Review of Game Week 13

Review of Game Week 13

Best Team 

GW Points: 52
Overall Points: 765
Overall Rank: 90,821

Main Blog Team

GW Points: 57
Overall Points: 743
Overall Rank: 132,125
Transfers used: Dalot out, Gabriel in 
Bowen out, Fernandes in (both at the end of the game week)

Another good week for my blog team, a really hefty rise on the overall leaderboard and some good points scored again by Trippier and Almiron. I’ve had much better luck over the past couple of weeks in this team and it’s now from second highest scoring team. This kind of sums up the season I’m having as despite the recent good fortune, it’s still not in a great position, however momentum has definitely swung in my favour and the team has only come good over the past few weeks. If only I’d got off to a good start, this team could be flying by now. Either way, I’ll keep plugging away to hopefully end up with a decent overall finish. I made a couple of changes at the end of the game week to continue to build team value or not lose it. Dalot won’t be playing at the weekend and could drop by the full 0.3m. Gabriel scored well over the game week and is due to face Wolves at the weekend so I thought he was a good punt for the final week before the reset. Bowen looks certain to drop by the full 0.3m and hopefully, Fernandes will rise by the full 0.3m. I think they’ve got an equal chance of picking up points at the weekend so I’m happy with a final game week punt on Fernandes as well. I’ll use my final 3 transfers at the end of this game week to bring in certain price rises, who I’ll then take out during the World Cup.

I’m not going to go through each player in my team this week as we will soon be able to reset our teams anyway and there’s only 1 game week left until the break. I’ll look much deeper into this during the break as we will effectively pick a team from scratch again after the World Cup.

Player watchlist

I’m not personally looking to make any transfers this weekend, the time to make transfers would have been for the price rises. However, if you are looking to make changes, I’d be looking to bring in the likes of Salah, De Bruyne, Trippier, Kane, Jesus, etc. Man City, Liverpool, Spurs, Arsenal and Man Utd all have decent fixtures so you could effectively target players from any of those teams as it’s effectively a 1 week punt. 

Plan for game week 14

My plan for my blog team is to do nothing for game week 14. Unless you’ve got any massive problems in your team, I’d personally be saving any transfers you’ve got left now for the end of the game week to give your team a final value boost. Worth remembering, we can bring in anyone who is going to rise at the end of the game week, because we can take them out during the World Cup with unlimited transfers. 

You can check out the fixtures for the weekend here:

As we progress through the World Cup, I’ll be building this fixture list back up for when domestic football returns.

My other teams

My best team is now only 22 points ahead of my blog team, this is remarkable considering my blog team was over 100 points behind this team just a few weeks ago. I’ve also lucked out in my best team which has helped as well. This team was going fairly well until recent weeks and has now dropped to around 90k. I went very aggressive with my transfers last weekend for most of my teams – bringing in Man City players for their game against Fulham. This quickly backfired so I’m glad I managed to remain patient in my blog team as looking for a quick win didn’t work. 

I think my 10 team approach has also suffered from not being able to break away from the same logic, as I put so much focus into my main team, I struggle to think of ideas beyond that for my other teams. I’ll often bring in players who would be next on my list for my main team but that’s often players from the same club. As a result, my teams are roughly doing as well as each other. As I’ve always said, I don’t really like playing with 10 teams, I’ve even tried to mix it up this season by putting different teams into mini leagues but I still lose interest in those teams given the time I put into my blog team. 

As always, for complete transparency, here are my 10 teams: