Review of Game Week 12

Review of Game Week 12

GW Points: 39
Overall Points: 889
Overall Rank: 1,525
Transfers: Ziyech out, Mount in

Game week 12 was a strange week. Very few points around for the bigger names resulted in only 39 points, which is unheard of for a double game week. Regardless of this, I still managed to maintain a decent position on the overall leaderboard which was a positive sign. Bringing Mount in couldn’t have gone much worse – I’d have been a point better off had I stuck with the injured Ziyech but that’s the way it goes sometimes. Overall I’m still happy with my start to the season and current position on the leaderboard so I’ve got nothing to panic about at the moment.


5 points each for Walker and Robertson was better than nothing.

13 points each for Kane and Salah was a decent result.

Potential Issues:

This week was Werner’s last chance to give me a reason to keep him in my team. He blanked again. With Chelsea only having one fixture this week, I thought it was time to move him on for a player who has an additional EFL Cup fixture in game week 13. It was between Rashford and Sterling. As Rashford is the in form player who looked certain to rise more than Sterling, I decided to opt for him. This could be for one week only if Rashford doesn’t do much this week but I thought it was worth a calculated risk.

A wider issue is having Barnes and Mount, I’ve got doubt over both long term for hitting big points. Barnes appears to be only playing every other game and Mount isn’t really an explosive point scorer. The problem is, if I want Sterling at some point I’ve got no budget left over. As a result, I plan to monitor how Sterling, Rashford and Werner get on this week and either bite the bullet and go for Sterling at the end of the game week or use the left over funds to upgrade Mount or Barnes. 

Tips for Game Week 13

If you’ve still got transfers to use for December, my advice would be to look at teams with additional EFL Cup fixtures this week. That would include Man City, Man Utd and Spurs. Being careful to pick players who might have a chance of playing in both fixtures, even though this can be a complete lottery. We’ve also got another game week in December so it’s worth keeping that in mind as well.

As always, the fixtures can be found at:

I’ll also be updating this sheet to include January’s fixtures when they start to become important.

62 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 12

  1. Hi dtt I missed your transfer this morning is it still worth me doing it even though he’s gone up in price?

    1. I partly did it for the price change. But Rashford could play twice this week. It’s a lottery knowing what to suggest

  2. Steady week and good transfer bringing in Rashford.

    Seen Barnes is predicted by many not to start again at the weekend. . . Thoughts on a replacement?

    I’m lacking a city defender so I’ll be moving to 4 at the back in and dias if he’s starting again at the weekend.

    Going to leave the cash in the bank to flip to sterling if required. Not many options at all in midfield

    1. Good GW as always Paul 1👌🏻

      It wasn’t the best of game week for lots of teams. So not much ground lost at all. And the Robertson transfer paid off. His get plenty of assist. So hopefully that will continue and he avoids injury 🤞🏻

      As for Walker and Barnes. Shame about the rotation at Man City. Can still Walker picking us up points most week. Barnes is definitely a headache. I don’t it as to why he gets dropped after scoring 2 games running. Can’t be doing his confidence any good. Started against Everton but didn’t get a sniff. Maybe Foden could be worth a punt. League Cup and all. I’ve a good feeling about Rashford. But I could be wrong. We’ll see. Like you mentioned this week. Daniel Podence could be worth considering. Or jump to 443?

      Anyway. Fingers crossed for a better few days for us all this week 🤞🏻. Still top of both my mini cash leagues 😁👍🏻

      1. Thanks Mick – hoping for another good week. Got a feeling it’s all going to be on Rashford. Will have a review going into the final game week of the month with regards to Barnes/Mount and could well go 443

  3. 4 at the back is the way now, as like you said decent midfield choices are limited.
    Barnes was the worst addition I made all season, so had to go.

    My team is looking strong now, need a productive 2 weeks now 👍

    1. I wouldn’t say Barnes was the worst to add. He picked up 16 pts in first 2 games . So that can’t be knocked. Considering Werner only picked up 5 in that time. If he was starting regularly. It could be a different story.

    2. I might be tempted by this going forward but not seeing many good defensive options for the same price as Barnes

      1. A lot of talk on 433, it could be an option if your team is cash rich as it is difficult to afford the likes of TAA, Robertson, Cancelo, Dias, Chilwell, James maybe I can bring in 3 but the fourth might be beyond my means plus I don’t want to dilute the third midfielder slot at too low a price where i find it difficult to be flexible in player selection also Sterling when the time comes won’t be cheap.

    3. SteveB
      What’s your team looking like m8?
      I’ve got 4 at the back



      Mount ( I put him in yesterday)


      Not sure about Mount but I only have .6 left itb

    1. Easy to say after the event but it wasn’t a move that was of interest to me, thankfully Salah scored twice. Had I not taken Werner out, I’d have probably made this move though.

  4. Really not sure who to take out for Werner ? Can get anyone in apart from Sterling atm. Any suggestions lads. Was gonna give richarlison a punt but not sure if too risky.

      1. I know mate but missed the transfer. Now his gone up and not sure whether to follow u in. Don’t think I’ll have enough for Sterling now

        1. Same here thinking maybe son and hope his price goes up after this week and rashford doesn’t go too mad to keep on par with dtt

  5. Keane could be a good cheap defender or Vestergarrd at Southampton could be worth considering maybe.

    Star man for Walker today 🙌🏻

  6. Swapped Ziyech for Dias, great to get a clean sheet but disappointed with the 6.9 rating, especially when it said 7 at full time only to be dropped after.

