brady but at 3.0m a little steep but I know he’s done ok in the past but Burnley don’t seem to be doing to good. Does anyone have any players not mentioned before on the blog that come to light?

    1. He’s already been mentioned Callum but Brooks could be a great shout now. He played pretty much up front with Wilson yesterday and played very well. Fixtures aren’t the best though but I think they’re attacking players can be a threat to any team imo.

  12. Strange that Liverpool conceding done me a favour! Two teams have a block of Liverpool defence. This is the ongoing issue I have, obviously when and if they keep a clean sheet it’s points galore. I play it more evenly with one Chelsea, Liverpool and City defender.

    What’s peoples thoughts on this??

    1. I prefer to spread the risk out over the back line. They can’t keep a clean sheet every week so it should balance out.

  13. Awful Saturday for me that! Somehow still top of my ML despite only 13 points – the lowest of everybody! Hopeful of a good haul today with City playing.

    Good to see a goal for Kane today but this needs to be consistent now. His value would be perfect for upgrading my team!

    1. I don’t think many had big points hauls to be fair considering how many fixtures there were.

  14. Help required chaps. Current team.
    623 points thinking of bringing in Laporte for Willian today depend on line ups for a city double but Willian has been doing well. Can’t decide!?!!?

    1. I wouldn’t be getting rid of Willian at the moment if he were in my team Jamie.

      The two areas I’d probably be looking to improve next from that team is Foster and Sokratis. Doherty could be a good option to free up a little money then perhaps you’d have enough for a Foster upgrade? Or you could upgrade Stones to Laporte as Stones is the more likely to be rotated?

      Good luck with your decisions Jamie!

  15. Replaced Kane with Morata in one of my teams on Thursday night. Looked like a good cheap striker. Some big scores all round even though my defences have scored little or no points.

    1. I’m going to have to have multiple teams next season. Only went with the one with this being my first season. I can imagine it quite time consuming maintaining multiple teams though?

      Would have loved to have Sterling in my team today. Seems to score huge most games when he starts. Anyone giving him a look? Although he may not start every single game you can’t ignore his returns. My nearest rival in my ML had him today and made up ground on me (only about 9 points but still). Thank god for Richarlison! 🙏🏻

  16. Hi all,

    Some feedback on the team below would be very welcome:


    No funds spare, all 3 transfers available for the month.

    Thanks for your help all


    1. Hart to Ryan before the price changes? I’d be leaving the rest for now as that’s an excellent team.

      1. thanks both, I am tempted by Hart to Ryan prior to price changes as have the right money for the straight swap and am not loving burnely at the back. trouble with Ryan though is he will only be in the team for a month or so before he goes on international duty i think…

        Team is on 627 points. been challenging at times, but hopefully i will start to catch some of the leaders in the leagues im in with some sterling and salah consistent form…we will see.

        thanks again guys, much appreciated as havent been on here for a while

  17. I’d like to know what you guys think of a bit of an unorthodox transfer I’m considering. I’m thinking of doing a short-term swap of Kane to Martial on Gameweek 13 for the two fixtures before switching back to Kane for Gameweek 14.

    For Gameweek 13 these are the fixtures for the respective teams:

    Man Utd V Palace
    Spurs V Chelsea

    Man Utd V Young Boys
    Spurs V Inter

    I did consider carrying this on into GW14 and swapping back midweek but I realised you can’t do this unfortunately. I can see Martial at least matching Kane in terms of points for these games with the almost guaranteed certainty that Martial’s value will rise whereas we’ve already seen so far with Salah and Kane, Kane’s value could well drop given his past few weeks.

    This would leave me with one transfer left for the final Gameweek of the month before my transfer allocation would be renewed for Gameweek 15.

    Waste of transfers? Or can you see the logic behind my thinking? All opinions greatly appreciated.

