Review of Game Week 13

Review of Game Week 13

GW Points: 100
Overall Points: 989
Overall Rank: 994
Transfers: Werner out, Rashford in

As it’s Christmas Eve I’ll keep this week’s review fairly brief. All in all another very positive game week. 100 points on the board and eventually breaking into the top 1,000 is a remarkable start to the season. I couldn’t have wished for any more at the start of the season so I’m very happy with how the season has panned out so far. The transfer of Rashford for this week didn’t really pay off but I’m still 3 points better off. Ironically, without those points I probably wouldn’t have broke into the top 1,000 though.


Positive points for every player in the team but some particular highlights were:

Walker picking up 13 points with a clean sheet and star man award.

10 points for the recently transferred in Robertson

Double figure points for Salah and Kane. Delighted that Salah picked up 15 points with only one fixture this week and starting on the bench.

Potential Issues:

My main issue is the same problem I’ve had for the entire season – I don’t own Sterling. I’ve managed without him so far but when you look at Man City’s upcoming fixtures it’s hard to see this run of good luck carrying on. I could bring him in for Rashford but the only problem is this leaves very little to upgrade Mount or Barnes – I can’t see either of them scoring massively over the course of the season. I’m convinced I’m going to be caught out by this at some point but I still don’t know what to do about it. I’ve come this far without Sterling so it’s tempting to continue with this theme.

Tips for Game Week 14

I’ve got two transfers left, so I’m personally tempted to bite the bullet and put Sterling in for Rashford. I won’t be doing it until Boxing Day though as I’ll want to check line ups. Looking at the fixtures Liverpool look like they’ve got the best double game week coming up with games against West Brom and Newcastle. For me Salah is now essential. 

I’ve updated the fixture spreadsheet to include January’s fixtures, we are probably at that stage of December that it’s worth considering these longer term fixtures now.

Finally, I hope everyone has a great Christmas, even if it’s likely to be different for most of us this year.

16 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 13

  1. Thanks for the write up and the fixture difficulty doc.

    I currently have Chilwell and Mane. I want to take Chilwell out for Stones and gave .5 to spare with my hope being Mane goes up in price and I can get Sterling…those January fixtures are too good to ignore.

    Thoughts will be appreciated.

    1. Stones seems to have scored well from limited game time which is a bit odd. I doubt I’d put him in but he could do well. I’ve gone for Sterling myself.

  2. I won’t be putting Sterling in atm I don’t think. Teams doing well without him and when u look at what his doing in prem, his scored 4 goals. That’s the same as Dave mcgoldrick. Not worth it atm for me

    1. thing is the underlying statistics are there to say he could explode and bag a few goals over the festive period – i can see the dilemma. Half tempted to bring him in but as he’s a striker its a toughy

      1. Certainly a tough one. I just don’t think it’s worth it considering I’d only have 2.2m to spend on a midfielder

      2. That’s exactly why I’ve put him in, the risk of him getting a hat trick or a couple this week

    2. I agree but I’m going to give him a run anyway, even if it’s just for this week. He’s surely got to pick up at some point.

  3. Merry Christmas all. Great GW review as always Paul 👌🏻

    Sterling is tempting. My 2 main rivals have him in both League’s I’m in. I’m in the top 300 with the team I’ve Mahrez in. Yes 3 pts better off with Rashford! No one seen that coming with Martial. He’s on 🔥. I’m stuck with Havertz in one team. He go 10 mins the other night. Maybe 433 is the way forward .

    Anyway have a good day guys .

      1. Think he might have to go now. I’m in sitting in 75th position over all and top of the Celtic supporters league. I’m buzzing!!! Do you hold Mahrez or get rid and who for?

        1. If only I’d kept Mahrez – I’ve never managed to reach a position that high on the leaderboard

  4. Walker and Jesus have both tested Covid positive so will miss the next 3 matches whilst self isolating for 10 days… I only have Walker but fortunately have 2 transfers still. Will probably look to bring in TAA, Cancelo or Dias is my thinking currently.

  5. I must admit, the jesus covid result is good news for sterling. I was worried he might miss a game or so. . . But now he must surely play the next 2-3 games

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