  7. Yep missing that transfer cost me .5m werner went down .2 gutter what’s your thoughts on son ?worth it or not wanna try get back on track with your team as 1st in my local and 2nd in our big League

    1. It’s a tough one to call. I wasn’t considering Son myself as we’ve got Kane. It was between Rashford and Sterling for me. But you could probably toss a coin between any of them it could be that close this week. Even Werner might do well for all we know.

    1. I’m in same boat as u mate. I’ve transferred rashford in for now but am close to reversing this and giving Werner one more game. West Ham at home for Chelsea. can’t imagine be too far behind rashford for the sake of one week? Hard one

  8. Mike, I missed it as well.
    I still put Rushford in as werner aint doing nothing.
    I’ll just put someone in else in a bit cheaper in one of the next transfers

  9. I’m over moon I didn’t go rashford. Went with martial and crossed fingers rash didn’t do anything. Worked out well

    1. I was gutted that Rashford only picked up 3 points in a game where they scored 6 goals. Hopefully he gets some game time midweek. I’m now worried about Werner scoring as well as I’d stuck with him for so long.

  10. I’m considering swapping Sigurdsson in for Torres in the difficult 4th midfielder slot. He’s on pens and set-pieces for a team in 4th place in the league.

  11. Not much picked up by Werner tonight! So no worse off. Happy days. Fingers and toes crossed Rashford plays and scores mid week for us all 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

    1. I’d be happy with anything from Rashford to be honest. Just about broken into the top 1,000 on the leaderboard so I’d be happy with that for the end of the year.

  12. With the midfield options fairly sparse, I think I’m going to change to a 433. I have same midfield as DTT but am never too confident that Mount or Barnes will get any points for me. They’re both the same price so it has to be Barnes to come out as Mount is a big Frank favourite and Barnes isn’t always playing. With Castagne back in the team, he’s replacing Barnes. Partly because my nearest rival has Fofana who is doing really well and partly because of how well Castagne did at the start of the season when I/we had him. I think he will get a lot of points.

    After Man Utd on Boxing Day they have a nicer run of fixtures. It’s whether to make the transfer before Friday, wait for team news against Utd or wait until the week after.

    1. I noticed he played as well Chris, he’s one I could probably just about afford so I’m tempted to do a similar move.

  13. Vardy is still in consideration for me, Leicester still look good for a top 4 finish this season. He always scores well.

    1. Yeah he’s one of those players that I always dismiss but always does well. Tough choice with so many strikers this season

  14. My main rival has Vardy, Maddison and Justin who have closed an 80 point lead down to 20 odd these last two weeks alone and Leicester are looking quite strong so their assets should certainly be considered…

    I watched the Chelsea West Ham game last night and Werner should have scored 3 easily, he just can’t catch a break atm! Pleased I transferred him out but he could certainly punish if he finds his scoring boots.

    Also switched Havertz out to Torres when I saw Jesus was injured and he was starting up top, annoying he didn’t score but looked like he played well and came off at 75 so hopefully he’s due some more game time tonight in the cup. Havertz was dropped from the starting 11 by Frank so pleased with my decision and fortunately he didn’t do anything in his 10 minutes sub appearance last night.

    Nice CS and Star man for Walker and 8 points for Zouma last night but with James and Chilwell both injured are Mendy & Zouma going to keep CS’s over the next few games?

    P.s. so so pleased I didn’t do the Salah out move!

    1. Do we know how long James and Chilwell are out for? That’s a concern for me as well. Werner is still well owned in the mini league I monitor so he’s definitely a worry for me, as is Sterling. I’ve had a really good run so far but I’m just waiting for the tide to start turning.

      1. Chilwell turned his ankle and tried to play on but then came off limping… he’s having a scan this morning and Frank said he’s a doubt for the Arsenal game.

        James has a knee problem and there was talk of him needing surgery over the weekend however sounds like they may be able to play him through it and just manage with occasional rest…

        Frank further said last night “we hope their injuries are not that bad and will be in and around the games over Christmas. So we’ll see.”

        Fortunately their next game is against Arsenaal who are pretty blunt and sounds like Aubamayang is a doubt as well himself. Azpilicueta and Emerson don’t offer the same attacking threat as James and Chilwell however they were fairly sound defensively so Mendy and Zouma are a hold for me this week v Arsenal and Villa I think.

        Sounds like there is some hope but doesn’t install a great deal of confidence.

        1. I’m not so bothered about Chilwell as he’s the most owned defender in a mini league I’m keen to do well in. So hopefully a few people are stuck with him

          1. Sounds like Chilwell could miss Arsenal, Villa and City games… I’m certainly happy that I don’t have him or James – no further news on him so suspect he may return but might be a rotation risk for rest from time to time. Also happy holding Mendy and Zouma nonetheless for now… Arsenal aren’t great at present and Aub is currently still a doubt and their second match is at home to Villa next week. Both offer a ‘chance’ of clean sheets.

    1. Ah man it’s hurting being an arsenal fan atm, every game feels like a loss before kick off. I don’t want to believe arsenal will go down, surely January has to be expensive market for arsenal.

      Any other fans on here? 😢

      1. There was a point in time when I really didn’t like Arsenal – around the Keane and Viera bust up in the tunnel time but I just feel a bit sorry for them now 😂

        1. I’m going to replace Chilwell with Matip and upgrade Torres to Foden with the funds. I’ll also have enough to upgrade Mendy to Ederson when we get our transfers next Friday.

    1. It’s not sorted into any order – I just put teams in that I wanted to monitor at the start of the season

  15. Yip im a gooner, I’ve been a fan since 1982 , seen it all and I hope they get relegated, all the money goes to shareholders, its just greed, money is crippling the game . Lost all interest in it now. When you think arteta is a good Premier league manager its all over. I haven’t watched a game this season, match of the day is enough,

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