    1. Waste of transfers for me. These short term swaps rarely work out, for me anyway, and an injury elsewhere in your team and your stuck with a choice of keeping a player you wanted to swap back or playing with 10 until the next transfers. If you were to suffer an injury you may then be tempted in to using some of the funds you had in the bank for getting Kane back leading to needing to use another two transfers to get him back next month

      1. Yeah, I think I’ll leave Kane for now. I may look at utilising my transfer on game day at the weekend if any of my players are benched/injured.

        Thanks for your feedback District. 👍🏻

    2. i fancy Kane at home to inter so dont think i would swap to be honest. i think martial will still be rotated in coming weeks

    3. I can see the logic but for me it’s probably not worthwhile. I try to hold my transfers in case they are required at a later stage and this seems to have worked fairly well this season. I don’t like to be in the position of waiting for the next month to start to be able to make the transfers I want to make.

  18. Interesting points on Kane.

    For me (and probably most of you guys too), the main issue is not so much what points he earns once you take him out…. It’s how many of your closest rivals have him!

    I am reluctant because 8 of the top ten in my ML have him, so taking him out would mean losing ground on everyone around me.

    That said, it sometimes pays to take these risks and I have been very tempted for some time to swap him for Wilson! I could then upgrade Maddison for someone like Sterling!

    1. I haven’t had Kane all season, it has turned out to be a risk worth taking as I am currently topping my mini league where many if not most have him. Doing alright in the dtt league also.

      I think it’s overblown how essential Kane is regardless of his ownership

      1. Yes and No. If we are going on the past 4 seasons, I’d say that Kane is essential.

        This season (so far), it isn’t so. This is for two reasons:

        Firstly – He hasn’t been firing as much
        Secondly – There are so many other appealing options.

        In years gone by you had your main 2 or 3 who were integral, such as Aguero, Kane, Sanchez, Suarez and going back even further…. Henry and Shearer!

        This year however, you have the likes of Wilson, Auba, Lacazette and many midfielders who are making the necessity for Kane less.

    2. That’s exactly the issue for me. I leave him in because I know if I take him out and he bags a hat trick it’s going to cost me a lot of places on the overall leader board.

  19. Current team points total 693 and placed 2676 in the overall leaderboard.

    Like many others Hart in goal is killing me. I’ve been debating the Kane transfer for a while now but I’m swaying more towards Aumba to free up some funds. I think Lacazette up top for Arsenal will get more goals as the season goes on.

    I’m thinking of swapping Martial for Auba, freeing up funds for Ederson for Hart and then having another city defender in stones! I’ve looked further up the leaderboard and a lot of the top teams appear to be cleaning up doing this!

    Any thoughts/ideas on this would be great 👍!

    1. You not tempted by Salah Joe? Next few gameweeks are pretty good for Liverpool assists fixture wise. I have a slight concern with the Fulham home fixture though in so much as Klopp may take the opportunity to rest some of his key players.

      I agree with you on Aubameyang. I wouldn’t want one of my premium strikers having to play left wing and tracking back.

      Good team though mate and nearly identical points tally as myself. 👍🏻

  20. I’ve been thinking about the Gameweek so far and I really wish I had swapped Hazard for Sterling this week. I know hindsight’s a wonderful thing but there were question marks over Hazards involvement beforehand. I also doubt he’ll be involved with the European game this week.

    This could have been a great opportunity to score some serious points from Sterling (with that juicy Soton fixture) as a short term punt before switching back to Hazard when it looks like he’s back fully fit. Anyone else feeling a tinge I’d regret on missing on this opportunity? Kinda feels like I wasn’t pro-active enough.

    1. You would’ve had to keep sterling for the whole month though right? Or can you switch back a player?

      I’m still happy with Hazard and with Morata potentially finding a bit of form he might add some assists to his game.

      1. So you can’t transfer a player back in during the same month Marc? Forgive my ignorance to the rules, my first season so I’m still getting to know the ins and outs.

