Review of Game Week 11

Review of Game Week 11

Best Team 

GW Points: 51
Overall Points: 684
Overall Rank: 34,179

Main Blog Team

GW Points: 48
Overall Points: 605
Overall Rank: 200,396
Transfers used: Sterling out, Almiron in
Sessegnon out, Trippier in

I’m keeping my game week review shorter this week as I’ve only just had time to start writing it after a busy week. Overall the game week was a bit of a flat week with very little progress on the overall leaderboard. Blanks or minus points for Ramsdale, Sessegnon, Cucurella, Bowen, Saka and Sterling was the main reason for this. I decided to make a couple of changes at the end of the game week – basically to avoid the team losing too much value. I took two players out who haven’t performed well for weeks in Sterling and Sessegnon, I bought in two who I thought would rise by the maximum amount and they did. I didn’t just do this for the price rise – Trippier has massively outperformed Sterling so far so I saw that as an improvement. The same can be said for Almiron compared to Sessegnon. It wouldn’t be at all surprising if Sterling had a big game week but I didn’t want to hold on any longer as his value was dropping week after week. I’m not going to run through each player this week as I’m short on time and also stuck with this team until next weekend anyway. The players above were the ones who let me down, Dalot in particular did well for me, I was also happy with 8 points from Ake. It was also good to see Kane and Salah pick up points but I need another big score from one of them soon to make a real difference.

Player watchlist

Here are the players currently on my watchlist:

Foden – had Foden not been looking likely to drop in value, I’d have swapped him for Sterling but team value is important before the World Cup so I went with Trippier instead.

Cancelo/De Bruyne – would love both but they are out of reach.

Antony – has scored reasonably well since joining Man Utd. Appears to be getting game time in the Europa League. Risky move for me but I’ll keep an eye on him.

Shaw – I was tempted to bring him in as one of my final transfers. Man Utd appear to be playing a strong team in the Europa League, but I think the transfer might have been a week too late after he picked up a decent score last week.

Aubameyang/Firmino/Rashford/Nunez – I could make a case for any of these as a third cheaper striker. Firmino in particular has started the season well, is good value and should be certain of game time with injuries to Jota and Diaz.

Plan for game week 11

I’ve used all of my transfers across all of my teams so my plan for this game week is to sit tight and hope for some luck. I need players like Bowen, Saka, Kane or Salah to hit a really big score to get my main team back in contention. As mentioned above, I used my final two transfers to continue to build team value, I think this is really important in the run up to the World Cup considering that we can swap our entire team during the break. My short term plan is to utilise most of my transfers to gain value from players. I’ll obviously still be chasing points but I’d probably slightly prioritise gaining value in my team. 

If you’re interested in the fixtures for the clubs involved in Europe, you can check them out here:

My other teams

My best team is racing towards 700 points and doesn’t look too dissimilar to my blog team. I’ve got the likes of Kepa, Gomez, Cucurella, Ake, Sterling, Foden, Bowen and the big three up front. I’ve been out of transfers in this team for a while so I’m stuck with Sterling until at least next weekend. This is where luck comes into play slightly as I’ve just taken him out of my main team (for logical reason) but I’m stuck with him in this team – perfect timing for a big haul this weekend. 

My second best team is the team with the highest value at 56m This team is only slightly behind my best team and I’ve just been slightly more fortunate with the price changes. 56m seems like a good budget but I’ve seen plenty of other teams with much higher values. I think the problem we face now is that if you’ve had a lot of luck so far this season and every player you’ve touched has turned to gold, those teams will have naturally gained a huge value and a big advantage when it comes to the World Cup reset. This could make it harder than ever to play catch up.

Most of my other teams are now over 600 points and there’s around 80 points difference between my blog team and my best team. 

As always, for complete transparency, here are my 10 teams:

3 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 11

  1. 48 points for the game week so far. Little disappointed not to get a bigger jump on the leaderboard with that total.

    8 points for Ramsdale
    10 for Trippier
    13 for Dalot
    5 for Saka
    8 for Almiron
    8 for Salah

    Seemed like a much better result than it appears to have been with only a 10k jump. Just shows how difficult it can be playing catch up.

  2. Sterling 6.9 scores good goal plays well.
    De Druyne plays 10minutes gets assist. gets 7
    makes me wonder if there is favouritism.

    1. I found that strange as well. Sterling certainly doesn’t seem to be favoured by the system this season.

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