Review of Game Week 13

Review of Game Week 13

GW Points: 56
Overall Points: 766
Overall Rank: 97,452
Transfers: Otamendi out, Alexander-Arnold in

Game week 13 wasn’t a disaster but once again I wasn’t delighted with the performance of the team. I managed to move up around 12,000 places on the overall leaderboard but I’m still way off where I want to be. The transfer didn’t really pay off with Alexander-Arnold only picking up 3 points across the week. I still think this move strengthens the team overall but it was concerning to see Abraham pick up an injury and Mount face time on the bench. With one transfer remaining for the month, these two will need looking at over the weekend.


Kane picked up 25 points, which was a good result as I was considering moving him on at one point.

De Bruyne and Mane both picked up double figure points.

Potential Issues:

As mentioned above Abraham picking up an injury could be a big concern. I’d rather not take him out but there are a few options available to us if it looks like he might miss the game week. 

Mount being dropped down to the bench was another concern. Pulisic could be a like for like replacement.

Patricio was the next player I planned to look at but given the injury to Abraham this may have to wait. This might mean that I just end up holding onto Patricio for the time being as Wolves fixtures don’t look too bad for December. At least at the start of the month anyway.

Tips for Game Week 14

If you’re fortunate enough to have transfers remaining for the final game week of November, here are the teams with the best fixtures:

Man City – Newcastle (A), Burnley (A)
Arsenal – Norwich (A), Brighton (H)
Chelsea – West Ham (H), Villa (H)
Leicester – Everton (H), Watford (H)
Liverpool – Brighton (H), Everton (H)
Man Utd – Villa (H), Spurs (H)
Spurs – Bournemouth (H), Man Utd (A)

Man City look to have the best fixtures and with Aguero injured, Jesus has certainly come onto my radar. He should be well within budget if Abraham looks to miss the game week and a decent alternative. I do also like Chelsea’s fixtures so would prefer to stick with Abraham but it won’t be possible to check Chelsea’s line up before City kick off. Leicester could also be a team to consider with a busy calendar of Premier League fixtures in December. They appear to be keeping a lot of clean sheets and Vardy keeps scoring.

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6 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 13

    1. I might leave Patricio for the time being – I was thinking Ederson but with Mount benched and Abraham injured I think I’ll need to address these two first. Schmeichel could be a good long term option though.

        1. Yeah I’m thinking this will be my first transfer for December if Mount is benched again. I’d rather jump on the opportunity to swap the injured Abraham for this week – hoping that other people won’t have the transfers to do this.

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