Review of Game Week 11

Review of Game Week 11

GW Points: 14
Overall Points: 586
Overall Rank: 161,761
Transfers: Traore out, Mbeumo in

I decided to leave my game week 11 write up until closer to the return from the International break as I wanted to focus on looking forward rather than backwards for this one. As a brief overview of game week 11, I basically made the decision to take a hit and hold onto 4 of my transfers. Fortunately, I didn’t drop that far on the leaderboard and now hopefully face the rest of November with an advantage as I’ve got plenty of transfers left. I did make one transfer, which was a massive punt and it didn’t pay off. Holding onto Traore was pointless as he was benched again, I noticed Mbeumo was a good price and plays pretty much as a striker for Brentford (who has a good fixture against Norwich). This move would also unlock a bigger upgrade for Bertrand so I thought it was worth a go. Mbeumo had hit the post or crossbar a few times before picking up an injury so I thought there was a chance he might do something against Norwich. Unfortunately, he scored but it was ruled offside and he ended up with 0 points. Given the position I find myself in on the leaderboard, I don’t regret the move as I think it was worth a punt and I may even keep hold of him for another week or two. Looking ahead, I can now check who has made it through the International’s without an injury and potentially make 4 transfers this weekend.


Despite Man Utd losing to City, I’ll take a couple of points for De Gea over nothing at all.

8 points for Walker was a good return in a potentially difficult fixture.

Potential issues

There’s clearly a few issues within the team so I’ll be looking to address that quite quickly. Bertrand simply has to come out, I can’t see a single advantage of keeping him now. Azpilicueta is also a problem, he takes up a lot of budget but keeps getting benched, for me he comes out as well. I then need to make sure I can free up funds to get a decent replacement for Bertrand, as a result I’m debating taking De Bruyne out and downgrading to someone like B. Silva who is playing well at the moment.

I’ll need to check for any injuries but I’m potentially looking at:

Bertrand, Azpilicueta and De Bruyne out

Cancelo, B. Silva and a 3.9m defender or striker in

I think this would strengthen the team well and give it more of a balance but I plan to take a closer look as we approach the weekend.

Tips for Game Week 12

I’ve outlined my plans above, but my main advice would be that now is the time to use transfers if you’ve held onto them as I have. We’ve only got two weeks left in November and the International break is out of the way. It’s also worth keeping an eye on the fixtures for December, as that’s going to be a long month if we start to pick up any injuries. The spreadsheet below should be up to date with upcoming fixtures for the big teams.

19 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 11

  1. Back to premiership pts, thank goodness, current team.
    B. Silva
    Last transfer will be Lukaku in for Havertz if he starts, looking ahead to December, if no injuries to address, make one only, long month, Sanchez out, can afford anyone but Mendy, whoever selected plan to keep for season.

    1. Looks a good team David – you’re in a good position with few changes needed at this stage

  2. I like the City double up Paul. Cancelo is at least on a par with TAA now as a SDT asset. He consistently returns and is as much as an ever-present as you can get in a Pep side.

    Anyone looking at bringing Harry back in? Can he carry on his form from the internationals? Decent fixtures coming up….🧐

    1. the only way I get Harry in is to get rid off Renaldo.
      M US. fixtures are top draw in December.
      glad to see you back posting buddy.

    2. If I could get him in I’d be tempted but not sure it’s going to be possible without losing someone like Ronaldo, which I don’t fancy doing considering Man Utd’s fixtures. Still very undecided on what to do going into the weekend.

  3. Paul, I think Debruyne is due a good run of form, by taking out Fernandez instead, would give you 4.7 to spend on defender or striker, bigger pool of players to choose from, or extra funds to upgrade Mbueno when the time comes.

    1. I’ve been tempted to take him out but looking at Man Utd’s fixtures in December it might not be a wise move. Food for thought though.

  4. I have only one transfer left.
    need to get rid of ziycech 2.7 +1 I have doesn’t leave
    me with much to work with,thinking maybe Hudson odoi

  5. Kevin De Bruyne has tested positive for coronavirus while on international duty with Belgium; Manchester City midfielder is self-isolating for 10 days, says manager Pep Guardiola.

    1. Well that’s just bloody marvellous…😂

      With £0 ITB and playing 4-3-3 I’m not really keen on any of the current options in truth in terms of replacements. Might just suck it up with December being a hectic month.

  6. Yeah, he’s going to miss 3 games, was going to use last transfer to bring Lukaku back for Havertz, but I think he’s definitely out of the weekend game, so to replace De bruyne, will be Mahrez or Foden, once I see team sheet, veering towards Foden, who said 5 transfers would ruin the game, seem to go through them every month quite easily.

    1. Mahrez and Foden would have been my ideal replacements too David but I can’t afford them. Sterling or Grealish are within reach but I’m not overly keen on either and I hear Grealish may be out for this one anyway.

      1. Noticed that Mount is due back for Chelsea so that may be one option. Moura is another with good fixtures ahead. 3 games is a good chunk to miss at this stage isn’t it. Chelsea don’t have the best fixtures short-term but they can turn over anyone on their day can’t they.

  7. Taking out Lukaku, was going to bring in Foden, but he’s a doubt, so it’s between Mahrez, Son and Jota??

    Or should i stick to my guns and bring in Foden ?

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