Review of Game Week 15

Review of Game Week 15

GW Points: 108
Overall Points: 964
Overall Rank: 48,200
Transfers: None used

Game week 15 was probably one of the best weeks of my season so far. A massive jump on the overall leaderboard was a great result, although realistically I’m still some way off where I’d like to finish. This can pretty much be put down to Jesus grabbing a hat trick in the Champions League – this was a massive slice of good fortune but hopefully just what I need to get my season back on track. 


28 points for Jesus was the big highlight of the week.

Robertson and Alexander-Arnold both grabbed 13 points each.

Salah and Kane both returned double figure total points. 

Mane picked up 9 points with a star man award in the Champions League.

Potential Issues:

Mount and Patricio are still a concern but considering their relatively low value, I don’t have any real expectations from them in terms of big point scores. If I could see an obvious upgrade (within budget) for either of them I’d make a change but at the moment I can’t see any real options so may stick with them for the time being. Other than these two, I’m relatively happy with my team for the very short term future.

Tips for Game Week 16

My biggest problem to solve is what to do with my final two transfers of the month. I’m going to hold onto Jesus for at least this game week, and hope that he gets a good amount of game time. However, with four Liverpool players in my team there is a concern with them being involved in the Club World Cup. I think this will rule all of their big name players out of the EFL cup fixture this week against Villa. They then only have 1 fixture during game week 17, where some other clubs have 2. The question then becomes – is Salah (2 games) going to outscore Vardy (4 games), Rashford (4 games) or Abraham (3 games) during the next two game weeks? And if we think he won’t, is it really worth two transfers (to take him out and get him back in) for the extra points? My feeling is that if he doesn’t start against Watford that I might consider taking him out. As this would only leave the fixture against Leicester as a potential point scorer. Where someone like Vardy might get 90 minutes in four fixtures in this time period. I’ve got the transfers in the bag to make this happen and the short term risk on Jesus appears to have paid off for the time being so maybe it’s time to roll the dice again. Having said that if Salah does start against Watford, I really can’t see the point in taking him out as it’s too big a risk.

Other than this dilemma, looking at game week 16, there are four teams with additional EFL cup fixtures. These are Man City, Man Utd, Liverpool and Leicester. I’d dismiss Liverpool as I think their big name players will go to the Club World Cup. It will be very difficult to predict who will start for City against Oxford and I’m even thinking Jesus is unlikely to if he is their main fit striker at the moment. Man Utd and Leicester could be good teams to look at but again predicting starting line ups is going to be very challenging.

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31 thoughts on “Review of Game Week 15

  1. A few people have mentioned Traore in some of the discussions – could he be a potential replacement for Mount? I think he is around 2.8?

    1. Think he got star man at the weekend so could be a good shout. Alli could be the one for me at roughly the same price.

  2. Liverpool defenders are guaranteed as there is not much left that can walk 🙁

    TTA – Gomez – VVD – Roberson

  3. Any advice on how to improve my team for the forthcoming fixtures?….
    Ederson, tomori, Robertson, Walker
    Sterling, mahrez, mane, Mount
    Kane, salah, Jesus

    3 transfers and 0.6m in bank
    Currently 2nd in my league
    Any advice appreciated

    1. Tomori has to go for perhaps a Leicester defender. I’d want to upgrade Mount to someone like Alli as well but I don’t think you’ll have the funds. I’d probably upgrade these two when you take Jesus back out for someone like Abraham.

      1. I rolled the dice and went salah for rashford….. and robbo for suyuncu because he was benched and I was hoping for a double game week from the 2 🤦🏼‍♂️
        Standard luck it couldn’t of gone worse for me…although rash rescued it a little tonight.
        Need to move tomori on if he doesn’t play this weekend, Mount will have to wait for now.
        Thanks for input

        1. Rashford could certainly pay off over the next game week as well with Man Utd having two fixtures and Liverpool and Man City only having one.

