Review of Game Week 11

Review of Game Week 11

GW Points: 109
Overall Points: 850
Overall Rank: 1,219
Transfers: Davies out, Robertson in

Overall I’m very happy with how game week 11 worked out. The bottom line is that I ended up reaching the highest position I’ve been on the overall leaderboard all season which is certainly something to celebrate. I’d still like to break into the top 1,000 at some point but it’s still early days. We know this game relies on a lot of luck so I’m hoping my good start can continue throughout the season. I managed to hold my nerve when it came to making too many early transfers for the month, ironically the only one I did make was a clear upgrade but I ended up two points worse off with Davies having another good week. Just shows that I could have even held on a little longer with that one but overall I’m happier with Robertson in the team for the long run. It was also a bit frustrating to see Walker missing from the Man City squad at the weekend and Barnes benched for the Premier League fixture. Fortunately both bounced back with some good points mid week. 


8 points for each of my defenders with a clean sheet for Walker and Robertson and a goal for Zouma. 

Double figure scores for De Bruyne and Fernandes. Doesn’t do an awful lot as their ownership is high but it’s important to keep them in the team.

Delighted with 8 points for Barnes in the Europa League. Shame he couldn’t get another and the star man as I’d have certainly made the top 1,000 but it wasn’t to be.

Kane and Salah also hit double figure scores. Salah was a particular highlight as I noticed in a mini league that not many people had prioritised bringing him back in, which I think was probably a mistake. 

Potential Issues:

I wouldn’t say I’ve got any major concerns within the team. When the season has gone so smoothly so far it’s difficult to make a case for doing things differently. Having said that, there’s a few issues to iron out:

Ziyech being injured means he needs to come out. There is very few options for a replacement. I’m currently considering Havertz, Mount, Grealish or a Man City midfielder. The advantage of Mount is that I could swap Werner for Sterling if I really wanted to.

I’ll need to keep my eye on game time for Walker and Barnes as well but nothing to worry about right now.

Werner is a player who has had a question mark against him pretty much all season. I can see why as he misses a reasonable number of chances but ultimately he’s still scored more points than some of the bigger names. At the back of my mind, I just need to have a plan for getting Sterling in (if I want him) but at the moment I’ll probably stick with Werner.

Tips for Game Week 12

My advice for game week 12 would be very similar to game week 11. Don’t rush your transfers, as December is a long month. I’m only going to take players out if it’s absolutely essential – we’ve seen with injuries and Covid how quickly players can be ruled out so for me it’s best to play it safe. 

It’s worth studying the fixtures for December when making any changes. I think this is still up to date but please let me know if any fixtures have changed:

15 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 11

  1. Cracking score mate and a lovely bonus from Barnes .
    As I’m short for money had to take Zyech out last night before price changes . Didn’t think Foden would rise to be Honnest but he went up a max 300k ! If I’d known I would have probably put mount in instead of Dier 😔

    1. Cheers mate, I always tend to hold off those transfers on Thursday evening but it’s annoying when you’re forced into it because of budget. Dier could continue to do well though.

  2. Great week DTT:

    I’m in the market for a Ziyech replacement myself

    Following the update from the Chelsea today, it appears Ziyech and Hudson odoi are both out for a couple a weeks. Pulisic was confirmed fit and has been pictured in training.

    Leaves Chelsea very thin in terms of wingers in the advanced 3 positions. There is only werner and Pulisic.

    Mount has played there in the past but most Chelsea fans find it unlikely considering how well he is playing in his current deeper role

    I think with the injuries Werner/Pulisic and Mount are all great bets for more game time. Especially with Chelsea having a genuine shout at the league

    Havertz has looked terrible since coming back. I would avoid until he’s back to his old self.

    Mahrez is horribly unpredictable. He blows so hot and cold, he could see an early sub or even lose his place one week to the next.

    City have everyone fit and I see . . .Torres, Foden, B.Silva, sterling all can play on the right.

    In general pulisic and mahrez are far more explosive and capable of massive hauls. Mount may chip in but isn’t in the same league in terms of goals

    I like the thought of making a transfer, which would give you the option of the werner to sterling move! Not a priority, but city have 3 plumb league games following the United match

    Fortunately I can Ziyech to pulisic and the werner move with 0.2 in reserve. I think pulisic has the potential to be world class and really kick in this season so I’m jumping back in on him early

    1. Are you not worried about his tendency to pick up injuries? If it wasn’t for this I’d be completely with you but it’s a big question mark in a long month. Not keen on Grealish as an option?

  3. Great score I’ve got same front 3 as you and Werner has a massive question mark against him. I had Ziyech and barnes I brought in Raphinna from Leeds because they have great fixtures

    1. Thanks Ian, it feels like a big decision this weekend. Could go either way and may go drastically wrong.

    1. Thanks C&B, I’m still concerned about not having Sterling and caught in two minds for this week ahead

  4. I’m leaning towards either Ferran Torres or Mason Mount as I’ll be taking ziyech out. Probably Mount just cos his cheaper.

    1. I’m tempted to do the same, even if it’s just for this week with a view to reviewing at the end of the game week

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