    2. I’m guilty of not being proactive enough myself – it’s not because I’m a step behind but it’s due to being cautious with transfers. I’ve now missed three big ones:

      Hazard hat trick (28 points)
      Doherty goal and star man (18 points)
      Richarlison at the weekend (18 points)

      I think with Sterling because his ownership is fairly low I’d not even considering taking Hazard out for him. It’s just proving difficult to predict who is even going to start for City.

  21. It’s a difficult one for short term change Chris and A tough decision/use of transfer. Hazard is a season keeper for me and he always scored well.

    Easier to keep him in consistently in my opinion and use transfers elsewhere.

    Will be interesting to see what happens over the European games now and whether or not this forces the hand with transfers.

    1. Cheers Dan, Sterling is the one player that’s really annoying me because I don’t have him (and my closest rival in my ML does). Just trying to come up with ways to get him but it isn’t easy and I lose another play I like in the process. Can’t have everything I guess.

      1. Maybe the transfer of Martial for Kane is even more appealing as the funds can be used to bring in the player you want in Sterling.

  22. Are any of you fellow Mane owners considering swapping him for Sterling over the next few weeks? Seeing how far advanced Sterling has been playing (along with his points hauls of course) have really made me want him in my team. He’s still only 15.8% owned too which is incredible when you consider how well he’s been doing. Looking at Liverpool’s fixtures, Mane stays for now, but have any of you ear marked a Gameweek where you could be potentially making the switch? Ideally I’d like them both in my team but without losing one of the big guns it’s simply impossible.

    1. I’m not looking to take Mane out as I don’t have Salah but I’m in a dilemma. Really want Sterling in as no one in my mini league has him. Don’t know how to get him in my team though. Can’t get rid of Kane as only 1 person above me has him.

      Any thoughts appreciated. Only way I can see is Ederson and Rudiger for Sterling and have 2.5m for a goalkeeper but don’t really want to lose Ederson

    2. I’m sort of at a catch 22, only me and one other has Mane however only one other guy owns Sterling so its not having an impact on me trying to get him in.

      The guy above doesn’t own salah however has now made his midfield more potent by changing walker to Luiz… Then in comes Willian. It will literally be a battle of a few players as no-one wants to lose Kane or Aguero then it’s that choice of having Salah or Auba/Lacazette.

    3. Looking at my team, I don’t foresee much drastic transfer activity moving forwards (barring injuries, suspensions etc). With that in mind I may adopt my own Pep-esque rotation policy between Mane and Sterling.

      When the fixture barometer swings back in favour of City I may just switch them.

      1. I’m eyeing up Gameweek 16 as a possible switch point.

        City fixtures: Everton, Palace, Leicester, Southampton, Liverpool

        Liverpool fixtures: Man Utd, Wolves, Newcastle, Arsenal, City

        I prefer City’s fixtures amongst that lot.

        1. I’m actually considering switching Mane for Sterling after the Fulham game now as I don’t see much difference in fixture difficulty between the two teams from then on. Part of me wonders if Klopp will rest a key player or two for this game and it wouldn’t surprise me to see Mane rested for someone like Shaqiri, in which case I’d switch prior to the Liverpool game kick-off as that starts before the City game.

          The main reason for this would be to neutralise the Sterling threat from my nearest ML rival. Am I being a boring dullard making this move or is it a prudent, sensible strategy?

          1. Nothing wrong in being a dullard, they generally do well in this game. Myself I can’t play that way, I have a bit of maverick in me that needs to come out, I like to take a few risks not many though. The top players can balance both. Before I used to get a buzz when I sold players for a big profit now with the changes to the game, the buzz comes from seeking less fancied players (the differentials) and seeing them score well. I am not one to follow the herd, I never look at polls, the general public is not always right in my opinion. I saw a poll last week where one person asked whether they should put in Richarlison, Lamela or Barkley in their team. Barkley was the winner by a significant margin and then the person puts in Barkley in their team. After these weekend and Richarlison 18pts haul, the person says I put in Barkley but I knew I should have put Richarlison. Easy to say in hindsight and really that poll didn’t help.

