Review of Game Week 12

Review of Game Week 12

GW Points: 42
Overall Points: 710
Overall Rank: 109,047
Transfers: Mahrez out, De Bruyne in

Game week 12 seems like a bit of a distant memory after the International break. However, I’m just looking towards the weekends fixtures so thought it would be useful to recap on the last game week. It was another pretty flat week for me with hardly any movement on the overall leaderboard. I took Mahrez out because he was benched again, I put De Bruyne in because I think he’s a better long term option. This didn’t pay off against Liverpool but I’m hoping it will do before the end of the month. In some ways I’m still struggling to see how I could do things differently to get a better result as I’m not unhappy with my team in general.


Abraham scored again and received 8 points. This makes him the second highest scoring player on the game. I only wish I’d jumped on this transfer earlier as it took a few weeks for me to eventually take the plunge.

Tomori picked up a clean sheet and 8 points.

Mane, Salah and Robertson all picked up points.

Potential Issues:

Otamendi didn’t play. This probably saved him minus points but ultimately he’s a player who may need to come out.

It was disappointing that Mount, Sterling, De Bruyne and Kane didn’t pick up points but I wouldn’t say I’m considering taking any of them out yet.

Tips for Game Week 13

If you’ve saved your transfers until after the International break then you’ll probably be looking to use them this weekend. Unfortunately, the two teams with the best fixtures have both been inconsistent this season – Man Utd (Sheff Utd and Astana) and Arsenal (Southampton and Eintracht). I can’t say I’m tempted to bring in players from either of these teams personally despite the fixtures. Spurs could be a team to look at with the appointment of Mourinho, a lot of teams have that instant lift with a new manager and he will certainly have a point to prove against an out of form West Ham. Chelsea face City which is a concern for me as I have three Chelsea players and City will be wanting to bounce back from the defeat against Liverpool. Liverpool themselves travel to Palace which I’d expect them to win.

I’ll personally be potentially looking for a replacement for Otamendi and this might well be my next transfer.

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25 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 12

  1. I’m looking at Ottamendi out, Soyuncu in, great shorterm fixtures, excellent value, in a team currently brimming with confidence, it also depends for me on Salah, Robbo, & Pulisic injuries, if only one game, then I’ll do the Ottamendi switch.

      1. Sounds good for our team TAA.

        Altho for me personally the guy above me has Abraham TAA and Ederson. And I dont. So there’s no point me bringing them in as I won’t catch up as we also have very similar players.

  2. Dtt/or anyone I didn’t do the de bruyne transfer so still have 3 I have cup match this week what transfers do you think I should do do you think I should still do the de bruyne move or pat-allison….otta-taa or soy …mount out? Any advice much appreciated cheers

    1. I think the De Bruyne move is still a good one. I’m probably looking at Otamendi out for TAA and then will review my final transfer next week.

        1. Yeah that could definitely be an option. I’m not rushing into this one so will make a decision next week.

  3. I now that we all have our own ideas when to use transfers.
    I have always used mine straight away and it has served me well
    over a number of seasons. 2nd in our club league only a point behind 84 members.
    points so far 773 and 38th in the D.T. LEAGUE.
    as I have said we all have our own way.

    1. What’s your team what would you advise me my team same as DTT apart from de bruyne
      but still have my 3 transfers

      1. me thinks otamendi out for trent ax
        I also would be thinking James in for mount.
        bearing in mind its only my opinion

        my team patricio stones robo alex arn james de bruyne sterling mane vardy rashford salah

  4. Looking back at my season so far, I should been more aggressive with my transfers.

    I currently feel that I am underachieving with my side is on 754 points which is 26k mark but if I use golfing terms, then the par score is 800 (which I believe is 10k mark or higher) which is where ideally I would like to be. So I feel my team is 1 under par (birdie). A finish over 5k is good although to win (competitive) mini leagues will need a top 1k rank.

    I might need to revise my tactics slightly as too many shields can be detrimental to your rank and potentially leave you in limbo (neither moving up or down).

    1. Defo RR. Guy above me has Abraham TAA and Ederson. And I dont. But there’s no point me bringing them in as I won’t catch up as we have very similar players.

      Could be some maverick moves coming on.

      1. I was forced into some maverick moves at the end of last season as I couldn’t catch first place without having a different team to him. I ended up picking players who would have been my second choice after the ones I couldn’t have. It ruined the end of my season – the players I wanted outscored the players I chose by quite some margin. Ultimately I wouldn’t have caught up with him either way but the maverick moves put me even further behind.

  5. What do people think kane for son? Kane hasnt popped off and son is in form id say.. 2 mill cheaper and both very close in points..

    1. Hear what you’re saying Aaron. But change of manager makes spurs players a somewhat unknown. I’d hold on that for a few games to see how spurs are looking personally.

    1. If I can’t see an outfield player I want to take out, and I can’t at the moment. I’ll probably upgrade Patricio for someone like Ederson or Alisson.

      1. That’s what I was thinking might do that move today and also otta to TAA …need the points in our money league it’s cup week so need points

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