Review of Game Week 12

Review of Game Week 12

World Cup Game

Before I get into the game week review, I just wanted to briefly mention the World Cup. A preliminary game has been launched. If you’re interested in seeing blog content on this competition, please complete this form –

At the moment, I’m a little short of interest to run anything so get it filled in if you’re interested in content on the topic.

Best Team 

GW Points: 60
Overall Points: 713
Overall Rank: 100,326

Main Blog Team

GW Points: 81
Overall Points: 686
Overall Rank: 159,676
Transfers used: None used

Game week 12 was one of my best weeks of the season so far. I’m still hugely frustrated with the start my blog team has had to the season but at least I’m eventually getting the rub of the green over recent weeks. Had the team got off to a better start, I’m convinced it would be flying high on the overall leaderboard by now. The team jumped another 40,000 places on the leaderboard this week, partly thanks to instant returns from Trippier and Almiron. Hopefully, the team can keep up this momentum before the World Cup as it would be useful to build budget before we get unlimited transfers during this break. I’m slightly undecided on what to do with our fresh set of transfers that are due to kick in this weekend. Given that I can’t make any changes for price rises, I’m half tempted to hold all of my transfers and only bring in players at the end of game weeks who are certain to rise in value. I think my main focus during November is to get as many points on the board as possible but also continue to build team value. 

After a successful week, here are my thoughts on each player:

Ramsdale: 16 points. Another good week for Ramsdale, great to see him playing in the Europa League and getting a clean sheet. Certain to rise in value so will keep for another week. Could potentially look at resetting this position during the World Cup though.

Trippier: 10 points. Fantastic to get an instant return from Trippier. No regrets over bringing him in. May even keep hold of him during the unlimited transfer period. 

Dalot: 20 points. I’m delighted with the returns Dalot has contributed since I bought him back into my team – proves he was a solid logical choice at the start of the season as well. He’s now the third highest scoring defender in the game, mainly down to some great returns in the Europa League. He could well be a keeper in my team for the season.

Cucurella: -3 points. Poor result for Chelsea at the weekend, I’m stuck with Cucurella for now so will probably give him another week in my team. If he looks like he’s going to drop at the end of the next game week I may take him out.

Ake: Did not play. Didn’t make an appearance over the game week, not the end of the world as he won’t drop in value. Will almost certainly come out during the World Cup period.

Bowen: 0 points. Massively disappointed with Bowen since bringing him into my team. Should drop in value again. If I had a transfer I’d take him out now but I’m stuck with him for the time being. 

Saka: 5 points. Felt unfortunate that Saka didn’t score more points this week. Had he not been forced off injuried at the weekend he may well have had a big haul. Still confident that he was a solid pick for the season.

Almiron: 8 points. Delighted with 8 points from Almiron considering I only bought him in for the price rise. Will keep hold of him for now and hope for a few more points this week.

Salah: 21 points. Glad I kept the faith in Salah, he’s now the second highest point scorer in the game and could be a season long pick.

Haaland: Did not play. Season long pick and should only have a minor injury.

Kane: 4 points. 4 points isn’t really enough from Kane but I’ll probably keep him until the World Cup. Fingers crossed for a big return this week. 

Player watchlist

Here are the players currently on my watchlist:

De Gea – should be a reasonable value when we come back from the World Cup. Could be a better option over Ramsdale considering that he’s playing in the Europa League. Need to keep an eye on who Man Utd draw in the playoff round of the Europa League. 

De Bruyne – after a few quiet weeks, De Bruyne is now back amongst the points. I’m partly wondering if he might be a better longer term option than Kane.

Cancelo – would love Cancelo but he’s out of reach for the time being.

Shaw/Martinez – I’m considering doubling up on Man Utd defenders given their current form. We may have missed the boat here, as they’ve been playing a strong team against the weaker teams in the Europa League but its food for thought during the break.

Hojbjerg – he’s been on my radar for a few weeks but I didn’t see him keeping up his point scoring form. He could be an option after the World Cup if we are looking for a cheap midfielder. 

Plan for game week 13

For my blog team, I’m undecided about what to do during November. I’m tempted to hold fire on any transfers this weekend with a view to building as much value as possible with the 5 transfers for the month. At the same time, I could be tempted to attack the Man City Vs Fulham fixture at the weekend with some proactive changes in favour of City players. I think this is a risk at this stage in case they lose their clean sheet and I end up losing value rather than gaining it. My preference at the moment is to probably stick with the team I’ve got and then use transfers at the end of the game week if anyone looks like they will drop by 0.3m. I’ll mix up my approach across other teams, in some I’ll be really aggressive with my transfers and target this weekend’s fixtures. In others, I’ll just chase price rises during November.

If you’re interested in the fixtures for the clubs involved in Europe, you can check them out here:

My other teams

The majority of my other teams had a fairly poor game week this week. My best team from last week is no longer my best team overall as it only picked up 25 points. This resulted in a huge drop on the overall leaderboard. That’s fine by me though as my blog team had a huge jump. This was mainly down to having mostly Chelsea and Man City players in that team – many who didn’t play or picked up minus points. 