            I am not sure about replacing mane for Sterling. In my pre season analysis, there was very little between them. They both got a rating of 8/10. The problem facing many teams is you are replacing quality with quality. Mane could outscore or similarly score more points over Sterling over a certain period or vice versa.

            1. Yeah, both could end up on around the same points but like I said before, I may adopt a bit of a rotation policy with them dependant on fixtures. In other words to try and time their hot streaks with when they are in my team.
              I think I sway more towards wanting to take the occasional risk too RR, keeps things interesting for me.

          2. Always good to block others in my opinion. I personally wouldn’t be going for Sterling because I think Mane’s game time is more certain, however this doesn’t appear to have made any difference in terms of points on the board so far this season.

            1. Yeah, think I’m going for a Mane/Sterling rotation policy for the rest of the season. Mane stays for now though (especially with that awful Fulham defence on the horizon this weekend).

  23. Feel bad for my leading mini league rival this week who took out Pedro for Barkley. Good job I kept him.

  24. Plus Liverpool have some kind fixtures coming up… Hope the Gunners haven’t stifled their flow!

    1. Thought Salah still looked very good and Mane was unlucky not to have his goal so I’m not concerned. Firmino is having a bit of a drought but I don’t and probably will never have him so not fussed about that.

      1. Ok scrub that, watching Liverpool now seemingly run out of ideas against Belgrade. Now I’m concerned… 😕

  25. So let’s just re-cap, Mane, Salah, Kane, currently 0 Pts, against 2 powerhouses of European football, I’m so far behind in my mini league, hat-tricks from Kane required, this season is a nightmare.

    1. I suppose the one plus point from that Liverpool performance/result is that I expect Fulham to get absolutely battered at the weekend. Fearing another Sterling masterclass tomorrow night now that’s for sure. #LetSaneandMahrezplaythatonePep

      1. Not been a great night so far. Surely Spurs are all but out if they lose tonight? Could really have to question Kane’s place should this game finish as it is now.

  26. My choice at start of month, Stirling or Mane, went for Mane, 2 games 0pts, Stirling 1 game 22pts, probably more to come, try your best to strategise, plan whatever, next season let my 4 year old son pick my team.

    1. I’m thinking of transferring Mane out for Sterling this week. Leaves me with 2 subs left.What do people think?

      Team is:



      Currently on 700 points. Any other ideas?

  27. I like most on here own kane currently and have been disappointed so far with his points considering his high price. His run of fixtures starting next month is really mouth watering so if you do get rid maybe look at ways of getting him back for the run.

    5th December – Southampton H

    8th December – Leciester A

    11th December – Barca A

    15th December – Burnley H

    18th December – Arsenal A (League Cup)

    23rd December Everton A

    26th December – Bournemouth H

    29th December – Wolves H

    1st January – Cardiff A

    Apart from barca away thats a pretty good run of fixtures.

    1. He won’t be going anywhere for me anytime soon. My comment last night was in frustration at the Liverpool result as well and I hoped to be proven wrong by questioning Kane at half time.

  28. Kane’s next 4 games, 3 London derbies, + Inter Milan at home, which could be meaningless.

    1. Will review before the weekend but not in any major rush to make any changes. Team is going along fairly well – I may make some changes after the next international break. I’m currently looking at taking B. Silva out for Richarlison and bringing in a stronger goalkeeper such as Kepa.

  29. Why isn’t Kane on 18pts, they have just said on TV, they have given him the goal hope that is adjusted.

        1. On who’s scored Kane has been given the goal so hopefully should be ammended. He’s rating also 9.3 on there.

      1. My comment at half time was almost in hope that he proved me wrong and he certainly did that.

  30. I’ve actually gone up a few thousand places in the leaderboard tonight! Can’t believe that after the Liverpool blanks from my four, yes four players!

