Review of Game Week 12

Review of Game Week 12

GW Points: 106
Overall Points: 692
Overall Rank: 102,203
Transfers: De Bruyne out, B. Silva in
Azpilicueta out, Chilwell in
Bertrand out, Son in

All in all game week 12 was a very successful week and one of the best weeks of the season for the team so far. I benefited from waiting until after the International break to make some positive changes and these mostly paid off. Chilwell returned some decent points but unfortunately looks like he’s picked up a nasty injury. Silva picked up points whereas De Bruyne obviously didn’t feature. It was annoying to see Son blank as he is obviously a massive upgrade on Bertrand but I’m sure his day will come. The points returned resulted in a massive jump on the overall leaderboard but I’m still not in an acceptable position given that I typically finish around the 1,00th mark. It just goes to show how important a good start is in this game – as I’m now in a very difficult position to try and claw back a respectable finish. Having said that, there’s a long way to go and it’s not a challenge I’ve had to face before so I’m interested to see how it will pan out by the end of the season.


Happy to see De Gea pick up 8 points and a clean sheet. With Man Utd’s fixtures in December, I’ll stick with him for now.

23 points for Rudiger and 15 points for Chilwell was a very good result.

8 points for Walker

13 points for B. Silva in his first week in my team

16 points for Salah is almost irrelevant because of his high ownership

18 points for Ronaldo was well overdue given his price tag

Potential issues

Looking ahead to December I can see a few minor issues in my team:

If Chilwell is going to face a lengthy spell on the sidelines, then he will need to come out. This will probably be my last transfer for November. In an ideal world, Alonso takes his place week in week out at a cheaper price so he may be the route that I go down.

Mbeumo has blanked two weeks in a row, although I feel like he’s been unlucky not to score, I think December will be time to move him on. Chilwell to Alonso should free up funds to make this happen.

Other than that, I’m happy with my team going into the first week of December. However, I do need to keep an eye on Fernandes and Son. I’m not 100% convinced that Fernandes will recapture his point scoring form of last season and his value could be better spent somewhere else (a Man City defender). This might create funds to upgrade Son, as I’m not convinced by Spurs longer term. Both have decent fixtures for the first game week in December so I’ll probably take another look after that week.

Tips for Game Week 13

I’d absolutely be using any transfers left at this stage to set teams up for the long month of December. Check out the fixtures below to see who has the best run. In my view, it’s Man Utd, but I wouldn’t say I trust them to get results or clean sheets. I’ve only got one transfer left, and I’m considering Chilwell to Alonso. I’d be interested to hear what other people are doing if they’ve got transfers remaining in the comments below.

17 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 12

  1. have no transfers left. happy with my team thus far.
    820 points . I to have son and Fernandes.
    think I will leave well alone.there will be lots off team changes
    over xmas so most off your players will get team time at some stage.

    1. I’d be delighted with that Don. Can’t believe I’m over 100 points behind you. Not sure where it’s gone wrong this season.

      1. to be very honest Paul I was following you to the letter,
        but the team got so far behind that I thought a drastic change was needed.
        so I took the bull by the horns and used to lots of 5 transfers
        soon as they became available, and put mostly Chelsea and man city
        players in. as luck would have it its paying off, considering
        my team in my mini league was 34 out off 64 now its second.
        injury’s never happend so my luck was in.

  2. very good review as usual.😀😀 I had one transfer left and last night, swopped Bruno (out) for Bernardo Silva. Took advantage of a small price benefit and unless the new interim manager has a significant impact…I can see Bruno’s value going down further ( watch out for his hat trick tomorrow🤣🤣). I’ve gone heavily with a Chelsea back 5 with ronaldo, salah and kane up front and aim to stick with those 8 for the rest of the season. unfortunately with a number of top teams having a “bank” of Chelsea players it’s hard to make a positive impact. I’ve 11.2 million left for the 3 midfield players…..would be really interested to hear any views on who you would aim to get in with that budget??. Have a good and fruitful weekend all.

    1. Thanks Steve, I’d have a look on the stats board and pick the three with the highest points who have decent fixtures ahead. Moura, Tielemans (when he’s back from injury), Gallagher, Bowen, Smith Rowe

    1. I don’t fancy the double up with De Gea, don’t trust them at all but happy to hold De Gea as it’s a low risk position

  3. Any advice please. I have 2 transfers and 0.3 in the bank. Need to move Traore on and thinking time to lose Benrahma.


    Cheers all

    1. That’s a tough one. You probably need to look longer term. Moura and Robertson for those two might have worked? Not sure if it did within budget though

    1. I considered it but didn’t do it in the end. Thought Alonso was a better longer term choice – of course Robertson gets 10 points today though.

  4. Very good game week well needee, but i cant help thinking you favor man united too much. Having a chelsea defence earlier would have been much better, now ole has gone we will see a change but its clear to see your deluded

    1. I don’t favour Man Utd. In fact I usually avoid their players. They had good opening fixtures and Maguire and Shaw were coming off the back of a good Euros. They had also signed Varane. I’ve always played the fixtures and it’s worked well, I’ve never favoured a team or player out of delusion. It was a mistake but not one that wasn’t thought outu

      1. Don’t worry your wish can come true when 5 brand new transfers arrive on Friday. Then easy move from Son to Jota with your funds in the bank.

        1. True but it’s not much good after the peak of points. Might leave Son in for the Norwich game as well

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