Overall I think what I’ll do with my other teams is create defensive blocks during the World Cup reset. I’ll probably aim to have five teams with different blocks, going for Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Man Utd. This will probably be the only way to get some of them much higher up the leaderboard. It’s a high risk, high reward strategy so it’s not something I’d probably adopt for my blog team. 

Interestingly, I do monitor the performance of some of the more well known players in the Dream Team community, including former winners of the entire competition. Although my overall performance isn’t great so far, I’m actually in the same boat as many of these other players when you look at their teams and points on the board to date.

As always, for complete transparency, here are my 10 teams:

27 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 12

  1. cant make me mind up on transfers.
    am looking at west ham there next 3 fix are at home
    can see more value in outing sterling and Cucarella
    for there players its a risk but chances have to be
    taken when you are in 10th place in your mini league.
    any one got any ideas to share.

    1. I’m personally going to hold fire on transfers this week and target price changes at the end of the week. Unless of course I need to make a drastic change.

  2. Thorough write up as usual Paul, it’s a tough call knowing what to do with November transfers, I’ve got 2 teams in different cash mini leagues, Son, Gomez, definitely taking out, & probably Stirling & B. Silva, looking to transfer in, De bruyne, Cancelo, Almiron, maybe a Newcastle defender, depending whether Ake starts against Fulham, these league cup games are a conundrum, which player’s if any will play the full quota of 3 games, before the break for the world cup.

    1. I’d agree with taking injured players out but not sure about anyone else at this stage. I’m going to be quite aggressive in some teams but focus on budget in my blog team.

  3. I took a gamble in Oct to ditch Salah (and Elliot) and spread funds around with Maddison, Bowan and Scamaca coming in which really didn’t pay off. Sometimes doing nothing really is best! Had an ok month otherwise and up to 68k with my only side, but really could have been much better had I used those transfers elsewhere… Currently debating whether to use all my Nov transfers for price swings at end of week to build value or to roll the dice and ‘dead end’ my side (with the likes of West Ham, Newcastle and Everton etc) and go for points noting we get unlimited transfers during the World Cup.

    1. That’s pretty good going based on how tough it’s been this season. I’m personally going for price rises in my main team.

  4. I was hoping to take DTTS advice and not use any transfers until the World Cup but I’m going to have to take out Kepa and maybe replace him with Pickford and I think I’m going to replace PEA with Rashford

  5. I was thinking about replacing Cucurella but with Chillwells injury he should be starting in the wingback position now. I know his fixtures aren’t particularly favourable but I want to hold on to as many transfers as possible for a couple of weeks to benefit from the price changes

    1. I thought exactly the same. I’ll be keeping everyone who’s not injured this weekend.

  6. Morning all, we’ll after saying I was going to hold on to prices and take advantage of the prices I have no changed. I need to get my Chelsea assets out, will be loading with city and possible West Ham. Good luck all

  7. Yeah holding on this weekend sounds like best bet but I’m looking at the Liverpool v Derby game & i think Klopp will start Nunez in that game which could well mean a couple of goals at least.

  8. my usual gung-ho 5.
    my thinking is cup games in mid week means
    you cant transfer players that have played sat or sun.
    taking a chance that the players I transfer in play and rise
    in value. when you are 60 points behind you have to be brave. 🍻
    west ham and man city.

  9. Papa not even in the squad. Need to transfer out. Realistic options are DDG or ramsdale. Any thoughts?

  10. After all my talk I ended up swapping cucerella for Gabriel and Alvarez for PEA. They worked in my favour this weekend but Pickford for Kepa didn’t. I’ve still got Cancelo. Hopefully he’ll start in the league cup but if he doesn’t I’ll ship him on temporarily to avoid a sure fire price drop

  11. dream team points Kane only gets 5 after a good goal .
    V.A.R concelo sent of penalty given.
    Arnold commits exactly the same foul nothing given not even a yellow.
    these decisions are doing me head in.

  12. Oh is that right? Thanks, I wasn’t aware of the fact. I was going to swap him for Tripps bud if that’s the case I may hold fire

  13. Paul, I’ve seen you are going to put in Gabriel, but he had minus 2 on his last game. I think the last game carries most weight with prices etc, but I can’t be sure !!!

    1. That could well be right but I don’t think he will drop in value, might not rise much but still won’t lose 0.3m. I’m hoping for points as well against Wolves at the weekend before we finish for the World Cup.

  14. Ok, fingers crossed, easy to get the head frazzled thinking of all the scenarios !!! I’m struggling to make a decision myself now !

    1. He only went up by 0.1m but it did mean avoiding the 0.3m drop for Dalot and hopefully a clean sheet for Gabriel at the weekend. I’ll be using my last 3 transfers to target end of week price rises.

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