    1. Actually, thinking about it, I guess it’s not that hard to believe with only one other team playing tonight. Ignore me. 😳

      1. I’ve had the same rise. Got three City players potentially in action tonight as well. It’s Thursday that normally does the damage for me.

  31. Salah owners: are we thinking it’s time for him to go, definitely not the same player as last season, lacking in confidence and is mainly played out wide??

    1. Not sure I agree with you there Steve. It was always going to be tough to match the heights of last season but he’s started to show his class of late (apart from last night when they were all crap). Position wise I wouldn’t say anything has changed from last season where Firmino would mostly play through the middle with Mane and Salah either side of him. Firmino often drifts and drops deeper allowing both Mane and Salah to make use of the space left behind. That being said, there have even been occasions this season where Salah has actually played as the most advanced player when the likes of Shaqiri have come in.

      To say Salah has been fairly quiet so far he’s still the third highest scoring striker points wise so if he can string a run of good form together (which I think he’s beginning to do) he could quite easily be in for some bonanza point hauls. Not a player I’m looking to move on anytime soon.

    2. I’ll be sticking with him. I think the same could be said for Kane and even Aguero at times. None of the strikers have been massively consistent this season.

  32. Getting fed up of Mane in my team now, hasnt delivered for a while and been debating to take him out.

    Where do i go with this? I was looking at De Bruyne but that plan has gone out the window…

    1. In terms of a premium midfielder I already own Hazard and Mane myself. Like discussed Sterlings stock is rising due to the last fixture. Looking at it Mane should’ve had a goal at Arsenal that was wrongly chalked off and well Liverpool were just off it against red star. Still some nice fixtures for them this month.

  33. I have both Salah and Mane. Not considering getting rid of Salah. He was still Liverpool’s most dangerous player against Red Star and unlucky not to get a goal. He’s still a constant threat and still getting in good goalscoring positions.

    I’m leaning to getting rid of Mane to Sterling possibly before this weekend. I don’t see Mane outscoring Sterling in the next month.

  34. I own sterling which is great but if I owned salah and mane currently I definitely wouldn’t change before the Fulham fixture as both could easily haul.

    Good luck

  35. Barring last night and the game before, Mane returned 25 points in two games!!.. what do you mean ‘hasn’t delivered for a while’?… 😉

    1. Ah, fickleness blights us DT managers again. 😉

      I’ve mentioned it before about the need for patience with this game as we can fall into the trap of chasing last weeks points. I think I may be doing it myself when I’m considering Sterling. My reason though is to neutralise my nearest rival but I’m still struggling to decide when to push that button. I’ve been listening to The General’s 59th minute podcast today and he made the point about Sterling being rested after the international break in the past. Think I may hold off a little longer if Mane does start against Fulham.

  36. I need to find a way of getting Sterling in, but how?…


    Shaw (NEEDS TO GO!!)



    0.2m in the bank… :/

    1. Without doing the maths or losing one of the front three. You would probably need to take out Shaw and a City defender and swap for Sterling and someone cheap like Doherty? Even that might not give you enough so you may have to lose both City defenders or downgrade Ederson. Can’t say I’d be keen on any of those options though.

    2. Join me on the budget keeper merry-go-round Lee and get Ryan in. Decent chance of a CS against Cardiff this weekend I’d like to think. Good fixture up until mid December too. 😏

  37. I may live to regret it but I took the leap of faith and took Kane out this weekend in order to strengthen the rest of the team. He has been playing way too deep and simply far too expensive for the returns he has been bringing. Im thinking that liverpool and city clean sheets will hopefully be more frequent than Kane scoring two or more goals

    Team now


    Am considering switching Mane to Sterling and potentially switch Maddison to Richarlison

    Any thoughts

    1. I’m sticking with Mane for now with that tasty Fulham at home fixture.

      Maddison to Richarlison is a no brainer though. Leicester’s fixtures are good but Richarlison has shown just how potent he can be leading the line. How many players classed as a midfielder but play up front are currently playing for a good, improving team and are valued around the £3 million mark? One. Go get him. 👍🏻

  38. Eden Hazard was sighted among the travelling party for Chelsea’s match against BATE Borisov on Thursday evening.

    Hmmmmm 🤔🤞

  39. Maurizio Sarri on Eden Hazard v BATE: “We felt that for him it’s better to play, not for 90 minutes, but to play after two weeks of not playing. In the last match he played only for 30 minutes. The best way for him is that tomorrow he will play for 45 or 50 minutes.”