  4. Hi i need some help with my team

    D alli

    2mil itb
    2 transfers left

    9th in my league 60 points to 1st

    1. Way too heavy with the City defence there Frank if you don’t mind me saying. I’d eventually want to change those for some of the Liverpool boys but maybe wait till Liverpool get past this lack of (Dream Team) fixtures.

      Any of that Leicester backline are nice options, but again, two really tough fixtures coming up in the PL. Really nice after that though.

      I’d stick with your mid and striker options for now. 👍🏻

  5. I think the Liverpool dilemma is one that everyone has. Nearly every team on the top 30k teams have Mane and 2 Liverpool defenders. Would you consider Salah to Vardy as a long term move? Most people will rush into transferring their Liverpool players and may get stuck bringing them back or curtail long term moves.

    Salah hasnt been on form this season, with Mane being the main man, the baton has slowly been passed over the past 2 seasons, I dont think this is temporary. Vardy meanwhile is well on course for Top Goalscorer. Also, and crucially gives you £1.6m to upgrade Mount to any other midfielder you want…. Mahrez is the only player who would be out of your reach

      1. Haha could have been very different on another day and Leicester still have a game in the week. Also Liverpool are now away at the Club World Cup so potentially moving him on wasn’t a bad idea. If he hadn’t started the game I’d have probably taken him out.

  6. Team currently is
    993 points,0.8million in bank and 4th in mini league. 76 points off top.
    Was thinking of these changes
    Option 1 Ederson to Schmichael
    Tomori to ZOUMA
    Mount to Dele Alli
    Option 2 Ederson to Allison
    Tomori to Zouma
    Salah to Vardy
    Thoughts and advice always appreciated folks.

    1. What’s the rest of your team?
      I personally wouldn’t put any Liverpool players in until they return to league action after Watford.
      Vardy seems to be scoring every week but we all know Salah is gonna score a hat full soon.

      1. Don’t know what happened rest of my team there. Lol
        It’s Ederson Tomori Robertson Pereira Mount KDB Sterling Mane
        Salah Abraham Kane. Think it’s a waste of funds keeping in Ederson at present snd Tomori injured so he has to go as anyway

  7. Morning All

    I have 3 transfers left and 2.7m itb

    My team


    Tomori ** For a Leicester defender

    James ** for a Man Utd defender


    This team is starting to annoy me.
    I can’t make up my mind what to do with James.
    I know his cheap and will get points every now and again but do I swap him for Mahrez ?
    Does Mahrez get enough game time!
    Also does Pulisic score enough to warrant his place?
    Do I swap him for Ali who seems to have a new lease of life in him!
    These all depends on whether Salah is selected today.

    The Joys of the Dream Team.

    Thanks All

    1. I’d try and get De Bruyne in for Pulisic. Might be worth just sticking with James as he’s getting game time and is cheap.

  8. not sure what is worse
    VAR or dream team points system
    how A Arnold and Allison only got 5 points each is mind boggling.

  9. Surely it’s time for Mount to go now after another blank and also a poor Chelsea performance? What are your thoughts DTT?

    Good to see Salah do well today though!

    1. Will probably take Mount out for Alli. Not much price difference and Spurs have an easier Champions League fixture.

  10. Well Salah gave me a good old spanking to teach me a lesson didn’t he! 😂

    Hoping Vardy and Ricardo can make up some of that deficit in the EFL Cup game.

    Lovely week for those owning both Salah and KDB, DTT included in that bracket. Well played guys. 👏

    Feels like a season where I’m gonna have to take a long hard look at myself and review my strategy for next season…

    Nice to see the Liv block paying off though. When my opponents own the likes of Salah and KDB though it obliterates any gains made there.

    1. Cheers Chris – another lucky break for me this weekend with Salah and De Bruyne doing well. Hoping this upward trend continues. A lot can be said for strategy but the more I play this game the more I think just make logic decisions and cross your fingers because a lot of it comes down to good luck.

  11. DTT, can you afford Mount to Alli? I’ve got the same team and would be short 600k.

    Mount 2.1m
    Alli 3.4m

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