Review of Game Week 14

Review of Game Week 14

GW Points: 90
Overall Points: 856
Overall Rank: 81,820
Transfers: Abraham out, Jesus in

The team made a little bit of progress during game week 14 with a further rise on the overall leaderboard. Once again the team is still a long way from where I want it to be. As I had a transfer to burn in November, I decided to go maverick with this move. I must admit this perfectly illustrates why I usually remain more patient. Yes, Jesus scored well over the game week with 16 points on the board. However, Abraham returned from injury and picked up 15 points himself. This now leaves me with a striker I don’t really want in Jesus and a couple of transfers behind where I want to be. Ideally I want Abraham back in. I should have waited and used my final transfer to take out Mount or Tomori – this would have set me up nicely for December with three transfers in the bag and a team I’d have been very happy with. Instead I face the prospect of needing to put Abraham back in and needing to use a transfer to improve a couple of other players. This isn’t ideal going into the busy month of December. 


Patricio picked up 8 points. This makes him the third highest scoring goalkeeper – which is a good result considering his value.

Despite no clean sheets for Liverpool Alexander-Arnold picked up 10 points for the week. 

My midfield performed very well with double figure scores for Mane, Sterling and De Bruyne. These three are also the top overall scoring midfielders so I’m very happy to stick with them.

Jesus picked up 16 points which was a good result for a newly transferred in player. It was just disappointing to see Abraham score as well.

Potential Issues:

Despite very few points scored for Robertson, Salah and Kane, I’m less concerned about these three as they should come good. 

I’ve now got question marks next to Tomori and Mount. It was good to see Mount scoring during the game week but he’s not picked up quite as many points as I’d have liked. Tomori has picked up very few points for me and I could easily bring in a better replacement. With him being benched as well it won’t be long before I look to move on if his poor points return continues.

Tips for Game Week 15

As I’ve had a fairly good game week, I’ll probably hold onto my transfers until at least next week. As much as I want Abraham back in, I’m also looking at Man City potentially facing Oxford during game week 16 when Chelsea only have one fixture. As a result I may hold onto Jesus for a little longer. If you are looking to make changes this week, the only team with really good fixtures is Liverpool.

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8 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 14

  1. Nice update DTT and heading in the right direction as am I. We have similar teams apart from Abrham/Jesus however I am moving early to swap Tamori > Soyuncu and Mount > Alli. Hoping being bold pays off with all the December fixtures!

    1. I could easily make three transfers today and be happy with my team but I know December can be a long month. I like Tomori to Soyuncu and I may do the same if Tomori doesn’t start today. Alli seems like a good option with his current form but he may not sustain that level.

  2. Can’t decide between Soyunco and Doherty. The latter is a dream team points magnet and can see him picking up points this month.

    Same can be said for Vardy or Rashford.

    Tough decisions to be made.

    1. Lack of Leicester cover not a concern DTT?

      Not having Vardy is absolutely killing me in my mini league. He’s in outstanding form.

      For the first time this season i feel it might be beneficial to be bold with the transfers and get them in early.

      1. I’m hoping that Vardy’s form doesn’t continue – I prefer Abraham as a better option, cheaper and has more points on the board. Other than that I’ll probably stick with Kane and Salah as we know how explosive they can be. I’m considering bringing in Soyuncu today as Leicester appear to be keeping a good number of clean sheets but other than that I don’t think I’ll go for any of their other players just yet.

        1. I prefer Abraham as well, one of the reasons I kept in my main team. I like Lampard’s quote this week regarding Abraham ‘he’s hungry for goals’.

    2. I’m probably going to go for Soyuncu given Leicester’s form. I did notice Rashford had been grabbing quite a few points but everyone seems to be talking about Vardy – who is more expensive. Vardy seems like the bandwagon player at the moment and I’m trying to avoid the temptation myself.

  3. Liverpools next league fixture is on the 14th against Watford, if their inclusion in the World club championship is not going to yield any pts, their next competitive fixture is not till the 26th, league Cup fixture against Villa will be a B team at best, maybe risky but I fancy a double transfer of Salah & Mount out, for Vardy & De bruyne, Leicester & Man city still in league Cup.

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