  40. Mendy not made the squad, Aguero benched. Time to hide behind that sofa tonight me thinks… 😬

  41. Chris,

    Have you got Richarlison in your team?

    Am thinking of swapping him for Maddison who is in my team


  42. Now you’re just getting greedy Dan with Sterling already in your team aren’t you? 😉
    Yes mate, I have got Richarlison and as much as I like Maddison as a player, he’s not been getting the returns I’ve expected of him yet (I expected plenty of assists from him to Vardy but is doesn’t seem to have happened). I go for Richarlison over Maddison definitely right now.

  43. That Liverpool game and the City game tonight are crucifying my lead at the top of my ML. Sterling is on 🔥. Brilliant goal.

    I don’t like this……I don’t like it at all. 😫

    1. B. Silva is going to have to go. They’ve hit 6 goals in the past two games and all he’s got is 6 points. Such a disappointing night.

      1. Leader of my ML has Sterling, Mahrez and D. Silva in midfield 🙁 – this weeks been a killer, especially as he also has Chilwell!

        B. Silva definitely has to go, but for who? Richarison? Mahrez? Willian? (All in budget, i should imagine their prices will rise come Friday too).

    1. Well played RR.👏 Is that without Sterling as well?

      With Jesus scoring his hat-trick tonight and Mahrez nicking the star man away from Sterling at the last moment, it kinda feels like I’ve just watched Mansfield get 6 goals hammered past them only to get a last minute consolation goal which means we avoid relegation on goal difference. 🤨 #rollercoaster

      1. That’s my main team, it does have Sterling but had him in the team since game week 1. It’s the team I put all my thoughts and research into. It had a such a bad start but it has gathered very good momentum recently. Still a lot of work to be done.

        Have 6 teams in total but only concentrate on two teams that are in mini leagues. So the other team is on 115 with Pedro possible to play.

        1. How are you the two teams you focus on doing overall? I’m starting to wonder what might be a good finish to aim for this season.

  44. Mahrez picked up the star man after a jesus hat trick… Don’t understand that. I’ve fallen behind in my ml, Mane and Salah not doing nothing cost me

  45. How has B Silva only picked up a handful of points despite City scoring 12 goals in the last two games? What a waste opportunity 😂

    Ideally I wanted to wait until after the internationals before making any changes. Few ideas before

    B Silva to Gomez/Luiz – just see a greater points return for less money. If I make the change to Gomez, it will be done before the Fulham game.

    Maddison to Richardson – likely to be done after this weekend, with Leicester at home to Burnley and Everton away to Chelsea.

    I’d also like a way to get Sterling in, especially if I’m dropping B Silva. Tricky one this – could drop one of Mane/Salah? Kane seems to have bucked his ideas up so may need to hold on to him for now. Aguero doesn’t get the game time I’d hoped but he is a points machine. Tough one, likely to think about this one after international break.

    1. I think Aguero’s game time will increase now he seems to be getting over his niggling foot injury.

      I understand the frustration over B.Silva. You just know he’s gonna score next game though right? It seems whenever people are ready to offload, he comes up with the goods.

  46. Cheers DTT & Chris.

    I’m not overly keen on losing two City defenders either.

    One option to get Sterling in is losing Mendy & Shaw for Sterling and C.Daniels who is recently back from injury.

