Review of Game Week 14

Review of Game Week 14

GW Points: 54
Overall Points: 810
Overall Rank: 102,937
Transfers: Benrahma out, Moura in
Mbeumo out, Sancho in

Game week 14 was a good week in terms of getting points on the board and progress up the leaderboard. One of my transfers paid off with Moura picking up 13 points and Benrahma picking up 0. I thought Sancho was a decent punt but that transfer actually cost me 5 points – ironically the first points Mbeumo has scored for a while. Son also picked up points this week. At the end of the weekend all looked great going into the European fixtures. Spurs had something to play for in their fixture whereas most of the Champions League games were meaningless. As a result, I was eagerly looking forward to Spurs playing in the hope that Son and Moura might start and project the team further up the leaderboard. Typically based on how this season has gone, an unfortunate event derailed that plan with a number of Covid cases hitting the Spurs team. Very frustrating from a Dream Team point of view as it could have topped the week off nicely, in the bigger picture this doesn’t really matter and what is important is the health of the staff, players and their families at the club. Going into game week 15 is now quite tricky but I’ll cover my thoughts on that below.


18 points for B. Silva was a great return and I must admit unexpected. I thought his form would drop off as I didn’t imagine he would keep scoring consistently but he’s proved me wrong.

13 points for Moura was a good result with his first game in the team.

10 points for Son, as a slight differential I was pleased with this

13 points for Salah makes little difference as he’s owned by so many people

5 points and a clean sheet for De Gea was better than nothing

Potential issues

Minus points for my entire back line wasn’t great and I have heard that Alonso has been struggling with back pain but I’ve got other priorities to sort this month at the moment so they will all stay in.

Fernandes, Sancho and Ronaldo didn’t really perform. The plan was to take Fernandes out this week but I think I’m going to have to prioritise only taking players out who are unavailable.

On that note, we know the Spurs Vs Brighton fixture is off, and I’d imagine Spurs won’t play midweek either. So the simplest short term solution would be take Son and Moura out. Longer term, I’m not sure this will play in our favour. Ultimately they will be back at some point if they haven’t been affected too badly from Covid and then suddenly they will have a build up of fixtures, which might mean people will bring them in. If we take them out now, it’s going to cost us double the amount of transfers to put them back in for this fixture build up. We could potentially hold both, take a hit this week and then see what happens. Ship both out, and cross our fingers that we don’t pick up any more injuries or players with Covid for the long month of December. Or take one out and leave one in. I’m tempted to do this at the moment as it’s somewhere in the middle. The one I’d remove is Son, as the strikers are potentially explosive positions where we could lose a lot of ground in a week. Midfielders have typically not scored that well this season so leaving Moura in might not lose us too much ground. I’ve not decided one way or the other yet but if I were to take Son out, it would probably be for Jota.

Tips for Game Week 15

If you’re fortunate enough to not have any Spurs players and plenty of transfers in the bank, I’d probably hold onto them still unless you’ve got injured players. If you have got Spurs players, I’d be interested to know what you’re doing with them – I’ve outlined my thoughts above. Man Utd and Chelsea look like the teams with the best fixtures for the rest of the month. I’m not sure I trust Man Utd still to get consistent results, but I’m probably stuck with De Gea, Fernandes and Sancho for now. Here’s the usual link to the short term fixtures:

30 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 14

    1. Possibly but Mount took a long time to get going this season, I’m not sure he will return consistent points based on his value

  1. took ziyech son and moura out for
    sterling mount and werner.
    I no its a risk with werner but with so many games this month
    Ithink he will get game time you never no he and the other to
    could in thiarry they could rack up plenty of points.
    still leaves me 2 transfers so far having a good season 968 first team 886 second team
    trouble with me always been a gambler.

    1. Always worth a gamble and if that’s how you play the game it can pay off massively if it comes off

  2. 899 points
    transfers remaining 4 Money .8 m
    I am 50 points off the leader in my league.I am toying with Kane to Lukaku, Moura to B. Silva and Dier to Shaw or just leaving it for a week. Again any thoughts will be appreciated.

    1. It’s such a tough one, I’m in a similar position with Moura and Son. Can see me taking Son out and holding onto Moura until we see how it pans out. If I had 4 transfers and 3 Spurs players, I’d definitely be tempted to take a couple of them out

    1. Leave him in personally, he’s not injured as far as I know, and won’t miss the Champions League game for a while. Saving my transfers for only injured players or players who are ruled out from Covid now

  3. Hi Paul.

    If you were to take moura out who would you be leaning towards?

    I think I’ll take him out as I have 4 transfers remaining

  4. Son owners, who are you bringing in this weekend?
    I can afford any striker other than Kane or Lukaku or any defender other than James, TAA, Cancelo of Van Dijk
    Plenty of options but I’m still struggling to make a decision.
    Jota stands out but I know he’s had a slight injury problem.
    T. Silva is another one on my radar but I would have three Chelsea defenders then and they aren’t on the best run of form defensively. Nice fixtures on the horizon though.
    Man Utd have an incredible run of fixtures throughout December. Maguire is dirt cheap but I don’t trust them enough to keep clean sheets.
    Jesus has a steady return of points but I don’t fancy him to hit a massive score any time soon and would expect a lot of rotation.
    Mane is also consistent but will be off to the Africa Cup of Nations

    1. Is he a certain starter? Not sure he is at the moment. Maguire would be a better pick in my opinion

      1. Ziyech bit risky had him for ages got reasonable points for him
        the only thing is his game time he is the first to take off.
        I like kovasic he will be back soon he plays regular and
        he scores well. he is in my radar.

    1. I did in the end but wish I’d gone for Gallagher or Jorginho who were both on my list as well

  5. I wouldn’t count on Ziyech amassing too many pts, he’s not a regular any way, if Mount is fit he plays every game, last 3 games 30pts, enough said.

  6. I want to put Sterling and Mount in for next round of fixtures. I’m taking out Fernandes but struggling to decide whether to take out Smith-Rowe or Maddison, any thoughts?

    1. Could you get away with just bringing in one of them? I wouldn’t personally be taking out anyone at this stage who is available to play

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