    Bournemouth don’t have the easiest of fixtures over the next few weeks, but there aren’t many defenders for 1.7m worth having!!.. :/

  47. For any of you Gomez owners or if you’re looking to bring him in:

    Update: Joe Gomez – Achilles Injury #LFC Expected Return: 11-11-2018 Status: 75%

    Could play at the weekend but gives us a question mark over him. 🧐

  48. The results from last night highlight what really annoys me about fantasy football in general. There has been some colourful debates about ‘luck’ on the blog in the past but I’d like to briefly touch upon it again.

    I’ve been top of a small mini league from the very start of the season and had been there ever since. Last night I lost my lead by 2 points. Having checked out the team that’s taken over me, I know for a fact it was put together fairly quickly without considering fixtures. They’ve also only made three transfers over the season to date – suggesting very little consideration has been made around choosing players based on fixtures and form. What I’m saying is this team has been put together fairly quickly and hardly touched since, without putting much thought into it. Which is no criticism, I’m just highlighting it’s probably from someone who isn’t overly bothered about playing the game in any detail – they’ve had Jesus from the start. Based on the amount of time I’ve invested in picking my team and managing changes, I should really be huge strides ahead of them. However at this point in time they are slightly ahead of me. I do wonder at times how much of a factor luck plays in this game and I think it’s much bigger than many people consider it to be.

    1. In my opinion luck players a massive factor. But overall in the long term over a number of seasons then the skill will come through. I do feel like this game is 20% skill and 80% luck though!!

      1. Couldn’t agree more. If we could all predict football accurately we would be very rich people.

      1. Fortunately I’ve already gone back top but it’s just infuriating when you know you’ve put in the time and effort to do well and someone else is pretty much on the same points with minimal effort.

  49. Its so annoying when that happens, i wonder now if Jesus will get more game time whichin turn may impact Aguero.

    Does anyone know the teams with the best fixtures up until Christmas? and which teams to target players from?


    1. Not looked in detail yet but I think Newcastle, Brighton and Leicester have got good fixtures till Christmas.

  50. I can understand your frustration and because of this,I think you are probably underplaying the skill and time needed to consider the players for the dream team. What you have pointed out above is just a snapshot of the season taken when Jesus scored a hattrick. He hasn`t really been proficient until recently. Had that manager been more active, he probably wouldnt have had Jesus in his team now and would probably be at least 50-60 points ahead. I think the main reason he is at the top is probably more due to the other players in the team who may have been regular points scorers and purely luck. In the long run , the active players have a better chance. off course luck plays its part as well and frustrations ,in my opinion, can really make you think illogically!!!
    The other thing to remember is the old adage (when you have 3 transfers burning a hole in your pocket) – If it aint broke, dont fix it!!

    1. Oh yeah absolutely – being proactive definitely gives you an advantage. But I’ve been very proactive and at that point in time (a few months into the season) we were pretty much level on points. Suggesting I’ve been wasting my time thinking about it so much.

  51. Maddison out for the Burnley game; ”it’s a knee injury, damage in the ligament behind his knee’.

    Double change before the weekend?

    B. Silva and Maddison out
    Richarlison and Luiz / Lamela / Moura / Milner / Pedro / Barkley?

  52. Long term planning for the best and most games from this weekend until new years day are obviously those teams involved in Europe and the league cup:

    Arsenal, Chelsea, Man city & Spurs 13 games
    Liverpool, Man utd 12 games
    Bournemouth 11 games and potentially Leicester & Southampton depending on the outcome of their missed league cup game.
    Everyone else will play 10 games

    The easiest game runs can be a matter of opinion but according to my system this is how I see it:

    1. Chelsea
    2. Man City
    3. Arsenal, Spurs & West Ham
    4. Man utd
    5. Liverpool, Leicester, Brighton

    Once these fixtures are done then the FA cup will start and an opportunity for all the less popular teams to score big!

    Good luck everyone.

    1. Love these handy little snippets you bring to the table Allan. 👍🏻👊

      The Chelsea and Arsenal teams in Europe can be tricky to predict though as both teams tend to rotate a hell of a lot. No Lacazette or Aubameyang tonight I notice. Lacazette not in the squad even. Chelsea’s backlone seem to get a complete overhaul as well apart from Kepa. Not an easy mine-field to negotiate.

      1. Thanks Chris.

        You are right regarding Europe, the Chelsea goalkeeper is about the only one getting a regular game out of those two teams, that said you will see more players taking part as they progress.
        And they will progress, Chelsea have a good chance of going all the way.

        Danny Wellbeck had a serious injury last night(broken ankle?)so you may well see one of the more senior Arsenal strikers starting in Europe this/next month.

  53. I wouldn’t take Maddison out this weekend for what is effectively only 1 game as there are international fixtures after that. Puel says Maddison isn’t serious and the 2 weeks break will probably see him back for the first game after the internationals , Richarlason has chelsea and is carrying a knock after last week so not easy game there.

    1. Everton do have a couple of nice looking home fixtures on the horizon though. (Cardiff and Watford). I had to laugh at a tweet I saw earlier which said the Maddison injury is bad news for non-owners as it means owners will now actually bring someone in who scores points. Never thought of it that way. 😂

      1. haha yeah this has happened to me, wishing injuries on other peoples teams and then they replace them with someone in form that they may possibly hadn’t done until they got the injury…..Be careful what you wish for!

  54. Ive got 1.6m in the bank so looking at upgrading maddison to a luiz, mahrez, stones, gomez,lamela

    1. Word of warning on Gomez. Might miss the weekend with Achilles injury. Liverpool monitoring through the rest of the week.

  55. Right gents, just coming away from Dream Team for a moment if I may…

    This week we received some sad news that my six year-old’s first (and favourite) teacher was diagnosed with stage four cancer. She has two children (19 and 22) and as you can imagine they are devastated. She is a lovely lady and my son only has great things to say about her. Anyway, her family have set up a gofundme page for donations to try and raise money for the drugs she needs to realistically give her a fighting chance. If any of you kind souls in the Dream Team community were to donate anything whatsoever then it’s been worthwhile writing this message. Just trying to do my bit to help a family in a desperate situation. For anyone interested in helping out with a donation here’s the link:

    Thanks to Paul for giving me permission to post this here too. Thanks for your time folks. 👍🏻

  56. Anyone have any Gunners playing tonight? My ML main rival who’s gaining on me has Cech in goal for him……….Cech ffs!

    1. I’d guess that he’ll either rise or remain the same. I’d be surprised if he dropped after his recent run of three clean sheets before the Everton game.

  57. Am I seeing things or has Salah dropped in price again?! Perfect opportunity for all those without him to transfer him in for the Fulham game.

    Maddison ruled out against Burnley is a shame. Tempted by a swap to Richarlison but not convinced by his fixtures coming up. Swapping for a Leicester defender could be an option

    1. Salah’s average is worse than when we last discussed his price drop.
      He scored 3 & 0 points this week, Aguero scored 11 points in one game and still dropped.
      If Salah scores an hat-trick this weekend I reckon his price will still drop, its about consistency which Salah is not.

  58. I need some advice here guys, always some helpful people on here.
    So quick run down the guy first in my ml has mirrored my defence. However that’s not my concern, its the midfield.
    My midfield Hazard, Mane, Maddison and Richarlison.

    Other guys midfield Hazard, Mahrez, William, Pogba.

    In terms of points I see mine as being the weaker? I also have Salah and he has Auba different. I’m thinking keeping the Liverpool lads in for the Fulham fixture then decide if I need to try do some changes?

    1. Marc, The only way to improve your midfield without touching the defenders is to sell Salah. You could replace him with some in form cheaper options like Morata, Martial! Chelsea & city have the best runs coming up so would be looking to get Sterling in that midfield. Maddison is the week link. Arnoutovic is another with some good games ahead. Obviously this is all dependent on cash in the bank.

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